Deus ex MIC

Rights aren’t rights if someone can take them away. They’re privileges. That’s all we’ve ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges. And if you read the news even badly, you know that every year the list gets shorter and shorter. Sooner or later, the people in this country are gonna realize the government … doesn’t care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare or your safety… It’s interested in its own power. That’s the only thing. Keeping it and expanding it wherever possible. – George Carlin


‘Our’ government wants submission. They achieved the soft version, and now they are working toward the hard. You can’t have a constitutional republic if you allow government to act like a police state. You can’t claim to value freedom if you allow government to operate like a dictatorship. You can’t expect to have your rights respected if you allow government to treat anyone it choses with disrespect and ignore the rule of law. If you’re inclined to accept this because you believe you’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, whatever government crimes you accept for whatever reason, expect that these same practices can and will be used against you when the government sets its sights on you.

EThe entrenched bureaucracy running things are counting on ‘consumers’ who cannot think beyond next week. Those in charge are always building the long-term future and very few citizens can imagine or choose to ponder where they are heading. If you want to illegally take territory/control, you can invent a threat justifying the takeover. The bureaucrats count on your inability to grasp what’s going on and on your apathy when it comes to thinking about any future. If we ignore any Genocide, no matter who is involved, then we reap what we sow and it’s only a matter of time till we are next.

The militarized, unelected bureaucracy is running the vast majority of the government no matter who is ‘president’. This is the hidden government that has no respect for you, treating citizens like enemies through SWAT raids by militarized police, provoking division and conflict among ‘consumers’, making peaceful revolution impossible and attacking everyone who doesn’t submit. ‘Our’ government has caused an environment where violence has become inevitable. In the future planned by ‘our’ Pentagon, ‘we the people’ are enemies of the state.

Since 1945 America has squandered our financial and military resources in multiple, unending wars, unwinnable in any true sense of the word, as well as in trillion dollar trade debts and fiscal imbalances. ‘Our’ leaders have run amok provoking major global financial crises, destroying small mortgage holders, and creating massive unemployment followed by low-paid unstable jobs leading to collapse in living standards for the working and lower middle classes. Faced with systemic crises, the ruling regimes have responded by expanding Presidential powers in the form of presidential decrees. To cover-up the decades-long series of debacles, patriotic ‘whistle-blowers’ have been jailed and police-state style surveillance is everywhere.

Ever notice how our immigrants come in waves each time we start a new problem somewhere from Korea to NAFTA.

spending-by-countryThe American economy is fatally flawed because of its excessive dependence on military spending. Americans aren’t propping up NATO because of some strange gallantry, as the egocentric American view sells it. NATO is a crucial military platform for American involvement and geopolitical control. American military forces in the Middle East and Asia are vital for American power projection in those strategic regions. American hegemonic interests are totally reliant on its military network for its intrusion into the affairs of others.

The fatal problem for Americans is that with its ‘capitalist’ economy declining as a historic standard, not only from a cyclical downturn, America can’t maintain the gargantuan spend on its military as it’s done since 1945. The annual American military budget of $600 billion is equal to the combined spending of the next seven biggest national budgets, including China, Russia, Britain and France: perhaps half of the worlds military spending and that only counts the surface spending.

What the American agenda appears to be is: offload the cost of its crippling military-industrial complex to its ‘partners and allies’. If nations around the world can be browbeaten into spending more on military weapons, then America stands to gain from trillions-of-dollars-worth of purchases. America will get the rest of the world to bail out its chronically bankrupt, failing economy.

The last thing that’s needed is a new arms race the Empire is creating with Russia. Both sides need to focus on the needs of their own populations, not on ratcheting up tensions. America’s military spending isn’t just taking money out of vital services; it’s also exacerbating tensions and making the world a more dangerous place.

The Washington Post reports “The $52.6 billion ‘black budget’ for fiscal 2013, obtained by The Washington Post from former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, maps a bureaucratic and operational landscape that has never been subject to public scrutiny. Although the government has annually released its overall level of intelligence spending since 2007, it has not divulged how it uses the money or how it performs against the goals set by the president and Congress.” In addition, there was reported “a separate $23 billion devoted to intelligence programs that more directly support the U.S. military.” So, a grand total spent on ‘intelligence’ in that year was $75.6 billion. And, actually, none of it has “been subject to public scrutiny.” ‘Defense’ and ‘intelligence’ are the only portions of the federal budget that have never “been subject to public scrutiny”.

Every night on American television news programs, pundits, politicians, and retired generals perform their tricks, stating that the world at large had better cooperate with the Empire or else. This noise appeals to some ‘consumers’, but the rest of the world also sees this crap.

Americans are force fed propaganda and misinformation about virtually every foreign country and their own. What would you do if you discovered we’ve become what we have always said we oppose? We all lose when the powerful inflict violence, humiliation, and disrespect on others. Every time a SWAT no-knock team crashes through a door, that’s questionable violence. Every drone strike that kills innocent civilians is ultimately attacking you. Every roadside stop that ends with an unwarranted strip search will eventually include you. Every law that criminalizes the speech or activities of those whose views don’t fit with the ‘mainstream’ is government-sanctioned bullying. Politicians are only as effective, trustworthy and accountable as they are made to be and they’re only made to be so when ‘consumers’ stay informed and active in the government machinery. The Patriot Act didn’t make us safer but turned American citizens into suspects.

Government officials like to claim that everything they’re doing is for your security, to keep America safe in their war against terrorism. What they’re really achieving is weakening what made America. A lot of Americans today have a little idea why we have a First Amendment or a Bill of Rights. We’re being manipulated by government out of fear because most of us don’t know or understand our vastly reduced liberties, what it took to obtain them and how hard it will be to get them back. There’s an obvious double standard in the Empires actions and its opinions expressed about the actions of other countries.

Once government assumes power, unconstitutional or not, it doesn’t surrender it. The militarized police aren’t going to stand down. The NSA will continue to collect electronic files on everything you do. More and more Americans are going to face jail time for offenses that prior generations couldn’t imagine.

Foreign policy in the Empire has been in the grip of a Republican-Democrat consensus that argues that the Empire must maintain absolute military superiority over all real and potential rivals, forever. If you look at history from the perspective of the slaughtered and mutilated, it’s a different story.

– Craig Dudley




The Flip Side of Liberty

A disunited people till the end of time, suspicious and distrustful of each other, [the Americans] will be divided and subdivided into little commonwealths… with no center of union and no common interest. -Josiah Tucker


Both statists and true political liberals alike chase a rather nebulous and incorrect concept of freedom. The latter seek freedom from consequences, whether economic, criminal or social, while the former allege to seek freedom of consequences, namely the ability to exert as much control over their individual lives as humanly possible. Read those last sentences again, because a fair number of you will skim and then waste your time in the comments section misconstruing what I stated. We hold the banner of freedom aloft as if it is a self-evident concept, an atomistic idea that presents a complete philosophical premise absent of any and all context. The word is mindlessly thrown around with the vigor of the asinine ‘USA, USA!’ chants started at modern day Coliseums by those there for the bread and circuses. Few care to consider the requirements for such freedom to exist and manifest itself into a stable society, and why so few examples exist of free societies. A telling example is Nassau and other pirate havens that existed ex lex during the heydey of the British Empire. While democratic in nature, these spontaneously created micronations, for lack of a better term, almost immediately developed a code of conduct, social norms, contract law and primitive corporate entities with the crew acting in a shareholder capacity. What resulted was a simpler, yet still British, social construct; in one of the few places that even Locke would have considered a geographical tabula rasa. Why would men at the bleeding edge of society, outcasts and criminals, seek to recreate the very thing that actively sought to kill or imprison them? Because whether they acknowledged it or not, culture breeds a code of conduct and whether by a ruler or choice, a functioning society always has limits to behavior.

200_sWe approach the concept of freedom in the US as a sixteen year old would a new car, disregarding the inherent cost in favor of blinding naïveté. The dynamic of the various comment sections largely frequented by the hard right ‘freedomista’ crowd comes to mind. Nearly all profess to believe in freedom of speech, yet few understand it and even fewer can actually exert agency absent groupthink or be productive in such an environment. Social, economic and political matters, far more nuanced and complex than a simple comment section, would be even more of a disaster and the concomitant rebuke by the general public would be resounding and final. Simply, even if it were possible through some miracle to instantly grant every person within the US the maximum amount of freedom in every area of their life, they would reject it. The responsibility required to maintain such a condition is simply beyond the current culture’s ability to maintain a functioning society. The result would quickly convince a majority of the public to demand a return to the ‘old days’ and a less free condition. In a sense, the true liberals end state is every bit as unobtainable as the statist’s. To put a finer point on it, at current course and trajectory, the patriot movement is simply unwilling to present an alternative and gaslight feasible courses of action because of simple selfishness. We are no different than the larger culture we are a part of, and it is because we choose to be so.

belligerent-5The ugly truth that is apparent, particularly within the patriot movement, is the fantasy that voluntary subrogation of freedom is not an essential element in a functioning society and all meaningful human relationships. We run around spouting kitschy slogans and pretend every person on the planet is an atomistic individual, and further more that they desire such an existence. A family of rugged individuals is not a family. My wife at a physical level is an individual with free will and the ability to do as she pleases. However, the substrate of our relationship is one of voluntary submission to achieve a goal, namely that of a healthy, Christian marriage with a single head of the family. Many since the poison of third-wave feminism infected the culture have tried the anarcho-capitalist approach to marriage, with each member of the family acting as their own little fiefdom and the main impetus for decisions being selfishness. The fruits of such a relationship can be pointed to in the children it has produced, the proliferation of anxiety, anti-depressant and other mood-altering medications and the psychological dynamic of children and adults being forced into emotionally damaging roles in the relationship. A generation incapable of visualizing normal relationships, lost and searching to plug the hole created in them by abandonment and surrender of traditional male role models and maternal archetypes. Most of us agree that those in a family do things they otherwise would not for the benefit of the larger entity. We go to work to feed our children, despite that in a capitalist approach they are net consumers and do not provide any valuable goods and services to the ‘corporation.’ I doubt very much that most men would pick Disney World as a vacation spot or choose to play princess absent the desire of their children. How many of you would part with your money for candles or throw pillows without a wife? To a great extent we all have the freedom to spend our money on ourselves and ignore everything but the most basic needs of our children. However, freedom is not a substitute for morality, nor is it an inherently moral condition. Every night millions of parents restrict their children’s movement to prevent them from being kidnapped or getting run over by cars while wondering about the neighborhood in the middle of the night. What few fail to address beyond the shallow ‘freedom to shoot whatever guns I want,’ is the question of whether it is prudent and moral to exercise that freedom at a given point.

The prerequisite for this freedom we all profess to want is a sense of responsibility to our family, community and culture. Self-control is required in the absence of external control. The Gordon Gecko version of freedom, with naked capitalism your only moral compass cannot be sustainable. ‘I am at war with all’ mentality prevents cooperation in even the most basic sense, and fails to harness the most powerful economic engine in the world, division of labor. Again, much of it is reduced to the distinction between permissible and moral. Most likely it is why there was such an emphasis in the 1770’s about a constitutional republic being possible only with a moral people. Perhaps one of the greatest economic and social benefits of Christendom is the distinct coloring faith gave to society. The Bible promotes a long-term, selfless view of the world and heavily emphasizes an individual’s fealty to not just his family but also the larger corporate body of his community. Humans are distinctly short-term in their goals and foresight, but the amelioration of much of this selfishness greatly contributed to the progress and advancement seen post-Reformation. Whether reactionary or not, the patriot movement has never emphasized building a common culture and cooperation as much as it has dissent and individualism…much to our detriment I may add. Many seem to take a perverse pride in being antagonistic as if it is ‘edgy’ and cool. Culture and codes of social conduct will always arise, whether codified by a ruler or not, and to ignore them is to be in a state of arrested development forever. The failure to grasp there is an expectation of self-rule and fealty to the larger community within the context of freedom is precisely why we have not progressed. We are selling freedom as license and not as a true alternative to the statist worldview.

The implication here is not that freedom is bad or that I am somehow a closet statist, though I doubt this will prevent those with reading comprehension difficulties from their ranting. Rather, it is an implication of our behavior. Like the statists, we would prefer to have our cake and eat it too. To go back to the first example, we laud the ability to say whatever we will, yet choose to spew caustic and ignorant things. We name call and write things better left to gas station bathroom stalls, while making petty attempts to drag down those few actually contributing substantive thought for no more discernible a reason than simple sport. Am I supposed to want this writ large? Why would anyone want that level of internecine cannibalism and pettiness in matters of life and death? If such an attitude cannot work with two, three or five people who live together, then pray tell, what does that look like in a community? The general trend I have seen in popular culture and within the patriot movement is the use of freedom as a conduit for excess. Perhaps the most striking example is freedom of expression to most in America now is no more than the freedom to shock, degrade and peddle obscenity in an attempt to conflate excess with art.

The far more uncomfortable and introspective question we should be asking ourselves is not whether we have the freedom to do one thing or another, but whether we should do that. Rather than wave the 1st Amendment around as a permission slip to be a liability and egomaniac, consider whether that is an appropriate course of action. The inability of us to work together in any meaningful way and an extremely large minority to even be civil with one another leaves us the option to rage impotently as our enemies dictate nearly every course of action while we preen and posture. Strangely enough if we put half the effort in positive cooperation or even a fraction of that venom a) directed at people who weren’t on our side and b) contributing rather than simply critiquing, we may have accomplished slightly more in the last decade than a group of college kids managed to in the six months since Trump became elected. The results speak for themselves. I write this, not out of an offended SJW point of view, but as a cold assessment. Keep wasting people’s time and bickering over asinine details and you will continue to bleed talent. The contributors know exactly what I’m talking about and I can guarantee have had moments they want to throw the computer at the wall and just walk away. I have no desire to limit anyone’s freedom because of philosophical and religious beliefs, but the vast, vast majority of people do not hold those views. If we cannot be accountable with what freedom we do have, then there will always be a market, and a desire, by others to have it controlled for us. Fling enough poop against the wall and the normal people leave, and at some point the neighbors will start complaining and not asking ‘How can I implement that in my own life, you’re such an inspiration!’ How are you using the freedom you have and does it encourage other’s to support the idea that people don’t need an overreaching government? The public will not be convinced by esoteric moral philosophizing about the rights of man, but by our actions. Go prove my pessimism wrong.


Don’t Panic

Among the critics of the Administration's legal measures is a counter-terrorism expert who helped establish the “rendition” program.

The black helicopters did not show up. I have not been renditioned for thought crimes. Rather, work and personal projects have taken precedence over beating the dead horse of the Syrian strikes and likely convincing exactly no one of the insanity currently residing in the White House. Say what you will about 3D chess and make a few more excuses for the megalomania of our foreign policy, but the policy positions voiced in the campaign are now being broken. First it was the ACA, now it is Syria. Another instance makes it a trend, and we will have to face the ugly reality that once again the evil of the office has either corrupted or simply revealed the holder for what he is. Par for the course, but some of you already knew that. Either way, my take on things won’t change it. More regular posting will resume when things settle down, until then take the nice weather as an opportunity to make strides in your own capabilities. Be worth more because you can do more, because you know more. Anfangen ist leicht, beharren eine Kunst.



And so it begins…


LI-RHC-EL-040cToday the US launched 59 cruise missiles under the pretense that the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria launched a chemical weapons attack on Tuesday. As of 2200 EST there has been no response from the Russian government, though prior to the strikes Russia’s deputy U.N. envoy, Vladimir Safronkov stated “We have to think about negative consequences, negative consequences, and all the responsibility if military action occurred will be on shoulders of those who initiated such doubtful and tragic enterprise…look at Iraq, look at Libya.” CNN is reporting that Russia was not informed of the strike. On a side note, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the US’ entrance into World War I today. Keep it wired tight ladies and gentlemen. You had your rest, consider this at the very least, a wake up call.



Guest Post: The War Conspiracy

This review has been sitting on my computer for a few weeks now, and given the rather encouraging response to the last post I decided to publish it. Take from it what you will, though I generally respect people who take the time to footnote their work and provide facts to back up an assertion. Some of it may be ‘old news,’ but it bears reading for the sole fact that the current generation of sociopaths cut their political and military teeth during that era…Tom Ridge, John McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore, Colin Powell, George W. Bush, Will Westmoreland, Henry Kissinger ect. We all know what to expect if a naval ship sinks under dubious circumstances.



Jesse and I were communicating about a book I’ve been reading and he suggested a ‘book review’ because of its contents. The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War was written by Peter Dale Scott in 1972 and was revised in 2008. It could easily have been titled ‘The Road to 9/11.’

warconThe book is filled with one detail after another of the sort that would cause ‘our free press’ to freeze if they were required to review it. Those ‘company’ writers would have no choice but to call the whole book a ‘conspiracy theory’. The term, conspiracy theory, was created by the CIA as a tool to counter the truth escaping about their murder of JFK. At the time this book was written Vietnam was a primary concern of most thinking humans in the world and this book shows why it was and should have been. I won’t go into many of the details as it would become a question of where to start and stop but in short, if you ever believed the Oswald killed JFK ‘theory’ you’ll have fresh evidence herein to begin your investigations anew, even without seeing the Zapruder film.

The evidence in this book is backed up with so many footnotes that some pages are more footnote than copy. It mostly covers the Vietnam War and its surrounding victims. There are sorties into other adventures by America but its main focus is the war, how it began, where it could have been ended, and why it wasn’t. Vietnam could have easily been a large part of why JFK was murdered. He was standing in the way of ‘progress’ by the deep state. He clearly intended to leave Vietnam to its own solutions, and had made steps in that direction that LBJ countered a few days after the murder. Dallas was clearly ‘Seven days in May,’ the same movie JFK encouraged and believed plausivble, and could have been a blueprint for his murder.

Confusion and corruption were the reality of American government at the time though it was more carefully hidden than it is these days. This book indirectly explores the difference between those who believe that the ultimate security of a constitutional democracy lies in openness and those who look instead to authority. So far, those choosing central authority have been winning. Their tools are many of the calamities we’ve seen since JFK’s murder which they created and extending to 9/11 which was another inside job. The book shows what some of the mechanisms are and were.

Secretary of defense, McNamara was encouraging JFK to leave Vietnam though he was a ‘loyal team player’ and in the documentary ‘Fog of War’ went on record saying that the whole war was a mistake/crime, from the beginning. There was one LBJ oval office tape I remember hearing wherein LBJ is speaking with McNamara and says he doesn’t think Vietnam can be won, so who was pulling his strings? One answer could be, as covered in the book that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in some configuration was meeting in Hawaii days before JFK’s murder making plans to move one hundred and eighty degrees from orders he had given to leave Vietnam and escalate as they had been saying they wished to do. LBJ was on record soon after the murder saying he wasn’t going to be the one who was accused of losing Vietnam.

I will quote one paragraph found towards the end of the book; “I wish to summarize again the first striking similarity between 11/22/63 and of 9/11/01: the dubious detective work on those two days. Less than fifteen minutes after the president’s assassination, the height and weight of Kennedy’s alleged killer was posted. Before the last of the hijacked planes crashed on 9/11, the FBI told Richard Clarke that they had a list of the alleged hijackers.” This was before they found the passport of an alleged hijacker blocks from the towers in the street. Curious how such evidence defies the laws of physics coming thru the flames and survives; must have jumped from his pocket before detonation.

A great economic interest group in America, the Military/Industrial/ Congressional Complex, as President Eisenhower initially identified this political machine, lives on a gigantic yearly flow of funds from ‘our’ Government budget, and this flow depends on the perceived threat of an enemy for its existence. No ‘enemy’ would mean hundreds of billions of dollars a year for this vast interest group would disappear. This is why Trump’s initial proposal to establish better relations with Russia has been scrapped: the Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex has a vested interest in having Russia as an enemy.

There seem to be two threads constant throughout this book. The main one is that unseen forces control America headed by military interests and the second is that anywhere they go it seems heroin and other drugs become the main export. The book explores our national military obsessions showing how they own America and everyone in it because, in America, it’s more enjoyable to have fun than to investigate what’s being done in our name, and to us. I think that anyone who reads should get this book and make room to be educated.

-Craig Dudley

April: Books you should be reading

I am a firm believer that the greatest weapon is the mind. As such, I have elected to post a list once a month of books I believe every well-rounded person should read. Suggestions can also be made in the comments section, and I will take them into consideration. I am of the opinion that there are no bad books, simply poorly written ones and bad people. I often read books I disagree with, and as such it should not be assumed a spot on the list is tacit approval of the ideas discussed in the book.


Decline of the West – Oswald Spengler 

In this engrossing and highly controversial philosophy of history, Spengler describes how we have entered into a centuries-long “world-historical” phase comparable to late antiquity. Guided by the philosophies of Goethe and Nietzsche, he rejects linear progression, and instead presents a world view based on the cyclical rise and decline of civilizations. He argues that a culture blossoms from the soil of a definable landscape and dies when it has exhausted all of its possibilities. Since its first publication in two volumes between 1918-1923, The Decline of the West has ranked as one of the most widely read and most talked about books of our time.

Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics – Francis Parker Yockey

Imperium is the first sequel the literary world knows to Spengler’s monumental The Decline of the West. In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted — he defines and creates the pathology of Culture in all of its infinitely urgent importance, including the discipline of Cultural Vitalism. Imperium rejects the Nineteenth Century: the parched fossils of its thought — Marx, Freud and the scientific-technical world outlook; its exhausted political nostrums — the pluralistic state, liberalism, democracy, communism, internationalism; all of which fail to satisfy the organically vital realities of politics. Imperium presents unique and almost esoteric political, social and historical definitions and explanations which shall become more widely known — indeed, commonly understood — if our West survives.

Street Without Joy: The French Debacle in Indochina – Bernard Fall

A classic account of the French War in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Learn from the mistakes of others. A fascinating read about a lesser-known conflict.

My Reminiscences of East Africa: The East Africa Campaign of the First World War by the Most Notable German Commander – Paul Emil Von Lettow-Vorbeck

The author of this book was one of the most remarkable commanders in the entire war not only in the East African Campaign, for he was never truly beaten in battle though quite often the odds were decidedly against him. This was a German with a genius for guerrilla warfare whose achievements could rival the exploits of Lawrence of Arabia. Inevitably, his account of his experiences during the First World War, originally published shortly thereafter, make essential and riveting reading for all those interested in the subject.

For Whom the Bell Tolls – Earnest Hemingway

A classic and my favorite Hemingway novel. Required reading for anyone who considers themselves a well-read person. What would you die for?

Jesse James

Guest Post: The Cult of GoodThink

She was – the newspeak word goodthinkful – meaning naturally orthodox, incapable of thinking a bad thought. She had not a thought in her head that was not a slogan, and there was no imbecility, absolutely none that she was not capable of swallowing if the Party handed it out to her.” – George Orwell, 1984

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays

We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to… There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world…That is hard to do, but I think it’s going to be necessary, it’s going to be possible.” – Barack Obama, speech Oct 13, 2016

Obama recently told an audience the news needs to be “curated” in some way, in order to limit the infection of “fake news”. He appointed himself as the sole arbiter of ‘truth’ rather than the 1st Amendment right after the Hildabeast lost the ‘election’. Shortly after, the CIA-connected Washington Post launched a campaign against ‘fake news’ sites. The campaign quickly morphed into: these sites aided a Russian op to throw the election to Trump. In other words, free speech was actually aiding and abetting a crime.

censorDon’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. The mainstream media, like Washington Post and New York Times among others, are complicit, demonstrating an echo chamber drowning out rationality and describing differing philosophies and legitimate dissent as blasphemous. “Goebbels was in favor of freedom of speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re in favor of freedom of speech, that means you’re in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise.” Noam Chomsky

We will lose what used to be inalienable rights…our right to free speech, our right to free association, and our rights to our own minds. If something you say is considered ‘hurtful’, which will more closely resemble dissent or criticism of the Official Narrative than anything else, you will be sanctioned. You will toe the line or you will be penalized; contracts severed, vendors disassociate themselves, boycotts ensue. Whatever you do, just don’t say or think the wrong thing, because not going along with the crowd will make you an outcast.

I have no more trust in Trump than any of the other ‘presidents’ installed since the CIA killed JFK. Speak out against this nonsense and you’ll be subjected to tantrums, character assassination, and guilt by the most tenuous of associations, distortions of fact and a coordinated piling on by mobs of unquestioning ideological berserkers. Having said that, in November 2016, a vast system of agitation and propaganda was set up in order to destroy the reputation and the authority of President Trump as soon as he arrived in the White House. It’s the first time that such a campaign has been organized against a President, and with such resources. We’re entering a post-Truth age, but the distribution of roles is not what you may think it is.

Destroying the image, and thus the authority, of the President, before he has had the time to do anything, can have serious consequences. By eliminating Saddam Hussein and Kaddafi, the CIA plunged their two countries into a long period of chaos. America itself will suffer severe damage from such an operation occurring here. Yet, now they work on Trump in much the same way.

There are now many groups who have traveled miles past tolerance for ideas they despise and these aren’t merely people in the street. Google apparently has passed the point of tolerance. We have college professors and students from shore to shore, who insist on silencing those who dissent from their political ideology. Facebook and Twitter are practicing censorship as well as major media outlets, who block or simply ignore stories that contradict their covert agendas.

A reason always exists to justify shutting people up. “I’m in favor of free speech, but when (insert name) goes off on one of his crazy diatribes, he’s threatening basic human values, and he has to be stopped”. Yes, and who appointed our “human-values defender” king? Here is another excuse for censoring free speech: “It is engendering hate.” Accepting that premise, every presidential campaign in the history of America could have been shut down. Untold numbers of statements made by pundits about presidents in office could have been blocked, going back to Washington. If a person ‘taking offense’ at something someone says becomes the litmus test for censoring ‘offending remarks,’ Congress should pass a law requiring silence 24/7 from all citizens.

c27b662f37594a17f6b0305ec3fa30be5ea47593-620-350-25-4-786-444Who would censor a political website if they could? Huge numbers of clueless people with an ax to grind would. It would be done without a moment’s thought. It would be done without a shred of understanding…and they would do it based on zero knowledge of the Bill of Rights. They would do it without an education that reveals how rational debate is a prerequisite for the survival of a Republic. They would do it based on zero knowledge of the meaning of a ‘Republic’.

The 1st Amendment isn’t there so we can admire the freedom of the people who utter what we already agree with. The 1st Amendment is there so we can rise up to a higher level, where we defend the rights of the people who are uttering all the wrong things, the things we’re quite sure are wrong. Well, except for Trump, or Hillary, Bannon, Alex Jones and Mike Adams.

‘Our free press’ used 9/11 as the ‘justification’ for invading Afghanistan, when the real reason was pipeline routes and there were no foreign hands in the creation of 9/11, except those of the Israeli government and intelligence agencies. For all of these lies, corporate media duly went along completely with both ignoring the real reasons for 9/11, who actually perpetrated this act, and the true reasons to invade and occupy Afghanistan. ‘Our free press’ lied again with the statement that ‘Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons’, the corporate presstitutes just dutifully regurgitated the lie.

Obama used the 1917 law, the Espionage Act, to prosecute more leakers and whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined. It all depends, you see, and on who is speaking about free speech, and it all depends on who is being attacked. It’s relative. Whistleblowers like John Kirakou were punished severely, because their public statements did not match the official narrative of the American Deep State: the difference between the lapdog, cooing and comfortably compliant ‘media’ you love, and the independent media people need to make informed decisions, and participate in the political discussion of real issues, both domestic and international is the difference between night and day.

Because of the work of the independent media, some daylight is starting to emerge. When Trump stated that the media was the “enemy of the people”, he wasn’t wrong for the following reason: the presstitutes are in deep with the ‘American Deep State’, and will say anything that advances their agenda.

‘Our’ owners concept of a ‘free press’ is a docile, easily-controlled government narrative-affirming bunch of presstitutes, with a large, well-funded electronic bully pulpit, who will only say what they’re told to say, and never raise a logical question against the agenda, to further Empire’s geopolitical and/or corporate cronies financial goals. Last year, the CIA’S main media outlet, the Washington Post, cited a list of over 200 supposed Russian propaganda sites produced by the shadowy PropOrNot organization in a report titled, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say.” Washington Post wrote a hit piece on all the sites included on ProporNot’s list, claiming the site is run by ‘experts’ without any proof beyond the site’s own claims. Titled, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” the WAPO story not only upholds the claims of a random, anonymous, and relatively new website, but a website that is formally calling on the FBI to investigate alt news sites on the list for espionage.

Trump has repeated the long-standing American accusation that Iran is the world’s ‘biggest sponsor of terrorism’. You have to ignore the irony of such statements being made by officials of a State that has attacked more countries and killed more people in the past 70 years than all other nations in the world combined. This accusation against Iran is not made on the basis of any evidence, but as a settled principle of the Empire’s foreign policy. ‘Our free press’ sells the message every day that to be accepted you must be part of the group, or you’ll be forced out into the cold, alone. They then tell you what you must do and think to be part of that ‘group.’ The whole business is manufactured.

– Craig Dudley

3/21/17 UPDATE: In the event you think Craig is overstating the ‘FBI investigating alt-news sites’ then I present you with this article and the image below. Yes, that is VFS. It certainly isn’t the first time either. It’s just a chilling effect on Badthink for now…when it doesn’t work history says they will resort to more severe methods. Now you know why I get frustrated with the play acting too many do. This. Is. Not. A. Game.



-Jesse James

A Long Train of Abuses

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents. -Andrew Carnegie

Given that today is a holiday, I will make this short, to the point, and promise not to veer too far into the esoteric. One of the most misunderstood words in the English language is tolerance. The modern definition by the statists is merely code word for ‘socially acceptable.’ It is tolerant to believe that pumping a child full of hormones and reversing normal biological processes is a good thing, despite professional physicians stating that it is objectively child abuse. Tolerance is objecting to a man sitting with his legs spread while not uttering a peep about more than the 30 countries that practice religious-based female genital mutilation. Implicit within the true definition of tolerance is that it falls shy of acceptable. What I tolerate differs wildly from what I find acceptable. I tolerate the fact that I must comply with applicable tax and employment laws, but I find perhaps 10% of them acceptable. We have been inundated from preschool with the necessity to be unoffensive, non-confrontational and tolerant of far, far too much.

il_fullxfull.209545725.jpgTolerance is not without merit. Tolerance is a necessity given the human propensity for mistakes and failure on a semi-regular basis. However much like salt, too much of a good thing becomes a very bad thing, as does too little. Too little salt results in muscle cramps and increased risk of heart attack, just as too much leads to risk of stroke and heart disease. To little tolerance results in burn out, isolation and organizational atrophy, while too much tolerance results in indolence, over-inclusivity, and talent attrition. Both require a level of balance. I can assume I am not alone in my attempt to find that balance in prodding and pushing people to be a better version of who we are, and being too exacting. I was told voluntary organizations are inculcated with a level of BS that are just part of the deal without the UCMJ or other means of enforcement. Perhaps the individual was right, but the question still exists, at what level will tolerance fatally compromise the entire mission of the organization? The answer to that is necessarily a personal one, as each case is different.

I would ask all of you to consider that this weekend, and understand that tolerance is exactly why this blog exists and we are $20T+ in debt. We tolerated things that should have been intolerable. Now, the American public finally balked when asked to not only tolerate such abuses of government, foisted upon them by their own complacence and fellow citizens, but to find them acceptable. I encourage us not to fall into the same trap. Crystallize what exactly you are trying to achieve and the way to accomplish that. I give credit to DTG for creating a practical guide to preparing yourself for the potential backlash in three and a half years. If you want to be quicker, stronger, more accurate and more resilient by then…there is your mission statement. I don’t have to spell out the obvious ways you get there, but it is now your job to define what is intolerable, tolerable and acceptable. People and activities that compromise your ability to accomplish that task past a certain level must be intolerable. The alternative is failure. I’m not speaking in hyperbole, it is the uncomfortable truth. Show me a successful person in any field and I will show you a person who is focused, and at the very least eliminated things in his life that compromised his ability to accomplish whatever goal he set. Far more likely is a person who also eliminated much of what just amounted to distraction and is tolerated by most.

It is quite possible that I have ‘too little tolerance for BS’, as someone suggested to me. The most rational explanation is that history is really the history of the lucky, and the truly exceptional. Quite possibly it is because the exceptional are the ones writing the history because they triumphed over the mediocre, and thus the mediocre fade into the anonymity of the past. I’ve never been a lucky person, with the exception of my wife, so I really am left with only one option if I don’t want to guarantee my people, culture and homeland go the way of every other people who became too soft, too ignorant, and too licentious. We tolerate much in this movement and in our personal lives that lowers morale, compromises unity, distracts us from the goal we seek to achieve and simply wastes time. Most competent and goal-oriented people will avoid a that like the plague. I’ve seen it personally, the talent walks out the door when there is an environment of triviality and incompetence present. We all can all do better…or just accept the logical conclusion if we do not.

In closing, I am not advocating an ‘only ones’ policy. There is such a thing as too little tolerance within an organization or your personal life. However, it’s never a bad idea to honestly evaluate things. Too many people talk a lot about potential, while ignoring the results. Abstract theory has it’s place, but it is far behind practical experience. Are you achieving your goals? Is this movement? If not, why? Can you have even the tiniest influence in helping remedy the situation or contributing to a positive outcome? Are you an asset or liability and are you willing to do what is necessary to be the former? Be polite. Be professional. Find people who want what you do and achieve it, don’t just talk about it. Be the change you seek, and don’t be a passenger…or worse a human anchor.


Jesse James

The Coming Retribution

Must someone, some unseen thing, declare what is right for it to be right? I believe that my own morality — which answers only to my heart — is more sure and true than the morality of those who do right only because they fear retribution. Brandon Sanderson

Perish the universe, provided I have my revenge! – Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac

The left is losing I’m told by Hannity, Limbaugh and other talking heads on the radio. The Republicans control both houses of Congress and the majority of governorships. I haven’t heard any cogent arguments by either about the obvious voting habits of the Millennial and the fact that Hillary needed to flip about 53,000 votes in PA, WI, and MI to win. The final count was that close. One of the things we need to keep in mind is that unlike Robert Earl Keen’s song, the party does end. Trump will not be president forever and I would be highly suspect of another major midterm coup by the Red Team. Trump will vacate the presidency at some point and the statists from both parties will exact revenge. The voters responsible for the political black swan that was Trump will be taught a lesson for their political rebellion and the consternation they caused by voting as a proto-ethnic bloc and profoundly angering them in a way many of us don’t comprehend.

The Clinton coronation was such a foregone conclusion that we witnessed true mental breakdowns and the collapse of the glass castle in the sky that most statists had built since Hillary announced her candidacy. They sacrificed any and all credibility of the DNC’s internal party machinations and the integrity of their primaries for God’s sake. So mistakenly confident, she didn’t campaign at all in WI and gave a passing nod to MI, all the while failing to energize the minority vote in a way only a geriatric blue-blooded crone from NY could. What this tells me is not that the minorities are particularly upset about a Trump presidency at the moment, but that the loudest shrieking is coming from the fellow blue-bloods and cosmic whites. Hollywood was devastated and made sure everyone on social media knew it. A great majority of academia, the media and the whole propaganda wing of the DNC, as well as your Fifth Column Republicans (I’m looking at you McCain, Graham and Ryan) were left scrambling to find Beltway-acceptable positions on the event in the coming weeks.

shutterstock_132518903-660x350-1398887392So what? Well, I believe Nate Silver speaks for many when he called those who voted and supported Trump ‘profoundly evil.’ He further clarified that it meant just shy of inhuman, which means it’s just barely genocide if you decide to follow that line of thought to its logical conclusion. Clinton stated what many in her party felt calling roughly 50% of  the people who voted in the election ‘deplorable.’ I suspect that was the polite, more politically correct term for ‘future gulag residents.’ To many of us politics are a rather small part of our lives, only somewhat less onerous than a colonoscopy. If I never thought or had to deal with the US government again, it would be too soon. I’m much more interested in raising a family, making money and pursuing my intellectual and physical hobbies. The statists, given they are adherents of Marx, have a different approach to the matter. Politics, encompasses matters of life or death. Healthcare means a chance to save lives, abortion is a chance to prevent poverty and empower women, climate change is a chance to save the entire planet! Given that these are emotional arguments that have been made, when you disagree on such a matter it cuts to the core of who they are. You disagree with their personhood, their worldview, them in toto.

The most dangerous element of a worldview or social construct that rejects any sort of absolute truth and instead bases it on subjective experience and emotions is the lack of internal restraint. Show me a society without absolute moral standards and I will show you a society where life is worthless, rule of law is nonexistent, knowledge is dead and Hobbes is an optimist. While many of us took the Obama years with a sort of Siberian resignation (da comrade, Moscow iz not friend, but Moscow not here, Moscow long way from here), much of it is precisely  because we have anchors in our life. We have families, ideals, at least to a certain extent and a moral code usually based on Christian ethics. The ends don’t justify the means, life is sacred, absolute truth exists and none of those things are based on emotions. In fact, most of these things are very much a check on the capriciousness of emotion. The reason I don’t show the Berkley people what a real riot looks like from the perspective of a chemistry whiz is because I have a family, the responsibility to provide for them and the immorality of wanton murder prevents me from making the emotional choice. I acknowledge that despite my emotions, it is objectively wrong and it would be a sin to do what I desire at times, as well as limiting my superseding responsibility to my family. The current crop of proto-communists have their feelings as an anchor, which in a reductive sense makes them anchorless.  The fact that their arguments are entirely based on emotion allows them to view things like skyrocketing food prices in the third world as a good thing. Despite the fact that the tertiary effects of climate change regulation, such arable land used for biofuels, are causing starvation in other countries, those people don’t have sufficient media access to elicit an emotional appeal from those who view emotion is equivalent to virtue. If 100M+ in Africa, Asia and South America need to die to save the planet, then so be it. At least they can express how grateful they are about being carbon neutral on their iPhones produced in the pollution-free utopia of PRC. It makes them feel good to ‘know’ they are saving the planet, and whether it is true or not is several orders less important than the highest virtue, their self-image.

the_destructionOn November 8th, a large swath of America desecrated the church of state…and dealt an enormous blow to anyone and everyone who saw themselves as ‘woke,’ a social justice advocate or had their identity wrapped up in anything that had to do with combating the evils of any and every -ist and -ic in the dictionary. It was the emotional equivalent to someone desecrating your church or your home. Now take that level of anger, frustration and disrespect and apply it in our direction. Those who haven’t read the Cliff Notes version of what was in Vault 7 should really take a look. Consider the fact that you currently live under a regime that does not consider you an enemy of the state. That will change. Public opinion still matters to the statists, because they still need to convince 50,000+ people to switch their vote in three years. Once that is achieved, and it will be, the massive levers of power get turned over to an angry, embarrassed and deeply offended party that is still seething about Trump. I’ll give you three guesses as to who feels the brunt of that hatred, dear reader.

I would be less than surprised to find the alt-right declared a hate group and a possible terror organization under a Democratic president. Lincolnian restrictions to the 1st Amendment to make sure people are not being radicalized. Spencer and others charged with inciting riots or similarly vague criminal charges, or better yet just look the other way as a random act of violence happens at just the right time. We will get to experience the dark side of populism, as ‘enemies of the people’ in a time when restraint is not the order of the day. The domestic surveillance that has thus far been a more passive observer than not will be too tempting a method for those seeking to repay those who disagree, not with their politics, but their very identity. Those who remember the first part of Obama’s administration will remember that almost palpable desire for retribution and the lawlessness that occurred under it. Names like ACORN, Solyndra, Lerner, Holder, Van Jones and others are long forgotten now.

We have an opportunity to communicate, learn and develop community in a relatively free environment at the moment. It is the height of foolishness to believe that this will always be the case. Whether you were a never-Trump person or not, the bear was poked squarely in the eye. The bear is not dead and we should be cognizant of the fact that it now is extremely angry. Either we accept the fact and behave accordingly or we get blindsided in a couple years when all of a sudden there are people standing on TV saying that Trump voters aren’t just profoundly evil, but they are inhuman and for the good of America need to be dealt with as such. If this seems insane and a little on the late night radio side of sanity, I understand. The burning question is, if you believe someone is profoundly evil and lives, works and shops near you…what would you do? Answer that question honestly and then consider that someone is likely thinking the same thing. It’s why community matters, the statists have build a community around the hatred of a specific group, that of the ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ and the list of deplorables Hillary so tactfully described us as. Consider that, and ask yourself what would you do if you only had roughly 1400 days until it was open season on you and yours? We will pay dearly for this respite, whether it is four years or eight, so I suggest you make it worth it when the bill comes due.


Jesse James


Perspective in a world gone mad

So times were pleasant for the people there
until finally one, a fiend out of hell,
began to work his evil in the world.


As Yogi Berra said, you can see a lot by just looking around. Americans are eager for news and information, yet most, accept much of the dogma they’ve been fed daily by their schools, government and ‘our free press’ even when the assumptions are absurd. Only those who make a determined, ongoing effort to see through the smokescreen seem to stay clear.

the-screamIt’s not our wickedness that makes humans the greatest threat on earth. It’s our sudden fits of insanity. Americans live in a self-constructed world of illusion. No one who started ‘our’ wars of aggression was ever punished, despite everyone finding out that everything they said was lies. Americans believe all sorts of crap served by those they’ve chosen to believe no matter what. If Brian Williams doesn’t tell you about it on TV you don’t believe it ever happened and he’s just one proven liar saying the same things the rest of them do.

“You think our country’s so innocent?” Trump recently barked at a TV host who had the boldness to ask how he could have kind words for Russian President Putin. Observers were shocked that a president would openly question American ‘innocence’. It’s odd that American’s speak so adoringly about their history but at the same time ignore its reality. Past and present are sold as things they weren’t, aren’t and won’t be, but accepted because in some way it makes ‘consumers’ feel content. The ‘Free world’ and ‘our free press’ is the mantra we keep hearing. It ain’t so. Trump called it when he said America isn’t blameless. It’s well known but you ain’t supposed to notice. To think that you see reality on TV is to forget the lessons of history. ‘Our free press’ and ‘Official’ Washington seemingly enjoy demonizing Putin and poking Russians by shoving NATO troops up to their borders and deploying missile systems in Eastern Europe. For some crazy reason, the Russians feel threatened. America wouldn’t feel threatened because we’re so special, eh?

There’s no loyalty in politics and we see those effects daily. Treaties are made and broken as if of virtually no consequence. Officials transition from a steady stream of “Everything is fine. There’s nothing to worry about” to suddenly “Run for your lives”. Government does a poor job of relating accurate information to citizens. Being a government agent/employee in no way makes them competent or honest. The goal is power, emotion is the tool, and neither have anything to do with truth. In the end it’s due to your acceptance.

‘Consumers’ constantly argue over whose ideology/culture is superior as the families who own most of the world’s wealth pursues more power and money. ‘Our’ rulers seemingly operate with the belief that whatever method they choose, if ineffective or damaging, will work if they just do more of it.

‘Our’ government, removed countless ‘uncooperative’ governments including Arbenz in Guatemala, Allende in Chile, the Diem brothers in Vietnam, and does whatever they want. ‘Our government’ believes they see things that average Americans fail to fully understand/recognize that’s necessary for America, so they act. ‘Consumers’ just get in line believing whatever their TV/newspaper tells them about these ‘burning issues’ to the point where they’ll argue with anyone who suggests otherwise. We’ve seen this regularly and increasingly throughout American history.

People around the world view America as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country and history proves this: Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. America started 201 of them.¹

To enter WW1 we said Germans were killing Belgian babies and by 1990 that had become dead Kuwaiti babies to attack Iraq. Both were lies…constant western provocations enabled by ‘groupthink.’ Witch-hunts have been popular in this land since colonial Massachusetts. Americans go mad in herds. Those who hold the McCarthy era in contempt now seem to enjoy similar hypocrisy: doing whatever it takes to ‘get Trump’. This opportunism and hypocrisy includes blindly ramping up tensions with Russia, diverting more taxpayer money into the Military-Industrial Complex and conceivably igniting, planned or not, nuclear Armageddon.

A concerted, continuous, almost unchanging effort to manipulate events across the Middle East and project American hegemony throughout the region now spanning seven presidencies is perhaps the most telling evidence that deeply rooted special interests, a deep state, not America’s elected representatives, crafts and executes policy at home and abroad. Americans must understand that change will only come when the corporate-financier interests that constitute the deep state are confronted, and decentralized. This won’t happen through elections involving proxies wholly obligated to the deep state. Direct action will be the first step toward taking back national institutions and resources hijacked by these special interests.

Yemen and Syria are two good points to display the Empire’s duplicity and hypocrisy. Considering Saudi Arabia’s admitted ties to terrorism in Yemen, across the region particularly in Syria and Iraq in the form of Al Qaeda, its various affiliates, and ISIS itself, and around the world, America declaring Saudi Arabia a “friend and ally” and accusing Iran of “destabilizing behavior across the Middle East,” makes it clear that America ignores Saudi Arabia’s state sponsorship of terrorism, and is directly involved in it.

UnknownWe frequently hear the reprimand that we must only look at problems we have solutions for: that’s a curious way to refuse sight, vision and hearing in a world where division is the tactic of choice of our overlords. A first step in creating positive change is educating the ‘great unwashed’ about reality of ‘official’ story-lines.

Criticize Israeli acts and you’re and anti-Semite. Criticize American actions and you’re anti-American. These labels effectively preclude honest discussion but Russia and other nations are fair game for lesser actions on their part. Few even agree on what they see. We demand others not do what we do. There are words for that.

In the American police state that now surrounds us, there are no longer such things as innocence, due process, or justice, in the way we once knew them. We’re all potentially guilty, potential criminals, suspects waiting to be accused of a crime.

So, persuade yourself that you’re free, that you still live in a country that values freedom, and that it’s not too late to make America great again, but to anyone who has been paying attention to America’s decline over the past 50 years; it will be just another lie. Germans chose to believe the lie. As long as their creature comforts remained undiminished, and they weren’t being persecuted, starved, beaten, shot, bombed, jailed and turned into slave labor, life was good.

Democracy has been largely a façade used to lead you quietly into slavery. Beginning with the Patriot Act of 2001, ‘our government’ has gone mad passing an excess of legislation that has trashed the Constitution. As a result, even many Third World countries now enjoy greater freedom than can be found in America. The bought and paid for Congress through the Patriot Act and laws added to the National Defense Appropriation Acts of recent years have gutted the Bill of Rights. It is now lawful to arrest, torture and hold American citizens without trial and without a legal defense. Our government can legally kill you…let that sink in.

We’re told Russia and China are a threat to ‘our interests’ abroad; not America’s security itself, by challenging the post-WW2 international order; created by and for America, granting them military, sociopolitical, and financial unipolar hegemony over the planet. The American Empire is successor to colonial Europe. Russia, China, and Iran are called ‘threats’ to the Empire, not because they seek to harm Americans here at home, but simply for attempting to secure their own neighborhood spheres of influence from systematic and overt American subversion, influence, and encirclement. This means a continuation of the destructive global warfare seen under all presidents since JFK.

Our word games dance around fine lines as if describing a different thing, like for example, when I was growing up, if you wanted to be polite, African descendants in America were called colored. Now days to do so is considered impolite at best, but call them people of color and all is forgiven. Show me the difference. We count angels dancing on pinheads failing to learn the lessons we demand others learn.

The Russia card this intellectual and moral bankruptcy on display: an attempt to blame the deep and abiding problems of our country on a foreign power. The constant effort to attribute Trump to foreign subtleties is devoted to avoiding the reality that American policy and culture is what gave rise to him. A funny thing about blaming Putin for non-existent meddling is it forgets to remember Netanyahu’s congressional speech and what it would do for elections.

Major media, the prime-cut purveyors of fake news, launched the war on ‘fake news’ after they were left with egg on their faces in the wake of the presidential election. They had to find scapegoats. They had to explain their failure to predict the winner. They had to explain why they overtly supported the hildabeest throughout the campaign. They had to do something, anything, in order to deflect blame and derision. So the Russia-Trump-WikiLeaks-fake news narrative was launched out of the crypts of the Washington Post, New York Times, and other big-time echo chambers.

The verbal opposition are always attacked, ignored or both thereby intensifying and sharpening their stand. You can’t ever successfully govern without including the world of the opposition. The result is always some sort of conflict and never peace. This produces self-reinforcing layers of opposition with friendly compromise nowhere to be seen. You can see politicians and corporate leaders creating this daily, out in the open. One side pushes for more control and the other side responds by upping the ante. Neither side seems interested in stopping. Neither side is the least bit interested in compromise.

Our political system is unable to create a situation where these two hostile cultures can live together, which means we’re headed toward large-scale violence on our own ground and probable failure of the American state.

‘Our’ propaganda isn’t designed to be credible; it’s designed to bludgeon people into submission through relentless repetition and fear of social rejection…and it’s working perfectly. The ‘Russia Hacked the Election’ tale came from a series of stories that were either completely fabricated or based on ‘anonymous intelligence sources’ that could provide no evidence ‘for reasons of security’.

Craig Dudley

  1. “Since the end of World War II, there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world. The United States launched 201 overseas military operations between the end of World War II and 2001, and since then, others, including Afghanistan and Iraq ….” American Public Health Assn. Vol. 104, Issue 6 (June 2014).