Casus Belli

Gentle reader,

I have witnessed with equal parts chagrin and fascination at the slow movement toward mainstream culture the patriot movement has made the last several years. From a meteoric success, to abject failure and everything in between, I truly believe a cultural movement has been carved out and is continuing to go through the birth-pangs as it transitions from an idea to a movement. I would like to see this movement succeed, but the lack of organizational structure and internecine fighting must be overcome.

The knee-jerk reaction within the movement seems to be quite inhospitable to any type of organizational structure other than one based on squad-level military units. This is laughably ineffective and while I certainly admire those with sufficient will and membership to make it work, it is one-dimensional, and in most cases the actual effectiveness of this type of structure with non-military personnel is supremely disappointing. I will delve into this in a more detailed way, but with few exceptions, a single squad in any military is not designed to operate as an entirely independent unit, free from any and all supervision, assets, and logistical support…in combat. The patriot movement is asking much more. You must not only become proficient in the martial disciplines, but also logistics, public relations, intelligence gathering, dispute resolution, just to name a few…the list grows sickeningly long when you sit down and actually map it out in the real world. Rather than continually try to pound the square peg into the proverbial round hole, let us consider another way.

I believe there absolutely exists a need for military structure within the movement, but there also exists a need for a more corporate-like entity as well. Very little time will be spent slinging lead, the vast majority will be day-to-day activities and attempting to win hearts and minds. Malheur and Bundy Ranch provide excellent examples of how crucial an effective communications and PR plan is. Both also highlight the danger and difficulty of seeing a massive influx of individuals into an informal group and how to properly integrate other organizations and people without creating conflict and chaos. I believe this is where the military model begins to break down unless at some point there is a single governing body that is somehow able to exert its influence on the patriot movement as a whole. Organization will never happen in a time of crisis, the inverse will occur. We cannot depend on things sorting themselves out in our time of need. That is sheer idiocy and the height of wishful thinking. We are better than that.

A properly functioning organization is not awash in red-tape, politics, and inefficiency. A properly functioning organization does not mean you surrender your identity, free will, and morality to a Jim Jones 2.0. A properly functioning organization is nothing more than a basic division of labor, with agreed upon goals, to efficiently achieve an outcome desired by the members. I trust you are an adult and can grasp that the grand bogeyman is not simple organization, it is bad people. So leave the rugged individualism argument at the door.  While there are latent problems with any division of labor, no matter who, what or where, it is indeed possible to mitigate them. It can be done. I will give you the tools to do it. It is not easy, it is hard work, but the alternative is what we have currently. I have personally seen 20-30 men slowly drift away from the movement because there was a dearth of organization and leadership. Men who were motivated enough to have the essentials stored, willing to show up once a month or more and train, men who could have been crafted into a single entity to dramatically change the landscape of their small city. I doubt it was an isolated incident. My goal for this first series of posts is to help small groups of patriots become sufficiently organized to become more effective than they could be separately. We cannot afford any more Malheurs. A man died. Yes, it was the result of a tyrannical government agency. It was also the result of disorganization and confusion in the face of crisis. Sobering, indeed.


Stay tuned and buckle up,

-Jesse James


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