As Things Become More Sporty…

Western Rifle Shooters Association

calvin coolidge newspaper painting“Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

A few things I plan to keep in mind:

– Basics matter: Good air, water, exercise, sleep, and food are essential for everybody – even (especially?) if no-shit Armageddon has arrived. Ignore this one at your peril.

– People skills matter: You will have no authority, and very little force projection power. Better plan on being damned persuasive, as it is the biggest tool in your kit.

– Good judgment matters: Lives will be saved and lives will be lost by judgment calls. Think it through, and don’t be driven by events. Choose actions that are reality-based and well considered. Chess, not checkers, ja?

– Good leaders matter: It’s not just the General Bethlehems you have to guard against – it is also the well-meaning types who haven’t yet embraced the horror of the situation. Both can get your people killed or worse.

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One thought on “As Things Become More Sporty…

  1. “We have to help each other.”

    True. But there is no help for somebody 200 miles away. There is help for somebody two miles away.

    Which is why I keep pounding on “Keep it local!”

    America is dead. Your community is your country.



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