Watch the most recent Republican debate. Did it hurt? Good. Watch it again. Then watch it one more time at full volume. You know it deep down. Own it. Look in the mirror and whisper ‘No one is coming to save you, puke. Now what are you going to do about it?!’ What indeed? Local, local, LOCAL, or die. Dealers choice.


5 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Been to your Commonwealth many a time. Stood on those magnificent white marble steps of your State Capitol in downtown Richmond. Felt the presence of titans like Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason, and other illustrious Patriots.

    Sad to say, they and the majority of their spirits have gone. You speak the truth.

    Local it is and local it shall be. From there we will build, or, rather may I say, we shall “re-build” what Virginians had made for us, but what we squandered.


  2. While I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t consider VA to be ‘my’ Commonwealth. I’m a Texan, something you are until you die. Richmond, VA Beach, Alexandria, Fredericksburg and anywhere within an hour of the Beltway are not VA anymore. It’s merely the DMZ between Mordor and the rest of us. The mountains and foothills are where the salt of the earth people still remain. Many of them patriots who don’t even know it yet. Tired, fed up, frustrated and angry…too busy putting food on the table to burn things down and nowhere to throw their treasure and support to. Mason, Jefferson, and Henry didn’t exist in a vacuum. They were merely the primer. The true gunpowder was your farmers, shopkeepers and working class that weren’t at the tavern meetings but were desperately searching for a solution. I hope when that flashpoint occurs we don’t go the way the Germans did and find our Hitler, but rather the way Virginians did and find our Washington.


  3. Not many Washingtons out there. Plenty of Benedict Arnolds. Am a Texan, also, stuck in Mississippi. Not many of us, either. Those out here, straining under the stress of increasingly desperate times, mostly designed and manufactured by those in power specifically to mire us in quicksand, are welling up. None of the current crop are fit to lead us. I pray that when that individual surfaces we are collectively prescient enough to recognize them and steeled with enough resolve to follow through.


  4. 1) Lived in TX for 3 yrs 2003-06. Still miss it every day.
    2) I don’t know what the galvanizing event will be, but when America’s productive sector finally rises up in righteous wrath at the gang of buffoons, poltroons, lechers, liars, knaves, shysters, and thieves who have destroyed the Republic said gang will be in deep sewage.


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