Local, Local, LOCAL: An Example

Aftermath of tornado in Appomattox, VA




By  now you have heard the cries for local, local, LOCAL, by myself, Pete at Western Rifle Shooters Association and nearly everyone in the patriot movement that has even the slightest grasp of 4GW. This starts now, not when the Western Civilization collapses, not when the apocalypse starts and FLOTUS sprouts horns and flies around the White House on a dragon (Rev. 17:5) or some other earth-shattering event. Here is a perfect example of how you can begin winning hearts and minds. Have your guys show up in some semblance of similar dress, such as the same color T-shirts, same hats, same something and go help. Grab a chainsaw, a trailer if you have one, whatever is needed in your particular case and go be helpful. Tell the nice people who you are and you’re just here to help them in any way they need. Begin establishing an alternative storyline to what your enemies are telling your neighbors. How likely are those people to believe the “right-wing evil militia babykillers” line when you were the respectful men and women helping them clear their yard, or pick up the scattered wreckage that was their house and life? It won’t pass the sniff test for most.

This is an excellent way to test a) your organizations skills at mobilizing people on short notice, b) who is serious and willing to get their hands dirty and who is just there to look cool, and c) who has leadership skills and who doesn’t. We want FedGov out of our lives don’t we? Well then this is the flip side of that coin. If you’re part of the community then you need to go out and help your neighbors and by neighbors, I mean even the ones you don’t know. The alternative? The state or federal government steps in and you’re the guy thats complaining about the organization that’s actually helping them. So if we truly wan’t to go back to local, private citizens helping each other out and the government staying in their lane, then this needs to be done. Be the alternative, or shut up. I’m serious. If you’re not willing to help the community then don’t expect them to support you when you need it. This is a low-risk, easy way to build respect and goodwill among the community if you’re willing to go out and do it. You won’t like the alternative to success. I promise.


– Jesse James


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