“The cuckservative meme spread faster than the zika virus on steroids, terrifying establishment Republicans and inflicting a devastating blow to their morale. The power of utilizing rhetorical arguments is giving us the upper hand by deconstructing entire ideologies with a single pejorative…Now is the time to shift our focus to attacking the document that is at the center of worship for those who are giving away our nation to hostile aliens…I am talking about the Constitution. You know, that quaint document that has been used by the Supreme Court to uphold and justify every major social policy that conservatives are at odds with, from the legalization of abortion to gay marriage.”



The little section of the internet I frequent has recently been awash with contemplation of the Constitution, its continued validity or even usefulness in light of our current situation. I can understand the frustration, and find the questions to represent a maturity of the political and social awareness of America. I won’t pretend to be the definitive authority on the Constitution, but for what it’s worth I have doctorate-level education on it. Clearly arguments are based on facts, but since this is primarily my opinion, I hope you can accept the premise I’m not coming at the topic from a position of ignorance.

The Constitution is flawed. In hindsight, perhaps one even may posit that it is badly flawed. Contra, we don’t know the outcome were it written differently, so there is no definitive way to opine whether or not the way it’s written was ideal and WE are the limiting factor. Much of the hate directed at the Constitution stems from its use to justify abortion, gay marriage, our current security state or one of the many examples of cultural suicide we see today. Quite a weak rational argument, albeit an effective emotional one. I see the same argument from the anti-gun crowd. An inanimate object is misused and the blame is laid squarely on the tool, not the individual. We as Americans have abused the Constitution and waved it as a banner from everything to an invasion of hostile, uneducated 3rd world immigrants to the murdering of our offspring for convenience, to mismanagement, graft and corruption of every manner of trade and business under the Commerce Clause. It has been interpreted erroneously, the plain English meaning obfuscated, and we have allowed it to happen. The document is not the problem. The application is. As easy as it is to throw it all away and think we can come up with some Pan-European or Neo-Western Culture paradise document, it is as much fantasy as Captain Hook for a career choice.

Madison and Jefferson were both quite far to the right of the Bell Curve, their political theory and intelligence absolutely dwarfing anything we have in modern times. The likelihood of having a similar collection of prodigies, all more or less agreeing on a similar goal, and drafting a document at the precise time a country was ready to accept it is astronomical to the point of the absurd. You know this. Who are these men waiting in the wings to surpass them today? I know of no one to even their equal, let alone surpassing them. The cultural and societal decline have tertiary effects that bear our consideration. The education system is a joke, it turns out shrieking pseudo-intellectuals with no education but a Ph.D. or J.D. in indoctrination. Ask me how I know. It takes decades of study, tutelage and the genetic equivalent of a lightning strike to make a mind such as theirs, even in the best of conditions. The family unit has all but disintegrated. Men are being feminized, women are being forced into neo-masculinity and we are slowly becoming an androgynous society. Half the men I know are in barely post-pubescent arrested development, not fit to be husbands, fathers or even responsible citizens. No, that is not a valid course. We would sooner end up in some Robespierre-esque New Amerika than even approach what we had gifted to us in 1788. I’m not worshipping the document, but I recognize our inability to improve upon it and the folly of trying. We are in the dawn of a new American Dark Ages and we have the hubris to think we can improve upon the American equivalent of the Roman aqueducts.

The Constitution is an embodiment of ideals. Flawed, but a quite stunning document in its own right. Those ideals are part and parcel of what represented the best of Old World Western Culture and mated it with the distinctly unique proto-American perspective (later to become the American mythos). Those ideals such as property rights, self-governance, the concept of individual sovereignty and freedom of religion ARE Western Culture. Would we the courage and tenacity to resurrect those vanguards of freedom, prosperity and enlightenment that make up our proud heritage. I say this not to worship the past or the men who wrote it, or the words enshrined as our laws. Worship such as that stunts growth and cripples a society. As trendy and emotionally fulfilling as it is to be iconoclasts today, it is now more important than ever to preserve those relics from the past for what they represent. Hope. The hope that one day we can return and even surpass the culture that spawned them. We can do better. Perhaps not today, perhaps not our children. One day though, perhaps if I strive and fight and bleed and pray and scream against the encroaching darkness…and when the rivers of blood have dried, the tyrant has supped the bitter cup of rebellion and our people have shaken off the ashes of an Evil Empire, the Almighty will grant my grandchildren, or great-grandchildren the privilege of living in a time such as that. Let us pave the way and not let history remember us as the idle that stood by while civilization collapsed around us…nor as the those that threw the baby out with the bathwater.


– Jesse James


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