PSA: Ab uno, disce, omnes*



Vote if your conscience demands it. Your opinion is irrelevant to them…until it’s not. How to make it so? I would venture to say Vienna would have caucused against siege by Muslim fanatics. Only when Polish winged hussars began driving sharp, pointy objects through their bodies did they begin to consider the opinion of Leopold and the Holy Roman Empire. The point? Your frustration, anger and feelings of betrayal are only worth what they are willing to fuel. Either hate them enough to adapt, influence, ridicule, co-opt, persuade and refuse anything but their defeat…or stop complaining. Your opinion has no consequences, no teeth…it is sterile. Sterility is nothing more than planned obsolescence, or in this case, civilizational self-genocide. Rage against it, because anything else is acceptance.

*   Aeneid 2.65 (Read the whole story…Virgil is your friend.)



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