GVDL: Make It Go Faster

To what end? We keep screaming faster when we resemble the myriads of historical examples (Scots and Greeks come to mind) where people could not come together even to confront an existential threat to their culture. As of yet we offer no viable alternative to Leviathan, and as much as I wish ‘leave me be and unto you the same’ would work, it hasn’t and won’t. The grifters that 70%+ of our nation has become will not be content to merely let us be. The window of opportunity for networking, skills and long-distance discussion will close. The #BLM retards managed to construct a rather effective agitprop organization in less time than most of us have been reading WRSA. Tell me we aren’t capable of more than they are.

Western Rifle Shooters Association



Money quote:

…If you want to “reform” this government from within, get extra ammo, extra fuel for the wood-chipper, and pack a lunch…

Welcome to Consequence Land.

Population: You and your family.

Plus 100+ million collectivists who believe that you have whatever you have because you are a racist, sexist, Eurocentric, homophobic hater who, by virtue of those crimes against Duh Peepul, are exempt from any sort of moral consideration owed even to other species, let alone fellow humans.

Get it?

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