Biting the hand that feeds…



dont-bite-the-hand-that-feeds-youMoveOn, the Soros-backed professional protest organization has decided that push has finally come to shove. Such solidly American organizations as the AFL-CIO and Democratic Socialists of America are also backing this march that, in their own words, plan on having thousands arrested for civil disobedience and create drama in Washington. The plan is to march God-knows how many malcontents from Philadelphia to D.C. over the course of ten days from April 2-11 and then a sit in from April 11-18. While I would love to protest for nearly three weeks, I have unfortunately made prior commitments…mostly working so my taxes can pay for the attendees meals, housing, and medical bills since working is not exactly their schtick. I suppose in a way that makes me there in spirit? Their demands consist of some hazy platitudes about billionaires corrupting politics, apparently the irony of being funded by a real-life billionaire Nazi collaborator is lost on them. Strong anti-Trump overtones, it generally follows the usual anti-hate, voter suppression, anti-capitalist and pro-communist melodrama you see in all SJW protests.

I couch the following analysis in the background of the increasing rhetoric about whites not having a right to exist, white communities need to die and the increasing hate and polarization being directed by the media and various ethnocentric groups at largely middle America, the Allegheny’s (that one’s for you Barry) and ‘country folks’ in general. The Great Lie has slowly been pushed to its absurd conclusions that your average American, as self-medicated, uneducated and historically, culturally and politically ignorant as they are, simply cannot continue to buy into. We have seen the GOP establishment, Black Lives Matter, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the Savoy crew and the Sea Island boys all become quite public bedfellows. Third parties are in discussion. Much hubbub in Mordor on the Potomac.

I don’t pretend to have the slightest idea whether this will truly materialize or disappear into the ether of the Internet. However, the sheer volume of the idiocy has reached rather epic proportions. I can only imagine the reaction of the liberal elites, both the GOP and DNC, to several thousand of the unwashed masses soiling their morning commute to the halls of power. Caving and cucking would be the order of the day, a modern day Children’s Crusade in an attempt to appease the ‘lessers’ outside their ivory-towers. The SJW’s understand that in a civilized society if you control the language, you can shame people into obeisance. What the socialists and thugs have showed their understanding of in Baltimore, Ferguson and Chicago is that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Raw, unchecked, mass violence and rioting. We have firmly moved past the realm of ideas and into the realm of might makes right. The paradigm of rule has been slowly changing before our eyes, but more so in the last year. BigGov was managerial, and largely recognized the need for X amount of producers to keep the party going. Sure it was oppressive, but not until you stepped outside the “Free Speech Zone” or sandbox of appropriate ideas. We saw a crackdown on Bundy, but there were no mass arrests of militias and the Patriot movement. It would have cost too much and why risk an insurrection and loss of tax revenue? They understood that one does not bite the hand that feeds them, the producers make the world go round, which keeps the parasites happy and the elites in rule. The reason for all the establishment hate toward Trump is a defense of their credentials. To play ball with Trump is to admit their own failure. To admit their graft, corruption and social programs designed to benefit the permanent underclass.

The racial and cultural tension today has been created by those who have truly bought into their own lie. Where the elites were Machiavellian or at the very least pragmatic about the ‘War on Poverty’ or the other handouts and pandering. Not so with the BLM or socialists.They drank their own Kool-Aid, and an intellectual Jonestown has occurred. We have now reached the point of philosophical purism by a significant social minority…I pray it’s not a majority. Dissent is treason, disagreement will not, cannot be tolerated. Treason justifies all sorts of things, among them being physical violence. After all, if words hurt then your opinion, voiced or not, is an offense. Your very existence becomes something that must be extinguished, lest you infect others with your ‘hate.’ I suspect Cleveland will be a scene of riots, and possibly D.C. The realm of acceptability has been shifted yet again, the definition of obscene, violent and fascist describes less and less behavior. Chalk it up as the continued devolution of American culture to Stone Age behavior and tactics. Perhaps Bracken was on to something with his CW2 cube, it certainly seems to ring true given the last year. Be safe, stay frosty and keep up with your cardio.





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