Magic talisman

The Solution!

Gentle Westerners,

nobombbeltA reasonable proposition. We should petition our dear leaders through such democratic processes as Twitter hashtags, Facebook filters, and meek, introspective speeches about our micro aggression towards the oppressed and clearly misunderstood Islamic refugees. They have contributed
much to Europe in their short time there, discovering new ways to utilize swimming pools, creating new cultural customs and breaking down oppressive, patriarchal and sexist barriers such as sexual consent, and wholly redefining pedophilia. It is my hope that by placing these magic talismans…signs…and a wholesale effort by every citizen of Europe and the United States to accommodate in every way these Muslim emissaries of peace and enlightenment, up to and including, our daughters, our wives, and our children, that we may prevent, through no fault of their own, the provocation of our most esteemed future rulers. It is my most fervent prayer, to Allah of course, that the signs may serve as a gentle reminder to our overlords to be more patient with the  most unenlightened kaffir. May we bask joyously in the fire of Western civilization and the apex of humanity thus far, as it is destroyed, our chains resting lightly upon our neck, and the screams of our mothers, daughters, and children singing in our ears.


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