My next ex-girlfriend: Cruz, Cleveland and Cucks

A point comes in everyone’s life, whether it be a car, a gun or a woman, when you know better. You KNOW you know better, but you don’t really know. True knowing, Heinlein said it best with the term groking, implies action consistent with that knowledge. I know a burner is hot because of the radiant heat and that cherry-red metal, ergo I will refrain from grabbing it. Lest you think I’m Spok and posses nothing but logical, rational judgment, then let me disprove that theory post haste.

Ted Cruz reminded my of a particular redhead I used to know, not to be confused with the current red-head of protestor fame and possessing a decidedly more graceful personality. She had all the red flags anyone who has every dipped their toe into the pond of the fairer sex would recognize, and no doubt some of you cringe at the thought of past encounters. Of course I knew they were there, but I did not KNOW they were there. You grok? While no doubt this will ruffle a few feathers, let us take a look at Mr. Cruz with the same lens we would use if his last name had a D attached to it. Much like Obama he grew up with a father who was not a citizen, and from an entirely different cultural norm. Like most who eventually make it to the ‘approved’ list on the DNC or GOP ticket he studied at Harvard. Once done he clerked for SCOTUS, did private practice for a year (representing some guy named Boehner), and started working for the Bush campaign in ’99. Interesting note, people oft forget he was instrumental in getting Roberts, yes THAT Roberts, on the Bush legal team for the hanging chad debacle. He then served as director of policy for the FTC, during those golden years of synthetic CDO’s, no-income, no-job loans and unremitted fraud. I’m sure you’ve heard the rest, solicitor general and then TEA party fame, all the way to D.C. A forty-six year old man with less private sector job experience than I had before I turned 20. A man who ran for AG as soon as he got back in the private sector and bowed out, and run for a Senate seat two years later.

Anyone else see the red flags here? I look at the young, hungry lawyer and I see much in common with our current POTUS. Perhaps some policy disagreements, but if your schtick works then stick with it. The Beck people and those perhaps less misanthropic and desperately seeking a political savior see the projection of their mind and not the man. I look at the campaign doing everything shy of breaking the law or the RNC rules, and I see shrewdness on the part of the Cruz camp, but I also see much of the Bush campaign circa. 2000 in Florida. I also see the company he is beginning to keep. A man willing to take the silver for an opportunity to ‘fix things’ rarely does. I’m sure Jim Bakker started out with good intentions. The office is calling to Ted, his actions have changed in the last few months, as has his rhetoric. Cleveland will come and go, the silver will be offered and will be taken and America will have their next-ex, to begin anew the perennially amusing abusive relationship with D.C.  I hope not, but I know enough history to bet against it. A man does not spend decades willingly in D.C. and politics without compromising his soul, particularly under the Bush administration and at the FTC. A man who claims to be an ‘originalist’ and ‘strict constructionist’ does not consider himself to be natural born if you are the son of a Canadian ex-Cuban Revolutionary and born in Calgary.

Ted Cruz has paid his dues and definitely was not the first choice, but the longer I watch the more convinced I am that perhaps I was incorrect about Ryan. Bush will assure those in the halls of power that while there will be rumblings and a few ceremonious heads will roll, the business will go on as usual even if there has to be frothy, public dissent between the ‘insiders’ and Cruz. Shakespeare put it best, “Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look…He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.” A real revolutionary would never be allowed to even entertain the idea of headlining the ticket, even if voter fraud made their election impossible. It would give the general populace hope, and hope often begats perseverance…a truly dangerous thing. One need only look at the Ron Paul campaign for evidence of how far a true public servant is allowed to get, let alone someone itching to eviscerate the bureaucracy. Like any tribe, they put aside petty differences of opinion when faced with a perceived existential threat. The only person the DNC, RNC, China, Saudi Arabia, all of Hollywood, half the country and every cuck from here to Europe seem to all be coalescing to protest is not named Ted Cruz and is in fact a natural born citizen. Do I like Trump? Nah. Cruz is much more satisfying on an intellectual level for me, if I can push away that feeling of being sold a time-share property by a revival preacher. Trump is vulgar, he’s clueless about some things, he’s arrogant, he’s rich and points it out, but he’s at least done something. Political office is not his career, he is beholden to no one. An actual civil servant, even if I don’t agree with the man on much of his policy. I’m not ginning up support for Trump at all, I’d much rather 2M people stay at home on election day and the other 364 days of the year convert their fellow man into starving the beast into submission and buying every scrap of food, ammo and training they possibly can. We will never vote a man capable of real change into office because we forfeited that right demographically long ago. I digress though. The fraud will be strong this year. If nothing changes then I would be little surprised to see a Cruz/Kasich or Cruz/Rubio ticket lose to Clinton in the general. My hope is that in doing so, people open their eyes to just how deep the corruption and feckless self-serving run in this country. That 2016 becomes the final push to illegitimacy in not just the primaries or elections, but the entire system. We can only hope. If you have any thoughts, questions or rude, snide remarks then leave them in the comments section below.

– JJ


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