The meek shall inherit the earth, but the future belongs to the commas


They died hard, those savage men-like wounded wolves. They were filthy, and they were lousy, and they stunk. And I loved them.     – General Douglas Macarthur 


main_900My entire life it has bothered me to be ignorant. I don’t speak of such things as which Kardashian or transvestite made the cover of whatever asinine publication litters salon coffee tables, but about things that matter. Whether it be a working knowledge of the European masters or how to wire a three-way switch, I feel compelled to continually plug gaps in my knowledge base. I am supremely blessed to have grown up in an environment where my parents were understanding of blown breakers, fried Frankenhairdryers and requests for everything from breadboards to Das Kapital. I fail to understand the dangerous attitude that ignorance is acceptable or even something to be proud of. I have little time for imbeciles unwilling to educate themselves and worse, smugly using that ignorance as if it is a virtue. Ignorance, like hope, is not a plan nor a tactic. 

I cannot force you to educate yourself. Likely most of the readership here is educated in many areas, but I see little difference in many who claim the patriot moniker in meat space and those we collectively deride as sheeple. ‘I don’t do _____.’ is not an acceptable answer if you want your seed to continue. The comment was made that the future does not belong to those who mix TATP in a bathtub. The future very much belongs to that mindset, one of terrifying, all-consuming perseverance of near Biblical proportions. A mindset like that will turn that period into a comma, ‘I don’t do ______, but I will learn because I hate them so.’ One need look no further than the Battle of the Plains of Abraham during the Seven Years War. It is quite often fatal to underestimate those willing to cross rivers and scale cliffs in the dead of night to have a chance to kill you. The Groundrod Primer is an excellent example. A dear friend and fellow patriot said it better than I could.

“It’s a new world. You should be thinking ahead. Looking behind and assessing failures, so when the next problem rises you may know what weakness looks like and exploit it. We are in 4th gen warfare. Adapt or fail. This is likely a skill set we lack and desperately needs development. We are playing tic TAC toe, they are playing chess. Do you see Indian tribes outside the benevolence of our master? No. Why? They played the old game, they didn’t understand or seek to understand the paradigm shift.” 

I want you, the readers, most of who I know have a high level of buy-in and are willing to do what needs to be done and learn what needs to be learned, to have frank conversations with those around you. If we truly believe this thing is going sideways then let us act like it, damn it! I see people stepping forward to train others in skills that we desperately need. How to shoot, how to gather intelligence, how to feed ourselves, how to patch ourselves up, how to communicate and protect that communication from others, and a dozen other subjects germane to keeping a tribe together and functioning in a world gone insane. Many are stepping up, but I see more periods than commas. I submit this is a binary equation. If you ‘don’t do _____’ then in an existential struggle, absent the Almighty you will live or die at the behest of someone who WILL do ____. I hope they are a friendly face. I am not making a call for unrestricted warfare, or the requirement that we all be masters of combat, agriculture, communications and medicine. I am merely asking that do absolutely everything we can to become as proficient in those areas as remotely possible with the time we have left. That we honestly ask ourselves how much we hate those that would destroy us and our way of life, and act accordingly. Perhaps it is better phrased another way. How much do you love your family, your way of life?

Dying is relatively easy. It requires little training, less effort and merely a deflated sense of self-preservation. Living for something is an altogether different beast. You must spend treasure and time in its pursuit. It takes consistent effort, often when you don’t feel like it, often when you have to forego more enjoyable pursuits, often the progress is difficult to quantify. Many of us will have to die to accomplish that, but dying is not the object, merely a means to an end. Let us make a determined and consistent effort to be better than we were last week, or last month. I for one find it unacceptable to contemplate the next dozen generations of history books written in Arabic or some sanitized communist screed extolling the ultimate victory of statism over the evils of individual freedom. Don’t like that outcome either? What are you gonna do about it?




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