Damnatio Memoriae: Brexit and Tubbies

oflag.jpgNothing is new under the sun. I am quite certain, as I have that on the highest authority, thought perhaps the means and methods change. The Romans, as many cultures did previously and continue to do, had a practice known as damnatio memoriae. When a Roman citizen did something so egregious or traitorous to the Roman ethos the Senate would attempt to erase the property, statues and very mention that individual even existed. To purge every vestige of his existence restored a modicum of the honor and pride of the community and family he had discredited. Stalin was quite fond of doing the same to his political enemies and that scion of integrity, the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Much the same has happened this week, with our currency and the current stern talking down-to the Boy King gave the British.

Jacksonian. Wilsonian. Few people even recognize these terms anymore. I lament that Jackson’s policies were not more widely held and adopted, with the exception of his views on suffrage. Much of what I have read about the man seem to indicate he was a hard man, liked to have a good time, hated the central bank and wasn’t big on negotiating with his enemies. Wilson was much in the vein of Jefferson, but less than half the man and even less his intellectual equal. The two men could not have been any more different. Wilson was ambitious; the son of a minister that left his roots and was a lecturer and public administrator before taking his poisonous and ignorant views to the White House. Jackson lost two brothers and a chunk of his face to the British in the Revolutionary War before becoming a frontier lawyer and plantation owner. Wilson would have been quite at home today in D.C., his international meddling set up nearly 75 years of warfare and tyrannical federal monetary policy continues to affect us today. Jackson on the other hand, would have in all likelihood began immediately shooting people in duels on the White House lawn, or worse. Speaking as someone with considerably more Native American ancestry than Elizabeth Warren, I respect Jackson’s nationalist ambition to extend my country’s reach and influence, whether I agree with it or not. The man was a great warrior-chieftain for my people and did much to further our influence and power, we are still reaping those benefits today.

I give that brief, and admittedly slanted view of history to couch the following within that context. Jackson had to go. Anyone with a supra-100 IQ has noticed the current purging of our history and our culture. The slow demonizing of the Founding Fathers, the stripping of Biblical and Western symbols and statues from public lands or buildings, the faux-Confederate outrage, the gradually building hatred of white culture and whites in general, and now the currency. Such is the building crescendo of the statist’s damnatio memoriae. Finding it impossible to compete on the field of verifiable facts and historical evidence, they have resorted to erasing the past. The statists thrive on chaos; a culture-less, sterile wasteland must exist to provide them the tabula rasa necessary for them to foist their inferior version of existence on the common man. A man without a past is a man without a future, there is only the present. He has nothing to cherish, nothing to defend, has no lens with which to view life through, nor context to place it in. Such is the multicultural existence, everything is accepted as culture and nothing is culture…a twisted abortion of logic quantified by Hegel.

I saw the internet erupt in ire at the new diktat from our dear leaders in the U.S. Treasury, but few connected the dots to the similarly received criticism of the Brexit by our meddling Boy King. The British Empire was arguably the height of Western Civilization in terms of power and influence. While certainly not perfect, and admittedly less than amenable to the colonists in America, it played as pivotal a role in world history as the United States has. We inherited much from her, and despite the heavy German influence here, I dare say much of the philosophical and religious underpinnings of early America reflected a variation of Britannia. The statists will not have the British Isles becoming self-aware again. Though the seeds have been dormant for some time, we have been seeing an increasing awareness of the difference between your average British citizen and the third-world Wahabi filth washing ashore. Nationalist movements are making headway and Britain still has the Channel to keep the infestation at bay. Ergo, you saw our Boy King threatening not so subtly to wield the club of the petrodollar so that the British might be kept on track for their cultural damnatio memoriae. The advancement of culture, trade and technology made during the time of the British empire must continue to be erased. The proud and rich history must be erased as the island and all its people are absorbed into a post-nation-state hell of third-world disease, terror and mind-bending rates of rape.

I hold out little hope for the true implementation of the European damnatio memoriae. While certainly doable in most of Europe, the cultural void the statists are attempting to create has created a welcoming vacuum for an aggressively metastasizing death-cult. The Islamists are eagerly pushing into the continent and coopting the benefits of Western Culture and thus the vacuum continues to fill faster than the statists can delete the existing European cultures. The United States however presents a much more promising opportunity. We see much of it in Canada where the glorified Justin Beiber currently runs the government much like a yoga class in Berkley. Muslim invasion presents little threat here other than terrorism and the assorted crimes it engages in. The importation of enough Muslims to displace 350M people is mind-boggling. Rather, the Clinton-Warren ticket or Clinton-Napolitano ticket will befit us with a pair of pseudo-women unfit to run a house, let alone a country…and the damnatio memoriae will continue. The inexorable progress to a post-gender society will continue, as will the reinvention of national history and cultural identity. Teach your kids what Western Culture is, teach them to cherish their culture, their family and their history. Traditions matter, culture matters and tribe matters, do your job as a parent, sibling or family member. The culture war starts with you. People are rarely willing to die for nothing but take a look through history and you will find a crowded list of those willing to die for God and country, whatever the names used to refer to those two. VAE VICTIS!




One thought on “Damnatio Memoriae: Brexit and Tubbies

  1. Sir,
    I read this essay with interest, and greatly enjoyed your characterisation of Canada and its new PM. Well said.
    We note that the representatives of the Religion of Peace seem to avoid those areas of the country where there are bugs and harsh winters, but congregate in the cities, so we make sure never to go there. Being born in Canada, we do not mind the ‘difficulties’ of living without reliable wifi, neon lighting, taxis, 24hr stores, and the opportunity to be assaulted in broad daylight by people addicted to the horrors they sought to escape by coming here.
    Something unpleasant is about to happen here, and it’s closer than most people are willing to admit, even to themselves. Arrive it will, regardless.

    Thanks for your insights. God Bless America.

    Mike in Canada


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