The Trump Fallacy: Patriot’s Palliative Care


I drive past TEVA Pharmaceuticals on a regular basis here in Virginia, one of the world’s largest producers of Fentanyl. Given the recent publicity thanks to Prince, it’s only fitting that I make the comparison between the opiate and the World’s Most Exciting Presidential Candidate. Fentanyl has the dubious distinction of being an exceptionally effective opiate, 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroine. Serious stuff. Trump, despite the rhetoric, the wall, Megyn Kelly, David Duke, and literally his entire past, has persisted. Whittled down from a field of 17, he stands a roughly 50% chance of being president. No small feat. Such would be an unmitigated disaster for the patriot community and America as a whole.


The last few months has seen the fever pitch of patriot activity and the willingness to act slowly wane. Why was a subject discussed at Patcon this weekend, and I personally believe Trump has been the primary reason. While certainly distressing the mindless idiots in the mass media, black-supremacists, La Raza and SJW’s, he has provided a relatively safe bleed-off valve for the building societal pressure. While many gladly wait for Trump to hasten the cuckservative’s self-immolation, it has only happened in limited cases…with Beck The Crazy Mormon™ being the chief result. So far what many had hoped has failed to happen, Trump has not destroyed the GOP but has in fact indicated a willingness to play ball with them. The meeting with Kissinger and Ryan’s grudging acceptance should leave no doubt.


The problems with this mindset are legion. Coasting is not an option for us, particularly at this point. We are facing the very real possibility of a crumbling economy continuing to falter and at some point, fail. Roughly 1/3 of the population is working, and as the cost of living rises it is inevitable that people like myself will be unable to afford to support two or three other people in addition to myself. Racial tensions are slowly reaching a boiling point. I suspect at some point the bricks and eggs will become molotovs and a Trump supporter will return fire. Once the precedent has been set, I think it highly probable there is further escalation. If history is any clue, once the line between a shooting and a gun fight is crossed, there is very little chance of deescalation. The point being here, is that Trump may indeed be a Black Swan. A highly unpredictable individual, thrust into a position of political and social power at or near the zenith of our social unrest. Comparisons have been made to the 60’s, but I suspect the underlying social fissures that exist today are much deeper. The 60’s were an era of experimentation and rebellion against traditional America by a minority, the 2010’s will be marked as an era of culture war by mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed ideologies. The natural coalescence that is a necessary component of any successful movement has been compromised by the siren’s call of a dramatic, quick fix.


1e3fe9dd77ab9355d273ab79cc481b9d.jpgTrump has become our Fentanyl. He makes us feel better, but that is merely all he does. Fentanyl does not kill cancer, viruses or do anything other than relieve pain. It relieves a symptom of the injury, not the injury itself. Whether Trump is a true Black Swan or not, the endemic lack of motivation within much of the patriot community this year could prove to be disastrous. Should there be a true Summer of Fun,™ then perhaps rather than focusing on the three-ring circus of politics what time we do have would be better spent on finding those who will pull a trigger next to you. The clock continues to tick the seconds down. It’s relentless, unstoppable. Badness is coming. Either you believe it is and that spurs you to act, or you do not believe. It is a binary choice. As I’ve said before, the future belongs to those who want it bad enough to write a blank check for it. The future does not belong to those too distracted by CNN or FOX to go ruck. Too mesmerized by Drudge to can or learn to orienteer. Too sure of a New York billionaire to see the tidal wave of badness. Politics, particularly on the national level, DO NOT MATTER at this point. Your only real concern should be the local sheriff and perhaps the local politicians. Palliative care is for dying people, to make the transition more comfortable. I refuse to be made comfortable whilst my culture, and country slip away. It’s our duty to rage against the dying of the light and though long and hard the road may be, continue to do so without giving in to the mind-numbing stupidity of hopeful acquiescence. Superman does not walk among us and he certainly is not running for president. Make it happen or die. I don’t want to be here any more than you do, but I am willing to make it happen. Are you?


Jesse James




One thought on “The Trump Fallacy: Patriot’s Palliative Care

  1. Trump is the last elective alternative to open civil war. Be careful for what you will produce.
    I’m disgusted by the Chamberpot Repubs and can not find words despicable enough for DemocRats. I’m voting for Securing the Borders, Repatriating the Illegals, and ending the NWO Trade deals killing American manufacturing. Talking with our natural ally, the Russians, is preferable to Nuclear War, Trump indicates a willingness, Hilarity does not, preferring a NATO disaster over Syria and/or Ukraine that is not worth my son’s life. I will fight here, for Liberty. I will vote or Trump.
    Then see what develops, with Hilarity there are No Doubts, and it is all Bad.


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