That awkward moment…


…when one of the left’s Sacred Cows starts murdering the other Sacred Cows. We can only hope the Musloid degenerate self-identified as a straight, white, Christian male. Order will be restored to the state-worshipper’s galaxy and the screaming at my ilk can commence.

If you doubt for a second the mental indigents who, despite the corpses, refuse to acknowledge reality are not every bit as radical and immune to reason as the orthodox Muslim who committed an act of holy war in Orlando…you are a fool. It’s a religion. The dead served the agenda of the state and thus their death was about as tragic to the state-worshippers as Katyn, Holdomore and Armenia was to the respective cult followers in those countries. Things will only change when there is three or four more zeroes behind the number we saw Sunday. Pray for the dead and wounded…but pray more for those still living who will witness the unspeakable future we are creating.


Jesse James


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