A Failure of Vision

“Restoring the Constitution” and “resisting collectivist tyranny” is not an ideology. If that is your starting point you’re doomed, and if that is you’re end point (i.e., your final cause) you’ve accomplished nothing.”SFC Steven M Barry USA RET



On my bookshelves there sits a section that would be more at home in Hillary Clinton’s library than the person that authors this blog. Among others, Richard Posner, Dawkins, Marx and Mein Kampf sit in that section. People seem to be intimidated by books that challenge the echo chamber they grow up, and live in. With the advent of the internet, rather than promoting discussion and the ultimate free market of ideas, we have self-segregated into tiny little groups where others like us are the majority and we can sagely nod at each other over our collective navel-gazing. It has created a sort of incestuous breed of ideas, simply because the premises on which many of them rest are never challenged. The statists should rejoice, for their cancer thrives only where ignorance reigns supreme. Ideologies prompt people to act against their immediate self-interest to accomplish something greater. The statists have an ideology, and remain committed to it. The state is their god and by right should and must control every facet of an individual’s life. The hue and cry of ‘progress!’ is a means to an end. The god-state they claim is a land of milk and honey, everyone having everything they need and a benevolent group of man-deities ruling it all. As flawed and infantile as it is, at least the statists remain steadfastly committed to it through its various iterations and adaptations through the years. Whatever one thinks of Mr. Barry, he hit the nail on the head with his remark and it troubled me the more I considered it. On the field of ideas, much of the right and many patriots seem to insist on firing blanks.

founding-fathers-call-to-armsThe internet is full of ideologues spouting about a return to the Constitution and other reactive nonsense. Reaction is a position of weakness, another entity is dictating the circumstances and frequency of action. I have been unable to fathom why those on the right continue to insist on simply reacting to the statists. I have come to the conclusion that it is a lack of coherent ideology. Imagine Thomas Paine or Jefferson idolizing the the 1530’s and declaring how the colonies should return to the glory days of Henry VIII. I dare say the colonists would have been less than willing to rally to that cause. The Founding Fathers won an insurrection because they offered an alternative,  a divergent path to travel  to a brighter end. It was not a return to some bygone day, idolized by men who weren’t there and imagining some Arthurian fantasy about good kings who don’t tax tea and paper. For decades the right, and patriots alike have been trying to claw back time to a different era, a different population and a much different zeitgeist. The U.S. of today looks nothing like the lily-white, culturally and religiously homogenous colonies of 250 years ago. While there were obvious social and religious differences between the colonies, they pale in comparison to those found in the U.S. today.

Rather than simply yearn for an era that was and will never be again, we would be better served on building a new one. Craft a new vision for our country, our people, however that looks. While the balkanization continues in the American Empire, the only vision for the future being presented is the one crafted by statists. Ideology is timeless, capable of application to circumstances as different as 1500 or today. We have lost our way and created icons and deities out of mere men. Good men…but men nonetheless. The trappings of liberty is what we are attempting to hold on to, dusty documents and mere words. Words did not make us free men. A dusty parchment does not grant me the right to defend myself or or own property. Those words we worship communicated ideas, and a savage loyalty to them. It’s time we stop with the worship of the past and apply that same ideology to the present and the future. The circumstances today are drastically different that 240 years ago. The demographics differ, social norms and the technology we and those who mean to rule us posses differ as well. Adapt or die a relic. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but yearning for what once was is not one of them. A compelling case needs to be made for the future, whether that is a tiny piece of CONUS somewhere or your own county. Reacting is not a plan and some guy in a tricorne didn’t convince people to fight an empire for the better part of a decade through regressive thinking and reactive actions.


Jesse James


35 thoughts on “A Failure of Vision

    1. Our founding fathers created America to escape the King, Central Bankers, Liberty and independence …..In the 1830’s President Andrew Jackson fought back the Central Bankers from taking over our monetary policy (Federal Reserve) ……….But by 1913 nearly 100 years later the Central Bankers manipulated our elected officials by passing the Federal Reserve Act……….This was the beginning of the globalists groups to take America……..Your article seems to think we need to embrace this new utopia that has been forced upon us by traitor elected official who have taken from us exactly what our founding fathers fought for and created……you seem to think we need to be controlled by these same cabals who have for 100’s of years attempted to take away America Independence………. Global Trade is fine but cultural suicide is not……..


      1. I am not entirely sure how you came to that conclusion. I would ask that you either reread the article to properly understand the points being made, or provide me with some type of factual evidence backing up those assertions.


  1. Could we have a little discussion on this? If this country (America, USA) has been described as a “Great Experiment” to be ruled by Law instead of rule by monarchy/aristocracy/dictator, and to be governed with and by the consent of the People, can we go back to the hypothesis of the experiment as proclaimed in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, to see if we can agree on a concept of ideals and as a basis for discussion?
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”


    1. Not to be asinine about labels, but I believe it is more accurate to say the hypothesis was/is the Articles of Confederation and later the Constitution. The DOI was the ideological framework that made the Constitutional Republic valid to the Founders. If one reads Kant and Hegel, you note the ideology that gave rise to Marx’s nonsense on the topic of society and governance. People forget Marx was a Hegelian first, then took his dialectic method and poorly applied it to society writ large. That’s the frustrating part for me. Few at the enormous influence of Lockean and Protestant philosophy on the Founders. What frame of reference were they working from? How did they see the world? If we can’t answer those questions then we cannot possibly understand where they erred (the situation speaks for itself) and how to build a better mousetrap. We idolize the Constitution, yet the seeds of its destruction were sown not a decade after it was written. Marbury v. Madison was a terrible way to decide the matter. It’s been a long time coming but that seed has grown into a tree who’s fruit we are seeing now. We still haven’t figured out a way to balance suffrage between allowing mass numbers of idiots to vote and restricting to social/economic elites. Our process of elections clearly has not worked, considering such icons as Lincoln, Carter, FDR, Bush, Clinton and Obama (just to name a few). My point being, until we come to grips with how to fix those issues and use the same framework (which I believe is the correct one) to build said mousetrap, we are merely trying to turn back or repeat the same experiment that failed. Mayhaps it is heresy to say the Constitution is a flawed document but once upon a time it was heresy for Galileo to say the world was round. Reality wins every time.


      1. I agree with you in entirety. I suggested starting with the DoI because it came first. I am re-reading the Articles of Confederation, and the Anti-Federalist Papers, because I would like to get to discussing the AoC as a next step. I agree about the flaws in the Constitution, and I loathe Alexander Hamilton, among a few others.


      2. The biggest issue that has to be dealt with is humans. We must first do away with all of them so they will never repeat their past stupid mistakes.

        Therein lies the problem. We can’t do that and continue to exist can we.

        Therefore we cannot and will not ever find that “mousetrap.”

        The best we can hope to do is to look to the past and choose the best “mousetrap” available and build from there.

        The DOI and Constitution in my humble opinion is that “mousetrap.” Are they perfect, heck no, humans created them. We’re oh so fallible.

        However, IF they are applied as designed they can and have worked for the most part better than anything else in past history.

        The problem is still humans. We ALWAYS repeat our same stupid mistakes at some point. We never, ever learn our lessons.

        We were told by the mean that created America that if we were not consciously and persistently on guard, the Founding Documents and this Country would fail. That is now where we find ourselves, in a failed state.

        Again though, it was we humans that failed to do what was required, not the Documents themselves, imperfect though they are.

        So, no matter what mousetrap we conjure, it too will eventually fail because we will fail.

        Sounds pretty fatalistic I know but such is the fate of sinful, fallen humanity.

        So, am I saying to just give up and accept that we’re failures? Of course not.

        I do believe though that the DOI and Constitution are the best starting points in all of history past. The needed improvements though must revolve around taking humans out of the equation and not allowing us to screw things up again with our greed, corruption, selfishness, etc.

        So when I make statements about returning to the Constitution as written, THAT is what I mean. We have to start somewhere and so far, history has proven our Founding Documents to be the best available starting point. Then we build from there.

        No matter what we do though it will still ultimately come down to humans either doing or not doing what is required to maintain their liberty and freedom. The repeating cycles of history have proven that since time began.


      3. The Bill of Rights IS the base in which we should RESTORE our Republic.
        Certain parts of our “experiment” didn’t work for the simple reason,
        Our system was designed for people with MORALS and ETHICS
        based on Scripture. In other words, men and women that will do ONLY
        the right thing. Rather than what’s in it for them….selfishness.
        Men and women which could hold positions of responsibility in the future,
        MUST be “vetted” to hold HIGH morals and ethics…before they are allowed
        to run for office, more or less hold office.
        As our founders said, Our form of government would only work if people
        as mentioned above, participated. These potential occupants, or
        holders of said positions, MUST place Our Republic First…period.
        No wafflers, no liberals, no progressives, NO commies, and certainly
        NEVER any stateists, or globalists should ever be allowed near a ballot.
        To ensure real and open elections, vote scamming, corruption, and/or
        tampering should be a HIGH crime and deportation of said individuals
        family….this, or a variation there of, could be a good deterrent to start with.
        As an example, those responsible for the Georgia Guide Stones are exactly
        what I am referring to….these creatures are a large part of our problem.
        When that monument to globalist elitism is turned to rubble.
        It will be placed in the back packs of said creatures when they’re made to
        swim for the country of their choosing. When the war of RESTORATION
        ends, all the tyrants and oppressors, as well as all who assisted them will
        have been gathered along the way. They’ll face interrogation to find out who
        was behind them…you know …those in the shadows pulling the strings of
        the meat puppets. Then justice will served in an American court of law.
        NOT an admiralty court, nor a court which legislates from the bench.
        No lodge member judges, nor lodge member lawyers. As a matter of fact,
        judges at all levels, should be elected, not appointed.
        Our founding documents are NOT living and breathing documents, as
        those who’re enemies of Truth and Liberty would have folks believe.

        The Intelligence Report
        M-F 5,6, & 8 pm


        1. “Men and women that will ONLY do the right thing.” The problem summed up in a single sentence. I know of one person who only did the right thing and He is not currently available to elect to office. The national character has changed forever, barring an act of God (we can only hope and pray). Should we were to somehow repeal every law/policy/department that exists extra-Constitutionally it would change little. It is not the words, or the mountains of paper we have in laws and regulations that have put us here. It is the PEOPLE, like you said. I simply do not know how to get 350M, 1M or even 350 people to become moral, Biblically grounded individuals. Frankly, I’m of the opinion that it’s only through the Bible you get there, not anything a person can provide. It’s tough to hear, but the most feasible step we could take if we want our great grandchildren to have the opportunity to begin the experiment again is figure out a secular, highly confederated form of government that is a step back from an authoritarian model, but far from ideal. Unless there is some type of massive change in thinking and education of the public, we simply are unable to sustain such a government…as we are currently showing.


  2. The question to ask is, is it even possible for one system no matter how great it is to govern all 50 States… I think for myself that the answer to that question is no there isn’t…We have become so diverse with so many cultures and imported so many people that did not assimilate that to actually have them follow one system would be impossible and that’s why we are seeing the chaos which will only get worse… You know my plan JJames and still think it’s the only viable option to saving Liberty…


    1. Absolutely not. Homogeneity is required of one sort or another. Religious, cultural or racial is necessary for a functioning nation state. We have none. It is what it is. You may be right, I tend to lean toward massive devolution into pseudo-feaudal states and tribal behavior. Don’t like it, but I think it’s the most likely scenario.


  3. I absolutely agree, I can not envision a “one size fits all” government. My next question/proposal will be; In my experience, the best way to solve a problem is AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE LEVEL. I mean, if there is a problem on my street, I don’t go to the state government, and I damn sure don’t go to national government, and I don’t make a national crusade to fix the little problem on my street.
    So far, I have offered that each and every person has the inborn rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If we agree on this, can we agree that ‘problems’ should be solved at the lowest, most local level?
    ((I am sincerely desiring a discussion with people that can look forward, to maybe find a template, an framework, something, to guide a new procedure in this “Grand Experiment.” I thank you (all) and look forward to a positive, meaningful discussion.

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  4. Well first you have to be surrounded by people who believe in Liberty like yourself… If you have that then you can keep the rule of law pretty simple and straightforward and easy to follow…People that have virtue,honor, decency really don’t need a lot of laws to be able to live a good life…It’s when you don’t hang the scoundrels and instead let them live in your society that you need lawyers, judges, cops…My solution is overwhelming an area or areas with Liberty Minded people and then once that area is securely in the Freedom Camp move out from there…Problem is people for the most part are always reactive instead of proactive so they will wait until it’s to bad and then when they want to move they won’t be able to…Sad That…


  5. I agree with having a ‘community’ of like-minded, morally compatible people. At first, that pretty much described early America. The problem is, eventually your community expands and thrives. Hopefully. As your group expands, it comes in contact with other communities that may or may not share your world-view. If they are like-minded, how do your two communities inter-act? Do you combine, do you ally, or do you negotiate for borders and move on? (I’m thinking of James Wesley, Rawles book “PATRIOTS” here as an example as when the Gray group, the Northwest Militia, met with the Troy Templars to work out their relationship.)
    Then. when your two groups meet a third, a fourth, a fifth? Is the next course of action to be a council of the 6-7-8 groups to meet occasionally for information exchange and to fine-tune relationships? Now we are talking about a ‘county’ council, the precursor of a county government. County governments inter-act, and after awhile, there is a LOT of councils being represented. More people, more egos, more conflicts. How do situations get resolved? Please keep in mind that I firmly believe in solving problems at the lowest, most local level. And this doesn’t even take into account the eventual meeting with groups that do not share outlooks, values, priorities. What then? How about when the new groups met are diametrically opposed to your/my/our values? Like if we met a group that said pedophilia was normal, that women/girls were worth only half of men/boys, that girls could be married off without their consent at pre-teen ages? What is to be done with negotiating with that group? ((As an aside, Jehovah told the Israelites to take control of the land, and to thoroughly destroy the current inhabitants, completely, so gods and customs of the vanquished would not pollute the Israelite society. Think about that…))


    1. Anthropology comes into play at this point, IMHO. Similar people will see themselves as a group, via shared geography and culture. Communities will begin to develop simply because division of labor has and always will be more economically effective than the alternative. Those who do not practice it will eventually become either assimilated or become insignificant as the communities grow larger and more militarily, economically and numerically more powerful. The history of Sparta comes to mind, they isolated themselves and failed to adequately reproduce resulting in their inability to keep military parity with the other city-states. Isolation is not a valid option. The situations get resolved by those in charge, those in charge are a result of the aggregate morality and culture of the group. It entirely depends on that. The answer to the kiddie-lovers is an easy decision for me. Head meet spike. Those conversations need to happen now though. It’s quite eye-opening to see people here locally that are decked out in III% gear and leading patriot groups that are very much megalomaniacs who see themselves as a dictator of their group or community. You need to identify those people and either stay away from them or make plans to mitigate that threat in the future. Perhaps a single leader works for your group locally, or perhaps not. The character of the person matters and having workable checks and balances to keep you and others from turning into the very thing we have now. A dictator 800 yards away is worse than one 800 miles away in D.C.


  6. The thing is about what you and JJames are discussing is all cart before the horse items…The first order of business is to get those likeminded people into same areas…All that other stuff can be discussed f2f when everyone gets together and settled…Like I said when you have a like-minded people you really don’t need a lot of laws to function… I agree keeping it local with mutual defense and trade agreements with the surrounding counties… About your pedophiles my opinion is anyone harming innocents gets a tall tree and a long drop with a sudden stop at the end…If the head comes off well maybe they should of not been so heavy…JMHO


      1. Thanks Brother…I wish people would wake up to the fact that we need Community… I wish people would make an honest assessment of their area in regards to defensibility, sustainability, personal, sufficiency, population density, etc and if it isn’t up to par then start the process of moving somewhere that does have it…I have done the research on the area I live in and it meets or exceeds the requirements… All it needs is more Patriot’s living here;) I will do my best in helping anyone who wants to take that step all you have to do is ask…


  7. I agree with Jesse James. While the vision of the Founders was great, their experiment to implement that vision has failed. While we still can, it behooves us all to try to identify the root causes of that failure. Whether in a post-collapse any of us could do better is doubtful. Those who stress homogeneity make a very important point. If the present teaches us nothing else it should be that “diversity” is a disaster when it is stressed above all else. And democracy has been a disaster – the wolves and the sheep voting on the lunch menu.

    I see the biggest difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as a matter of principles versus rules. Those who consider themselves free men must decide on a set of principles for living their lives and for their interactions with other men. Life can be complex. Using a set of fundamental principles to make decisions is a better method than using a set of arbitrary rules.

    A philosopher named David Kelley wrote an excellent article “A Short Course in Rule-Breaking” http://atlassociety.org/objectivism/atlas-university/personal-application-blog/3801-a-short-course-in-rule-breaking that explains that view very well. And to set you thinking about the arbitrary rules side of things you could read Leoni’s “Freedom and the Law”. The essential thing is to think about why we have failed to successfully implement the individual freedom and society that we desire. Leoni makes the point that our current system of legislative law only began to develop around the time that the Constitution was written. It was something that the Founders hadn’t fully considered. And a system of legislative law is a system of rules, not usually based on principles. These unprincipled rules and the legal system that has developed around them have created a society where it is almost impossible to live a life based on principles.

    Getting a group (large or small) of people to agree on a set of basic principles and forming a society around that is the key. In 1776 the Declaration was a rough cut attempt. The Constitution was mankind’s best attempt to date, but it was flawed from the beginning by creating a framework for rule-making instead of establishing a clear set of principles defining how free individuals would live and work together.


  8. Another factor is that there are no more “wild” spaces. The revolution had the benefit of taking place in a land that did not have any significant population centers consisting of an opposing culture/s. As has been pointed out in the comments we now have the situation where the 50 states have “hot zones” where foreign cultures are dominant or of equal standing to traditional American culture. This forces us to realize that the challenge before us is even greater than that before the founding fathers of this nation. Yes there is a tyrannical government before us more than willing to use force, but we also face a collage of cultures such that a civil conflict is essentially guaranteed as part of any real effort to re-establish liberty.
    What all of that points to is that as painful and regrettable as it may be there is no short term or quick solution, regardless of the level of sacrifice that the actors for liberty may be willing to make. Just as the collectivists have done, the supporters of liberty must play the long game on the order of multiple generations. Those seeking liberty will do little more than stamp their feet and whine until they form a core set of ideals and then pursue those ideals as a group without compromise.
    Unfortunately history suggests that the American experiment has fallen and that the spirit of that experiment will be unlikely to rise again for generations and perhaps not in the lands of this nation. The average adult in the USA has no real interest in liberty or its costs. No significant proportion of the population is going to accept the burden of responsibility for ones own actions at this point in the cycle of the fall of an empire.
    We must think in the terms of seeds. The autumn of the American experiment is upon use and the winter frost will soon fall. Liberty cannot rise until the greater population of a geographical area are willing to accept liberty with all of its responsibilities. We cannot force the winter to pass us by, but we can ensure the seeds of liberty are secure so that when the hearts of men once again turn toward liberty the ideals and principles are alive and ready to pollinate the fertile minds and hearts of those who are ready to engage.
    What we can do with this time and the events before us now is to learn from our failings. As we have been warned, the road to hell, the fall of empires is paved with with good intentions. In the beginning, in the birth of an empire the founders and the people are rock hard and proud as they stand victorious upon their newly arisen society, however of time with the passing of generations that pride and fortitude is forgotten by those who do not know of the sacrifice. It becomes too easy to compromise, too easy to be “nice”. The passing of generations erases the memory of pain and blood spilled by all to give birth to what the later generations easily take for granted. Every generation is convinced “its different this time” while history shows that in the last 3000 years, it has never been different.
    One lesson that we may hope to pass on to those who follow is never forget the lessons of blood. Those who refuse to study, understand, and respect violence are doomed to be consumed by it. All in life requires balance, toil and rest, pleasure & pain, birth & death, and peace & violence.

    May we carry the seeds so that our great grandchildren may one day lay beneath the reborn tree of liberty in all its glory.


  9. “What we can do with this time and the events before us now is to learn from our failings”
    Well we actually can do more than that see above…


  10. My 2 bits…..
    We are quickly approaching a fork in the road (pick it up Yogi!) one path leads to serfdom or worse, orchestrated by the likes of the Clintons’ and their predecessors. The other path has a sign reading “Liberty” but their are many side paths branching of that path.
    Permit me to explain. The experiment to this date has failed, but the driving forces are gaining momentum. The statist forces are winding down as a result of their actions having failed to produced the desired results and the double down efforts which only exacerbate their failure and harbor panic in the shadows. The forces of “liberty”, “freedom” or what ever the slogan du jour are looking in the rear view mirror of “the good old days” which most of the time were not that great. We need to throw out what has not worked and rebuild from the ground up. The Constitution was a great and noble start only to be perverted before the ink was dry and continued in a downward spiral. Liberty is an individual concept and being, not that of a state or government. People fear a lack of government and leadership because they have not known otherwise. The result is not anarchy, but rather individual and local community, group, township, county determination.
    This is where I see this country in 50 to 100 years. This is where eventually we should be, but it will take at least a couple of generations to burn out the sins of greed, power-lust and control. The Constitution is a wonderful reference point with the last 250 years events of our country’s existence as a counterpoint. We have enough material to determine what has worked and what hasn’r and rebuild from there.


  11. In its more civilized eras the franchise in this nation depending on being a land owning english (white) man. Restoring that would be a step in the right direction.

    Personally, i would add additional qualifiers of being over 50 and a stable marriage with at least, lets say 5 or more children.

    Indefinite inflation of the franchise to absurd universalities has always been the most consistent failure mode of all forms of popular governance. It is inherent in the system. Any polity that desires long term survival and stability must be able to fundamentally repudiate the mechanisms and rationalizations, the memetic mutations, that underlie leftward drift towards leveling and expansion of franchise (for example, ‘if making decisions by multiple people voting on something is good, then even more people voting is even more gooder right?’)


  12. Our Constitution was based on the existence of a high trust and racially homogeneous society. The United States Constitution is not magical. Liberia has a similar constitution. Just as the United States was not built on magic dirt. You don’t come here from an African country and immediately start barbecuing burgers in the back yard and watching the game with your white your white Christian neighbours. Nor do you step foot on our soil and immediately start understanding freedom and liberty. Many never will.

    You could abolish the Constitution completely, and if you had people of similar race, culture, and values, things would probably work out ok. And no piece of paper will make people of non-European decent integrate perfectly into traditional western culture. We will not have peace until we have racial segregation


  13. The ‘flaw’ of the Constitution is that it was written in a society that honored “your word/oath is your bond”. As you read thru it you will notice a lack of ‘punishment’ for violation of it’s various principles & guarantee of rights i.e. there is no Punitive Section stating what happens when the USC & the BoR is violated. When legislators and judges are not immediately subject to personal lose for transgression, they can play loose with the principles. Look at how far the simple words “infringed” and “common good” have been twisted, stretched and turned inside out. The seven Ring Wraiths of the USSC deciding they are the sole arbiters of “constitutionality” in violation of State & Federal legislative bodies is a guarantee of ‘rule by man’. As a side note, personal slander and ‘shady deals’ increased exponentially after passage of federal anti-dueling laws!
    Instead of “throwing out the baby with the bath water”, shouldn’t we instead revisit the original experimental document and make corrections as necessary: Perhaps something as simple as ” Any legislator, judge or official proposing a violation of this document is subject to immediate summary execution by any native born citizen in good standing!” Might at least cause some to pause before acting.


  14. Chief Doc

    The lack of homogeneity in our population at this point, as well as the lack of traditional ethics ( “your word/oath is your bond”) is why i suggest we have no real option except to prepare for the long road. We have, for all intents and purposes lost the current battle but may still win the war.
    What any successful movement must have is a core ideal that rises above all else. The progressive globalist have that and the traditional conservatives (liberty indeed folk) do not.
    As out fine host here has pointed out, pining for 1789 is not a founding ideal that drives a movement to reconstruct a state of liberty. What those who hold the concepts of liberty as first principles sorely lack is a unifying ideal that the greater population can latch onto. And unfortunately, now that we are a heterogeneous society the likely outcome of constructing a successful ideal to rally around is civil conflict, which while painful is probably the quickest route to a stable resolution to all of this for everyone.
    The grip of the administrative state is strong and they have become skilled at disrupting the formation of nascent movements against them, as such where this all goes is anyones guess.


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