Forgotten lessons…


A fronte praceipitium a tergo lup

Fifteen years ago today, I watched as a 9th grade boy the innocence collectively stripped away from most of the United States. For the first time in many of our lives the US had come under attack in a real way, and the lives lost, while tragic, paled in comparison to the psychological blow to the nation. Islam came to the forefront of the national psyche, and Taliban became a household word and we spilled blood and treasure chasing ghosts in the Hindu Kush. One of the most startling images of that day for me, were the jumpers. The few rational minds that chose a free fall over burning to death or some similar fate. It was surreal watching a human being commit suicide on national TV, particularly at that age.

trade-01_3321412kToday we watched as the 15th anniversary of that day was overshadowed by the next appointed president’s inability to walk to a vehicle without passing out or having some type of seizure. The reality we are confronted with politically is much the same as the individual immortalized on that day. Some of us, myself included, came into this on the back end, with little other than bad decisions left. We didn’t ignore the plane, we didn’t ignore Islam and we didn’t make the decision to arm and fund them. Nevertheless, here we are, stuck in the proverbial tower, faced with only bad decisions. We will collectively bear the brunt of the negligence of generations, and the treason of a few. If there is a single moment that so completely sums up this moment in America, it is the one which we are remembering today. The kids aren’t alright, and this time the enemy is most definitely inside the walls. Even if we do what is required, the destruction has already occurred. Let us understand on this day of remembrance that we are not fighting for us, we have been weighed and found wanting. We fight so that those yet unborn can look back and say that the lessons from the coming 9/11 were not forgotten.

Jesse James


One thought on “Forgotten lessons…

  1. On that day fifteen years ago, I was in my office in Virginia with the rest of my Team, on a conference call with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) Command & Communications Center in the North Tower.
    Before the line went dead, we heard the sound of the collapse as it occurred, and the screams of the staff members as they died.

    Two weeks later, I was up at the Pentagon for a previously scheduled meeting. Seeing the devastation there, and speaking with the Force Protection staff during the lunch break, made the reality of the day all that much more real.

    …It is not anything I can, or will ever forget.


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