Lex Rex: What’s in a Date?


We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity.” -Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America


imagesMuch has been written about the deplorable state of politics and the truly insane choices the respective political parties have arrived at. We sit in the midst of a massively divided electorate, with an election that has already had overtones of vote tampering, hacking and interference of state actors. The collapse/seizure/_____ of Hillary Clinton has many people on both sides of the aisle floating the idea of a replacement candidate, and a delay in the election. In an attempt to get out in front of this discussion of election postponement, the DNC is purportedly having or considering an emergency meeting to determine whether they should go forward with her candidacy. The punditocracy has already begun to move the Overton Window into a discussion of how ‘normal’ an election delay would be. Should Hillary have yet another episode in public, particularly in one of the debates or a highly publicized moment like this last one, then her campaign will be effectively finished and an alternative candidate fielded.

In 1848 Congress established the official election day to be the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Unbroken since then, it is law, it is tradition, and more importantly, a keystone to the perceived legitimacy of our elections. It may be debatable about how much election fraud happens, the lying and cheating within the conventions and other real, yet nebulous things that make up American politics. A delayed election however, is something tangible, an objective fact that cannot be debated. Elections have been held through economic depressions, war, natural disasters such as Sandy, and all were held on the legally stipulated day. A delayed election is prima facie illegitimate without a) an act of Congress, and b) sufficient cause, such as foreign invasion or national emergency of enormous proportions. Ergo, the results from the election will be illegitimate, and whatever individual inhabiting the office will have done so illegally. The DNC had ample time to field a legitimate candidate, and should have taken the opportunity to properly vet their candidate. Rather than do so, they elected to play political games and neglected to do even the most basic due diligence. So be it, they gambled and lost. Let the party machinations either pick a new candidate to place on the ballot such as Kaine or find someone else. Petition the states for a ballot exception, or conduct a write-in campaign. The onus is on the party for fielding a candidate that did not comply with the necessary requirements of a viable candidate.

Should Hillary Clinton drop out of the race I expect the whispers of a delayed election to become shrill screams. Cries of voter suppression and every farcical argument under the sun will be used to make it ‘fair’ or ensure a ‘valid’ result. The GOP will acquiesce in hopes of a Trump defeat at the hands of the new guy or girl and an opportunity will be given to us at that moment. Any and every individual you know who is remotely on the fence must be made acutely aware of how illegitimate this action is. Point to the not-so-distant past when people were called crazy tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists for even suggesting a delay in the election. Emphasize the idea that if something as sacred as an election can be bent to the whims of a party, why can’t the results be? Attack one of the few remaining areas in which the government enjoys the public’s trust and leverage that to other areas. It is but a small jump from election fraud to rule by fiat. Many will defend the action under basic ‘fairness.’ The DNC has done what Lehman Bros. did with their portfolio, negligently and recklessly gamble, and lose. We will most likely be handed a hammer by the opposition, all we must do is pick it up and become an iconoclast. The opportunity will be there, will you take it?

I will not vote in a delayed election, it is a farce and an abomination I will not sully myself participating in. The results will be illegitimate and the authority wielded under them, while realpolitik, cannot and must not be considered valid. Congress may pass another Election Act permitting the day to be changed, however to do so would merely confirm the lawlessness we are currently under. The bill would be a naked appeal, of the most base nature, to a single political party. The acquiescence to this by the American people will set a precedent for the future. The law is dead, it no longer matters, and isn’t even worth the most cursory appearance of respect. Should these events continue on their current trajectory, I certainly hope I am not alone in seeing the US government as a hostile and illegitimate tyranny. I do not say that lightly, there is a time to be considerate and reasonable. There is also a time when the attempts at negotiation have failed and a frank, and honest message needs to be sent. I have grown weary of the game and wish to call it what it is, evil. Election day may very well change us this year from citizens to subjects…and those unwilling to bend the knee into traitors.


Jesse James


16 thoughts on “Lex Rex: What’s in a Date?

  1. Someone wants a Revolution. Revolutions need scapegoats just like it needs martyrs.

    So no one gets any illusions, the Right is the scapegoat.

    What’s more telling than anything is that formerly ridiculed theory is now not only plausible but seemingly likely.


    1. I can see how it presents a no-win situation for Trump IF the theory that he is being unfair ect. and not the alternate opinion that the DNC willfully gambled on a sick candidate and recklessly threw her in the mix prevails. If that is hammered endlessly, the worm could turn and if the election is pushed back it will seem like party politics within Congress/Executive Branch. I see your point about the Right being the scapegoat, but when in the last decade haven’t they been? I believe (perhaps) the hue and cry of illegitimacy NOW (before the mass media can begin to spin it) may have an effect on likely Trump voters and Libertarians. The left has been so radicalized in this election I see it as inefficient to attempt any middle ground any longer. Assume politics is roughly a standard dev. Bell Curve. You and I fall into 2SD +/- .5. Realistically, without access to mass media ect. we can maybe influence down to a .5 SD. The Katie Courics and George Soros’ would be conversely -2SDs that can’t possibly be reached. We will always be the scapegoats to them, but perhaps we may influence those closer ideologically to us. I don’t doubt Clinton pulling out could be used to switch horses mid-race in an attempt to derail the disaster that a Trump presidency would be. Enough of a groundswell in calls of illegitimacy would at least force them to either damn the consequences and push for it anyway or sit back and let a Trump presidency happen. At the very least it would force them to be reactive rather than let the statists continue to dictate the pace of the war. Am I totally off base? I’m of the opinion conflict is happening regardless, I’d like to see some consolidation before rather than after it goes hot.

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      1. I concur completely, especially concerning the Right as the consistent scapegoat.

        Understanding the Right is a reactionary cause, there’s little else to do but wait it out calmly, take advantage of the time and allow all the cards to be tipped. Even just a switch in the last quarter can be enough to swell the genuine Leftists in order to capitalize on their over-reach. The Left after all, the real Left that you and I know, are blatant, blunt and indiscriminate in their violence when they make good on their promises. And they will act- they’re just as angry as us but lack the social capital which prevents violence. For the Right, our advantage happens at the local level once the balkanization begins to sink in under the weight of a collapsing superstructure.

        That leads, however, to a very different conversation as to what comes ‘next.’


        1. That conversation really can’t even be had at this point because we don’t know the demographic that will be left after its all said and done…The Liberty/Patriot Movement doesn’t seem like it wants to increase its chances of being the majority demographic at the other end so why even discuss it what we need at that point in time… Cart before the horse in my opinion… But alas I’m beating a dead horse so there is that;)

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        1. To properly answer your question I need to state the paradigm I am working within. It is my professional and personal opinion that the US has reached the financial and cultural ‘event horizon.’ The inertia from the snowballing national and state liabilities, and the cancer of statism, is enormous and even though an ever increasing number of people have seen the proverbial iceberg, as was the case with the Titanic, we cannot possibly slow down in time to prevent the collision. While I will freely admit there may be a slim chance of avoiding this ‘iceberg,’ we lack the fortitude and will to take the extreme actions necessary, such as national/state austerity, a reduction of 70-80% of federal employees, cessation of nearly every social safety net and at least 3-5 years of severe economic hardship as massive currency devaluation and a return to a data-driven economy happen. Added to the obvious economic woes going on with no sane reductions in sight, are the cultural implications. Roughly 112M people work in the private sector and are theoretically net contributors to the US economy. 2 out of 3 are not and half of them are of voting age. The US electorate simply does not wish to put the benefit of the whole over personal benefit in the form of financial hardship. I simply do not believe there is any magical bullet to recovery and a true solution will result in massive temporary pain. This is the paradigm in which I am making the following statements.

          Unlike many, I am not a NeverTrump or Libertarian (though at one time I considered myself such). I hold no ill will toward the man, and freely admit he has at the very least maintained and expanded a business empire. Having said that, he is a pragmatist with little knowledge in terms of classical liberal ideology, legal framework of the Constitution, and a firm desire to transition back to laissez faire economics , in my opinion. His solutions, should they be implemented 100% will not fix the cancer, it merely treats the symptoms of the disease. Acceptable, were I playing the short game and interested in the next 4-8 years only. Why I believe it would be a disaster is not because of anything intrinsically horrible about his policies, some of which are quite centrist and others moderately ‘conservative.’ The ensuing power struggle with an intractable Congress and federal bureaucracy is the equivalent of a turf war in Juarez. The GOP will refuse to play ball to prevent large donors and their RINO constituencies from revolting, and the DNC will never work with the man. The resulting quagmire will result in exactly nothing being accomplished and the market instability resulting from the turf war (yes the single largest mover of the ‘free market’ is fedgov) is alone enough to set of an economic chain reaction from yet another subprime loan/student loan/currency crisis as the prime mover of the economy can’t figure out who its master is. That is assuming that the various economic fiefdoms within the US do not seek to hari kiri the economy out of spite or a misguided sense of duty to their party/ideology. I never underestimate the sheer ruthlessness and utter acts of depravity a committed statist will perform to advance their ideology (the Weather Underground bombings and Tuskegee syphilis experiments come to mind). Add yet another layer to that analysis by injecting racial and social division into an already distressed populace. The less people have to lose, particularly economically, the more likely they are to resort to violence. With 300-500M firearms in the US, I’m sure you can see how things can go from bad to worse in a hurry.

          The results achieved with Hillary Clinton will likely be the same, or considerably worse as people like me are considered traitors and enemies by her policy decisions. Like no single raindrop believes it is responsible for the flood, the coming disaster is not something we can point to a single person and blame it on. As an aggregate, we have allowed this to happen and as much as I would like to single out someone like Obama or Hillary, they were the manifestation of millions of individual decisions. Likewise, the solution is not in a single person. Rather, the reason I believe IN THE LONG TERM, a Trump presidency would be disastrous is the simplistic view of history most people adhere to. People will say “Bush caused an economic crisis” as if he personally organized every SCDO Merril and Citi held. 2008 was the result, again, of an aggregate of criminal actions by our regulatory agencies, banks, investors and everyone who took out a home loan knowing full well they would be unable to pay the mortgage. Should a Trump presidency happen I believe a) the people disturbed and angry enough to go vote for him and actively combat the statists will lose all motivation to continue to do so because of a mistaken belief a single elected official will fix everything and b) when we begin having trouble monetizing debt or a very real conflict begins as groups like BLM sees violence as the only answer, Trump will become the scapegoat for everything. The hardcore statists that I know would gladly see bodies in the streets to ensure a future majority in Congress or a statist in the Oval Office. They mistakenly believe a Kent State/Waco/LA riots event can be contained and capitalized on. I, however, believe we have become so balkanized that the two mutually exclusive views for America will once again have to be reconciled through bloodshed. I don’t know what it will look like or who wins. I do know that within my quite varied and extensive circle of acquaintances, the statists and conservatives agree on one thing. The other side is the enemy of America and needs to be dealt with. I do not wish Trump’s legacy to be that of Lincoln, or more probable, King George III. I would prefer the statists suffer a death blow when an immense crisis is bumbled and the remaining population wholly reject that philosophy. A Clinton victory will all but ensure the crisis happens. I would prefer that, as I believe every successive year we put this inevitable crisis off, it compounds the problem. Like cancer, it is best excised early rather than late. It is the hope that the future generation will be relatively free of this problem that I pray for the burden to fall on my shoulders. I do not want my children to suffer the sins of their fathers the way my generation has. I hope that explains my reasoning behind the statement. I certainly bear no ill will toward those who would vote for the man. Does that answer your question?

          A helpful reference to what I believe the recent social and political upheaval stems from:

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          1. Thank you for taking the time to reply..Right off the bat tho, I’m thanking God that I could comprehend it!
            But in all seriousness , I read your link you suggested too..So much to think about, and I know in the coming days , (years)I’ll think about your words as I watch…
            ~ stephanie


    2. I think it is the dirt people who hold, or is that bitterly cling to, the great creators savings grace, the traditions of primal freedom and liberty, who are the Kulaks now.

      This is a brilliant and penultimate essay you penned Mr. James. It is a stunning piece in the layers of truths it reveals.
      If I had to sum this awesome screed up in a few words, what we have here is an illusion of an election, of an illusion of legitimacy, wrapped around a candidacy of a red diaper, genocidal money laundering matriarch of the left wing of the voluntary human extinction movement, aka cultural marxism, dressed up in a pantsuit, that is essentially a candidacy too big too fail.
      And we know where too big to fail has led so far.

      It is to understate the potential of a volatile combination unlike any.

      Taken in proper context with the circular nature of the history of marxism, and the latent power and human terrain of the dirt people, running through hell with an open gas can would not exemplify the tempest in a teapot that it is. It’s “Clintmeggeddon”.

      And every time I check my zero, inspect and improve my gear and preps, check in with my tribe members and go over the latest intell, or inventory my ammo, I have this dread in my heart, this tiny voice way back in my primitive instinctual hindbrain that keeps telling me, you don’t have enough ammo for what is in the wind.


  2. Coming at it from a different angle, ie. born and raised on the south side of Chiraq where you vote early and often.

    Make it the first Sat. in Nov., no early voting ‘cept active duty overseas, must show ID, and dip your digit in the purple ink.

    There’s at least one modern positive cultural contribution from the Arabs.


  3. Perhaps a sports analogy might help to convince some men. What happens when an organization fails to field a team. That team forfeits or they must the field the team that they can muster. This is what is fair to the team that did take the field, that’s why it is done, no?

    Wars, world wars, depressions, dust bowls, civil wars, blizzards, travel by horse or foot, “super” storms, mass civil unrest of the 60’s. Tell them, we always vote.


  4. Please correct me if I am wrong, however I believe the replacement candidate is already waiting in the wings (Joe Biden), and the election will most likely be held on time as required by law. They DO NOT have to continue the transition, however. That could be a long process that does not even have to follow the wishes of the voting public.


    1. The replacement isn’t “Shotgun” Joe Biden. It’s Fauxcahontas Warren. Because vagina. Her negatives are way smaller than Hillary’s. She might even strike a conciliatory tone (briefly) to lull the dirt people back into their stupor: “she won fair and square.” But probably not.


  5. There is an unhealthy precedent at the state level when Torricelli was replaced on the MJ Senatorial election by a resuscitated Frank Lautenberg, after the nominations period had already closed.
    It is also supported by the noxious precedent of massive early and/or absentee voting. Early and absentee voting should be permitted only for troops on active duty, or other national representatives, such as diplomats, stationed abroad. Everyone else, can and should make accommodations to vote on the proper day if their vote matters to them. Convenience is not really a constitutional right.
    When I vote, I always dress in a dark suit and tie, and wear the military medals bestowed on me.


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