Barba non facit philosophum

An intellectual heavyweight weighs in. Read it twice. Being outgunned is a problem, behind the mental power curve is defeat.


Every once in a while a concept comes along that’s so bad it must be addressed- or at least, countered with something rooted in anything aside from abject pontification. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been a registered Libertarian since being eligible to vote- the Patriot Act pushed me in that direction, discovering a whole world of folks who seemed to embrace the philosophy of Locke with the passion of Thoreau and the rejection of the nepotism that comes from the two party snake. A lot of the talking points at least sound good, Survivalism and self-reliance was a long-standing cornerstone, the people seemed at least concerned with preserving and advancing the interests of individual liberty, a personal life philosophy of mine and one that’s becoming ever more difficult to reconcile.

Philosophy keeps being used- as with the classic exchange between Alec Lemas and Fiedler in Le Carre’s The…

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7 thoughts on “Barba non facit philosophum

  1. Thanks for that beating given to cheap sound bites and vapid truisms. I have long noted the similarities between certain “philosophers” and Liberty sphere stalwarts with their antecedents in marxist/progressive ‘thought.”

    A fine effort, but marred, perhaps, by the inclusion of a great many dense and varied references and deep subjects without the space to discuss and relate them more thoroughly. Many readers will find it difficult, hence the injunction to read it twice… which would be time well spent.

    Taking the time to sift, sort and comprehend the author’s criticisms of libertarianism and anarchism alone would be worth the effort. Understanding the inertia, ineffectiveness and naivete of Liberty sphere thought and actions (nil) is crucial to find a way forward.

    Many will be offended. I expect some harsh and telling reactions to this. Harsh because…ego! and telling by refusal to deal with the facts and the logic, contra long cherished beliefs.

    Nobody wants to admit parallels to the marxists.


    1. I submitted Jesse’s last article over at Claire’s new forum and you should of heard the squealing about him being for more government… I’m seriously wondering if they(libertarians/Anarchist) aren’t anything more than adults who in their fear, anger, or whatever have reverted back to being a childish in their thought process where they think everyone will just get along as long as there is no government…They have no understanding of the wickedness in the heart of man because they can’t see it in their own heart…Kudos to both you Jesse and Brushbeater for seeing the evil that is surrounding us and preparing and warning others…


      1. Yep, it benefits me to have literal retards diluting and deciding what to do with my stolen tax dollars. Duhmocracy indeed. I get to have that warm fuzzy feeling, so it’s totally worth it. If I were a less moral man, of decidedly Machiavellian politics, then I could ask for nothing more than some babe-in-the-woods anarchist’s paradise writ large. Give me a year and a couple thousand drooling BLM protesters or even up the ante and make them NRA post-Dixiecrat Fuds…and we will see who is running the plowshare and who is running the show.

        I’ve yet to meet an anarchist with a good answer to me showing up at the door with 250 hungry savages and the ultimatum of your goods and your labor or your life. Call those ten friends and save me the gas. Woohoo, you showed me and ate a bullet, in which case you had better hope you don’t have any daughters or a wife. Thus ends anarchy, one bullet and one shackle at a time. Just ask the Indians, and they had the advantage of having a tribal culture, not this pseudo-intellectual garbage being peddled off as a legitimate argument. I have yet to receive a single email or comment from any of them that I’m aware of, which further reinforces my suspicion that much of the screeching is no different from the statists they supposedly despise. Snappy talking points with little substance and the apparent inability to digest information and ideas too complex to be reduced to a tweet. God forbid we discuss something requiring a modicum of education and the ability to read several thousand words in one sitting. You’re free to invite each and every one to hear all about my love for .gov from the ‘statists’ mouth and actually engage in a discussion.

        Everyone wonders why the movement isn’t taken seriously and it’s because people like that sabotage it at every turn and regurgitate these infantile arguments, insisting on being intellectual lightweights. ‘Anurchy cuz muh gunz, muh taxes, and…muh truck’ isn’t an argument, it’s an indication you’ve ingested too much mercury. You have zero credibility as a political ideology when a) you can’t even field a candidate for ANY office to bring you closer to your goals or b) you field Gary ‘Aleppo?’ Johnson and Willy ‘take dat dere pin out it be full-auto pew,pew,pew’ Weld. It’s a joke. They’re a joke. It will continue to be so until the libertarian/anarchist LARPers can come up with something workable for people who can’t name the VP or the three branches of government and read at an 8th grade level…aka the American public.


        1. Oh I invited them to read and asked them to comment…I guess none had the courage to reason and have a sensible discourse…They are the fiddlers in my opinion…While the USA burns they will still be setting around arguing and trying to come up with something everyone can consent too 100%…It will probably be what tune to play but with that group it’s up for grabs that something a simple and useless as that could even be agreed on…Ever notice most are broke wealth wise and body wise and a lot rely on the kindness of others even to survive…Sad That…


  2. Hands down, probably the best thing I have ever read concerning the subject. Beautiful, man. Beautiful.

    Very shortly, the Kleinster is gonna show with his… his… well, ya know. Try to be kind. 🙂


  3. Dear Sirs, Although I agree with their principles many ‘Libertarians’ seem willing to do nothing until the Brownshirts or muz hordes are actually on their personal property. By then it is too late. I guess that makes me a classical liberal along the lines of Locke or Jefferson neither of which was for no tribal or no national boundaries and both favored mutual defense pacts with ones neighbors, similitude, or, kind. The article refers to Locke as libertarian. I think the author is mistaken that Locke is libertarian and I would ask him, since he agrees with Locke, if like me, he is in actuality, a classical liberal? I tried to fit into the libertarian mold but I can’t because I’m a post reformation Christian and therefor must adhere to the natural rights AND the natural created order. Humans tribe up, group up and fight in packs. Period. To deny this denies the reality of God’s created rightful order, fallen state and all.
    I also think that the author did himself a disservice by naming names. He, in his article, is right. He might have swayed opinion and moved the needle but friends of Ms. Wolfe and herself will likely just dig in their heals. Also, did he contact her some months ago and propose that they work together to unify and galvanize the libertarian party. No. Look, America is dead. Some say good, others say fight for what is good, maybe we can salvage something. But, either way, we lost this battle just like the Soviets said we would. I’m on the side of fight for what is salvageable even if means we break into regions.


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