Killing Civility: The drone strike mentality and destruction of the moderates

In an era of weaponized sensitivity, participation in public discourse is growing so perilous, so fraught with the danger of being caught out for using the wrong word or failing to uphold the latest orthodoxy in relation to disability, sexual orientation, economic class, race or ethnicity, that many are apt to bow out. Perhaps intimidating their elders into silence is the intention of the identity-politics cabal — and maybe my generation should retreat to our living rooms and let the young people tear one another apart over who seemed to imply that Asians are good at math.

Lionel Shriver


intersectionalityOne need look no further than Twitter, or the headlines of major news media outlets on either side of the aisle to see both candidates being described as ‘Nazi,’ ‘pig,’ and ‘witch’ or ‘demon.’ Likewise, much screaming has emanated from both sides as we slowly watch the second and third order effects of identitarian politics begun in the 50’s and 60’s fully mature. Set aside your political views for a moment and pretend this is a race for class president rather than the highest national office. The strange new world in which we find ourselves in has stripped the intellectual landscape of any hope for a middle ground and the next president will be in the extremely uneasy position of a hopelessly fractured nation. To keep the good news coming, the Millennials are now of voting age and this will likely become the new normal, not simply in elections but in society as a whole. I look at the difference between the world my sister (7 years my junior) remembers and the world I grew up in and it is markedly different. The country can survive a statist such as Wilson or FDR, but I have serious doubts the country will come out of this unbloodied.

Identity politics is nothing new, but the statists have certainly seemed to wield the tactic significantly better in the last several decades of politics and social discourse. Combined with Hegelian dialect, it proved to be very successful at carving out a base among minorities during the LBJ era and while still retaining the Northeast elite. Like Penicillin, the statists used this newfound tool with abandon, and slowly it has not only succumbed to the law of diminishing returns, but spawned things completely immune to it. We have seen the saturation limit reached in the last eighteen months, but rather than adopt a different tactic the statists have resorted to even greater extremes. A new gender or microagression (pumpkin spice was the latest one) is discovered nearly every other day, creating a new class of victims with their own identity flag to fly. Political, ethnic, social, economic, regional, state, gender, sexual orientation and others I have surely forgotten have erected an insurmountable barrier to even basic communication between citizens. One now cannot utter a greeting to someone without risking offense to their preferred pronouns, look at them wrong, smile at them wrong or somehow approach them wrong. How can we possibly coexist in an environment like that?

maxresdefaultThe alt-right represents the adoption of identity politics by the ‘conservatives’ now, as the Millenials who grew up with nothing more than identity politics in the 2008 and 2012 elections declare that all is fair in politics and war (though I repeat myself). Initially greeted with cheers by some, as it portrayed a movement willing to go toe to toe with the statists in the fecal slinging department. I understand the visceral reaction, because many Americans were simply tired of being painted as closet KKK or somehow wanting to bury people they disagree with on social or political issues in the backyard. It is insulting to be consistently cast as the root cause of America’s ills when your primary goals in life are were a mortgage, raising your kids and maybe a hobby or two. By wielding the bat of identity politics, the statists on both sides of the aisle have resorted to a drone strike mentality. Assassinate the character, and ridicule anyone who comes under the spotlight, in many cases ruining their business, personal life or more. Millions have engaged in this on various social media and the mass media platforms have pivoted like never before to this new 60 second news cycle. Every time this nuclear option is used, it creates blowback. In Afghanistan we found every time we killed someone’s kid, wife, cousin, brother, father or husband who happened to be standing next to a bad cellphone or just lived too close to someone we didn’t like, it created more terrorists than we killed. You can’t kill enough ‘collateral damage’ and ‘maybes’ to end terrorism. Likewise, you can’t dox or insult people fast enough to stop the madness. Someone sees it and says ‘Gee, they are just like me!’ and the cycle perpetuates.

Regardless of your thoughts about the alt-right and whether you agree with many of their policies or members, I submit they represent the end of civility and community within the political sphere and likely in the social sphere for much of America. Both Trump and the alt-right are a symptom of identitarian politics being carried to its logical end. Simply put, Marx won. The culture, family and community is in disarray and cannibalizing itself…a political and social melee that is dragging this entire country into the grinder. What this represents for the patriot community is a choice. Does the community gaze inward, coalesce and turn into one of the few remaining holdouts of sane people? Or, do we actively participate and marginalize possible supporters? The election will be over shortly and the political signs will be tossed in the trash. I’m speaking about three weeks from today, when 40% of the country is furious and the other 40% is filled with bloodlust and a desire to punish those who disagreed with them now that ‘their candidate’ is in office. Political balkanization will be virtually complete and social balkanization will not be far behind. It is my opinion that this will represent a penultimate opportunity to lead in your own community. Do not succumb to the drone war mentality, it is self-destructive and self-defeating. I promise you, you cannot create enemies fast enough to win. I’m not suggesting peace at any price, but the avoidance of opening up a second, third or fourth front. People don’t think clearly under emotional distress, so I offer this suggestion to you, dear reader. Chill out and prevail.


Jesse James


Edit: This post was originally an introduction to the Participation Rate: COINrage, Obamacare and the business model of tyranny. As such they should be read in conjunction with each other to fully grasp the point being made and a more in depth discussion of the ‘drone mentality’ discussed here. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth will occur in the author’s household  if questions/comments/rude, snide remarks demonstrate a clear failure to heed this helpful tip. 


15 thoughts on “Killing Civility: The drone strike mentality and destruction of the moderates

  1. “Or, do we actively participate and marginalize possible supporters?”

    You already do marginalize possible supporters. And y’all aint very good identifying and befriending potential supporters in the first place. Sadly.


    1. How so? If I am personally doing so, then I’d be interested in how to mitigate that. I don’t view disagreement as marginalizing someone, though perhaps some feelings might get hurt unintentionally. I’ve never been accused of being unwilling to at least listen to a possible solution. Come be part of the solution.


  2. I read your response a couple of days ago. I’ve been giving it a think. I must admit that I don’t know. By engaging me directly you have turned my point directly back at me and have foiled my thesis. The gross generalization “y’all” was no good and by “you” I meant the same, as in patriot groups. I meant no personal offense, I don’t know you. This is good. I’m learning.


  3. I assumed you didn’t mean any personal offense. However, I still am curious about not identifying potential supporters ect. and befriending them. What segments of the population are we missing or not engaging very well? If you’d rather not blow up the comments section feel free to shoot me an email, either way I’m interested in hearing your concerns about the matter.


  4. I like this. It is similar to Glenn Beck’s idea that we have to hold on to love after the chaos ensues. Lately, he’s been quite wacko in his anti-trump statements. But since I enjoyed your post so much, I’ll venture a response: Way back when we were a “moral society”, the Constitution (which is, in my opinion, nothing more than a restriction on men’s love of power) governed us just fine. But it is now wholly unsuited to govern us. We’ve devolved into an amoral society. I personally think the fracturing will continue until we hit rock bottom. At that point, some will realize that we do, in fact, need Godly principles and morals along with the Constitution to govern us. These things go in cycles- as they do in all societies. We are at the inflection point where Google has replaced God and the decay will accelerate until it crumbles. Then, out of the dust, someone will say, “remember when…”, and “civil”-ization will start to rise again. A impressive church leader I knew had a metal block on his desk with the words “There is no defense against love”. It’s the agape love that it was referring to. Keep these posts coming!


  5. I don’t know, am I missing something here? Lot’s of folks voting Trump are doing so as a direct result of voting in congress then the senate and nothing… Not a damn thin changed. Then there’s the whole “Crooked Hillary” thing. What she lied? So along comes a new kind of drone aimed right at Washington with a big TRUMP logo on it. I’m a lucky man, I beat the cancer 4th stage. I’m still married 34 years thus far and my sons are all doing great. But we lost a business and my wife’s real estate carrier took major crash. So the last eight years… Yeah they kinda sucked.
    It wouldn’t say it doesn’t matter who wins, but I would say that the other side won’t be nice and play along with it. The bikers the cowboy’s the rough-necks and the leather-necks vs the pajama boys? Favorite song : I’ll be ready if it goes there by Madison Rising.


    1. I would say in the kindest way possible, that you are missing something. You are totally right about the nothing changing, because it is DESIGNED that way. There was a light bulb long ago that went on when I realized that I was looking through the wrong end of the telescope. The federal government is working exactly as intended, or reptilian shapeshifters have taken over the planet and They Live was a documentary. Those are the only two rational explanations for the schizophrenic behavior and utter sociopaths who inhabit the rarified air of the government elite. Look at the actual facts, and as a fellow businessman tell me how insane 90% of the decisions coming out of D.C. sound. Force yourself to follow that vector to its destination. What is the logical outcome? Louis XVI and George III come to mind. Yes people are tired, worked to death, broke and angry. Good, they ought to be. Trump wins…then what? Congress may be lost and they certainly will not play ball with the man. Trump flails about for 4 years, screaming and cajoling the LEGISLATURE as they fail to implement his policies. The idea we elect a president out of concerns over legislative issues demonstrates a fundamental misconception about how the republic is legally bound to act and the jurisdiction of the executive and legislative branches. A veto-proof majority in Congress renders the president very nearly impotent if the political will is there. The political will isn’t there and it is by design. The point here is that a truckload of disappointment is headed for about 40% of America and people are going to blow a gasket. The answer is not to scream at the TV and go nuts. By not being sucked into their box (see previous post on Shrodinger’s cat), you deny them much of their control over you. Go local, stay local. Convince those around you DC is irrelevant in your life (it is to a large extent) and you are making progress towards something rather than spinning wheels. Develop a community, invest in real relationships, learn how to work with people you don’t always agree with. Become a weapon of change for your own town and ignore the circus on the Potomac. At some point it will be all you have and rather than being the curmudgeon who nobody knows and can’t work with anyone, make yourself the person people naturally want to come to for real answers. You can out government the government, and the nice thing is they keep making it easier to do. I.E. don’t alienate the libertarians, 3rd party people, and moderate republicans. Rather than engage in esoteric word games, find common cause where you can and make it work. If you don’t on some issues then fine. Maybe the libertarians disagree about gay rights, but hey they are all about the 2A and farm-to-mouth issues. Work with them on that. You get my point. Every friend or neutral is one less obstacle in the way to achieving your goal.


  6. Jesse James, I suggest a reboot of your thoughts. Only a suggestion. This is not going to end with reasonable discourse, and it is not going to end by anything resembling the rule of law, except maybe the rule of the jungle. I would consider that this is going to end in bloodshed, lots of it, and worrying about “alienating” some groups whose sensibilities might be bruised by harsh language is going to be a pretty poor joke around the ole’ campfire. The Leftists mean to CRUSH US, and turn survivors into slave labor, get it? Wholesale murder is what these animals do. They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be pleaded with, and they absolutely will not stop, until their enemies are dead. That’s what they do. Get used to the idea, and prepare for THAT. You want solutions? Si vis pacem, para bellum.


    1. I am totally unaware of history before 2016. I definitely have not made references to historical events ever before, nor the insidious nature of statism, and a myriad of behaviors I take issue with the government engaging in. I’m a firm believer that Leftists and Conservatives are homogeneous political monoliths and every man, woman and child is wholesale committed to one cause or the other. We must wage total war and eliminate the genetic line down to the last cell of every person on the other side. No friends. Only enemies. Commence circular firing squad.

      I would suggest a reading of my thoughts again. The bruised ego you talk about plays a pretty big part in nearly every tribal society and a whole lot of guys meaner than you or I here in America. Go to your local Pagans or Hells Angel’s watering hole and walk up to a patched member and tell him what you did to his wife/gf last night. Read the history of Japan for relevant history to bruised egos, or the Punic Wars I discussed earlier. Wars have been fought over not much more than bruised egos. Anyone who has read my thoughts on this topic is aware of my reference point, which I even alluded to with a reference to the logical conclusion of this article by way of a subsequent post. I fail to understand how people respond with ‘you just don’t understand ‘we gotta killum alllllllll’ or ‘kumbaya them away.’

      Serious, real considerations. How far does the political one drop rule go? If I don’t want to have sex police regulating bedroom activities, am I a Lefty? What if my ideology was considered extreme Leftist prior to 1800? If someone voted Democrat once in a local election, are they a Lefty? Are Libertarians, anarchocapitalists, and paleo-conservatives Lefties? What is to be done with grandma who voted for Kennedy back in the day and pulled the handle for Carter, but hasn’t voted in the last 30 years? How does one keep from being called a Lefty by those more ‘conservative?’ Endless variables there, all waiting for someone to appoint themselves Robespierre 2.0. Where is that magic line dividing leftists and non-leftists. I find it difficult, considering the rather enigmatic nature of labels in 2016. I’m certainly not ‘conservative.’ I have no desire to conserve any of the last 200 years of politics, and I’m not big on endless wars against bogeymen in burkas. I’m not a statist, I believe in natural rights and generally think the government is worse than smallpox. It’s almost like a simple dichotomy doesn’t work.

      How do you survive politically, economically and existentially with the social flexibility of glass? One of the things I truly hate about statists is their boringly homogenous ideas. They are truly uninteresting people, at least what I would consider my peers on the other side. No innovation or variance is tolerated among the ivory tower, though they are quite so during election time. Homogeneity is the enemy of innovation and true discourse. Its very nature is designed to construct artificial barriers between people (uniforms for example) and forcibly create the most evil of all conditions, groupthink. I would suggest it is helpful for those still stuck on the purist side of things to live it out for a week. Facebook is definitely your enemy, as is Google, Apple, Microsoft, Ford, GM, BOA, Wells Fargo. Everything from China is materially aiding the enemy and makes you a ‘traitor.’ Things tend to break down the further you go down that slippery slope. Here’s another admittedly simplistic example. Let’s say you can get 3% of your communities population behind you for this jungle law future. The rest you alienate and generally range from distaste to hatred of you. My twin, Dr. Evil wants your stuff, so he cobbles together an alliance of disparate people all united under a common cause…you. He shows up with 40% of the town at your door. What do? How does alienating people help your survival and cause more than winning them to your side? If someone can show me how making unnecessary enemies furthers your political goals and benefits your survival in a WROL situation then I will publish a retraction and convert immediately to the ‘killlllum alllll’ camp. See comment above for relevant information regarding why not to needlessly alienate potential allies. It’s not about offending a special snowflake, its about putting more people and skills on your side than the other guy and making sure that rather than the stasi getting a call about you a 0200, you’re the one getting the call from someone before the stasi shows up on your doorstep. The binary nonsense has to stop, it is not historically accurate, it is not militarily sound and quite frankly is a good way to wind up alone and very disposable in a time of great strain on any civility within a community. Name insurgents, or political and social leaders who alienate the vast majority of the population and I’ll show you a series of stories about dead people who couldn’t quite get it done. YMMV


  7. Make friends. Use friends and allies to outthink, outmaneuver and outflank them. Outnumber them too if you can. Or try alone, fail. Die. That’s the short version. Longer rants posted above that are germane to the question. You are confusing ‘them’ as hardcore statists instead of ‘them’ being clueless semi-conservatives and disappointed and disoriented Trump voters.


  8. I really respect your philosophy jessejames,

    Leaving religion out of it, using that golden rule idea is a great way to be a civil person.
    The same excuses we have made for ourselves hold for others as well. As some
    of us have come to a greater understanding of gov and the destruction it has wrought,
    we can seek to share ideas, as opposed to throwing stones. Compassion is good.


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