The road goes on forever, but the party’s already ended

shutterstock_142573684.jpgMany people failed to grasp the last several posts I wrote and gathered the mistaken conclusion that I have turned into a David French, Ben Shapiro or worse yet, Glenn Beck. The ‘Never Trump’ movement is cowardly, infantile and a naked grasp for relevance and readership by pundits quickly becoming irrelevant. Modern day Sophists descended from on high, telling the deplorables to get back in line with the Red Team statists or, gasp, we will be…deplorable…morally bankrupt…horrid little monsters that will prove Hillary’s statements correct. Whatever. The pundit class has not comprehended the sea change in media and aside from a very few, is only somewhat less extinct than the major media at this point. The new media complex of an innumerable number of blogs, Twitter accounts, and websites like Breitbart and Buzzfeed also suffer a lack of true perspective. Oft times a newly minted journalism major has very little grasp on what life as an adult is really about, and far too few are well-read enough to really proffer any real insight in the first place.

Given the newest chapter in the Anthony Weiner saga, the previously dismal looking chances of a Trump presidency have begun to brighten. I am still of the opinion he will never see the presidency, but the Clinton machine appears unable to shake the scandals as the election draws to a close. Unfortunately, many are under the impression that the Trump Train will ride in like Julius Caesar and vanquish the bureaucracy. In reality, the difference to D.C. between a Hillary or Trump presidency is one of a friendly or unfriendly ‘revenuer’ showing up in Franklin County during the Prohibition. More or less ‘shine may leave, but one man will not change an entire black market built around a single commodity. D.C. is built around one commodity, power. Every single person in the federal government has a vested interest in maintaining or increasing the size of the feeding trough, as do the oft-ignored private sector companies and contractors who have revenue streams relying on government contracts. Obama didn’t see the grants for $1M wasted on koozie research or $2M for jazz playing robots, I guarantee they never came across his desk. That…that is D.C., heroin addicts in charge of the poppy fields. It pains me to hear serious discussions about whether a single man is going to take on 2M+ bureaucrats and destroy the livelihood of several of the richest counties in the world…with a hostile Congress and 40% of the country convinced he’s the antiChrist.

We have heard endless discussion about the anger and frustration of the voters, and Trump being a symptom of the disease. Pray tell, why are we looking to a symptom to fix the disease? Trump is a shot across the bow, but unfortunately the American public has the collective memory of a goldfish. Talk to me when Congress finds the sand to actually make budget cuts, stop the NSA from stalking us, address unfunded liabilities or the myriad of other systemic problems with nearly every social program right now. If you are under the mistaken impression that the least powerful branch of government can somehow reign in the other two without massive abuse and overreach, then you are part of the problem. For every FDR, there has been a Congress to bankroll the programs and a judiciary to put a shroud of legitimacy around it. Look at the makeup and the voting habits of the 73rd Congress and you realize that while FDR was the CEO, Congress was the Board and CFO. Will actual conservatives enjoy a 70% majority in the House and 60% in the Senate? Of course not. What is being asked of him is on the scale of FDR, but even more radical. All of that assuming he threatens and browbeats SCOTUS into submission like Roosevelt. No, Trump will change little inside the White House. I submit he would do more lasting change if he lost and remained a public figurehead than if he won and was coopted into the Leviathan. Simply put, did eight years of Reagan solve anything? Did it reverse the path that FDR charted out for 20th century America? Tell me this will be different with a straight face.

c824f0e54cc69d89fe95f934213e9f18.jpgSome of you won’t like this, but it needs to be said. Lose the emotion and look at the situation rationally. The root issue here is the product being sold to us, not management. The product sucks. Our infrastructure sucks, forced pseudo-single payer sucks, the economy sucks, legalized government stalking sucks, Cold War 2.0 sucks and everything these people touch winds up poisoned. The answer isn’t to hope for an Iacocca, the answer is to quit serving me crap and charging me for chocolate. I don’t want a redo, I wan’t a refund. Talk to your neighbors and community that is angry about increasing government overreach, corruption and incompetence. Engage with them and point them in a direction that has long term consequences, not a flash in the pan that will effect no systemic fix. Auto-delegitimization is happening as we speak. Good. Use that frustration people feel to accomplish something real. Reform your own little community or your own neighborhood. Build something that lasts more than a presidential election and has a whole lot more benefit to your daily life than someone thousands of miles away who won’t ever interact with you. I don’t want to want to reform the latchkey tyranny we have created, I want to make it irrelevant. The best way for me to do that is build a local community. Turn the angst to something productive and start building. Be there for your neighbors, do more and be better than what you seek to replace. The most revolutionary thing you can do today is stop grumbling and start grinding. The long game requires consistent, small steps in the right direction. Part of that means making friends and not being the antisocial weirdo at the end of the street. Go forth and make the Beltway irrelevant.


Edit: In likely a vain attempt to prevent commentators from derailing this off to a direction that is pointless, this is not about whether you should vote for Trump or not. I’m not saying he would be a worse bureaucrat than Clinton or not to go out and vote. This is about the electorate and not the candidates. 

-Jesse James


20 thoughts on “The road goes on forever, but the party’s already ended

    1. Me thinks Trump will be the one to usher in a new style of citizen leader ship…not political leadership. After Trump takes office another election will occur in two years for one third of the senate and the entire house of reps. Ordinary folks in the suburbs and the farmland (of course not the cities yet) will understand that voting for someone other than the established few is nothing to fear. Trump being Braveheart and all of us being his armies. Instead of fearing the enemy Trump will come riding through the land telling us that we can hide if we want but we may want to return to that voting booth and at least give ourselves a shot at freedom. The fight isn’t over until you have won.


  1. You are spot on sir, writing what I’ve been thinking for quite some time.
    Trump may just be a speed bump for the progressives in realizing the completion of their new world order. Trump will certainly have a difficult time changing anything, unless he has some really sharp people working with him and the latest manure-load of emails exposes all the perpetrators to incinerate in the noon-day sun. Then he might have a chance to start fresh 🙂
    I just want to see the “dear in the headlights” look on his face when the Pandora’s Box is opened at his first security in-brief.


    1. a) ‘Hey let’s not obsess over something already failing’ = ignoring…said no one ever.

      b) I’m open to suggestions. How does one remove 2M entrenched bureaucrats that have more money, more influence over your neighbors and a whole lot more trigger pullers than you? Haha, the TEA Party? Watch Fox and grumble them to death? I say it’s a good idea to develop coalitions with your neighbors, wrench them away from the idea you need someone inside the Beltway to tell you if you can drink milk without their special stamp. Starting from the ground up. I’m open if you have other suggestions. We are here because people allow it to be this way. We DEMAND they babysit us and by now a huge number of Americans simply can’t function without Uncle Sam to hold their hand. I can’t do anything about national politics, I’m a voting bloc of .000001%. I can influence my neighbors and acquaintances. I can develop an alternative to the vampire gorilla you speak of. Conservatism Inc. hasn’t conserved crap and hasn’t provided anything close to an alternative since Reagan. It’s a failure, the nation is a failure and rather than dwell on how tragic it is I’m looking to what my kids will be forced to deal with. I am much more confident in people I know and having a vested interest in the community’s well-being, than the grifters in D.C. willing to cook off a nuclear war for political expediency and a pipeline. I’m not real big on sniping with no alternative, so by all means convince me that community building is not the way and tell me what is. Consider this the ThunderDome of ideas, I’m more than willing to get hammered as long as there is a point to it.


      1. Trump 2016 is a revolt by electoral means, If it fails then your position comes More into play. Many are already at your position, most are not. It is a continuum across political, economic, and social dynamics. Empires always eventually fail, the speed of collapse is what is debatable. “Our Democracy” as being constantly spouted by Obamy-Hilarity, is the immediate issue in our decline. Democracies always fail, divided and disastrously. “Our Republic” died in the Civil War, when Lincoln cleverly used slavery as the cover for destroying States Rights, not that I defend slavery.
        So a Republic with a written Constitution that was supposed to be enforced as Written, not “interpreted” by the 9 black robed lawyers as the Oracles at Delphi used to do. Con-gress is worthless, except for their legalized bribes. Ditto for the Presidente’. At least Trump has self funded for the most part, but to epect one man to rescue the failed Republic is sheer folly. Only an aroused, traditionally educated populace can change the course, and therein is the rub. The blacksmith is more enlightened than the usual snowflake graduate from the once great Harvard, Yale, or any state funded university today.
        Trump like Reagan will at best offer more initial breathing space in a flooded water compartment known as the USSA. What happens within that space of time, and what follows, will be vital. Electing another “Bush-Clinton” NWO apparatchik after Trump will ensure the same demise as it did after Reagan. Electing Hilarity now only has the “benefit” of a swifter coup de gras to the empire and from the timeless march of history, good and bad seem to fade into irrelevance. Immediate Posterity will be forced learn to live with whatever happens, but a hundred years from now……….Who knows?
        Over 500,000 deaths in the Civil War and the Confederates are more hated today than in the 1885 national reconciliation.
        Just keep breathing seems to be the prime directive of humanity.


        1. I agree, GenEarly. We Confederates, and in general, rural communities all over, keep trying to kick the arrogant, urban Yankees in the groin, and maybe we did this time.


          1. Well, our Northern Confederate brethren did turn out to Elect Trump! The Centalized Feral Gov. in the DC Swamp IS the Problem. The country is too big to Rule from on high, the Founders recognized this even back in the 1700’s and formed a Republic. The States must be Free to reflect the will of their people, within an ORIGINAL Constitutional framework. Nothing Less will have a chance. A Trump Centralized Gov will fail, if it does not devolve power back to the States while it Drains the DC Swamp.
            God Bless you and yours.


  2. Just stop.
    Stop shopping at the mall.
    Stop eating at restaurants.
    Stop buying on Amazon.
    Only purchase necessities.
    Withdraw. Don’t participate.
    Be John Galt.
    Convince yourself.
    Convince your family.
    Then convince your neighbor.
    Start this wave and then watch.


  3. The most important thing he will accomplish is he will bring the marxist to the streets to show their true colors. Bill is correct Be John Galt.


      1. Going Galt…I don’t think many people understand what that means…So many think that it’s living in a way that you end up living with less than when you were in the system but the real going Galt is making the system do with less while you end up having more…Its a concept many do not get…


  4. Have you ever been accused of being an optimist? Who in their right mind thinks one politician can change a damn thing? Best thing about this election is the Paul Ryan’s and the Jessie Ah.. Jack-a-sons have been thrown out on the ice naked. Much agreement with you about community first. Never seen a barn built from the roof down. But the Globalists, NWO’S, and the Agenda 21/30 are deep in our local building departments, Health departments and the list is long. Nope, Trump isn’t a solution. More like a rock thru the window. His opponent Hillary has 40% of the voters thinking that rainbows and unicorn farts, AKA Tactical Nukes and Mustard Gas, are soon to follow her.
    Got beans and bullets? How-a-bout sandbags?


    1. The local seats can be fixed, or at least you wield significantly more power in that election than you do a national one. Part of what I am talking about you brought up. Let’s say your goal is to influence one council seat. That’s a lot more doable than a Senate race. Not that politics is the only game in town, but you get my point. I can get one neighbor to go in on some community gardening. One well dug. One farmer to barter with for milk or beef. One chicken coop. They call it networking now, it used to be called living. I’m not optimistic, but I have to try. My conscience demands it. God (and the redhead) knows I don’t have the time I spend on this to spare. Haha, you know what they say about good men doing nothing and all that. Suffice it to say it’s really bad when the pretty-ok guys are trying to do something.


  5. Never commented her before, but Ive read you several times. This is great. Something people tend to forget when repeating slogans like MAGA is the shear impossibility of voting ourselves out of this mess. Nothing trump or anyone else is capable of doing is going to solve our 20T in debt and 200T plus in unfunded liabilities. Sure, we can stop importing sub 75 IQ thirdworlders and stop trying to police the world, and Im not saying we shouldn’t do those thing, but it won’t make a dimes bit of difference in changing the path we are on.

    My main reason for voting for trump has nothing to do with any slogans or promises. I am genuinely concerned that our feckless ‘leaders’ are going to get us into a shooting war with the russians over something stupid like syria, which has a very real chance of going nuclear. I do think that is a far less likely scenario with trump in the white house. Thats pretty much it. We will have enough problems in the coming years without adding a war against another major power to the equation.


  6. You are correct that the system is what got us here. Voting for the system that got us here in the first place makes no sense. Add to the fact no matter the size of Trump crowds or his support at the polls he is destined to lose. Florida is a prime example. He had the crowds and enthusiasm and Hillary had a pitiful showing. Early voting shows a completely different result. 5 million early voters and thecunt is up 7000 votes. What BS. The computers are rigged and we all damn well know it. What we do going forward is going to be the deciding factor. Only brain dead people will believe thecunt won at the voting booth. Type to shuck the system and do as Bill says. Take away their revenue streams. Make this shit hurt.


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