Step Back…

Personal, public and political events have conspired to place rather enormous pressure on my time and psyche. I am tempted to throw my hands in the air, buy a coffee plantation and disappear into the jungle like someone out of a Kipling novel. I don’t anticipate this situation will ameliorate itself in the near future, so we must soldier on. The social stress felt by most of us bleeds over into personal and professional relationships, as we have seen the last year. I encourage you this weekend to let it go for a day or two. I’m off camping, I highly recommend it. Go live, and the kabuki theater will still be there in 24 or 48 hours. Clear your mind and embrace the fact we get x number of days on this bad joke of spinning dirt. How you spend them is important. A life lived well is its own reward and what’s the point of surviving hell and high water if we can’t do that? In that spirit, I hope you enjoy the following as much as I do.




A life, if well lived, is long enough.



2 thoughts on “Step Back…

  1. Had a friend over to help me with some roof repairs on our house Wed.
    Hadn’t seen him since July,other than running into each other at Alside,or the local Lowe’s or Home Depot once or twice a week.
    As we were working,he told me he had put his TV in the garage during the GOP convention and left it there.
    Says he’s thinking much more clearly now.
    I think I’m going to do the same when I get home today.

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