Swan Songs and Band-Aids

corruption-xxI trudged to the voting booth today, partly to vote and partly to watch. The regulars here know I am not particularly thrilled about Donald Trump, but I’m even less thrilled about yet another president that sees my existence as the root of America’s evils. I’m also severely allergic to radiation, so her Brezhnev-esque foreign policy is…decidedly less than ideal. I voted in self-defense and watched the glazed eyes and shuffling of people who seemed to think the US is much like the North Star…unwavering, untouchable and unchangeable. I suspect many here and elsewhere will be disappointed tomorrow morning when the last fetid breath of legitimacy is finally snuffed out of the Beltway. A prima facia case exists on both sides to cry foul, with Comey waffling like the weasel he always was while the various cases of shenanigans in Michigan and PA only stoking the fears of tampering. It’s important to keep in mind we are in the midst of almost a fact-free election and perception is reality…as long as it’s 120 characters or less.

One of the most disheartening things about this election is the team-based way in which we approach life now, on both sides. I’m not sure whatever happened to asking if it was right before rooting for someone on ‘my team.’ Maybe I’m just not with the times. Comey is an excellent example. He made his initial ‘extreme carelessness’ statement and the right hated him, the left worshiped at his feet. The investigation starts up again and now the right is worshipping at his feet and the left hates him. In a previous life I would have done the same thing, provided there was not sufficient evidence to build a case. Man is fallible and people can and do avoid prosecution under even the most fair and just legal systems. Knowing someone did it and proving they did are two very different standards, in a nation of laws and not of men. Today? The graft and corruption within the Beltway by its inhabitants is not longer the stuff of conspiracy theorists and fringe politics. It’s the difference between being cheated on by your spouse and finding out you’re being cheated on. It might not be all out in the open, but enough is that there’s no clawing back any semblance of trust. Comey doesn’t even matter anymore, nobody believes the man. The office has been stripped of his legitimacy, along with a sizable chunk of the federal government.

hobbes-leviathanThis spectacle in political excess and moral paucity will end. Whether in spectacular fashion or not. Tomorrow we will get up, go to work and life will continue, or not. You determine what that looks like. You own you. The name of this blog was chosen for that very reason. This political kabuki theater may force choices upon us we do not wish to make, but in the end we always get to pick how we respond. Heinlein was correct when he stated ‘You cannot conquer a free man, the most you can do is kill him.’ The current debacle we are witnessing doesn’t really change anything. It may affect the time and or circumstances, but it doesn’t change the crux of the matter. How much ownership of yourself are you willing to cede. Embrace it and the swan song that the election truly matters becomes much less palatable.


Jesse James


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