TRUMP™: Everything and Nothing has Changed

And always, he fought the temptation to choose a clear, safe course, warning ‘That path leads ever down into stagnation.’ -Frank Herbert, Dune

The euphoria for half of America is going strong, even as I write this, and the other half are sitting in stunned silence or screaming with signs. While admittedly pleased watching the emotionally stunted SJWs suddenly make a pivot and decry democratic elections, I am concerned that many in the patriot movement may be drinking the Kool-Aid. I really try to avoid  being a contrarian, but I suppose someone has to be the voice crying in the wilderness. The rise of what you can now call the Renegade Right is encouraging, at least still enough people care to vote in self defense of what few rights are still recognized by the Leviathan. While heartened that Trump obviously reads me and refused to play inside the controlled opposition box, the systemic issues are just that.

Short term, everything changed two days ago for rather obvious reasons. Marginalized people, by all accounts that includes blue collar union people in the Midwest, managed to redraw the election map in a way none of the talking heads predicted. A new voting bloc was formed, a new media and its concomitant personalities rose to prominence, and a level of bare-knuckled identitarian rancor not seen in my lifetime became the norm. Memes are the new yard signs and TV ads, and appear to have better results than the dinosaurs on ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. Hillary’s image was destroyed on Twitter, FB and other social media faster than they could censor and ban users. This was legitimized as soon as a presidential candidate discussed a cartoon frog in a campaign speech. The hue and cry of racist, sexist and other pejorative terms reached market saturation and have lost nearly all currency in our language, particularly now that Trump has shown the ability to shrug off the epithets and do better among minorities than the last two and a half decades of Republican candidates, with the exception of 2004. The social divide has increased to an irreconcilable distance and by all accounts looks to be widening. The phrase ‘there will be casualties on both sides…people have to die to make a change in this world.’ was uttered on live TV in response to the election results. I don’t doubt the seriousness of the statement, but I do wonder about the ability of those scared of pronouns being effective at visiting violence upon me. Most importantly, many disgruntled souls have blown off steam and we look to be backing away from social critical mass.

millennials.pngLong term, nothing has changed. In fact, this election may provide the impetus of the millennial crybabies to galvanize into a political bloc and hammer into their thick skulls that a hashtag is not the same as standing in line and voting. The systematic problems have not changed one whit. An uneducated populace incapable of self-government? Check. Federal budget and pensions that are insolvent and based on a mountain of debt to maintain current expenditures? Check. Racial hatred? Check. NSA and DHS Übersurveillance? Check. Same FBI that said ‘we don’t see nuthin’? Check. I could go on, but you get the point. We have the opportunity for a respite and perhaps a smaller size boot on the neck of our economy and populace, but happy days are not here again. Constantine reunited the Roman Empire briefly, and managed to solidify it for a couple decades. Despite a momentary pause, the cultural inertia could not be stopped. Let us contemplate who has the future…the millennials. I’m on the bleeding edge and I’ve been voting for over a decade now. The fact of the matter is that millennials were voting for statism at a rate of almost 2:1 in 2012 and nearly the same this year, despite the baggage and the Wikileaks and four bodies in Benghazi. The non-white voters are even more of a monolithic voting bloc. If you throw in GOP statists like Ryan, Gingrich and the ilk infecting D.C. since Bush Sr., then I shudder to think what the ratio becomes. We will not make the difficult choice and we will self immolate as a result.

CvJ4uApVMAADNs_.jpgI want all of you to realize the fleeting opportunity we have here. Trump did not change the fact that we are ungovernable under our current model of government. People don’t want freedom, and you are greatly mistaken if you think this election was about anything other than jobs and keeping the weakest, and arguable the most corrupt, candidate ever to run out of the White House. Would I that every American had the willingness to endure the economic chaos of a sudden deregulation and the disappearance of subsidies. That political capital will never materialize, and the people threatening to kill themselves over not getting their way in an election will not be the generation to pony up and pay the bill. The solution here is not to roll your eyes, drink the Kool-Aid and go back to the NFL. The solution is not to curl up and cry. We take this opportunity to grow as people, grow the movement and grow our abilities. Develop some long-term goals and create a 6 month, 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plan. Write it down. Make that move, learn that skill and be a better version of you if we wind up facing someone more of a statist and with even less scruples than HRC or the past four presidents four years from now. We saw rain on the horizon and now we might have some more time to work on that ark. If the last year or two hasn’t impressed that upon you, then you have a terminal case of obliviousness.

The statists are not going away, as hard as that is to hear right now. Those of you who heard my praise of Hannibal may not know how the story ended. Hannibal couldn’t win enough battles to win the war, and wound up leaving Italy with Rome intact. Lee had the same problem, Chancellorsville did not win the war, despite how stunning of a victory it was. Half the country was willing to elect a professional grifter at best and a felon at worst. A sizable number of them hate you on a visceral level and see you as the number one problem with the world. A generation of people who have grown up seeing the government as an economic vending machine are seething right now and we are foolish to think Newton’s Third Law is not applicable in politics. We didn’t poke the Leviathan, we kicked it squarely in the nuts and it’s insanity not to expect a more virulent, vile and violent version of statism to take root and begin planning for the future. Use this gift wisely and don’t fall back into complacency. Also, please don’t get too excited about the reality TV star. I’m wishing him the best, but there’s been better men fall victim to the siren’s song of Mordor on the Potomac. I’ll take what I can get, but history demands I trust no one in or around that office. Shrewd is the operative word here, dear reader. Be smart. Be cautious. Be diligent. Be honorable. Be deadly. The statists are making the best of this time. Are you?

Jesse James


26 thoughts on “TRUMP™: Everything and Nothing has Changed

  1. Again, well stated.
    I have one rule at my domain. “If you want to eat, you have to work” TANSTAAFL.
    There is a tremendous amount of work to be done. It will take a long time to undo the damages of the last 25 years.
    I wish President-elect Trump good luck and to watch his six. I don’t expect miracles. Like Alexander it may be best to just cut the Gordian Knot.
    As far as the losers go, If it’s blood they want, I’ll oblige them with their own. I’ve had enough of their crap and it’s no more “Mr. Nice Guy”.
    There is hope, both California and Oregon have petitions to secede.

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    1. “If you want to eat, you have to work”
      Good post & quote. That quote is right out of the Bible and I believe it should apply to everyone. Jesse James article leaves me shaking my head. I could only hope that sanity can be restored at the national level. But alas, he could be right about the statists not going away, thereby leaving this once great country in a heap of dung. If not for the hard working, tax paying middle class citizens, who is going to pay the bills for the government’s wild spending? When we tax payers are gone, who’s going to pay the bills that the government is racking up?


  2. What Frank AKA Joel said. However, the disgusting communists that go by the name globalist are a world wide problem and you can bet they will blame Trump and any other handy nationalist for the economic collapse that is coming. This is just a chapter. Keep your head up and eyes moving.


  3. Accurate and succinct brother. We have been blessed with a gift of a little more time, that’s all. The idiots in the streets after the election are all the evidence we need to know that our work is not done. Sadly, I don’t believe any of “them” realize that it eventually will be all of “us”, or all of “them”. The primary difference then, is that the skills we’ve developed in the real world, will ‘trump’ the skills they’ve developed playing Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty – and finding Pokemon.
    It’s soon to be tragic, but as The Duke said “life is hard, it’s harder if you’re stupid.”

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  4. I’m enjoying the high for now, and still making and sticking to plans already in place prior to the historic election, for all things related to developing and building local tribe, being self sufficient, getting out of debt, staying on track w health, viable skills and the like.

    Re-reading various books/manuals and improving my fighting position inch by inch, day by day, as “the enemy,” is still out there beyond the wire….

    in addition, still flyin under the radar, no Trump signs/stickers, etc., but savoring the moment….


  5. Exceptionally well said. We have a reprieve for a few years to give us time to get ready for the true festivities to come. I don’t expect improvement in the country, things are too far gone. Merely a reprieve but I will take it.


  6. Total agreement sir. We have only been granted a short window for things to improve, but if they plan to do so, a lot will have to be accomplished in that short 4 years.
    I’m anxious to see if they even try to tackle the tax code. That will show a good indication of their true resolve. If nothing is changed there with control in both houses of congress & the executive branch, then it’s going to be the same old song and dance.


  7. You are correct. Nothing has really changed, we have been given a reprieve. A few more years to prepare.
    The past six years has seen nothing useful come from congress. With the GOP in charge facing Obama nothing of merit passed. Because the GOP only holds 52 votes they can never overcome a dem filibuster and that assumes all of the GOP are on the same side. Many GOP members of Congress will likely oppose Truml and side with the Dems. Nothing will happen under a Trump administration legally aside from a few things that are the purview of the Executive Branch. Trump could hopefully solve our problem of who will sit on the SCOTUS for the next decade or two….assuming that congress cooperates,I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

    Trump can certainly visit justice upon the Clintons and their many accomplices, he owes America at least that. If perhaps his administration succeeds in thoroughly cleaning house we may have a longer reprieve. But buying time doesn’t solve the problem of commies in hiding, liberal retards by the millions and countless aliens and illegals hell bent on looting, subverting and destroying the US.

    All this of course assumes that the Electoral College does its job, again no guarantee they will. And Obama is still infesting the White House. There is still a lot he could do to screw things up. They may even manage to give Trump the Scalia treatment and he has a “heart attack” in the middle of the night.

    In short without a sea change in the direction America takes we are doomed and the Trumpeting is a brief stop on that path to destruction.


  8. taking this to the next level before the next level arrives. wouldn’t it be nice if soros failed to show up for work one day? could save much stress and damage across the USA. make the field more level. show the snowflakes the real USA. could be educational, right?


  9. Trump gained us nothing at all. Virtually every populist promise he made – re “Jail Hillary” and “Drain the Swamp”, re derailing the “Climate Change” gravy train, re expelling the illegals, building the Wall, keeping out the Muslims, ditching Obamacare, etc. etc. – has already been taken off the table or qualified to the point of meaninglessness. This AM Trump tweeted that he “admired the passion of the demonstrators”. And is now surrounding himself with the usual crowd of Republiscam neo-cons and cucks. Trump – a lifelong NY liberal democrat until July, 2015 – is simply reverting to form. The whole thing was Performance Art. We would have been much better off with Hiligula: she would have brought the Storm. Instead, we get the patriotard smother, and we are running out of time: during the next four years, a minimum of 12 million additional legal/illegal ethnic collectivists will pour into the country, while the White population will continue to decrease by a net birth/death of 1 million per year.


    1. I am afraid this is correct. Trump just prolongs the agony until the Revolution kicks off. At best we have avoided a nuclear exchange with Russia, which I suppose is worth something, heh.


  10. I like our odds. We have elected neither a Republican nor Democrat, He has put his children to watch his back. And he has successful business sense. Your ‘real’ government that protects us and are still filled with patriots and adherents to our constitution saw that, and she lost.
    Lots coming and this is the time we assert what we want and having a closet constitutionalist by the time it comes to govern may work well, but we can not expect perfection.
    That will be for the next 4, and the next 4 and the next 4 and so on.
    It has always been a never-ending process.
    And should be.


  11. “If you want to eat, you have to work”
    Good post & quote. That quote is right out of the Bible and I believe it should apply to everyone. Jesse James article leaves me shaking my head. I could only hope that sanity can be restored at the national level. But alas, he could be right about the statists not going away, thereby leaving this once great country in a heap of dung. If not for the hard working, tax paying middle class citizens, who is going to pay the bills for the government’s wild spending? When we tax payers are gone, who’s going to pay the bills that the government is racking up?


  12. “The fact of the matter is that millennials were voting for statism at a rate of almost 2:1 in 2012 and nearly the same this year, despite the baggage and the Wikileaks and four bodies in Benghazi.”

    This is quite a trick, since the only available choices are always statism and statism.

    Other than that nit, this is pretty much on target.


    1. FWIW I did mention it would be higher if Red Team statists were counted so I didn’t give them a free pass either. I try to move the ball but there’s a trail of intellectual breadcrumbs I’m trying to craft towards a better way. We are in agreement probably 90% about where to wind up but it’s a process getting people there. I’m content to chip at the idol a day at a time and encourage everyone else to do the same. Denigrate. Delegitimize. Defeat. Vindicate Henry and Mason, go back to the farm and disappear.


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