Policy solutions to a psychological problem

To love an addict is to run out of tears. -Sandy Swenson

I’ve seen addicts, am related to addicts and well aware of the devastation and heartbreak that comes with their behavior. In the coming weeks, the nation will be subject to much the same treatment as the husband, wife, sibling or parent of an addict. I look at the unrest and just sheer insanity of the statements made by those disappointed by the election results and it bears an increasing resemblance to the kind of behavior both addicts and codependents exhibit.

victim-mentalityThe pundit class and millennials blocking interstates are flip sides of the same coin. Codependence is the need to control others for their own good to the detriment of everyone involved, and is worth taking a look at in the DSM-5. Those in the halls of power are absolutely codependent or simply bad actors. We’ve seen calls from several groups and prominent members of the pundit class to refuse to respect the electoral college. The original argument was that Trump failed to win the popular vote. ‘You really didn’t meant to elect Trump, we are your betters and you should trust us. Democracy!’ Never mind the fact that a) we aren’t a democracy, and b) nothing says democracy like rioting and usurping the rule of law. Wait, that is democracy. This is classic codependancy,  it’s  for your own good, even if it kills you. An apt analogy is the crazy cat lady. She feels bad for the cats in the rescue shelter. She continues to adopt more and more cats despite the health risks for her and the cats. A rational person would not adopt cats only to kill them in squalor if they cared about the cats. It’s not about the cats, it’s about the cat lady. That satisfaction of she feels dragging another one out of the shelter overrides any and all evidence that she is doing more harm than good. Tell me that is not the current state of progressivism in America. The real cherry on top is that it is equally the hue and cry of the ‘conservative’ movement. I’d be encouraged if the calls for secession were met with equinamity on the right, but in true Lincolnian form they are committed to killing a goodly portion of the population if need be to keep a few stars on the flag. There’s nothing like an idea so good you have to threaten people with death for them to agree.

Snowflakes. The millennials are wholly different in their perception of politics. While at least the pundits and grifters of the political elite are somewhat Machiavellian in their machinations, or like Pelosi are obsessed with ‘helping’ us despite ourselves, the millennials had me stumped for the longest time. So far, it’s been a roller coaster ride of nonexistent logic, confusing and often contradictory ideology and an absolute plethora of made-up words. Everyone has a guiding principle, something around which the majority of their decisions revolve, so it was puzzling to me to find it so difficult to pin down.  I think the millennials are the addict generation. The victim mentality pushed by the statists for so long is now bearing fruit, and it’s rotting on the vine. The radical professors of twenty years ago are now tasting the bitter cup of a generation that has moved well beyond any ability to culturally coexist or control themselves. One of the biggest things I learned about addicts at an early age is their preternatural ability to prey on normal human emotions like sympathy. I witnessed almost sociopathic behavior of people more than willing to cash in any meaningful relationship, tell any lie and steal anything to obtain what they wanted. It was Clausewitz’s Total War on an emotional level. Normal people are shocked how someone can be screaming for something one day and totally against the exact same thing the next day. A rational person cannot explain how an individual can chant ‘Love Trumps Hate’ while burning things in the street or beating someone half to death for their political views. An addict is more than capable of that about face without a second thought.

UMass College Student

What could hundreds of thousands of people of every race, color and creed be addicted to? Victimhood. We have grown up understanding that being a victim in the statist sense of the word means you are not responsible for any and all actions you do. Commit a crime? It’s poverty, education, systematic racism. Office assistant doesn’t make as much as an underwater welder? Gender wage gap. Crap on cop cars? Wall St. made me do it. Beat someone half to death? They were microagressing me with their thoughts. Financed $100,000 in underwater basketweaving? Capitalism’s fault I don’t make $50/hr at Hot Topic. It’s an admittedly alluring concept, a life of consequence-free living. It’s not real, but don’t tell poor Bernie that. What happens when you aren’t a victim, however? The obvious answer is to invent a debilitating something, wave your affliction around and now you’re in business. We used to admire people for excelling in a field or a discipline. The millennials have taken that same approach to victimhood and what we watched in Portland was the Victimhood Olympics.

The entire sham becomes much more logical when looked through the prism of addiction. Rather than answer the embarrassing question of why  you thought underwater basketweaving was worth sinking the equity of a small house into, claim you are quadgendered and can’t get a job because sprinkles are a patriarchal construct to keep non-binary peoples down. Our mistake has been focusing on defending sprinkles and taking the argument at face value. By all standards, there’s a very select few of the millennials that are true victims. The kids stabbing themselves in their haste to put safety pins on aren’t being thrown off buildings because they are gay. I guarantee few, if any of them know what it’s like to truly go hungry. The kids in Aleppo (that’s in Syria for all you Libertarians) are victims. The Afghanis hopping around on one leg thanks to Uncle Sam are victims. The Haitians drinking raw sewage thanks to the Clinton Foundation and the UN were, and still are, victims. The purple haired screaming he/she/it thing losing their mind on the road because they didn’t get their way in an election is about as close to a victim as I am to a White House bid. The vast majority of us are in the top 10% of the world’s wealthiest people, and a whole lot are more well off than that. Our focus should be on what the Victims Inc. employees are trying to obtain. The nonsense made up to get there is unimportant, but rather, what is the goal? If you look closely, the goal is that of all statists, ‘revolutionaries,’ progressives and whatever other flag they fly. Coercion. Do what I say, give me your stuff. I want no accountability, you may have no voice or contrary opinion, and I am entitled up to and including your very life if I am displeased with you. There is nothing new under the sun, and this is just a reiteration of an age-old problem. Still think Trump is the answer? You just wait until the Millennials make it to power. In the words of Bob Hope, ‘now we’re cooking with gas.’ You own you. No one else. Never forget that.

Jesse James


23 thoughts on “Policy solutions to a psychological problem

    1. A very good analysis. But, I seem to like the opposite meaning of “victim.” Victimhood works both ways. Seems to me, I’ve been eating a manure sandwich for the past eight years.That is, we “normal” folk always seem to be the likely candidates for being the sacrificial “victim” of the religion of the Left–all the Marxists, Commies and other camp followers of all stripe who practice their “religion” of coercion, theft, destruction, and ultimately death. The dogma of our enemy is nihilistic, which leads inevitably to an out-of-control society. We seem to be at the tipping point with these destroyers.

      My question: “Will me make a final ‘goal line stand’ at the 10 yard line of tradition and culture with this visiting team of barbarians?

      Before you answer this, take the time to look into your children’s and grandchildrens eyes.

      Just like the blast furnaces here at the steel mills of the Great Lakes, our fires were banked for eight years; time to stoke ’em back up to white hot heat. We’re back makin’ steel,.boys!


  1. “I’d be encouraged if the calls for secession were met with equinamity on the right…”

    You haven’t been talking to the right “right”. There’s a whole slew of us who’d just as soon do without certain parts of the country, if they credibly promised to go forth and trouble us no more. We just it hard to believe they would do us that favor.

    Even within states. A goodly number of the residents of northern California and southern-eastern Oregon would like to shed Portlandia and San Frangeles and form the state of Jefferson. Washington east of the Sea-Tac-ympia corridor contains those of similar bent.

    There has been talk of a short hot “Civil War II”, but it’s more along the lines of enforcing expulsion rather than demanding secession.


    1. By ‘right’ I generally mean the Paul Ryan/ Sean Hannity/ O’Reilly/Cheney crowd with ‘R’s’ next to their name. Hence my general distain for Conservative Inc. and those who want the same coercion just a different flavor. It’s a business to them and I am incensed that so many people don’t see them for what they are. O


      1. The conservatives refuse to admit they’ve been bought and brainwashed by Faux News, it is after all, the only “fair and balanced” news network available to the gullible conservative masses. Amazing what some Psychology 101 and miniskirts can do for a news network, oh….and some really patriotic newscasters too.
        The masses never will wake up, that’s a given thru time and history. And they’ll fight tooth and nail to defend their entertainment.


  2. I think you have a pretty good line on what is going on, while I may pick a few nits.

    “A rational person cannot explain how an individual can chant ‘Love Trumps Hate’ while burning things in the street or beating someone half to death for their political views.”

    That may be a bit of collective-speak. Burning what, a flag? Who cares? And the punks beating someone might not be the same people as the people holding the signs…

    In defense of Portland, that city just has more a tendency for kids on the street than most places. It was also the place with the largest protests against the first Gulf War; in that case the protesters were correct. The broken windows might well have been the work of provocateurs, you never can tell. It’s very doubtful 99% of the protesters approved of that. Oh, and I’d rather get rid of Washington DC than Portland.

    But your main theme looks right on target. Addiction, shifting responsibility, greed, coercion; the same old shit as always. It’s time we stopped supporting it with our tax dollars. It should be noted that tax protests were very prominent during the first Depression; when the next one comes (shortly, due to debt) is when we really ought to be pushing that as well as multiple secessions if possible.


    1. Burning a flag isn’t a problem, other than being needlessly disrespectful (yeah, yeah, I know it symbolizes nothing at this point but I’m still semi-sentimental about it), but destroying private property is no bueno. The protests I have no problem with, even if I disagree with them. Today, protest = riot/mob when it comes to destruction of property. Perhaps there are provocateurs, but given there’s Soros $$ behind that and they are busing in protestors (confirmed by PD sources at least locally) to astroturf a revolt, I am willing to bet more than a few are getting paid and enabled to cause mayhem. That’s not ok. We definitely agree about D.C. Portland’s always been weird, and that’s ok as long as I’m not forced to pay for/live under their weirdness.


    2. I was out in the streets with the kidz on 09nov in Portland and my observation is that the people are 1. Great Majority Female, 2. unfit. The pace was a slow shamble. I had to move along when they started shouting “FUCK WHITE MEN”, but I got my hour of miniDV audio/video. No need to get gassed, clubbed, shot with rubber bullets, or arrested. The “ladies” have no idea what this means, but it’s exciting!


  3. Portland has been controlled by the Lawless-Left forever, all the bad-guys along the west coast moved through the town on their North-South migration to stay ahead of the law since the gold rush made San Fran what it is today which includes drugs and slavery. The previous mayor of Portland is an admitted pedophile, previous police chiefs had their spouses/children run drugs. The city just built a mega structure for the homeless, at tax payer expense, to attract more ‘voters’. The state capitol is a den of perverted leftist murderers and thieves as is CA. and WA. Following Alinsky’s dictum they term themselves victims when it is they who are the victimizers, al-la the demoncratic party! For those who want these states to secede keep in mind that would give them the ‘right’ to buy military weapons of mass-destruction, is that what you really want on your door-step?


  4. Just thinking some more about this. Try to get into peoples’ heads; what is it that the protesters fear, to get them out on the streets? Two things, both related to imposition. They fear being imposed on by others (e.g., that gays will be forced back into the closet). They also regret *no longer being able to impose on others* as you mention in this article.

    Only the first fear is legitimate (leaving aside how realistic that fear is – at least it is not aggressive). The second, being aggression, is not; and they just will have to stop that.

    For example, the protesters somehow imagine that gays won’t be able to buy a cake for their wedding, so they call for government to protect them from the bakers. This is plain foolish, counterproductive and aggressive. I think we should be a bit selective about our critiques. It may be fun to laugh at the special snowflakes with their crying rooms and play-doh, but that won’t induce them to change their aggressive behavior against us. Maybe more calm discussion would, explaining why aggression is not tolerable and won’t be tolerated. Hard to imagine with all the screaming and shouting going on, but now that the election is over things may tone down after a bit.


  5. California sesession is laughable. The state would become the Yemen or Cuba of North America. The US could never give up the Naval Base San Diego as well as the parking place up north for the boomers. That makes San Diego into an American Kallinograd with a hard corridor inland to the “Mother Country”. What is the economy of the Neo-California fragment? Two seasons of crops in the south and some grain or rice up north. However the water for the south is imported from the Colorado River in the United States and for all the cities, from the mountains in the north which may be part of the state of Jefferson also in the United States. There is one reactor powered electric plant that I can think of; everything else has to be purchased from outside of Neo-California. NIMBY and all that. The same with coal, oil and gas. There isn’t much oil coming from Santa Barbara. California doesn’t manufacture anything. Silicon Valley is software and research. I’d bet most of those folks would find Santa Fe quite inviting. Disney only gets you so far. So how does Neo-California buy what it needs? How do they charge up them expensive battery cars? Tourism will probably fall off as more of Neo-California becomes like Oakland.

    Maybe China will adopt them much like Russia did Cuba.

    Maybe we should just offer them a bus ticket south and a gift card at “Pueblo Depot”, and call it good.

    The election results are startling; I didn’t think anyone would be able to break into the D+R whore-house dance. The commercial. manufacturing and bankster sectors will adjust their spread-sheets and make their next move. It is just business. The easy time for those working a treaty or politically reinforced contracts is over so they will moan and do the same. It is just business. There is always time to haggle later.

    The howling in the dark places is worrisome. I worked several years in a psychiatric hospital (lab-rat; not patient care) and this excessive emotion has me looking for the emergency call buttons on the wall.

    What were they expecting? Congress had no chance of going Blue. If Sec. Clinton did win the keys to the kingdom, what did they expect would happen? The EU has taken to prosecuting bloggers who have critical comments about refugees/migrants/muslims and have issued “warnings” to the British newspapers about provoking the population. If Hillary Clinton got the keys, was there a “plan”?

    I suspect that the reaction the the election results y these folks was about as rational as the understanding of the future that they were expecting if the election went the other way. In other words, not rational, at all. They had no clue, which is what made this so dangerous. There were those, up in the dark, who had a plan, and we weren’t going to like it.

    For now, it is going to be a Hell of a ride.

    Hang in and keep an eye on the MFers. The old pols and the Congress are not the ones that made this happen. They will screw it up again if they have a chance. The dance worked too well for them.


  6. “The real cherry on top is that it is equally the hue and cry of the ‘conservative’ movement. I’d be encouraged if the calls for secession were met with equinamity on the right, but in true Lincolnian form they are committed to killing a goodly portion of the population if need be to keep a few stars on the flag.”

    Really? I hadn’t heard a peep about that. California? Wouldn’t mind seeing them gone. Of course, telling them that might make them decide to stay (downside to everything, etc., etc.)


  7. Your analogy to addiction is excellent, but you can take it further.
    Most addictions are to allow the person to disconnect from an unpleasant reality, drink, drugs, eating, even exercise and fasting. They allow the person to live in an alternate reality for a short time. (The drugs, the drink, the reward of food, allows them to feel safe again, free from the stark facts around them, it provides a space free of the unpleasant immediate.) They can ignore the bad things around them, they can be totally oblivious to the consequences.
    When reality is forced upon them they have only three options. Retreat into the addiction, available when they have the money and the means to do so, but sometimes the reality is so concrete that they have to face it without the option of running away to their ‘safe space’.
    Deny the reality “I am fine, it is others that are wrong. They are the sick ones.’ ‘This is just a bad dream, I will wake up and it will be OK again.’ ‘I am not going to worry, my Mommy, my Father, my husband my kids will come and look after me. My wife will get a job, she will pay for me.’ ‘ I am not sick, I am not addicted, I can stop at any time. Everyone is being mean to me for no reason.’
    Thirdly they can fall back on the behaviours that have worked in the past. ‘It is your fault you made me do it.’ ‘I am going to hold my breath and kick my heels until you feel sorry for me and give me what I want.’ ‘Give me what I need or I will break your car, hifi, TV whatever. No, then I will hurt someone you care about. No, then I will hurt you.’
    All of these activities (and plenty of variations and the occasional really innovative ones) are seen by anyone who has handled an addicted loved one. Eventually you realise that no punishment or threat will work. No inducement or reward will work. There is no palliative that you can provide, no amount of help will change the situation, without the one and only cure.
    The person themselves have to recognise the problem is theirs and they have to make the decision to change. With that realisation anything is possible, without it, nothing is possible.
    The Children of the Left (whatever their age) have never had to face harsh reality. Someone has always given them a way out, whether it is welfare, loans, good marks and recognition regardless of performance, unconditional love no matter how they treat the other, probation, they have protected them from the consequences of their actions. This has been done out of love not self-interest. Even the immigrant and black welfare ghettos, not out of fear, but because good people do not want to see others in need and pain.
    I am afraid that ‘good people’ need to realise that you have to give addicts ‘tough love’. No matter how much it hurts you. Your kids and neighbours have to learn that there are consequences to their actions, and that you are not going to bail them out any more. Let them stamp until their feet are sore. Cry until their eyes are red. Move out and let them try living on the streets digging in dumpsters until they can look in a mirror and say ‘ My name is Joe and I am addicted to self indulgence. The only person who can make it right is me. I accept responsibility for my actions and my future. I will accept help but not demand it.’
    Then, when they have apologised to us who they have hurt, then we can earnestly try to make things right.


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