Guest Post: No Time To Waste

Note from a seasoned procrastinator – tomorrow has been canceled.

Since this is my first post here and I am unknown to most anyone in these circles, I’ll take this opportunity to bore you with a bit of background. My wife and I are recent empty nesters. We married late, and then waited to have children so I’m feeling my age right now. All my life, I’ve anticipated what we all know is just around the corner, but unlike many of you, I have not done nearly enough to get ready. Thus I’m scrambling. I’m a bit of a loner, even when we lived “in town” I barely knew my neighbors two doors down. Finally, my perspective is Christian in nature so my anticipation of things to come is partly based on prophecies that have been around for centuries.

Okay, wake up; it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Not long ago I sat down to get a handle on all the crap that was happening. The candidates were chosen, though not yet blessed by the conventions. I didn’t like either of them, but I knew it didn’t matter. I came to the conclusion that one thing was truly inevitable: a one-world government. While I’m sure that is a huge surprise to many of you, “I” knew it was coming all along. What my analysis really did for me was bring everything together and made me realize how CLOSE we are. It gave me a great sense of urgency. The problem is… preparation is not my strong suit.
Nor does it help that I’ve spent the last few months exploring blogs and sites like The Virginia Freeman’s Society instead of actually preparing. Even so this site only recently grabbed my attention with Jesse’s “The road goes on forever, but the party’s already ended” post. It was an eye opener and Jesse makes absolute sense to me. I’ll admit, I’ve been reading a lot of SHTF fiction lately – starting with Bracken. The one concept that they all hold in common is some sort of community. As much as I hate to face it – it is our nature.

Now about tomorrow… it ain’t happen’ baby. Fact is, most of us are pretty sure the sun WILL come up tomorrow and that is the problem: one day it will not. If this idea is a bit hard to wrap your head around, why not consider some life-changing event that happened to you or someone you know? A sudden death, accident or illness that changes everything. Whatever that event, the day before was just like any other. Heck THAT day started just like any other and then, in a moment… BAM!
As I said before if I am a master at anything – it would be procrastination. While I can put together a pretty good plan, execution is often the bane of my existence. I am the poster boy for “analysis paralysis”. Even so, I’m reasonably accomplished at plodding along. So for me it makes sense to go with my strengths.

The good news for me and mine is, we no longer live in a highly populated area and we have enough land to grow some food. So whatever happens, there is a good chance we can stay put. The bad news is the soil here is not good and we suck at gardening even in the best of conditions. This spring, we will make an attempt at raised bed gardening. A local fellow here has a U-Pick operation and has confided in me that his raised beds were the key to his success. If I am smart and IF time permits, I’ll see if I can help him out this spring and maybe pick up some pointers. Community. Hmmm.

Next, I need to improve my level of fitness. Years of working from a desk and shunning exercise has taken its toll. Along with that I need some practical training in basic tactics – not to mention a whole lot more practice simply shooting. In addition, I’d like some training in trauma care so I can be at least as well-versed in saving a life as taking one. And, yes, I need to work on the community thing.
While I am sure your situation is different, my goal here is to use my own sad example to both assess the good and at least identify where there is room for improvement. Your situation is surely different but seeing the process may help you. While I hope my goals will change over time, we all have to start somewhere. That is key to overcoming procrastination. Start. Move. Do something.

The goals you set will likely depend on several factors. Where you stand at this point. How much you’ve accomplished thus far. What your ultimate aim is. This last is a major factor. Once again, I’ll use my own situation as an example.
My own primary goals stem from my Christian roots. I accepted Jesus the Messiah as my Lord and Savior as a young man and have at least tried to live my life as such. Early on, I was involved in a group that placed great emphasis on, for lack of a better word, evangelizing. (No, they were not Jehovah’s Witness or Mormons.) Nothing was more important than presenting people with the truth and offering the opportunity to accept Christ. I had other ideas. Decades later, I’ve come full circle.
Way back then I bemoaned the state of this nation, and how far we’ve sunk into the mire of socialism. Then I began to see the relentless push towards decadence and immorality. Later on, I realized that socialism/communism are simply tools for the globalists. Not too long ago, I stepped back to look the whole tapestry that is the last 100-150 years of this nation only to see how it is all coming together. Finally, I extrapolated that into what must happen. And don’t you know, it all fits right in to ancient biblical prophecies. Go figure.

It was then that I saw the hand of the adversary – the devil and how the events of this world are orchestrated. Mind you, he only controls the baton. It is God who authored the symphony.
I came to understand the great decline was a slide into the pit of hell or communism, if you prefer. I was also faced with the fact that “we the people” were largely responsible. Then I got hit with the big one…we’ve turned away from God Himself. Yes, there are those of us who believe and have always turned to God. Some stronger than others, but as a nation, we’ve chased Him from our classrooms, from our public places, even our homes. So what was the answer?

Not very long ago, I thought we had a chance. This was based on 2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land

I thought, yes! We can do this! We can turn from our wicked ways and pray and seek God’s face and HE WILL HEAL our land! This idea brought me hope because we still had the Constitution. God has the power. All we need to do was ask.
To put it bluntly, I still believe this is possible but it will not happen. We are too self-absorbed. We are too wrapped up in the Kardashians or whatever else is trending now. I remember a while back when we were new to a church. We were invited to an upstanding member’s house for dinner with a couple other families in good standing. As the small talk progressed we were asked about how we ended up there. We relayed the story of how we’d prayed about all of it and how God had led us there. After a pregnant pause someone piped up… “How about those Redskins?” Yep, these were the cream of the local Christian crop. God is a fine idea for most of us as long as he knows his place.

All of this came into play as I pondered the coming election and where all of this was going. The only answer that makes any sense at all to me is…
we are heading full steam ahead to a global government. This nation must fall and we are going down with it. Some will preach fire and brimstone and judgment. Is God mad? He should be but the truth is we will reap what we’ve sown. Even factoring in another eight years of Reaganesque Bliss, we are far beyond the point of no return. The question is what do we do? What CAN we do?
If a one-world government is indeed inevitable, all any of us can really do is decide whether to resist or succumb and prepare accordingly. For those of you ready to surrender, sit tight, enjoy whatever illusions of freedom you can. Meanwhile the rest of us can take stock, assess our situation, decide how we want to approach what’s coming and prepare accordingly. So how much time do we have? Who knows?

For a world government to be established, our nation must surrender sovereignty. For this to happen there must be an “event”. It’s not like we will all wake up one day and think, “We should sign over our lives to that nice United Nations.”. So it will be an event… something that changes everything.

So, yes, tomorrow is canceled… or it could be any day now. And then what? Well, that depends on how it all comes down, doesn’t it? Martial law is different than an EMP, which is not quite the same as a global economic nuke, which is not at all like a local disaster. The good news is – basic preparation for any or all of these shouldn’t vary too much. The most important factor is time – and how much of it will be available. If I can hunker down, great. If I have to move… George Carlin’s “Stuff” routine comes to mind.

Should I broaden my scope, perhaps waxing philosophical, I need to ask myself – “What is MY end game?”. The answer for me is both easy and complicated. No matter what, I want to do God’s Will. Before you start groaning, stay with me for a moment, please. The fact is “doing God’s Will” is not quite as pious and noble as you might think. Quick example. God was trying to lead Israel to the Promise Land, while Israel wanted to go back to Egypt and be slaves again. Seriously? Who’s plan do you think would work out better? For a long time I’ve said – “Be careful what you pray for because God might grant your wish.” Some lessons need to be learned the hard way. Just take my word on this one – okay? I’ve learned the hard way that God really does know best and if I am wise I WANT to do His will because He also wants the best for me. In the end “doing God’s will” is actually as self-serving as I can get. So, yeah, my first goal is to do God’s Will.

Of course then I’ve got to figure out what, exactly, God’s Will is. This is not always easy, at least not for me. The good news is, God is gracious when I screw up. So what does that mean?

Well, I won’t know until the time comes. Example number one: I am now plodding along at preparation until I move on to something else. Will I suddenly get intense about things and, in a fury of activity, accomplish a large chunk of stuff I should have done long ago? Maybe. Maybe not. Please don’t toss me into that group determined to steal from those who have to survive. On one hand I’m not sure I’m sold on mere survival. For some reason, starving to death under some dictator’s thumb is not my idea of living. Count me in with the “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees” crowd. And then I come back to… what does God want me to do?

For me, the bottom line is I do not know where any of this is going or my part in it. I do know God has NOT burned any bushes or otherwise told me to go all out in preparation. I do not know why. Still, I’ve had a nagging feeling that something is coming sooner than later and other urgings to collect certain items. That said, I must say I am moving faster now than I have previously. I have yet to reach anything approaching a fever pitch. Yet, I started this article off with “…tomorrow has been canceled” Curious, don’t you think?
Do as I say, not as I do? No, not at all because I am the last person to tell anyone what to do. I am not your leader. I am not your parent. I don’t know what or if God is speaking to you or if you are hearing Him or even whether you “buy into this God thing” at all. While I feel part of what God wants me to do is write, I am not about to proclaim this piece is “a Word”. It is what it is.

So bear with me for a moment, even if you don’t believe in God, please just consider the God – devil thing – think good and evil if it helps. Evil appears to be winning. Heck, it’s almost like a bad novel if you think about it. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t understand at some level that something evil is bent on overtaking the world.
Man always wants more.
Mankind NEEDS something more, something greater than ourselves because left to our own nature, we will not survive. We are self-destructive. You can lay on the candy-coating, sing Kumbaya, and group hug all you want – eventually someone will stab someone in the back.

Thus for me, it all comes back to what is really important and that is you and your relationship with God. As I pointed out previously, this nation is not likely to come to God in sufficient numbers to turn the tide. Even if it did, ultimately, the nation will tend towards self-destruction. But you can escape this. God, and by God, I speak of THE God and Father of my Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah, laid all of this out centuries ago – actually from the foundations of the world. IF you have not yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I urge you to do so right now. If you HAVE accepted Jesus as Lord, then I recommend you ask God what He would have you do now. Chances are something has been nagging at you. I’d suggest maybe it is the Spirit of God working in you.

If I were to wrap this up, my point would have to refer back to the title: No Time to Waste. It seems to me anyone reading this can agree that something is indeed coming down the pike. If anyone knows for certain what that “something” is, their voice is lost in a shouting crowd. My own analysis suggests that something is coming sooner than later. Before we know it those words ”tomorrow has been canceled.” will ring true. Whatever you think you need to do before the SHTF, it may be wise to get it done.


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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: No Time To Waste

  1. I’m feeling the same, brother. In my case, grangkids underfoot leave no doubt as to general course. The specifics are a daily trial, especially now the body always fall short of the plan. Still im content, on my feet, on my own terms.
    Pardon the typos, tablet…


  2. Towser I agree, if anyone looking around this country and world does not think it might be a good idea to be creating a pantry and a possible safe place I think they need to get a second opinion on those meds they are taking. Evil is good and good is evil now. JUST LOOK AT PIZZAGATE ON YOU TUBE


  3. Can prayer change God’s Will ?
    God helps those who help themselves.
    Your relationship with The Lord is private, personal and intimate. You do not need an intermediary between yourself and God.
    God did not give a monopoly on the truth to anyone.
    More people have died in the name of God than for any other reason.
    Religion is the devils magnum opus, the great deceit, the velvet lie. There is no religion, there is only God. There is no government, only the sovereignty between man and God
    Would anyone today preach the Word and be like John the Baptist ? How many preachers and such make a living at this based on the teachings of a man who only owned the robe and sandals he wore?
    Religion was and still is another form of government for those who want someone else to tell them how to think, and what to do.
    Religion is another form of control, antithetical to God’s grace of free will. Religion is the crutch of man and not of God’s creation.

    So, I lay out my premise. Cast off the crutch of religion and do what is right and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Is this religion, or simple rules to live in peace and harmony?

    Many have argued their perspective of The End. Only God knows. Everything else is conjecture and your thoughts on the matter are just as valid. Plan and act accordingly based on what is happening now and the guidance received when your heart, mind and soul are still. Harness the raging horses of your mind and the hurricane of distractions in the world.

    Work, Do, Plan, Think where you are here and now. The universe will unfold as it should despite all the machinations of men and machines.

    IMHO, WHEN the economy crashes (not IF, I see this as an inevitable, and soon) the remaining social and political structures will unravel like the Gordian knot. It’s going to be ugly, dangerous, difficult and many good people will die. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and a survivor. Perhaps, in two generations, everything we know today will no longer exist. My vision is that humankind will be all locally, community based. No larger than the county you live in (COUNTY NOT COUNTRY). Think in terms of the world when there were only Native Americans. Got Tribe? Keeps things simple doesn’t it?

    Simplicity requires genius. Any idiot can obfuscate the f*** out of anything and make a simple concept confusing and unrecognizable… another religion……like government. The next jackass that claims they should be in charge, should be taken out and shot immediately.


  4. Community is where it’s at…If you don’t have it where your at and can’t get it going because your surrounded by Statist or Leeches then you need to be getting to a location that is conducive to that…I have offered here and other sites if you want a place that you can do that in give me a holler I will do what I can to find you employment, housing, etc to help the transition be as painless as possible…


  5. Well said!
    If anyone can look around and not see “good will be evil and evil will be good” they need to check their meds. Something is OBVIOUSLY going to happen, . If you have doubts do a little investigation on pizzagate and check the Bible out as to who Baal and Moloch are.


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