The Solzhenitsyn Solution

Those who can’t do…teach. Those who can’t do or teach…run for office. American politics is largely the game of letting the least qualified and most covetous among us have power over the strongest military, domestic police force, tax base and nuclear arsenal the world has ever known…and wondering every four years what went wrong.


The attempt to safe space the planet has begun in earnest with the media and statists screaming for the censorship of any badthink that intrudes upon their own particular version of fantasyland.The social media giants have already begun developing a common database to root out those pesky free thinkers in the name of ‘extremism,’ because nothing says you are committed to humanity and common decency like allowing your company to become a haven for pedophiles and daily advertisement for ISIS. Here’s looking at you, Jack. The current crop of statists and snowflakes are aghast at this refusal of the Grand Kumbaya and rather than make the hard choice to reintegrate themselves with the roughly 83% of counties in America that don’t think like them, continue to retreat ever further inside their gated communities. Precisely the wrong response, it never ceases to amaze me the level of true ignorance displayed by those depending on whom they hate for power, gas, water and food. Survey says, the internet is handy but I’m willing to bet I can go without social media longer than you can go without food, water and shelter.

amazing-censorship-quote-where-they-have-burned-books-they-will-end-in-burning-human-beings-heinrich-heineThe media has in many ways hung the digital equivalent of a ‘Whites Only’ sign in front of the national discussion. The renewed commitment to ‘diversity’ by the NYT and others in a halfhearted attempt to reclaim some of the 2/3 of people who find them untrustworthy shows how incapable they are at understanding the very fundamentals of how many people define themselves outside of the fifty or so urban counties in America. Despite what the race-obsessed statists can’t seem to understand, diversity is not treating people like crayons and collecting one of every color. True diversity is having substantive differences in viewpoints about actual things, because outside the proverbial ivory tower, people largely define themselves by what they believe not what box gets checked in the census every decade.  Diversity is having Louis Farrakhan, Richard Spencer, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Patrick Buchanan, and Bill Buppert on your editorial board. The NYT would increase their readership by a thousandfold and once again be worth reading. Diversity is not having 13% dark brown, 16% less brown, 63% kind of tan, and half with XX and the other half with XY…every one of them live in the same übercity, thinking the same thoughts, reading the same people, getting the same degrees and saying the same things. This obsession with rooting out all but the most conformist ideas is precisely what drove the discourse out of the national media’s hands and into the social media’s. Add Mitt Romney to my fictional editorial board, or Boehner or Reid, and then tell me who among those is going to be the most predictable, boring and utterly devoid of communicating any actual idea. There will be some platitudes and virtue-signaling and in the end you have so watered down and so tortured the English language that a half-page editorial doesn’t even say anything anymore. I’d rather read Farrakhan tell me I’m a white devil and to go pound sand, because it least it rises to the level of an idea. 

The result of this obsession with controlling people’s thoughts and the content they can be allowed to read will create rock stars out of the very people they seek to silence. Anyone care to tell me the name of the people who censored Solzhenitsyn’s Cancer Ward? I’m willing to bet a few people can name who wrote the Gulag Archipelago and won the Nobel Prize in 1970. While admittedly entertaining to watch this play out, it does everything to speed up the balkanization of  America. What limited sense those inside the ivory tower have of how rural and middle America live will decrease. It is already difficult for them to contemplate our existence, aside from somehow making the meat and quinoa  magically appear and the lights come on when you flick the switch.

emperors-new-clothesAssuming this is not simply talk and actually something Big Media and Big Social are willing to burn the capital, branding and political will on, I have yet to hear an explanation for how it achieves the desired result. Perhaps the readers could elicit some type of explanation over Christmas from family, friends and acquaintances that are fans of censorship. A parable may be helpful illustrating the inefficacy and rather troublesome secondary and tertiary effects of this. The emperor has no clothes. People say as much. The emperor declares everyone’s tongue cut out, and burns all the ‘fake’ printing presses not owned by the emperor. Do the tongue-less peasants now believe he was clothed? More importantly, what does that do to the peasants view of the emperor? Will it stop someone from writing ‘The Emperor has no clothes’ with pen and ink and nailing it to the castle door? How long before pen and paper are banned? Can you kill an idea or opinion by banning it? Has it ever worked historically? 

Opposition and persecution, whether perceived or real, galvanizes people and hammers them into a community. One of the greatest things that could ever happen to the patriot movement and America as a whole is for a total purge from social media, radio and television. People would be forced to stop wasting time on their couch and keyboard, get outside and actually accomplish something. You don’t need this blog, Twitter, or any other website to live a fulfilling and free life. The paradigm would change drastically, as the statists scramble to figure out how to influence, embarrass and manipulate people who are no longer engaged in the digital universe but are engaged in the real world. Despite the hysteria and mild disappointment that I no longer get to talk to all of you, I would gladly trade it all for the patriot movement to be forced to build a community in their own AO. Real people and real friends beat a few pixels any day of the week. Don’t sweat the small stuff and if it’s on the internet…it’s small stuff. Really.

Jesse James


11 thoughts on “The Solzhenitsyn Solution

  1. Amen My Brother… It might also cause some who are surrounded by Leeches and Statists to be packing up and moving to an area where they can build community…My offer is still on the table and if anyone wants to know more contact the blog owner and he will put you in touch with me…


  2. Kinda like the freaks and morons in section 1 VS the other 12 in the Hunger Games? The commies in section 1 are never going to stop until the hinterlands completely and violently revolt against this marxism and cut off the head of the snake.


  3. Agreed. While the Internet is an excellent source of information and, lately real news, what price do we really pay for all of it? I wonder if those screaming for censorship consider who would be in charge of it come January? Maybe “they” know more than they let on.


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