Hamilton Electors: The Left’s misplaced confidence and its potentially deadly consequences

A revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe…you have to make it fall.

Che Guevara 

I did not join the resistance movement to kill people, to kill the nation. Look at me now. Am I a savage person? My conscience is clear.

Pol Pot

Part of what I do at work would probably be best described as a fixer, not in the nefarious sense, but basically the person on the other end of the phone when things have gone sideways. A few times I have run across someone equal parts confident and obtuse who refused to modify their behavior despite overwhelming evidence. The person would be so stuck on putting the square peg into the round hole that by the time I got there they had irreparably harmed the situation.  An example would be if someone continued to drive a vehicle after they observed 7 quarts of Motorcraft in a puddle under the truck, and then be utterly flabbergasted when the motor locked up. Confidence and ignorance can be a lethal combination. If the Left, those clueless and those malevolent, succesfully undermines the electoral process, the resulting reality check will be lethal to many Americans.

Landmass that voted for Trump in 2016
Landmass that voted for Hillary in 2016

I do not doubt the suggestion seems perfectly reasonable to some distraught Clinton voters, a man they see as the literal antichrist is taking office and the people who voted for him are all that is wrong with the world in their minds. Deplorable sums it up perfectly. Not their tax dollars and military service, mind you. Just because we can’t be trusted to vote doesn’t mean we can’t be sent to fight the wars of our betters and pay 40% of our income to a government that only cares what we think so long as it is within their narrow definition of ‘reasonable.’ The entire election was not about a ‘white-lash’ or other nonsense spouted by clueless pundits. Michigan and Wisconsin did not magically become Aryanland and Nazitopia between 2012 and 2016, that is simply an indefensible position. Median income in Wisconsin was roughly $47,000 in 2005, and as of last year was $55,600. Using laughable CPI rates that translates to a $3,000 pay cut in purchasing power, corresponding with beef prices up almost 200%, 140% increase in bread, 160% increase in eggs, ~125% increase in electricity and a 135% increase in chicken. If I am a person in Wisconsin, I’ve seen a 20-30% increase in prices at the grocery store and if I’m lucky enough to still have a decent job, it hasn’t kept up with even the ridiculous 2% inflation rate the CPI claims. Regardless of how they do the mental judo to tie down inflation to that level, the point is that wages have stagnated for at least a decade. The average person realizes this and the market has reacted in many areas, the most obvious being car loans that are approaching mortgage lengths. The DNC has long ignored the heartland and Trump spoke to those who felt they had no voice. Enough listened and whatever their opinions on the 63 genders now available, felt putting food on the table and the heat on in the winter were more pressing necessities.

Rather than look at hard figures and come to reasonable conclusions that don’t involve 50M Americans turning into Heinrich Himmler clones, the left has instead elected to run what little is left of American’s belief in the rule of law through a buzz saw. I’m doubtful this electoral coup has any chance of working, but the mere attempt indicated how utterly mistaken about the social dynamics many people are and how immune to evidence or reason that contravenes their narrow view of how Americans think. I don’t believe many outside the existing power structure have malevolent intent, but rather narcissism that renders them incapable of even considering how their actions affect others. Regardless, demanding the election be overturned to fit the whims of even a simple majority reveals a distain and ignorance that would create the most extreme levels of blowback and civil disobedience at best. So in an effort to make your life easier and possibly more entertaining, I offer the following for those very mistaken about how things stand at this moment. Feel free to copy and paste.

Messrs. & Mesdames,

I know you feel righteously indignant about the election results. A lot of people in the media and political apparatchik are advocating for an electoral college revolt, wherein the electors vote against the popular vote of their respective states out of allegiance to New York and California voters and deny their own state’s wishes. However, many among you seem to vastly misunderstand the dynamics and stark realities of the situation. Let me game out the very real, very possible reaction to this by all those deplorables that might, just might, not take it very well being told voting was for naught and to get back in line. Assuming enough of the electorates overturn the popular vote in their states, it makes the enormous brick thrown through the window of the establishment by a majority of states all for naught. To say many would be displeased is an understatement of rather epic proportions. Let us frame it in a different light. The people you just told to go pound sand on average purchase enough firearms in three months to outfit the Russian and Chinese frontline troops. Every. Three. Months. Those guys who were entrusted to go become experts at fighting insurgents and came home to better quality small arms in the private sector than they were issued, carved an entire market out of teaching what they learned from Uncle Sam to people with the coin and and the desire. You just told all of those guys to go pound sand. Not all are pipe hitters with steely eyes and camo. Many are farmers, utility workers, work in the oil fields, drive the big trucks that bend and go tshhh, tshhh when they brake, and produce thousands of things you never give a second glance to. The people who work 50-60 hours a week to feed, heat, and transport the nation. To really make sure we all got the point, it has been made abundantly clear that there is a desire to strip us of any voice online and silence those who do not conform to the appropriate level of ‘tolerance.’ I’m an eternal optimist, but I don’t believe silencing and stripping the votes of the opposition, who own the vast majority of the 400-600M firearms in the US, bodes well for anyone.

You may think it untoward and hyperbole that people would react so…dramatically. I am not a violent man, nor are the vast majority of people I referenced above. Quite the opposite in fact, the people I think most likely to be absolutely intractable if you continue to pursue this road are those rooted in ideals greater than a case of political poor sportsmanship. Many of you have absolutely no concept of our culture, our values and where our sense of identity is derived. The reason I am willing to die defending my home is not because of any tangible goods inside it, the person inside it and the trust she has in me to keep her safe means that I have no other choice. The idea is what overrides any thought of self-preservation and makes me unwilling to live with the consequences of failure, demanding I either prevail or die in the process. It is my responsibility, not the cops, not the government’s, mine.  Simply put, on this present course you are setting yourself at war, not with a political movement, not with a people group or any box you can check on the census, but with a set of ideals…a culture. Usurping the established electoral process, the last vestige of legitimacy amongst the decades of broken promises, lies, and betrayals, leaves a whole lot of people with simply no recourse left. You strip a man of his voice, politically and socially…demand nearly half of what he earns, and what would you have him do? Grin and bear it? A man may bear many things for his family and friends, but there comes a time when his core ideals are so violated that his conscience demands he either correct the situation or die in the pursuit. To continue is not to live, but to merely exist and is death of the soul rather than just the body. Another said it best, it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

I hope by now you have a sense of why this road leads to something far worse than anything Trump could ever accomplish in four years. I can empathize with you, and do not mistake my plea for sanity as tacit approval of him. I don’t care about the person, I care about the office, and the process. A government who demands my taxes and obedience whilst stripping me of my duly elected representation is the casus belli enshrined in our Founding Documents. Work to repeal the electoral college if you must, and hold the Trump administration accountable. However, do not resort to leaving the bounds of lawful governance in the vain hope of salvaging political setbacks. Because should you do so, it frees any and all obligations I posses to the government and becomes a nation of occupation. I don’t bear hatred toward those of different political persuasions than myself, and I want those marching towards the conflagration to do so with open eyes. Millions of Americans are either cowards or forbearing. I do not wish to find out, and neither should you. I’ve made peace with dying for my principles, are you willing to do the same for Hillary Clinton? If that question makes you uncomfortable then perhaps you should consider exactly what is at stake here. It certainly isn’t just a presidency.

Jesse James

*Some minor edits were made to grammar, due to bleary eyes not catching it late last night. I also changed delegates to electors in the title, as it is the more correct term.


20 thoughts on “Hamilton Electors: The Left’s misplaced confidence and its potentially deadly consequences

  1. The brutal irony that is all things ‘Hamilton’ hysteria of late is amusing. Perhaps, conversely, some ivory tower dwellers thought the same of the III% crowd who similarly have little clue the roots of the liberty debate. Even funnier is all this newfound patriotism amid the old Marxist water carriers.

    In either case, C. Wright Mills’ ‘New Left’ has found itself without a populist base. The only thing that remains is prompting youthful violent actors in a new color revolution, which is what BLM is, as they’ve lost the Unions and are losing their other marks in droves.

    Aside from all this, I have yet to hear from any pundit why a productive relationship with the Russian Federation is a bad thing. After all, Mills, the great hero of the intellectual Left, was honored by the Soviet Union as well.


  2. We don’t expect these people to be able to deal with something as simple as a flat tire. How do we imagine they will understand such concepts as unintended consequences? Or putting themselves in another’s shoes?

    But I appreciate the attempt, nonetheless.


  3. On the top of a hill overlooking my family’s spread is our family burial ground. The first burial there was an Irish immigrant who fought alongside Gen. George Washington, who personally signed his discharge papers; he made corporal. Next came two Navy brothers who mixed it up on Lake Erie with the British in the War of 1812. Then came the War Between the States and many sleep there forever. One was buried from the Spanish American War, and then The Great War took its toll. World War II gave our family more heroes.

    These men believed in, fought for, and died for an idea. It is still in our blood today, throbbing through our veins. Sure–we have the college sheepskins on the wall of the alphabet degrees–BA, MS, PhD and some JD. But they don’t mean much if our family doesn’t have the absolute freedom to worship God as we see fit, to own our own property to the total exclusion of all others, to be free of unreasonable government intrusions, to have a society that respects the rule of law, and not the rule of men, and a tax system that allows us to keep a majority what we make.

    We all work hard–very hard–daily on our spread. We sweat, exert ourselves, and sometimes get injured very badly, but we keep on going. Been through deadly floods, tornadoes, ice storms, and even an earthquake. Yet, we see the results of our labor confiscated by excess taxes. Taxes at every turn.

    Now–if you sore losers wish to “pull a fast one” as we say out here–be advised, we will fight. The boot-heel of your tyranny has been on our necks long enough.We have suffered in silence, which you have apparently misjudged as either cowardice or inattention. That will be your total undoing. As we also say out here, you can “take that to the bank.”

    Regarding firearms–it’s like what the yacht salesman says to the prospect: “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.” Our firearms at our place–I could not begin to tell you how many we have in all honesty. But, more importantly,

    …we all know how to shoot very well. Very well. Grand-kids, kids, and me and Mother. (She’s actually a better shooter with the 5.56mm.)

    Is not discretion the better part of valor my dear losers, anarchists, Marxists, and all your camp followers? Think mightily upon it.

    We have.


  4. love your essay. where you mentioned the types of people that are arrayed against those who would steal the election from us it gave me an idea for a non-violent response (as a last gesture of goodwill). you’re of course correct in saying that the vast majority of the people who handed them this resounding defeat at the polls are the makers, sellers, growers and transporters of THINGS…and services. things and services they can’t do without and the majority of them have NO idea HOW to do without or replace. so my plan is a STRIKE. let them know that if this election is stolen we will STRIKE. a NATION WIDE work stoppage of ALL of those who voted either for trump or against the leftists who want to take OUR country for themselves


  5. Just as you have written; “Millions of Americans are either cowards or forbearing. I do not wish to find out, and neither should you.”

    Another once wrote:

    Don’t ever mistake
    My silence, for ignorance
    My calmness, for acceptance
    My kindness, for weakness
    Or my patience, for fear.


  6. Nice job, but isn’t it time to stop being lead around by the nose by the libtards in Washington and the media? The libtard sheeple may believe the lies but the liars themselves known they are just putting out red herrings to divert attention away from their corrupt selves. Of course if they didn’t use the old subterfuge trick they’d be out of power by day’s end.


  7. I cannot remember the source and I paraphrase :
    “We fight, not because we hate the howling mob in front of us, but because we love the women and children who stand behind us,”


      1. “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

        ― G.K. Chesterton

        Thank you.


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