Auld Lang Syne

As I reflect on the past year, I am genuinely surprised the great majority of us are still here and in more or less the same condition corporately as we were 365 days ago. The world continues to be in turmoil, notably Europe and the US politically and the Middle East is an ever present source of news and morbid politics fascination as we sit in the awkward silence waiting for the Western world to answer the great question of their generation. The silence has only just been broken in the US and UK, but the matter is far from decided. Whether we go quietly into the night as a culture and people, relegated to past triumphs and dusty historical tomes or find the vitality to once again secure a place for ourselves among the cultures of this world will etch its mark indelibly into this coming year as it has in 2016. My record of picking presidential candidates, unmarred since Clinton’s second term, was snapped. The most unlikely of political candidates now stands poised to become president. Nearly ten months ago I first put my fingers on the keyboard and wrote my first post. In many ways it was my own personal way of spitting on my hands and hoisting the black flag. Prior to that many of you knew me by a few of the comments I had made on various blogs, but rather than simply be a spectator to the very real information and psychological struggle that was being waged, I elected to be a participant. I will be the first to admit it is not the true solution to the problem, nor everything one can do, but every mind swayed and individual influenced is a tiny bit of progress.

20100201223744_img_5093Since then I have had the great privilege to correspond with many of you, in person and via other means, and have been truly humbled by the overwhelming level of encouragement and respect for my ideas many of you have shown me. Those who insist we are uneducated, unsophisticated and intellectually myopic need only to scroll through the vast majority of the comments here and my inbox to know that is anything but the case.  I may be the one whose name is on the site, but it is each of you that truly makes this work, particularly those who have helped provide content for this site. Every email, tweet, share, repost and comment you make pushes a better narrative and makes the adults in the room heard just a little bit more. Thank you. I would also like to thank Pete, Kenny, NCScout, JC Dodge and all the others who have reposted and provided words of encouragement and directed traffic my way. I couldn’t have gotten this off the ground without you. Lineman, brother you are what gives me hope for the future of this movement. We are nothing if not a community and the sooner we realize that the better. In the words of the philosopher Iceman, ‘you can be my wingman anytime.’

A person you rarely hear about other than in passing, probably wields more influence over this site than anyone other than myself. My wife is a woman of singular character and resolve, tempered by the very rare ability to be open to new ideas. She is the silent partner to this, supporting a harried and often absentminded husband while I spend hours on a single post after a day at work. Virginia Freeman’s Society would be a poorer place without her inspiration and encouragement. She reminds me daily of the reasons why we do what we do, and who we do it for.

Given this past year, I cannot begin to imagine what the next year has in store for us. What I do know is that the events happening on the Potomac can have a significantly less impact on your life if you are surrounded by a community of resilient individuals. As much as I enjoy political theater and participating in the commentary about it, the way to make the next year a success in this regard is to be sitting at this time next year with a group of people who can and will sustain each other during the worst of times. At that moment you will realize how truly irrelevant the statists are and how impotent their ideology is. By that standard this year has been enormously successful and I look back over the last dozen months and realize there is an inverse correlation with your community ties and the influence of talking heads and empty suits a thousand miles away. We are the future, we are the producers, innovators, and job creators. I’ll leave you with this, you cannot conquer a free man, the most you can do is kill him. Be a free man.

Jesse James



16 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne

  1. AMEN, Brother! Let us be that spark in the night–that beacon of light in the darkness which shows the way. Let us be, as Gen. Thomas Jonathan Jackson proudly told his stolid group of warriors:


    Let us rally our neighborhood, families, and hearts, in this, our Third War of Independence, to be the point of the spear.

    “With Man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” MATT 19:26


    1. I am a Shenandoah Valley native and my favorite Jackson quote is “Give them the bayonet!”. I think that is where we are too. IMHO it is going to be a year filled with challenges and turmoil.

      God Bless all the readers here.

      Frank AKA Joel


  2. I believe we are just getting started. We, as Conservative, Constitutionally Oriented People that WISH to be FREE have a serious handicap. Because we want “Them” (that would be the “pronoun people” out of our lives, we seem to get to a point that seems moving in the correct direction and tell ourselves “it fixed”. This is a HUGE mistake. The other side works as a team and are relentless. We have to be the same or we will continue the “two steps forward, one step back”. This has the effect of demoralizing US. This MUST stop. Please do not cut the “Pronoun People” and slack, anymore!


  3. May this year be full of blessings for all of us Patriot’s… May our hopes be realized and our fears conquered… As my friend mtforge says we are the Honorable Resistance let us act like it…Let us build Community… Donald Trump gave us an awesome opportunity to build without taking fire let’s not waste that…God Bless You Brothers…


  4. With you all the way, Jesse. Thank you for your valiant efforts for Truth and sanity.

    May God keep you and bless you, and may the coming year prove to be the beginning of a great resurgence of the values we all hold dear.

    “Confusion to our enemies” is already well in hand. Destruction to their goals and plans to follow hard on their heels!


  5. Your thanks is both well received and greatly appreciated- the movement, before the advent of your blog, has been largely devoid of grounded practical thought. For that I thank you, as should everyone.

    This year will bring about profound change in the world- sitting at the cusp much as France did amid the plight of the Jacobin, Europe amid the chains of Marxism, and America amid the leviathan of Government in the post-9/11 world. In each case of crisis, great questions have been asked with institutions challenged, and while not in every case have we improved the human condition, perhaps at one point long in the future, the story of a people not swayed will continue to be told along with the guidance of those philosophers asking the genuine questions of the era, providing a guide into the mind of those at the helm.

    The great questions and challenges of the social contract will not be solved in our lifetime, but the threats to such have been realized faster than in generations past; it is not too late, there is hope, and the next generation is not lost. That is but one of the many lies the masses are led to believe. Marxism in its true form has been exposed possibly more than ever before- no more the cries of “had we only knew!” among the Russian Proletariat of 1917 can be claimed; we do know, we continue to spread that knowledge, and we will not yield in that endeavor. That capability and skill is not by accident.

    Happy New Year Brother, and thank you for all that you do.


  6. Let me add my voice to those who would encourage you to keep writing. I discovered you through WRSA and have enjoyed reading your thoughts. Mostly, they’re my thoughts too.

    Wishing you and your wife the best that 2017 brings, and continued readership growth. Thank you for your contribution to the fight for liberty.


  7. We ask for the blessings of providence upon us, those who seek the rightful rule of law. It is our opportunity to take, the LORD willing, that we bring the light of liberty once again into the hearts and minds our tribes and nation. Help us in this endeavor we call human liberty please God. It is a man’s natural state to be born into perfect freedom so I pray that we serve our neighbors by bringing them to the understanding of their learned helplessness and servitude. Although we remain watchful, it appears we have been blessed with a little, at any rate comparatively, breathing room. For this I thank you Father, by the blood of your precious Son. Amen.


  8. Had no idea how much of a newcomer you were- your posts don’t show it. Keep it up.

    As far as surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals, if the coming events are harsh, it would be well if those individuals were actual neighbors, rather than online supporters. I mean, if things get really harsh, the internet would probably be the first luxury to go. I appreciate the effort you put into these posts.


    1. I was a semi-regular commenter for several years and eventually felt the urge to go at it on my own terms. Also, community isn’t a term that applies to anything electronic in the sense I use it on this site. A community is only people within a 2-3 days walk from your front door. Anyone else is practically on the moon in a real, honest to goodness emergency. Not that it doesn’t hurt to have friends in all four points of the compass, but proximity matters. Thank you for the kind words though, feedback is always appreciated. 🙂


      1. Absolutely, “community” means neighbors not distant acquaintances. We all need “community” no matter what the situation might be. The “System” has made a serious attempt to “divide” us and “frighten” us. Who said “divide and conquer” doesn’t work or isn’t being utilized?


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