Consent: Voting and the myth of Evil > evil

Some of you may not like this, but this is JJstan and it’s where the adults come to talk. Some may think it is overly cynical or perhaps just too idealistic. I think he’s spot on, and lest you think the political parties have any sort of popular ‘mandate,’ 45% of the voting public…didn’t. The candidate that got nearly twice the number of votes as either Trump or Clinton and swept every state was ‘None of the above.’ I voted, and it was to prevent a shooting war with Russia and/or an insurrection in the US. What I’m not, is inclined to believe is that Trump wouldn’t bring the .gov hammer down in me and mine because of moral reasons any more than his predecessors would have. Ideals are what differentiate between rule of law and the rule of power. I have no illusions about Trump/Sachs/MIC/Exxon Inc. and neither should you.  

Jesse James

“Presidents are selected, not elected and behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing to allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Americans don’t understand their government. They believe that we have a democracy in which we participate by voting. We never had a democracy although most people choose to ignore that. We once had a democratic republic.

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”

– H.L. Mencken

lesser-of-two-evilsOur oligarchical government is where a small group of wealthy individuals have control over the critical mechanisms of state power, industry and economy. These people are unaccountable and they use their control for their personal financial interests, using national power to support their lifestyles and geopolitical ambitions. The ruling class in such a nation is often comprised of dynastic families who pass the baton of power back and forth between themselves, managing the illusion of change and evolution while never actually surrendering their control. The Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton experience is a current example of this.

A Princeton study published their conclusion that America had officially become an oligarchy. Former President Carter has commented about this, telling Oprah Winfrey’s audience that ‘now it’s just an oligarchy.’ These warnings follow decades of comments by former presidents and political figures warning us that our country was being taken over by shadowy financial interests.

There’s an obvious invisible government running America, yet we’re urged to vote. Why do they want us to participate in this charade if they know our vote doesn’t make any difference? Voting is a Tool to Create the Illusion of Consent. Many dictatorships hold political elections to manufacture the illusion of consent. Stalin is a good example of this. During his rule, while the Russians were being brutalized, election results came in showing over 99% support for the Communist Party.

The voting ritual does little to influence the direction of the nation. The oligarchy needs us to believe that we’re free so that we won’t get serious about revolution. Voting is the best tool for maintaining this illusion. It provides an outlet for our righteous indignation, pacifying your anger and sapping your political drive. It also acts as a survey to determine which policies will meet the least amount of popular resistance.

When Election Day arrives, knowing the candidates we’ve been presented with don’t represent our wishes, we’re passively expressing our willingness to accept the illusions. We’re contributing to the perception that our rulers have our permission to carry on, and by doing such we’re accepting ever further to their power over us.

If you’re one of the few who haven’t committed yourself to one of the phony political parties dominating America and are still trying to decide which ‘tool’ you’ll ‘vote’ for next Election, consider this: there’s no Constitutional requirement that you vote. There’s no law that requires you to consent to the corruption, lies, criminality, war-mongering, fear, hate, stupidity, tyranny, surveillance and self-destruction being sold by ‘our’ candidates. You’re still free to abstain should your value system be insulted by the ‘election’ process.

‘Consumers’ are bullied and intimidated into voting. You’re regularly told to vote because it’s your ‘civic duty’, because; you have no right to complain about the government unless you vote, every vote counts, we must present a unified front, the future of the nation depends on it, by not voting you’re voting, the “other” candidate must be defeated at all costs, because the future of the Supreme Court depends on your vote.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

republicanpoliticsIn the Empire ‘consumers’ are doing everything they can to stay asleep, spiritually and emotionally. History and fate have given America the ‘rope to hang itself with’; No invasions, no famines, no plagues and vast wealth to burrow down into in denial, lots of drugs. No need for social solidarity.

America bombs weddings at a distance, with no accountability by man or nature. The schools don’t teach, the hospitals don’t heal, the police don’t protect, the government doesn’t govern; yet the band plays on as the bridges crumble and another foreign war begins.“We’re great because we’re good” the churches tell you; little true dialog and ‘our leaders’ projecting our own inner demons onto others alongside a vast inner wasteland of boarded homes and crumbling factories of the country where the only thing missing is a fact-check from neutral parties.

A man subjected to a government that he doesn’t want, is a slave. There’s no difference, in principle between political and chattel slavery. Each denies a man’s ownership of himself and his efforts.

We vote for candidates that promise no more wars and then get more wars. In America we’re expected to adopt the ‘truth’ of the day as in Orwell’s 1984, believing the politically correct lies about various groups and so political group think marches on. We speak of our connection to the English empire, making our own almost in its image, ignoring that the English are despised for the way they swaggered around the world, as America now does.

If voting worked, wouldn’t it have worked by now? After generations of voting in national elections, shouldn’t we be nose-deep in justice and liberty? ‘Too big to fail’ bailouts, endless wars, and Obamacare were opposed by something like ninety per cent of ‘consumers’ yet they became law. Shall we continue to imagine a miraculous transformation is just an election away?

From pre-school, we’re taught to worship the state. In the public ‘education’ system schoolchildren perform the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. Political rallies and government meetings are still often begun with that pledge habit. We have come to equate the flag, the pledge and the national anthem with patriotism, and patriotism with government, country and support for government, support for foreign wars and veterans. Anything less is ‘un-American’.

Wars aren’t for patriotism and ‘democracy’ as we’re propagandized. ‘Our’ wars are to kill, for profit. Big business and global bankers reap massive profits from the sacrifice of young men on all sides of combat. All of this comes from the legitimization provided for by the ‘voting’ charade.

People who elect corrupt politicians aren’t victims but accomplices.

Voting is a tool for tyrants; they need the blame shifted from themselves to the willing accomplices/voters for the crimes they commit and those uncommitted up to the time they resume their wicked tasks of threatening, fining, kidnapping, maiming and killing selected targets who happen into the sight of the government machine focused on its latest project.

Your attendance in government schools was a finishing process to make sure you slaves think you’re free. Who in their right mind can contend that voting has made them free? If you vote, don’t complain. You put the leash in your mouth and handed the keys to your cage to a psychopath in a suit.

Our fellow citizens are willing to destroy all that America is supposed to mean in order to simply ‘win’. Win what? Win against other Americans? Win against the rule of law? Win against legitimacy of government? Win against proper governance? A vote in America is a vote for the rule of the jungle, the rule of might over right.

Trump did not change the fact that we’re ungovernable under our current government version. People don’t want freedom, and you’re greatly mistaken if you think this recent election was about anything other than jobs, corruption and immigration. Politicians are the biggest liars on the planet. They will say whatever they think a voter wants to hear so they can get his vote.

Most Americans don’t vote because the political system doesn’t represent them. We’ve been disenfranchised by decades of corrupt, unrepresentative politicians. America’s oligarchy ‘elected’ by a minority of voters ruled by a smaller minority of disliked politicians who represent an even smaller minority of billionaires and special interests. We’re told ‘consumers’ who voted for the black guy allegedly refused to vote for the woman because they’re intolerant.

I read that ‘our government’ tells us the Russians interfered in ‘our election’. Everyone is appalled and angry they would do such a thing to ‘our’ fine ‘democracy but they forget the things the Empire has done which are much worse, even if the Russians did actually mess in our process. What was worse? We’ve overthrown nearly every country to our south several times just for starters.

“The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship, you don’t have to waste your time voting.” Charles Bukowski


Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.”-  H. L. Mencken

Freedom begins between the ears.”.- Edward Abbey


– Craig Dudley


9 thoughts on “Consent: Voting and the myth of Evil > evil

  1. I hope this will be short. I am not sure on whom I am commenting but know it is pointed at the Oligarchy comments. My PhD Mathematician cousin has stated just the same issues “without any solution posed”. The Founders did their best to set up a system that gave Freedom to those that would accept responsibility for THEMSELVES. DO NOT put the responsibility for what has happened on those of us who participated in a process that you backed from and now wish to take shots at thinking that you are exonerated by not participating. You offer NO solution, only criticism. What system will give a better chance given that Homo sapiens has two factors that put us in a position that must be overcome. 1) We are NOT NICE and 2) We are OPPORTUNISTIC. That includes me and YOU. If we do not accept OUR responsibilities and short comings we will be required to accept all that you have stated. You offer no solution but ONLY criticize. I could say “if frogs had hip pockets they could keep a pistol in there to keep snakes off their behind” but frogs do not so they are still eaten by snakes. You offer no solution and, therefore, from my point of view are a “blowhard fool” that constitutes more of the problem than the solution (since you offer no solution only complain of a problem). We have the opportunity with the current President elect to support him and that can be done by pushing on our other elected officials to do what we have asked of him. We can be a lot of things not the least of which is better educated but that is going to be through personal effort and better Community. The remainder of the list has answers that might be better solutions to the issues that are out there including be more isolationist by keeping Illegals out of Our Country. This, actually, has seemed NOT hurt Switzerland for example. We have managed to elect approximately 535 of the most accomplished liars in the United States to our highest offices but a turn around has to start somewhere what better place than here and now. The current President Elect is NOT a Politician but that doesn’t seem to be good enough, so what should that person be? Oh, and a third thing that some “old guy” told me was, “Anything for Free has NO value” . Please show me how wrong any of the 3 items mentioned concerning Homo sapiens does not apply!


    1. “You offer no solution and, therefore, from my point of view are a “blowhard fool” that constitutes more of the problem than the solution (since you offer no solution only complain of a problem).”

      So, JJ’s “foolishness” was identifying the problem (as he sees it)? And he’s a “blowhard” because he doesn’t propose a solution?

      You only number two propositions (although you claim three), both of which reduce man to a beast. I know your species.



      1. I understand how you may have some problem with the educational institutions in the USA since 1) Homo sapiens is NOT Nice. 2) Homo sapiens is OPPORTUNISTIC and 3) Anything for Free has no value. That last reference points directly at the Illegals that use the system but have no respect for those that FUND it. Should you look at the maps that list where the votes for the “Criminal” got her votes, they were almost, if not, entirely in areas where people live for FREE at the others expense, those that voted for the President Elect.


    2. Thanks for the feedback, Bruce. First, here we try to keep the ad hominems to a minimum in the comments, as I find they add little to the conversation. You may call the ideas stupid and attack them all you wish, with my complete blessing, but we are better than personal insults. I try hard to keep this a civilized forum of discussion in a world of incivility.

      Craig is a semi-regular contributor for the sole reason that he is a different perspective than mine and I generally enjoy reading what he writes. For guest posts I usually try to include a small foreword and sign it to prevent confusion, hence the separate signatures. I don’t speak for Craig, but I below are a few thoughts on the matter.

      One of my biggest frustrations with this blog is my inability to address every facet of an issue in 1,000 words. It is simply impossible, because I would post once a year and it would be book length, and then I STILL wouldn’t get it all. Hence my topical posts, and while not necessary it is extremely helpful to read previous posts. My answer to much of your post is on this very blog already. I have stated previously of my belief of man’s sin nature, it is part of my religious beliefs as an orthodox Protestant. Mankind has a sin nature and cannot, nor has ever been improved by internal will above the state he began and currently is in. Better governance or may be derived, but only if it conforms to the laws of nature and nature’s God. My distaste for the Constitution has defensible, logical points and an alternative. I have very publicly stated in the past, to many angry emails and more than a few ugly names, that it was far inferior to the existing Articles of Confederation. My solution to this mess, as has also been stated publicly on this blog, was to commit to political palliative care. We can vote as hard as we want, but as Breitbart said, culture is upstream of politics. We as a nation no longer have the education, culture, community or virtue to even rise to the rather low bar the Constitution sets. You don’t reverse a population trend that’s at least three generations in without drastic, Biblical level catastrophe. We can’t pay our bills and the math simply does not work with European and the US’ economies, the current crop of degenerates, my colleagues, are utterly at odds with reality in this and most other regards. Reality is coming and it is going to almost destroy us.

      Stating the glaring fact that this fetid mess of a government cannot continue is not being part of the problem. I’m one of the minority of those under 30 who pay a sizable amount of taxes and is a net asset to the government. I’m a unicorn, sir. In keeping with this solution you wish provided for you, I posit that while unrepentant humans are inherently fallen and cannot be trusted…then why does one trust a group made up of such? If men were angels and all that. No, it makes far more sense to limit the amount of evil any single individual can perpetrate by not allowing a fraction of the population to arbitrarily decide whether a plant is illegal or that all the rainwater in the state belongs to them…or to kill you just because, or sterilize you against your will because you’re handicapped like my state used to until recently. The other viable alternative, is a benevolent monarchy. I personally have similar concerns about one, as it still relies on fallen man. Others here believe that to be the best course and in fairness I must grant that there is historical precedent for that, while there is less so for my position.

      As for backing away from this process, I have looked and looked for this contract I signed obligating me to pay for others’ healthcare, Social Security and the myriad of other things my taxes go to. Whether they benefit me or not, I did not assent to any such agreement. In my professional opinion, should a client bring a contract like the one touted by many on the right and the left, I would chuckle. It’s not a contract by any stretch of US law. I’m no more obligated to choose the lesser of two evils in the voting booth than I am in any other aspect of life. Simply not being a politician is NOT good enough. Dahmer was not a politician and I don’t want him with his hand on the red button. I’d start by someone who doesn’t seek to fix anything other than stealing my money. Who can keep a promise…to his wife…before he tries to get the country to believe his promises. How about not stealing people’s property via imminent domain to increase your personal fortune? I’d settle for a moral person, at this point. THAT would be good enough. Stick around, read some of the other stuff on here and you may get a better feel of where I and others are coming from. Read it with an open mind, not so you agree with me, but so we may both get closer to the right answer.


      1. Jesse, I use my real first name and doubt you do the same. I may be at some riskfor doing that. I have been around longer than you, by reason of your reply and have, likely, paid more taxes but share your disdain for doing so. I understand the Medical issues, perhaps a bit better than you but that will be an unanswered statement because the revelation will not, likely, be forth coming. The Donald was not my first choice but a choice needs to be made and by accident he may be the best. Since the Almighty does not seem to be returning on a time table that has been revealed to me, I feel that doing nothing is not a reasonable option. The Nature of Man suggests that one chosen by those governed makes more sense than one chosen because of being benevolent or through inheritance. Because of the nature of man too much time in a Controlling position breeds contempt and feelings of omnipotence, it makes little sense to me to put a benevolent dictator in place. The experiment of the USA was one that put responsibility and power into the hands of the governed knowing that it was not perfect but, if responsibility was accepted by the individual, there was the best chance of progress. I do not understand to what the “commercial” comment was pointed but I apologize. Perhaps I should read more than comment. That will be considered.


  2. Thank you. Well stated, interesting, and thought provoking. It’s the kind of article that needs to be read twice and those are the best kind.


  3. Bruce, I agree with you that Craig did not offer a solution, but I must point out… neither did you, unless you contend that voting for Trump is somehow going to be a panacea for our nation’s ills.

    Not to defend Craig, whom I only know via what he has posted here, but I pretty much agree with his assessment. My own view is there is no solution available to mankind. We’ve essentially proven we are to incompetent as a race to govern ourselves. Please, by all means, prove me wrong. Show me ONE government that has not failed and failed miserably. Thus one cannot offer a solution where there is none to be had. Mankind has one more play and that is a global government. The glaring problem I see with that is no global government can rule with the consent of the governed. Such an entity can only come about by agreement with existing governments. In other words: no one is putting this up for a vote. Not that it matters as this one world government will be short-lived.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, all this must come to pass. Like it or not we are approaching the most epic period of history, greater than the resurrection of the Messiah as His return will mark the end of the adversary’s time on this earth. Whether you believe I am correct or you think I’m full of it, time will tell. As always this is analysis, not prophecy and therefore a guess based on extrapolation of discernible facts.

    Now about voting: again I agree with Craig and anyone else who maintains voting, in and of itself, is a useless act. Our government was designed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. For some reason this seems to translate into “let the aggressors in our society choose who will lead us, vote them into power, slap them on the back and send them off with a blank check.” Uh, we were supposed to participate in rather than delegate this stuff. In my earlier years, I tried this and it did not work as well as I desired. Even so, some of those with a like mind did actually make somewhat of a difference on a local level. So while I can agree that “voting” is not the answer, I will contend that, at least in my lifetime, some inroads could have been made but it requires more effort than dragging one’s carcass to the voting booth once or twice a year. In recent years, I held some hope that combining the power of the Internet with a write-in vote could be effective in electing non-party representatives. While this is still possible in some areas, I do not think it is plausible.

    IF there is solution, it seems reasonable to me that it would necessarily entail patriots rolling up our sleeves and putting forth the effort to win back the territory we’ve lost. This would be an uphill struggle on rocky path laden with landmines. The big money would side with the status quo. I suspect certain of those entrenched in positions of power – especially those not in the limelight – would at least consider resorting to violence to thwart those who dare challenge them. In other words, any solution is guaranteed NOT to be a walk in the park. Nor are there any simple answers to the complicated mess we now wallow in.


    1. I had nearly determined that I need not comment but I will offer as short an answer as I can. “Life is a struggle” and that encompasses ALL living things, ourselves included. To think that you can “put faith in” or “trust” someone (or an ideology) because you do not know all their shortcomings (the Globalist Approach) doesn’t deserve a comment because the thinking is “flawed”. So, yes, the only way one can change anything is to be involved and to engage in the “Fight”, “Battle” or what ever descriptor you apply. If one thinks otherwise, the defeat is inevitable.


  4. Many may think I am invested in a Trump presidency,however, this is far from my position. My only guilt is that I, like a good many others, hated the prospect of 8 years of looking at the Hildebeast whose past is strewn with corpses and communist rhetoric.

    I said from the beginning that, if he is what he claims to be, the bankers would either sideline him as they did with Ron Paul, a real threat to their control, or, they would kill him before taking office [by some radical nutcase, of course]. We know for a fact that those bankers have always owned both horses in a two horse race. They always give the voters a choice between the lesser of two evils. Its been that way all our lives. Anyone with an ounce of brains has to know that there are far more people sitting in a PTA
    meeting qualified to due justice to the American people than the criminals we see being selected as cabinet members. ‘Drain the swamp’ certainly had a nice ring to it, but that’s not what is happening nor
    will it.

    After the last bs election promising ‘hope and change’ we got the same old crap, this time from a homo drug user who, in spite of media claims of brilliance, can’t speak a single sentence without half a dozen
    pauses. Just another donkey taking orders from the elites. And, don’t think for a minute that all this baloney about Obama giving Israel a bad go of it is real either. Israel runs the show here and all the talk of how “O” has affronted them is just more dressing to make Trump look like a good guy to those that think Israel is our friend. You might notice that Trump kept saying from the go that he was going to be very close to Israel. WARNING SIGN NUMBER ONE!!!!!!

    Lets look at it this way. The public has been snookered again and this time with a very carefully planned approach and with all the right media droppings to make it look like the chickens out smarted the foxes. It
    ain’t gonna happen in our lifetime. Anyone that voted can’t really complain one way or another because they decided to be part of this de-facto regime by lending support and legitimacy to it by voting.

    Back in the 90s I revoked my voters registration for the simple reason that ITS NOT OUR OVERNMENT. IT BELONGS TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT–THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS. If you voted, you have unwittingly become part of the problem. I saw a bumper sticker a few years ago that said “If we don’t vote, will they go away?”. The answer is yes, for a de-facto regime can only maintain legitimacy under international law by the consent of the population.

    When Trump won the election my first thought was, “is he really ‘their boy’ [my suspicions all along] or did their magic vote counting machine break down?”.


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