Buzzfeed, Buddy and the Shifting human terrain

The latest failure by CNN, Buzzfeed and far too many people in the United States to grasp where the shifting sands of the Potomac are headed and how to navigate the human terrain brought an interesting parallel into my head. One of the Christmas movies I’m forced to watch during the holiday season is Elf, with Will Ferrel as the main character. I’m fairly critical of all Christmas movies sans the Griswold masterpiece, the only real portrayal of  family dynamics during holidays, but my better half cannot get enough of the season. I can’t get enough of her, so naturally I put on a stiff upper lip during the onslaught of one terrible Christmas movie after another. She isn’t fazed by finding bullets in pockets, magazines in desk drawers, and is pretty handy with an AR out to 400m so I can’t complain. The basic premise of the movie is Buddy (Will Ferrel) wound up in the North Pole and was raised by the elves, only to discover in his 30’s that he was human. The movie is about his trip to NYC to find his father and the clash of his world with the real one. The behavioral norms he was used to and the social routines were utterly foreign to New Yorkers and vice versa. While to us he appears totally inept and unable to understand the most basic realities of normal human behavior, Buddy is acting the way he always has and fails to see that his world has changed drastically. I was watching the exchange of Trump with CNN and the thought occurred to me that it was much the same thing.

People generally resist change, we like predictability and as much as we pretend to crave change…we like it in small controllable doses. Paradigm shifts occur gradually, yet we often miss the signs and one day we wake up to find the world changed. The people at Bear Stearns and Lehman woke up one day in 2008 and realized their world had changed. They were wrong, the world had changed years prior, they just weren’t aware of it yet. The signs were there, the tranches and subprime mortgages were in black and white, physical paper. The paradigm changed when the market refused to deny home loans and the banks bought them. Deutsche, Morgan and Citi knew, they hid the losses for a year at least. The paradigm had already shifted and they turned to denial rather than modify their thinking and behavior. What we are seeing now is that clash of world views and behavior. For several large segments of the American population, life makes absolutely no sense and everything they have known about politics and society is in desperate need of revision. We may laugh and scoff at the people having breakdowns over the election and their plans to disrupt and dismiss the current ruler of the American Empire, but it bears considering if we too are suffering from the same.

reactions-to-changeThe legacy media has failed to understand and grasp the newfound power of alternative media to reach and influence the population. This continues to be evident through the ‘fake news’ moniker, which has lost all traction and meaning at this point. Even a decade ago, the label would have stuck because of the legacy media’s primacy in reaching and influencing people. The voters who thought it was inconcievable that  Hillary would not be coronated and we would enjoy sixteen years under the same couple are now being forced to confront the ugly reality that the people they would rather not think about were thinking about them. The white majority in America has bough into identitarian politics and is now only just beginning to vote like a minority. The patriot movement who was perpetually in crisis mode for the past eight years now must confront the difficult task of discerning the wheat from the tares in this new administration and not fall prey to becoming supporters of the Empire that has merely undergone a facelift. How well we adapt and understand this new development goes a long way toward our future success or failure. The greatest thing we can do is recognize something for what it is, and where its potential lies.

My continued resistance toward the regime on the Potomac is because the answer to the problem is not a matter of the right face being at Pennsylvania Avenue. Rather than debate who has their finger on the shotgun to my head, the solution is to remove the shotgun. The long-term solution is not to hope for a string of benevolent demigods every four years, but to remove the mechanisms that exist which allow those elected to put that shotgun to our head. From what I have seen thus far it has been a fool’s errand to speak out against the temptation to root for someone on our side holding the proverbial shotgun. The only thing both sides seem to agree on is that there should definitely be a shotgun, so long as it’s on the other guy’s head. We will quickly become irrelevant as a movement if we reduce ourselves to nothing more than a passive cheerleading squad for the latest petty bureaucrat to take the stage. If we hitch ourselves to this star, from a PR perspective we now own the results. Results that may very well include a financial crisis, and a continuance of the civil rights violations of the last half dozen administrations. You may equivocate and protest, but for the vast majority of Americans it won’t matter. The optics however, will matter.

Already there exists an amalgam of groups united in their solidarity against a Trump presidency and as the recent Buzzfeed debacle illustrated, willing to burn bridges, money and goodwill over it. Pete brought up a point that deserves credit when he stated that there most certainly exists at least a white paper plan to execute a soft coup and the likelihood of success. If we woke up Saturday to the same president declaring a national emergency and all the concomitant powers that go with it, what would you do? What type of community structure is set up? How are we prepared to counter the media onslaught telling Americans how lucky they were to have averted certain disaster? What is our ability to counter any of it, save in a kinetic fashion that gets us branded immediately as terrorists? Someone once told me, being your own harshest critic might make you a cynic…but reality being your harshest critic makes you a fool. I don’t want us to be fools. Let the statists and Fifth Column Inc. be the fools while they run around, uncomprehending and becoming their own worst enemy. We simply do not have that luxury. Let them be Buddy, totally void of any sensory input and continuing to operate as if nothing at all happened to completely change the human terrain. We are better than cheerleaders, and we are better than merely settling for a slightly lighter boot on our neck for the next four years. Now is the time to make meaningful strides toward real progress in a semi-friendly environment. That has far more lasting benefit toward true security than cheering on the latest Trump tweet or wishing on rainbows that he will be the hero that doesn’t exist and swoop down and save us. It’s a thankless, grueling job being your own hero, but slaves wish for a savior to do what they will not. A free man recognizes that you are always the captain of your soul, regardless of the circumstances. Stop looking for heroes, be your own.


Jesse James


5 thoughts on “Buzzfeed, Buddy and the Shifting human terrain

  1. Hey, I’m a died in the wool believer it all begins with each of us. You lead by living by example too. It is a slow but sure process. Other catch on, they notice, it goes out and it’s heard on the grapevine, you don’t have to hawk your patriots wares so to speak, just simple words, and gestures carry far, other’s pick up on it, it’s good natured preference to see somebody else be successful and think hey that’s all right, because it is living proof choice of liberty works, is viable, and tangibles, material, spiritual, and virtue wise are the rewards when self determination is lived as fully as possible.
    The toxic people don’t want to see it, some don’t want you to see it because toxicity loves company, you can’t do much to change that, so it’s not a bother if your seeing things truthfully. You just keep on.
    I think that is how wholesome movements become sea changes, one person at a time, they evolve naturally, through increasing preference, and one day you look around and it’s not the ground swell, but a plurality of a type that is indomitable, it begins to coalesce because people within it are motivated by the spirit and rightfulness of it, they begin to put far more in than they take out of it. Thats when that elusive motive power, audacity, becomes something that can’t be denied. Then you have your revolution. The greatest thing is it all begins with each of us, the greatest things begin from humble means. That is why it can be believed in so badly, that nothing or nobody can stop it.


  2. “it has been a fool’s errand to speak out against the temptation to root for someone on our side holding the proverbial shotgun.”

    I haven’t noticed this so much. Sure there are a few diehard cheerleaders but most people I interact with seem to get the picture pretty well. They are in a “wait and see” mode and most also certainly are aware of economic debacle.


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