Protests: Another Roadside Distraction

Cole Younger worked with the 24th STS prior to 9/11 and later at the Special Warfare School (SWCS) post-9/11. He was gracious enough to pen this and we would all do well to heed the information contained therein. As protests begin to ramp up in DC and pieces on the chess game of state begins to move at a more rapid pace, it would serve us well to understand who the pawns are…and who aren’t. Simply because you aren’t considering second and third order ramifications, doesn’t mean others are not intensely interested and invested into manipulating and mobilizing segments of the public. Protests and media can be just as effective in 4GW as a convertible ride through Dallas, and not half as disconcerting to those blindly casting a ballot and hoping for the best.

Jesse James

The first action of any government is to keep the proletariat “fat, dumb and happy” As long as you give people a remote control with something to look at and their bellies full, all is good with the world. Hence, bread and circus. Babies cry when their needs are not met. Adults don’t mature much past this stage. The latest brood of safe-space seeking Millenials is a testament to the latest installment.

Someone, someplace, all the time is protesting something as an aggrieved party. The men behind the curtain decide what action to take….or not, depending on their threat assessment. There are too many examples in history to address here. Consider what the world would be like or have evolved without someone having protested and the course of action taken by all parties. There would never have been any US or America!

A protest of one Bhuddist monk self-emolating is as loud as thousands of people waving banners and shouting (busting shop windows, overturning cars and hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails). Protests are fueled by emotions and fear…..and propaganda. Revolutions are fueled by blood and gunpowder…..and propaganda. (Pay attention to the narrative, don’t blow it off!)

The anger of the former is the short fuse to a large magazine.

roadside-bombsAny protest is an antithesis to a current condition, a call to action to a wrong by an aggrieved number of people that is not being addressed in a sufficient manner. Ergo, more safe-spaces. Usually people protest against a government action (or lack of). Has a government ever protested against its people? ‘Gulaging’ state critics could be perceived as such. Ones and twos are easy, but what if you have hundreds? Thousands?

When mothers go to the streets because their babies are hungry, you have a potential problem. When the young men between 18 -29 cannot find work, you have a potential problem. It’s one thing to have a useless degree owing thousands to a loan shark system that will never be paid off. It’s another issue when you actually have a STEM degree and have a better chance of getting a job. What if the economy is in the tank? Older people laid-off, unpaid bills, pensions cut-off? Venezuela?

When the PTB perceive the protests to be a threat to the status quo, they have two options:

1) Nip the problem in the bud, bust heads, make others disappear, instill fear into the hearts and minds of the people; a classic oppressive, totalitarian action which could have been the reason for the protest in the first place. Now you have driven the protest underground to lick their wounds and come back stronger. Now you have steeled their resolve, or you have proven them pussies and they curl up in a fetal position in their safe space.

2) Pay attention. Listen. Investigate the legitimacy of the grievance, and provide solutions, NOT a committee to study the problem. When there is a rot in Denmark, the people will let you know.

3) I did mention two…ignore the situation and hope it goes away. In that case you will suffer the fate of Louis XVI or the Romanovs.

When you reverse engineer a political party from a movement born from a protest you will find someone who was not happy about the status quo and struck a nerve with other like-upset folks and away we go. Most changes of the status quo are usually achieved by revolution or a coup d’etat. Blood seems to be the common denominator to change…and it all starts with some sort of protest.

In every protest there is a need to influence public opinion to a real or perceived wrong usually perpetrated by the PTB. There are no long term strategic or social goals that can be achieved just by one or two or several protests in different areas except as a distraction. Once the general public pays attention and provides legitimacy to the protestors (winning hearts and minds), then the protest can evolve into a movement.

At each stage more planning, organization and funding are necessary. If the protest grows and continues into a movement it can also grow in legitimacy and as a political movement. Without further planning and organization (taking your eye off the goal) a protest cannot grow into a movement and risks morphing into something the original organizers did not intend in the first place, there are unintended consequences OR blowback. You don’t hear about authority head-bashing and rounding up the usual suspects, unless it becomes a media event.

Ferguson started with a trigger and fractional facts. It quickly morphed into violence and looting. We have had the same playbook in Baltimore, Charlotte, Watts, and other places. The media, on-line with the narrative, was quick to indicate the oppression and lack of options for a certain group. In every case the trigger was the same. Was the outrage justified? Maybe. We are lead to believe that one group is biased and targets a particular racial group. Is the bias justified? Maybe. If the protests had been legitimate would they, or could they have had a greater impact without the violence and looting ? Maybe. It’s one thing to redress grievances, another to go breaking shit. Was the violence and looting justified? NO. At this point legitimacy is lost regardless if the trigger event was unjustified. The violence feeds the narrative and vice versa. This is the goal of propaganda or dizinformatzia.

Now the obverse. Is a particular group being targeted by law enforcement? Yes, because there is a higher degree for such a group to get in trouble. We have our ears bleeding on how opportunities are so lacking for black people in this country, but you know, there are a lot of successful black people in this country who refused to be victims.

Victims protest because of a perception that they have been treated, or led to believe they have been treated, unfairly. Successful people don’t protest and don’t need to cater to victims that chose to be such. But, we are told that they are victims due to no fault of their own, but being put down by “the man” or _____ (insert blame here). The anti-Trump protests have had the same failure. If your peaceful protest won’t garner the desired result, have a temper tantrum. However, the protest is usually a distraction and part of a larger plan.

For any protest to maintain legitimacy and have a chance to evolve into a movement it must adhere to certain rules. First and foremost is NOT to deteriorate into violence and looting. The second is to provide validity by qualifiable and quantifiable documentation. The first MIGHT keep you out of jail and having your head bashed in, the second MIGHT get non-parties to listen and open their wallets.

You do know how to do this, right?

So anyone can protest about anything at any time. The effectiveness depends on the legitimacy of the protest and ultimately having a wrong corrected. There are few protests in history that were non-violent and the banner was picked (or developed) up by the MSM. “The Whole World is Watching!” The difference today is that most protests, media, political action have become part of 4GW, more sophisticated, organized and funded. Connecting all the dots is a daunting task.

The key to success whether a protest, movement, psychological operation, revolution, even an election is an irrefutable proof to an iron-clad and undeniable TRUTH. One does not have to remember the truth. The obverse being that every lie contains a grain of truth to make it plausible. However, in order to make the first lie believable , you must make up ten more lies to support the first, and so on and so on. You become victim to your own rhetoric.

Tiannamen started with an undercurrent of concerns for the future direction of China. The reactions were varied but the results reverberated world-wide. The general consensus world-wide was support of the students, because of the established world-view that the government was oppressive. The result was that the protests were successful, the government acquiesced somewhat and the tree of liberty was watered. We know the “rest of the story”. Either there haven’t been any more protests in China since then or they are very quickly Gulaged.

I have visual clips of protests from around the world for the last 50 years going through my mind. A common theme being violence on both sides of the scrum. There were a couple of times I was a bystander and once when myself and my high-school classmates were squeezed through a choke point and received various forms of abuse just as we got off the bus to attend a lecture at the ancient Agora in 1973. Protests were nearly a daily occurrence in Greece that year. A year later I was on the second plane out of Greece after the invasion of Cyprus.

Was there a corollary cause and effect between the protests and the invasion? No telling. Another common theme of protests being the desired end-state versus the actual end-state doesn’t always jive. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you just might find, you get what you need….good and hard. You can protest all you want, but if you are disrupting the daily flow of life or committing violence against people or property…and the police will do nothing…then someone else will not be so kind and start kicking ass and not taking names.

Who’s paying the protestors, or at least pay the organizers to stir up the usual useful idiots, unemployed, homeless, students, the have-nothing-else-to-do-but-I want-to-blame-somebody? Follow the money. No pay = no protest. There’s a great deal of speculation of George Soros funding all these protests by the special snowflakes and the BLM. Why doesn’t someone follow the money, or more especially prove the money flow and hit Soros with a RICO charge or similar. Even better, extradite him to Russia…..just because. Who else? Anyone from the Frankfurt School and their accolades encountering a tragic fate.

Any organization requires funding for their cause, especially those that are anti-something. Sometimes you can create an anti-something group and its antithesis has a better chance of success. So, any time you see a group for or against something, think about the obverse and you have a better perspective. Sun Tzu said someplace that to best understand your adversary you must visit their camp. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. When you undergo any operation with spotty intel, expect poor results, failure or death. Never underestimate the opposition.

Protests require traction and momentum to be successful, provided there is a specific goal in mind. Protests may serve as a distraction, when some other more sinister action is taking place. Protests need to be long-term to become effective, they need to hog the cameras to remain in the spotlight but the message must be valid to resonate with a large cross-section of the people in order to gain support.

Otherwise, it’s off to another distraction…..

The Ruskies hacked the Election! Fake news! Russian propaganda! Recount! Electorate rigging!

This is how you tell when a group has lost the dialogue and have run out of legitimacy. They have devolved into feces flinging monkeys.

Cole Younger


3 thoughts on “Protests: Another Roadside Distraction

  1. Thank you, but the author left out the corollary.
    If there is a genuine grievance and sufficient numbers support the correction of the grievance, then the way to maintain the status quo is to invalidate the protesters.
    Hence the “Black Uniforms with Ski Masks’, the ‘Anarchists’ and the violence.
    In this way the message is sidelined and the ‘messengers’ become the focus.
    If I were running the government, and had a ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement against me, simply use agitators to turn every Demonstration into a violent looting rampage and the problem is solved.
    DNC – Clinton used it to invalidate the leaking of the e-mails. Forget the message look at the messenger!
    What the Author also failed to mention is that USA has been training the ‘protesters’ in every colour revolution from Yugoslavia to the Trump inauguration. He also failed to mention that protests may be a ‘sting’ to pull the potential leaders and troublemakers into the movement and out of the shadows. It is not a coincidence that every terror attack by ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists’ anywhere in the world is carried out by people who have been in the Security – FBI spotlight and then let go. Without the ‘terror’ there would be no justification for removing our shoes and feeling around in our underwear.
    Remember to always look for the young men in the brown trousers, blue jackets and carrying backpacks.


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