Bracken Sends

Read.This. Understand.This. The final exam will be brutal.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Folks, don’t miss the video by Trevor Loudon I sent earlier and I’ll resend now. I consider my you my patriot brothers, and I consider this a very serious and possibly rapidly escalating situation.

Seriously, please study this video closely.

If you want to pass along any of this missive, fine by me.

I see January 2017 as a 1969 repeat in many ways. After 1968 and RFK/MLK, LBJ failed to hand off to HHH, and when RMN was elected, Mr. Ayers went from SDS to WU. Now with DJT instead of HRC, the same shift is happening, I have no doubt. This video is a rogues gallery, all kudos to O’Keefe, Loudon, Vadum and others in the production. This is the yardstick for an effective documentary. Perhaps after 1-20 the feds will start to do this work, instead of only private concerned citizens.

What you will see in this…

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One thought on “Bracken Sends

  1. This video smacks of old school KGB disinformatzia. It appeals to fears and emotions with biases that resonate with what many people have known or suspected for a while. Take the essay of the opposition and turn it to your needs and ideology. (Consider Schumer’s speech before Trump’s. The rhetoric and words were similar but the tone was slightly different.)This is a classic leftist technique. The video masquerades as being right wing. The give-away is the claim that Putin is supporting the anti-globalist movement in Russia to provide what kind of legitimacy? This seems like a long route to implicating the Russians behind the protests after the election? I don’t connect the dots here. No mention of Soros? There are more plausable snail tracks there.

    When anyone tries to tell me what I want or expect to hear having psyop’ed what motivated people to vote for Trump, I remain suspicious. We are in the midst of 4GW warfare and this video is going to be one of many. The first casualty of warfare is the truth.

    One of my mentors was a WWII photographer who said “I wasn’t there, I didn’t see it, I didn’t photograph it, it didn’t happen”

    Believe nothing of what you read or hear and only half of what you see. Wars and rumors of wars. We live in interesting times.


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