Guest Post: Making the Green Grass Grow

The Empire, America, invades, occupies and plunders several countries every decade, while China engages in ‘trade’. Iran hasn’t attacked any neighbor for two centuries, while Israel has ravaged several countries since its birth. Show us where Russia has engaged in any military adventures beyond their borders in any way comparable to what America has. The Empire’s messengers always omit or justify whatever crimes ‘our’ side is doing because, we’re told, the actions of the bad guys who use evil violence always legitimize what we do because we use good violence. When using the tactics you oppose in others, you become what you oppose.

We’re supposed to adopt the ‘groupthink’; Assad is a mass murderer, we repeat for years, that he bombed his own people, whether true or not. Reports arguing that it was more likely to have been a crime committed by our ‘moderate’ opposition friends are surely written by some Assad apologist or maybe Russians. Most of the Western media call President Assad “the dictator” and the government “the regime”. These negatively loaded words don’t belong in news reports. You find such terminology in editorials. News media which use these terms are an integral part of deliberate war-promoting propaganda. It’s not journalism. Projection is part of the news media groupthink.

poison_propagandaPropaganda’s goal is to spread the ‘official description’ to be mindlessly repeated by ‘our rulers’, and their supporters. This official tale doesn’t need to make sense, or pass any serious investigation. Truth isn’t the idea; the point is to draw a defensive ideological boundary, between ‘the truth’ as defined by ‘our’ rulers and anything else. Conforming to the ‘official reality’ is price of admission to the inner temple, where jobs, professional prestige, and other rewards of ‘Capitalism’ are found. Only ‘consumers’ actually believe this absurd official ‘reality’ which isn’t a problem, as it isn’t intended to be believed, accepted and repeated, like religious dogma. It’s a loyalty test which ‘our leaders’ use to determine just how far they can push this.

Years ago we were taught in school about how dictatorships change what’s taught to be true history to facilitate their current arranged societal biases. America has demonstrated this many ways. An easy example is how Fallujah and Aleppo are presented in their repossession by Americans or Syrians. American history is written by the victors and changes according to the flavor of the time. America does the same things it attacks other countries for doing, but you’re not supposed to notice that.

Public opinion in America is being stampeded to accept as unquestioned fact that Russia attacked American democracy. Lynch mobs, always part of this country, have declared Russia guilty. Keep this up and war comes next. No skepticism, no verifiable proof, just group-think let loose. To browbeat Trump into joining the lynch mob to hang Putin and Russia, ‘our free press’ are calling him a traitor if he doesn’t comply. Rumor, speculation and propaganda are the tools of American public dialogue, used by ‘consumers’, media and ‘our’ government. Anyone who shows the slightest dissent from the panic to lynch the day’s target is also likely to be lynched.

Despite the fact that Moscow has abandoned control of immense areas of Europe and Asia, ‘our’ experts insist that Russia is an expansionist power. This ‘expansion’ only seems to be occurring in zones that Moscow once controlled, into which the Empire creeps to extend their influence. American attitudes toward Russia are selective and cynical, without any real standards. Since the collapse of the USSR, the West has struggled to find a new bogeyman. When America ran out of national enemies, it allowed the Afghani Mujahedeen, we created to oppose Russians there to become Al-Qaeda, to be blamed for 9/11, and then becoming ISIS and the ‘moderate rebels’ of Syria who are supported by the Empire using it’s stooges; Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The Washington Post was enraged when, in 2015, Russia shut down ‘our’ government-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED), using a law that “bans groups from abroad who are deemed a ‘threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation, its defense capabilities and its national security”. The Washington Post wrote: “The charge against the NED is patently ridiculous. The NED’s grantees in Russia last year ran the gamut of civil society. They advocated transparency in public affairs, fought corruption and promoted human rights, freedom of information and freedom of association, among other things. All these activities make for a healthy democracy but are seen as threatening from the Kremlin’s ramparts.” “Transparency in public affairs,” fighting corruption, and “freedom of information,” is vital for creating a “healthy democracy” in Russia when promoted by a foreign organization but is a serious danger to democracy if anyone should try to do that in America.

What you’re seeing isn’t legitimate concern for ‘our democratic system’, but a manufactured problem, meant to herd ‘consumers’ into accepting increased tensions with Russia creating conditions that won’t allow Trump to proceed with a reconciliation with Russia, as he has stated he plans to do. This use of American propaganda seems to be the deep state/military industrial complex attempting to wrestle control back from the citizens after they elected a highly divisive President who ran on a platform including peace with Russia. Most ‘consumers’ fail to recognize that these ongoing wars have little to do with keeping them safe and everything to do with enriching the military industrial complex at taxpayer expense.

The constant unspoken message is don’t think; agree. Don’t investigate; obey.

What’s the solution when you know ‘our’ government deliberately creates the enemies it pretends to fight? It’s a new twist on the Vietnam War history, when a colonel said on TV, that we had to destroy a village to save it. It’s the operating philosophy behind the NDAA Act and the five sided fun house on the Potomac. The formula is ‘we must kill them in order to protect them’. It’s stupid to think Russia would attack Europe: American ‘leaders’ are well aware of this but press on with NATO’s expansion, breaking our word to Russia.

Journalism never reached the goal it claims of editorial objectivity because it remains an arrogant slave to the financial and political compromises it must endure to survive. This deal with the devil makes it an unreliable source in most situations. American crimes are camouflaged by compliant media that doesn’t challenge the lies they’re told fearing they will lose their access to the politicians who mislead them.

The psychopaths who run ‘our free press’ created the lockstep media version: Russia is always evil and this may only be fixed by bombing them. Somehow all the ‘official media’ in the country have the same opinion. All news is skewed against Russia, much in the way it was skewed against any other target of the day. It’s no mystery because only six corporations own most of ‘our free press’. We honor ‘heroes’ for their bravery and for throwing away their lives for the lies that led to their useless deaths. War has now become our default mechanism: America’s main industry. Humans become a different creature when they have total control and no consequences for what they do.

2016-10-24-syria-4The Empire raped Qaddafi in the street, stole Libya’s oil and gold, and then destroyed the world’s largest aqueducts, his GRM water system. A war that we never hear about is going on in Yemen. It’s the Saudis trying to reinstall their ousted puppet. Yemeni society has been destroyed and the Saudis use American weapons to attack this country. The core of America’s success has always been armaments. We always had good weapons, and still do, maybe. Since WW1 the best earning American industry has been weapons. The economy hinges on ability to make war. The educational system is geared to discovering new military applications, concealing our actual history and producing compliant ‘consumers’. America defends dictatorships, and destroys countries that try to be free and independent.

War is our default machinery. Warmongers trumpet the virtues of war with no awareness that most of the victims of war are mothers and their children. Smedley Butler outlined our basic problem 80 years ago in his book; war is a racket. The message never reaches ‘consumers’. America, the war machine, keeps going no matter who is president. A President who disagreed with the powerbrokers who own us was ‘eliminated by a loner with a mental health history’.

America has crossed the line into madness. We no longer hear the words freedom and liberty. Divide and conquer is their favored tactic. The powers that be are flooding Europe with savages from the wilds of the world to degrade systems that worked well before this attack on their stability. The wars aren’t to defend liberty. They’re brutal onslaughts against targets that are given the choice to obey or die, for the Empire’s profit.

‘Peace’ treaties, beyond their understanding, were forced on the Indians and we broke every one. The whole world knows all this, but America just keeps lying and the world continues to accept those lies because America has the means to destroy just about any country. A country that has earned that reputation has earned ruin. It’s the outright lying that troubles me the most; the celebrated massacres in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, all for lies, for nothing except oil and heroin, the world’s two biggest cash crops. The obliteration of Syria is about a gas pipeline that Israel/Qatar/America wants to build. The Empire’s policy is to make all of Israel’s neighbors’ disaster areas, with no hope for freedom. ‘Consumers’ are conditioned, by schools and family, to blindly obey whatever anyone in any position of authority tells them.

When the communists or Nazis did these types of things, everyone was quickly able to see that such things were bad. But when the Pentagon, CIA, and NSA do them, Americans are expected to thank them for their service. Its commentary on how the American propaganda ministry operates.

The Empire has failed catastrophically in Syria due to brilliant maneuvering and coordinated military strategy by Russia: American objectives in Syria have been thoroughly undermined and the collapse of American influence across the Middle East is exposed. Even Turkey seems to be finding and creating pretexts to move towards Russia and away from NATO. Thanks to clumsy American provocations towards Russia, Iran and China, they’ve been driven together, rather than being kept separated and bickering as intended by Kissinger. They’re too smart to be driven apart again by, for example, bombing one of their embassies and trying to make it look like the other did it.

According to ‘The Plan’, America must contain and control the rise of Russia and China but they openly defy America. So what to do? A new strategy is necessary. Russia has become the main obstacle to Washington achieving its strategic vision of pivoting to Asia and maintaining its dominant role into the next century. ‘Our’ Intelligence Community has compromised its remaining credibility to incite fear of Russia and to advance the ambitions of deep state powerbrokers.

Putin isn’t working to delegitimize America democracy: America is doing the job quite successfully. He’s not destabilizing Europe either since the forces undermining the E.U. come from the austerity after the 2008 financial collapse and to the refugee rivers created by the Empire’s invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and the ‘regime change’ project in Syria.


Craig Dudley


11 thoughts on “Guest Post: Making the Green Grass Grow

    1. Really Israel is meddling in the Middle East and decimating several countries. Get a grip, Israel is just trying to survive in an impossible neighborhood. We have don a lot of stupid stuff to protect the retro dollar. Get off the Zionist baloney. That is right out of the Soros playbook unless that is where you are.

      Second thought there is nobody in this country that is going to say man I am sure glad the dollar is not the reserve currency anymore. Bank on that.

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  1. That was very well said.
    Too few people see this stuff happening or see it and refuse to believe it.
    Funny how the hyped by the media and blamed soley on prescription pain meds “opioid epidemic” began shortly after W. sent troops and the CIA to Afghanistan.
    I’ve had way too many broken bones over the years and have 4 discs in lower back that are bone on bone. Took prescription pain meds on and off for about 30 years and never once bought heroin or had the desire to stick a needle in my arm.
    The heroin comes from Afghanistan- no amount of media lying can change that fact. Had a son in law who died from heroin/ fentanyl overdose.
    Media lies don’t change U.S. attempt at regime change in Syria or CIA meddling in Ukraine.
    Or the U.S. Saudi or U.S. Israel meddling in M.E.
    Or NSA hoovering up every text, call, e mail ,banking activity, and browsing history of every person in the U.S.
    Too many people refuse to believe all the shady underhanded shit this county’s government does- yet they blindly support our troops.


  2. I guess the real question is when are we going to focus on solutions and actually work on implementing them than keep on focusing on the problems going on around us…I’m getting to the point of reading any thing like this article and others of the like and saying to myself WTF I can’t change any of that so why should I worry about it…I’m not in a position to change most of the problems of this world but I am in a position to change my situation into something better and to try and help others improve their situation… It was a good article but it’s just another problem we can do nothing…And let’s just say it does wake somebody up all its going to do is depress them because we as Freefor don’t have something they can turn too to find encouragement and hope…You all know my solution and no one has come up with something better so I’m sticking to that…


    1. It never hurts to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for people to follow. It’s much easier to see problems on the macro scale and then slowly work down to the local level. It doesn’t happen all at once. It’s like anything new, crawl…walk…run. I know you’re running, but not everyone is at that stage. We need a lot more up to speed to truly make a difference, brother.


  3. At the tippy-top of national committees, peace groups, anti-war groups, Congress, Wall Street, think tanks, mass media, military and the Executive branch ABC agencies are change agents and traitors who have succeeded, thus far, in destroying Constitutional protections and our Republic. Somewhere down the ranks are well-meaning human beings who take their oaths of office seriously.

    Citizen arrests are part of our system–especially when the traditional top-down trusts are broken.

    A ‘rule of law’ solution is far preferable to violence and uncertain outcomes from civil war/revolution. Working within the rule of law:

    In 10 minutes at , Richard Gage, Kevin Barrett and Christopher Bollyn will be presenting at the National of Islam annual conference.

    Today can be the best of days.

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    Thomas Jefferson: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    Banks punish certain Presidents (Carter Fed discount rate 20%) and reward others (Obama 0% Fed discount rate)

    Banks threaten the Congress and politicians. The banks collude with the military industrial complex to create new debt so the deep state insiders can have the first of the new money.

    When things get out of the deep state’s control, bankers punish us–declaring (creating) inflation, deflation, recessions and depressions as a tool of social control.

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