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All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. – Scott Alexander

complacency-and-apathy-300x173Oft times when I sit down after a day at work and begin writing, I do so with a particular question in mind. Who will this help? Despite the success I have been granted approaching things in a more measured way, I suspect in the current culture we live in that had I chosen to curse a little more, dumb down issues to an 8th grade level and 500 words, make outlandish claims of grandeur and throw some kitchy phrases out there, I might have a morning radio show and a couple of lackeys where I can dunk my face in Cheetohs and work on my terminal obesity. Clean cut is the new punk rock and Patrick Henry, or maybe Mises, is the new Karl Marx. In these surreal times, the population has been driven to political, economic and social extremes. Never have the capitalists, in the Adam Smith sense of the word, held more sway over our economy, and despite being the most educationally acommplished generation on paper, the Millennials stand a worse chance at the American dream than their parents ever did. A self-proclaimed ‘faggot’ is now held up as a scion by those seeking a return to traditional Western values. Populism is in the White House and communism is on the streets, while true freedom dies on the vine.

Sometimes at night I wonder if I’ll wake up and be in college again, the last decade just a MSG-fueled nightmare. Either way, those clamoring for me to do the heavy lifting in between their ears will continue to be disappointed, as I will continue to admit I do not have the ability to answer those nagging questions lodged in the deep recesses of your mind. You know what they are, the ones that peer back at you out of the darkness when  you’ve finally run out of distractions and your only recourse is to listen to that quiet voice who’s very existence poses terrifying implications. Ideals are fun to contemplate, but history is violent, unfair and often the innocent and weak are the first to taste the edge of its blade. Horrific things will be done on both sides of the coin. How far will you go to keep your family and culture alive? I don’t have the answers for you, and I won’t ever tell you that I do. What I can offer is the answers I’ve been able to arrive at for myself, and maybe give you a little more ammunition when confronting what stares back at you from the void.

striving-for-professional-mediocrityWe as a movement have sat at a crossroads for some time now. By our actions, many have been merely content to debate in the echo chamber, throw accusations at each other and generally do anything but productive work towards a goal. Rather than simply ask the question, ‘Does this move us away from statism and toward a more self-sufficient and free people?’ we demand a 300 page action plan, footnoted and then proceed to critique the formatting style and how one of those footnotes is the proof that the author is a socialist provocateur. In a sense it is the same vote-and-complain-when-it-doesn’t-do-anything attitude that we mock other people for having. Case in point, a few months ago I asked for contributors, thinking someone, somewhere would have experience and knowledge that I didn’t. Those who have corresponded with me know I am more than willing to post things I disagree with, provided it is a cogent argument. About .0005% of my monthly readership could be bothered to lift a finger to their keyboard (shoutout to the several who did and still do), most of whom have likely spent hours harassing each other in the comments on one blog or another. I have a hard time believing that out of all those people there isn’t a few more who are too slow to run in the woods but have the wisdom of several decades doing something useful. It’s not about whether someone thinks I’m a hack and wouldn’t have their name on this site if I paid them. I do this in my spare time and pony up what little money it costs to do so because there was a need. The point here, lest people accuse me of getting offended over trivial matters, is that if we cannot do simple things like that as a movement…how are we going to do the hard things? There are plenty in my neck of the woods that cannot be bothered to show up to improve or create something together, PT, do boring things like create an organizational structure or demonstrate the leadership necessary to train those looking to improve. I’ve cajoled, begged, organized things and done just about everything I can think of to get the talkers to do something other than talk. I know other ‘household names’ in the movement have voiced similar experiences to me as well. I’ve come to realize it’s the unversal metric of 10% doing the work and 90% diluting the brand and texting you excuses about how the dog ate their homework so they don’t have to bother to show up. What good is it to be among like-minded individuals if they put forth no more effort than the clueless ones? If we cannot conceive of sacrificing in our daily lives to build a better future, then we are absolutely no threat to anyone whatsoever.

Without a solution this becomes just another rant. The purpose of this is not an indiscriminate finger pointed at everyone from my multicam ivory tower. Evaluate yourself, your behavior and what you’re spending your time on. We all have obligations, familial and otherwise, so what time you do have needs to be spent wisely. You can’t run? Can you teach someone else what you know? There’s an awful lot of Baby Boomers in this movement and that insight and knowledge needs to be transferred to the younger generation or we risk dying as a movement. I’ve driven hours to train or meet up with people because I want this to develop into a true counter-culture. That doesn’t happen unless we stop the childish sniping and actually start working together. There will never be a right time. There will never be a hero. There is only you, and your choice whether to want this to work or not. It takes more than the handful of people who are actually making it happen. We can hang out and talk, and in five years have just what we have now to show for it. If that’s the case then the last one out turn off the lights. If that’s not the outcome we want, then we need to seriously reconsider what we are doing. One day sites like this are going to be yanked off the internet and the only people you have are going to be the one’s you have met, helped, trained with and built a community together. It’s your choice to do the hard thing or just keep treading water. My email is below and if you’ve got a better idea, a subject that needs to be covered or want my help in making something happen, then I will do everything I can to make it so. Let it never be said that all I did was talk.

Edit: Of course I would post my email address incorrectly the one time I do so in a post…Murphy and all that. If you sent an email to .som then I didn’t get it. The rest of you I will reply to ASAP, given my work schedule and hatred for doing so on my tiny phone screen when I’m not at home.

Jesse James


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  1. The answer is the history we were never taught.

    READ: American Betrayal by Diana West, Secret Team by J Fletcher Prouty,Stalins Secret Agents by M Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein


    1. I retired with a warrant and a PhD after 42 years military service in various interesting aspects of intell collection. I moved to Texas and bought 200 acres of rough land. After building several quality ranges suitable for teaching pistol, shotgun, and rifle, I offered to teach small arms to interested people free of charge, asking only regular attendance and some level of commitment. I once had visions of bringing young men up to at least fire team standards, but emphasized that equipment and tactics depended on mission and operator skill. Over the past twelve years I’ve had perhaps a dozen students, mostly professional people, doctors and lawyers, but nobody who wants to take things seriously. This is north central Texas, everyone had a weapon of some sort and thinks they are Hotel Sierra, full of ‘sound and fury signifying nothing.’ The excuses they make for missing scheduled classes, or for quitting altogether are always banal, including ‘I’m good enough,’ or ‘I have to spend more time with my family.’

      Friends that went into the commercial training business became businessmen, driven not by their experience but the the need to please students with money.

      I even had a group calling itself the Texas Militia, patches and all, train for a couple of years on my property. Fat fools ‘led’ by a passed over 0-3. Some months twenty would show up; some months only five or six. No training plan. No plan at all. Not even good campers.

      I didn’t expect this. The ranges go unused. I’m over eighty now and tired of nonsense.

      It will take a serious and sudden decline in quality of life even to motive two percent of these people; most will sit, complain, and demand help.

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      1. There are those who take training seriously,not organized into groups or militias,just organized at the range with disciplined training.


      2. I am leaving in Texas that is the reason why I move to Texas I loving gun and has some knowledge off shooting handgun and rifles 8 years in private security in Latvia let me know if I am interested you my email starwaylogistic@yahoo


  2. ‘Does this move us away from statism and toward a more self-sufficient and free people?’

    Not one in a thousand want this.

    Most want nothing more than for themselves to “wield the levers of power”.


  3. Well, I like your posts. I decided I was a “constitutionalist” back in 1996, when I noticed the “slide” from our founding values. But the more I researched the “slide”, the more I discovered it went back- way back- before we left the gold standard, before the new deal, before the IRS. I’m now at the point where I think the moment they signed the DOI and the Constitution- that was the moment the Cloud people began their assault on freedom.

    This may seem way off subject, but I assure you it isn’t, if you think about it: I’m building a log home with raw materials found on the largest piece of land I could afford (it’s less than 5 acres). I’m in debt (barely) for the land- I bought it through the owner, who agreed to finance it. I’m also not using the banks for any money to do the construction. The log home will be finished in about 2 years. And I will own the entire thing debt free. I have some student loans, but I was prudent in my debt there, too- I’ll probably be out of debt for the land and the student loans in about 5 years. I have no other debt- credit card or otherwise.

    At that point, I will answer to no man. And that’s the point of everything about freedom- If I have to answer to the bank/government/whoever, then I’m not truly “free”, am I? In an age where your ideology can cost you your job or career, no one wants to sell their family for their ideals. So, we shut up, and post cat videos.

    There are really only two sides in this war: one side wants control and power. They want to regulate everything. They want conformity. They take power from the individual, and give it to the collective. “Thinking” is a very dangerous thing to them. The other side wants freedom, true diversity, and respect for the individual. They take power from the collective, and give it to the individual. “Thinking” is one of the highest forms of humanity to them.

    This war has been going on for a very, very long time.

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    1. A lot of people never got to the point in Jefferson’s writings about his ideal of economic freedom being as important as political freedom. I’m not a huge fan of his politics, but he made an excellent point. The DOI/Constitution allegedly guaranteed (heh) political freedom, but economic freedom is just as important. There’s not way to legislate that, and people have allowed themselves to become economic serfs. I may do a more in-depth discussion on this concept in the future.

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      1. yes. I would further pose that economic serfs cannot be relied upon for “backup”.

        I heard on Michael Savage yesterday about how in the beginning of our country, private individuals built roads and charged a toll. My first reaction was “I don’t want to pay a toll to drive on somebody’s private road”, but the more I thought about it- I’m already paying a “toll” a.k.a. “tax” for roads all over the country that I will never drive right now. Wouldn’t I rather pay a local toll for a road I do drive on, rather than indebt my grandchildren for trillions of dollars to pay for “shovel ready jobs” by a government that is far away?

        You can bet that the turnpike construction of the past came in under budget and on-time, and produced more economic freedom for it’s investors than any government-sponsored construction project.

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      2. Interesting; my own understanding was that under our ‘political freedom,’ economic freedom was not to be trifled with….then taxation other than what was stipulated in the Constitution reared its ugly head. I’m a proponent of Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ economically….would really enjoy your discussion.


    2. AGREE it is the history and we need to learn what we have not been taught.

      It is about communism destroying national sovereignty. It is why they are at war with President Trump

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    3. You still have to pay the piper(gov) though through property tax so you are still answering to somebody… Which is why I still advocate for a Liberty Community so things like property tax can be abolished but that seems to be beyond the scope of what most people want to do…Kind of like the range idea which didn’t have lot of success it sounds like…I think people are still just to comfortable and the pain isn’t great enough for them to do anything about it…

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      1. Oh, yes, totally agree- still have to pay property tax. But that is a lot easier to pay than a mortgage. I like the idea of a Liberty Community.


  4. I’ve talked to a lot of guys and ladies who have been involved in the Liberty/Patriot/prepper/survivalist movement over the past 20 years or so-and had some experience with some the militia groups.
    Trained with some of them,and I learned a lot from all of these people-even though some of it was what not to do.
    There are a whole lot of skills that will be/are needed besides shooting and combat skills.
    I can point out many of the skills that are lacking-and that are of vital importance-and I’m sure those who have been trying to pass those skills on for the past 5,10,15 or 20 years will agree.

    *Medical training.
    *Communications–grid down comms-not internet/ cell phone “there’s an app for that” comms.
    *Food safety/feeding large groups of people.
    *Sanitation-look at the mess left by the DAPL “water protectors” and “environmentalists”
    *Growing your own food.
    *Basic hunting,trapping,and fishing skills/knowledge
    *Basic land nav using map and compass
    *Butchering livestock and wild game.
    *Preserving meat,poultry, and fish.
    *Canning the food you grow-including meats,poultry and fish.
    *Repairing small engines,cars and trucks.
    *Knowing how to fabricate and install wind and mini/micro hydro power systems.
    *Making things we will all need-car/truck parts,firearm parts,small engine parts,hand tools,etc.
    It does not take all that much in the way of equipment and tools to be able to manufacture any parts needed for anything mechanical.
    These skills are also needed-
    machinsts/tool and die makers
    Nurse or EMT at the minimum
    HVAC mechanic
    electronics repair

    If you do not have people with the skills mentioned above-then you should probably start looking for people with those skills to join your group.

    I have tried for several years to get people to take food safety/cooking for large groups classes.
    (I spent 22 years as executive chef at 4 and 5 star hotels and private country clubs,also cooked on commercial fishing boats and for a couple outfitters taking people on backcountry elk hunts on horseback-so I am qualified to provide instruction on the matter.)
    Those who took the classes all learned from them,and felt the cost was definitely worth the instruction they received, but…
    there’s another problem-everyone seems to think that no matter what the subject/skill is-they can learn all they need to know “online” via video classes.

    As for people not being bothered to show up for training-especially PT…
    Everyone should have their own PT program,and be doing their PT with or without doing it with others.
    Many,if not most things will be a team effort-if the team is not willing to show up for training-then there is no team.
    I get it that money is tight,and most of us are working way more than 40 hours a week.
    Everyone has a habit or 3 that they could quit or cut back on-even temporarily-in order to be able to afford training.
    Same with the excuse that people have no time to train-how many hours do they spend in front of the tee-vee?
    Online talking about all the cool gear they have?
    Online arguing with idiots for hours at a time?
    On Facebook?
    Hanging out at the local bar with the guys?
    Those who do go to a range and shoot-how many are shooting at 100yds or less and have never shot at a target that’s any farther away than 100yds?
    How many have several “spare” A-R’s in the safe? “Spare” handguns? Extra optics?
    Extra gear?
    Almost everyone who wants to train,or take classes to learn new skills can find a way to spend a few bucks less,and cut down on their time wasting activities.

    Some food for thought about the “snowflakes” that people keep saying would be wiped out in a matter of hours-or days at the most of they keep calling for fellow snowflakes to buy guns and arm up for “civil war”/war in the streets.
    The snowflakes are already out in the streets getting their heads cracked by police,the snowflakes are getting pepper sprayed,having “tear gas” canisters launched at them-and picking those canisters up and tossing them back at police.
    While I in no way condone the actions of the antifa groups,who are dressed in black from head to toe,wearing balaclavas or black bandannas as masks while they smash storefronts,set cars and trash cans on fire-and block people from attending events they wanted to attend-they are out in the streets now.
    They are organized,they hold group training,they have lawyers ready to get them bailed out of jail when they are arrested-and they have financial backing.
    Then there’s the fact that most of the leftist mainstream media supports the leftist rioting-it’s always reported as “protesting”,”protests”-and the rioters are referred to as “protesters”.
    If any group non the right acted the same way-they would instantly be labeled “domestic terrorists”.
    The snowflakes are better organized,they have financial backing,and they are training regularly-granted they are mostly training on “protest techniques”,and what to do when arrested-but they are training.

    So do we just let the leftists/Marxists win because too few of us can bothered with things like training,learning new skills,organizing,building resilient,self-sufficient communities?

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    1. I’m not for militias per the federalist papers we are all in the unorganized militia the only way it becomes constitutional is if the speaker of the House of Representatives calls for a militia then groups would get together elect a captain who would report to the speaker for orders..

      There are individuals who take training seriously,not many but they exist.

      The snowflakes are to me communist conspirators,when power can’t be obtained through elections,they create chaos,to cause a collapse of government then move to take it over.


    2. I assume, along with having all these skilled folks in your group, that you all live near each other- same neighborhood, church, etc.


  5. Sam – our time spent at your place was very worthwhile. Having other property in a location where we could get more attendance was the reason we are no longer there. Your firearms training is top notch.


  6. There’s something I don’t understand, that you said. About capitalists having more sway over our economy than ever before. And in the Adam Smith sense of the word. Does that mean you’re opposed to capitalism, or that the capitalism as it is now exercised is bad/wrong? What’s the flip side of that? Is there another way/system that is better, in whatever respect as it applies to where we are now? If you could tell me about that, I would have a better understanding as to what you’re getting at. Please, be gentle, remember, I still have about ten years of reading to catch up on. And I’m stupid.


    1. Sean,
      the definition of capitalism is as varied as the definition of religion. Everyone has their own view of what it really means, and you will find there is no middle ground. To some it represents evil, and to others they envy the idea of being rich. And do you mean good old American blood and sweat capitalism, or crony capitalism?


    2. Sean, I know we exchanged rather terse words at one point. You misunderstood some things, and perhaps I came off as caustic and a little ‘ivory tower’ when I pointed out those things. What’s done is done. You said some rather unfair and I think untrue things about me, and I may have responded in kind. It happens. We’re adults, we learn and move on. I’m more than happy to answer questions and even have disagreements provided it isn’t just a rant directed at me. We all have ten years of reading to catch up on, usually about different things. I’m certainly not the keeper of all knowledge.

      What I was making an offhand reference to (I will on occasion make them to get the more curious among my readership to hopefully do a little digging into it on their own if they don’t know what I’m referencing) what Adam Smith describes in his most well-known work Wealth of Nations. He wrote this work in the late 1770’s during the start of England’s Industrial Revolution, when an agrarian society was becoming concentrated in cities and turning into a manufacturing based society. Capitalism you are familiar with, I assume. A capitalist in the sense that Adam Smith was talking about are the people who have the capital (gold, pound sterling, dollars ect.) to invest in these factories and such. Karl Marx was undoubtedly familiar with Smith’s work and used the term often in Das Capital, though he incorrectly (in my opinion) attributed them as prospering due to theft of value from the serf class, a zero sum game, rather than a symbiotic one. The statists refer to them as the 1%. It is not meant as a critique of the people, but merely an observation that a smaller and smaller concentration of people hold more and more wealth. Contrary to what a free-market system provides, what we are witnessing is a devolution back to a strictly capitalistic one with heavy government interference.

      People often intermingle the two terms, but hear me out. In a strictly capitalistic system, me and two other people make widgets. It costs millions to make a widget factory and no one has that kind of money so the three of us are the capitalists. You need widgets, and your bargaining power is next to zero because I represent 1/3 of the entire market while you represent .000001% of my market. This gets further complicated when you find out the two guys who make widgets are my buddies and we kind of all have handshake agreements on the price of said widgets. Capitalism is focused on the control of capital, aka money, means of production and creating wealth. There are different types of capitalistic societies, China, for example, is a capitalistic society. A small cadre of politically connected and wealthy people control the vast majority of the infrastructure and production within the country. It doesn’t mean they aren’t a communist government, but that their economic system is indeed capitalism.

      A free market system is what most people think of when they say capitalism. In such an economic system I make widgets, and so do 5,000 other people. I’m not really friends with most of them, and you have a choice to buy widgets from McWidgets, Widget King, Five Guys Widgets and Widget Bell, all of who have stores in the same cities as mine and force me to keep prices as low as I possibly can to retain my 5% market share. People sometimes refer to this as a market based system. The largest difference between the two is WHO makes the decisions about prices, products offered and the volume they are made in. In a market based system it is driven by the CONSUMER. In a capitalist system it is driven by the PRODUCER. Generally a free market system contains elements of capitalism, and usually the private ownership of property. Capitalism, however, does not necessarily imply a free market. These two examples are grossly oversimplified by my own tired brain after a long day, so I’m painting in broad strokes here to give you a general idea. If you really want to get a good handle on this and see it explained far better than I can, I suggest Mises’ Economic Policy, Smith obviously, Hayek’s Road to Serfdom (really makes a good case for the difference between free market and strictly capitalist economic policy) and Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom.

      The point I was making here is that we are seeing an ebb in the free market and a continued concentration of economic power among a handful of people. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Apple, Microsoft and others are not being forced to compete in an ever widening market, but slowly gaining control over an entire segment of the economy. 93% of search traffic comes from Google and it accounts for 40% of the internet. My point being here is that we are returning to an extreme in which two guys control the lion’s share of the entire web. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but I don’t anticipate sunshine and rainbows. I am not advocating government intervention in the matter, on the contrary, removing barriers (aka regulation) to enter markets encourages some kid in a basement to come up with a search engine that doesn’t seek to categorize your entire life history and spy on you. I don’t have a problem with someone being rich, but I do object to artificial barriers being set up to preclude competition, which results in consumers having less and less power to drive the market. The vast majority of people aren’t happy in a strictly capitalistic society, as there is essentially an economic caste system and unless they are the lucky handful to be born in the right family, have little in the way of improving their economic status. Free market capitalism on the other hand offers a sliding scale with ample opportunities to improve one’s situation with hard work, luck and a lot of perseverence. I hope that helps clear up what I meant. Haha, you can see why I just opted for the short hand version, ‘capitalists in the Adam Smith sense of the word.’

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      1. Jesse, internet is amazing thing. Sean and I were sparring partners many yrs ago also, got way too angry with each other over minutia, came to become great internet friends over the yrs. He’s a helleva good guy.


  7. At the end of the day it all comes down to the “horse and water” analogy. All any of us can do is put the information out there. What people choose to do or not do with it is on them. Right now a very large portion/segment of “our” society has been lulled into a very dangerous false sense of security simply because “Our Guy” got into office. I cannot tell you how many blogs I have read that have stated the Prepper/Survivalist movement as gone completely silent. 9mm ammo is now .15 cents at the cheap and ARs are going for sub $450 in some places. This should be a huge indicator!

    However I believe we are now in a more precarious point in time than we were in the past decade when the whole mobilization of the Right began (prepper, tea party, et al). Right now there are riots and protests taking place all over the country, this is for the most part, relegated to the s-holes of large, lefty controlled cities. But, how long before these morons figure out that burning down there own degenerate cities and universities does no good for their cause? How long before they wise up and decide to take their #theresistance clap-trap to middle town, fly-over America? Sure there will be those that state emphatically “…I wish a muthafucka would!” (I have heard this so many times) Yeah right! They will be the first to flee in terror while their house gets robbed and burned to the ground as the rape of their daughter/wife (son/husband even now in this day and age -gotta be PC and respect the LGBT rapists too!) happens in front of their eyes all the while being live streamed on FaceBook and cheered on my the Left as an “appropriate reaction” to the Presidents’s “hateful rhetoric”.

    Don’t kid yourselves, there is a huge reckoning coming soon, and 99% will not be prepared for it. If you are prepared, to the best of your knowledge, then good on you, but I am sure there is still more you should do. I know there is a hell of a lot more that I need to do. To the rest that are not prepared after the previous decade and seeing all the signs, all I can say is the hell with’em, and may whatever god they pray to save them. I have tried to teach. I have tried to inform. Like one of the other posters here, I have done much on my own time and for free. I am done now. I wash my hands of it.

    When this thing kicks off it will make the Balkans circa ’91-’95 look like a Home Owner’s Association spat over a neighbors grass length.

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    1. Don’t give up the fight Brother…If your AO isn’t conducive to building up Liberty then move to a better area… People get stuck on the idea that is I can’t do what I want where I am at then I can’t do it anywhere so I will just give up and that is simply not the case…The problem with that line of thought is your going to be affected by whatever is coming down the line no matter if you bowed out or not…Why not be in an area that give you and your family the best chance/odds of surviving…I have offered to help anyone that want to relocate to a better area all you have to do is ask…


      1. Hello lineman,
        I just got done posting that I’m in the process of relocating and am trying to find somewhere where I might have some like-minded neighbors. Should know how much money I have to spend as soon as my CPA gets done with my taxes (any day now). Any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.


        1. That’s about the funniest thing I’ve read yet, a free man waiting for permission from his CPA.
          Self reliance isn’t one of your strong suits is it?


          1. Actually, I’ve never used a CPA to do my taxes before, but, given that the fed gov was going to steal a huge chunk of my cash, and given that I’m no expert on tax regulation, I figured I’d see what he could do for me. At this point it looks like he’s saving me about 30K and a couple days of headache. (And yes, while self-reliance IS one of my strong suits, tax regulation/accounting is not. Sounds like your skills differ from mine… )


            1. I’ve fought the IRS for 12 yrs now, by myself. Am now filing countersuit.
              NEVER EVER trust a lawyer or CPA, they will sell you out in a heartbeat, because they both work for the system. No IRS, no CPA’s.
              Good luck, but start figuring out how to do it by yourself.


              1. No argument from me. Been doing my own taxes for about 40 years…this year was an exception due to the complexity of cashing everything out. I told him straight up that I didn’t want any “questionable” stuff being done as I absolutely don’t want the irs to be coming back to me later. Paying a bit more now is money saved compared to the time, expense, and headaches when the lawyers get involved (at least at my income level).


  8. Jesse, I sent you an email.

    As I look at gamegetter’s list, I am reminded of how a fellow patriot commented that I have too much knowledge and skills in too many areas to risk getting shot. But we ALL have to be ready to step up to the plate.

    As far as the left organizing, this Saturday they will be trying to stir up some crap at the March 4 Rallies. They may do that in some locations, but I find myself smiling at the thought of them trying to engage in violence at the rally in my AO. Silly big smiles at such a thought! The fools can act that way in some cities, and no doubt some may try in other settings, but they will find themselves in a world of hurt in God’s country!

    That said, it DOES require vigilance from all of us. Keeping an eye on the periphery at ANY such gatherings will be important. This is going to get serious, I have no doubt.


  9. I have to disagree with one thing in your post — “… and despite being the most educationally acommplished generation on paper, the Millennials stand a worse chance at the American dream than their parents ever did. …”

    Millennials are well credentialed but poorly educated. They all have their participation trophies on the shelf and the sheepskin on the wall, but most can’t put 3 paragraphs together that form a cognitive thought. Most also lack grit. So with a high level of self esteem that is as thin as paper they wilt when the noon day sun of avarice appears. I can’t say that applies to all, for I find exceptions at least once a week. But it does apply to most.


    1. I differentiate between education and knowledge. Education is mere sheepskin designed to ideally represent a body of knowledge, but you know that. We are essentially saying the same thing, but perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I could have been. Point being, we suck at actually accomplishing anything but we all have a nice piece of paper hanging on the wall that a lot of our parent’s didn’t have. On the bright side, it makes it easy to be an intellectual giant in a generation of pygmies.


  10. Well, from a guy who has done a lot of different things and failed at most due to lack of interest, I can say that the intent of Patcons, which myself and Bill Nye came up with in a phone conversation many years ago, was to get into meatspace with people one might meet only online. It was designed as a “look into the eyes” moment, but what it turned out to be was somewhat of a vetting experience, because most will find reasons they cannot attend.

    I have attended Brock’s Patcon and Concerned American put one on in GA that I went to. There are sacrifices one must make to simply validate one’s intent. I have put two on myself and encouraged many others. It will give you a core group at least of “doers” But, that is not the answer to anything. It is just a start to something, hopefully.

    I have bankrupted myself several times doing things and I regret none of it, because I pledged my life, my treasure and my sacred honor as surely as I pledged to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. These pledges do not expire until you do.

    Now, we are reaching out with the film “Lies of Omission” who many have helped to fund, many on these boards and it has cost me thousands so far, (hopefully it will pay it back, but it doesn’t matter).

    The time for these things is coming to an end. The deep state will take all we have and kick us in the teeth. It is coming to the time when we have to start doing something to defend ourselves, but that means taking offensive actions. I hope the film will make that abundantly clear. I am already committed, but not very optimistic.


  11. The problem that you’re describing is one that I’ve been fighting for many years.
    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get the people I’ve known for decades to not only acknowledge what’s going on (which a few finally started doing a few years back) but to actually DO something about. I’ve been unable to get even ONE to so much as buy a couple extra sacks of rice or pick up a case of ammo for the couple rifles they own…let alone go out and train to use them. I’ve tried to get the couple people that DO train to do some planning for mutual support if the shtf, but -again-, no followthrough. Couldn’t even get them to read a copy of Failure of Civility when I handed it to them. It’s not like I’m too much of a jerk, or they think I’m full of fertilizer, or I don’t put my money (what little I’ve had to work with) and time where my mouth is, but they just won’t put up the time/effort to commit to doing anything beyond bitching online (if that). I’ve done a lot of thinking, but just don’t know howto wake people up to the need to do more than just surf the web and post.

    At this point I’ve sold my land and am looking to move somewhere where I might be able to find people a bit more committed to actually walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. I’m currently looking for 15-50 ac of off-grid property with reasonable access to water. I’m 60 years old, but work out regularly at the local MMA gym, have most of the skills listed higher in this thread and am ex-military (no combat experience…not much happening in the early 80’s). I’d sure like to hear from anyone interested in a good neighbor since my last location -although rural- had only neighbors who interested in nothing more than their next 6-pack and once a year deer hunt. It’s going to take more than that if things get ugly.

    (Sam Caffer: sure wish I’d heard about you awhile back, you probably aren’t very far from where I’m currently located. Job/kid kept me close to home the last few years which is why I’ve never taken advantage of Max V/John Mosby/Gamegetter’s training…may be able to do so since I’ve recently been laid off. Hopefully there will be a bit of money leftover from relocating/rebuilding as well as a bit of time before the training is needed.)


    1. I’ve had trouble converting non-serious people but much better results with meeting those already serious. The best way I’ve found to meet those is attending Max Velocity’s classes and signing up on his forum. I regularly train with a group of MVT alumni every few months, even though we’re spread out a few hours apart. We’ve done everything from tactical training to medical, comms and digital security.
      You don’t necessarily need to go to his WV facility. He has mobile classes in TX, MO, KY, ID and GA this year. I guarantee you will find like-minded folks.


      1. One more good reason for getting signed up for some “formal” training (as if the training itself isn’t reason enough!). Fortunately I’m now in a position to make that happen and getting some contact with people who are already involved will be a huge added bonus. I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, but people willing to do more than talk have been few and far between. Thank you!


  12. JJ, thanks for the explanation, because I really needed it. I was already aware of the free market vs. capitalism conundrum, and how big business use their legislative influence to squeeze out competition, enable their own monopoly of the market, and virtually establish them selves as a de facto govt. Haven’t read Smith yet, but I have read Hayek and the others. I mostly wanted to hear what your take was on the subject, and mull that over. I can find no fault in your assessment of the situation at hand, being it is a truthful, reality based conclusion. Would that a lot more people had as complete an understanding as you do. 0321 is as kind as I don’t deserve, but appreciate.


  13. An astute assessment JJ as well as motivational. A small group of us in my AO have been efforting in getting folks together to focus on youth education programs and a Veteran volunteer and assistance organization and we’re getting some good, albeit slow, success. But it has taken a lot of time money and effort. I agree that most are just too comfy and times are tolerable but not for me.

    Your contributions (JJ) are, as I see it, very necessary because you provoke critical thought as I share the same condition as Sean does, hey I’m stupid too. But your essays are enlightening and inspire me to seek out the truth on my own.

    Meatspace is the only place where we will succeed. It’s the hard right over the easy wrong.


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