Perspective in a world gone mad

So times were pleasant for the people there
until finally one, a fiend out of hell,
began to work his evil in the world.


As Yogi Berra said, you can see a lot by just looking around. Americans are eager for news and information, yet most, accept much of the dogma they’ve been fed daily by their schools, government and ‘our free press’ even when the assumptions are absurd. Only those who make a determined, ongoing effort to see through the smokescreen seem to stay clear.

the-screamIt’s not our wickedness that makes humans the greatest threat on earth. It’s our sudden fits of insanity. Americans live in a self-constructed world of illusion. No one who started ‘our’ wars of aggression was ever punished, despite everyone finding out that everything they said was lies. Americans believe all sorts of crap served by those they’ve chosen to believe no matter what. If Brian Williams doesn’t tell you about it on TV you don’t believe it ever happened and he’s just one proven liar saying the same things the rest of them do.

“You think our country’s so innocent?” Trump recently barked at a TV host who had the boldness to ask how he could have kind words for Russian President Putin. Observers were shocked that a president would openly question American ‘innocence’. It’s odd that American’s speak so adoringly about their history but at the same time ignore its reality. Past and present are sold as things they weren’t, aren’t and won’t be, but accepted because in some way it makes ‘consumers’ feel content. The ‘Free world’ and ‘our free press’ is the mantra we keep hearing. It ain’t so. Trump called it when he said America isn’t blameless. It’s well known but you ain’t supposed to notice. To think that you see reality on TV is to forget the lessons of history. ‘Our free press’ and ‘Official’ Washington seemingly enjoy demonizing Putin and poking Russians by shoving NATO troops up to their borders and deploying missile systems in Eastern Europe. For some crazy reason, the Russians feel threatened. America wouldn’t feel threatened because we’re so special, eh?

There’s no loyalty in politics and we see those effects daily. Treaties are made and broken as if of virtually no consequence. Officials transition from a steady stream of “Everything is fine. There’s nothing to worry about” to suddenly “Run for your lives”. Government does a poor job of relating accurate information to citizens. Being a government agent/employee in no way makes them competent or honest. The goal is power, emotion is the tool, and neither have anything to do with truth. In the end it’s due to your acceptance.

‘Consumers’ constantly argue over whose ideology/culture is superior as the families who own most of the world’s wealth pursues more power and money. ‘Our’ rulers seemingly operate with the belief that whatever method they choose, if ineffective or damaging, will work if they just do more of it.

‘Our’ government, removed countless ‘uncooperative’ governments including Arbenz in Guatemala, Allende in Chile, the Diem brothers in Vietnam, and does whatever they want. ‘Our government’ believes they see things that average Americans fail to fully understand/recognize that’s necessary for America, so they act. ‘Consumers’ just get in line believing whatever their TV/newspaper tells them about these ‘burning issues’ to the point where they’ll argue with anyone who suggests otherwise. We’ve seen this regularly and increasingly throughout American history.

People around the world view America as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country and history proves this: Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. America started 201 of them.¹

To enter WW1 we said Germans were killing Belgian babies and by 1990 that had become dead Kuwaiti babies to attack Iraq. Both were lies…constant western provocations enabled by ‘groupthink.’ Witch-hunts have been popular in this land since colonial Massachusetts. Americans go mad in herds. Those who hold the McCarthy era in contempt now seem to enjoy similar hypocrisy: doing whatever it takes to ‘get Trump’. This opportunism and hypocrisy includes blindly ramping up tensions with Russia, diverting more taxpayer money into the Military-Industrial Complex and conceivably igniting, planned or not, nuclear Armageddon.

A concerted, continuous, almost unchanging effort to manipulate events across the Middle East and project American hegemony throughout the region now spanning seven presidencies is perhaps the most telling evidence that deeply rooted special interests, a deep state, not America’s elected representatives, crafts and executes policy at home and abroad. Americans must understand that change will only come when the corporate-financier interests that constitute the deep state are confronted, and decentralized. This won’t happen through elections involving proxies wholly obligated to the deep state. Direct action will be the first step toward taking back national institutions and resources hijacked by these special interests.

Yemen and Syria are two good points to display the Empire’s duplicity and hypocrisy. Considering Saudi Arabia’s admitted ties to terrorism in Yemen, across the region particularly in Syria and Iraq in the form of Al Qaeda, its various affiliates, and ISIS itself, and around the world, America declaring Saudi Arabia a “friend and ally” and accusing Iran of “destabilizing behavior across the Middle East,” makes it clear that America ignores Saudi Arabia’s state sponsorship of terrorism, and is directly involved in it.

UnknownWe frequently hear the reprimand that we must only look at problems we have solutions for: that’s a curious way to refuse sight, vision and hearing in a world where division is the tactic of choice of our overlords. A first step in creating positive change is educating the ‘great unwashed’ about reality of ‘official’ story-lines.

Criticize Israeli acts and you’re and anti-Semite. Criticize American actions and you’re anti-American. These labels effectively preclude honest discussion but Russia and other nations are fair game for lesser actions on their part. Few even agree on what they see. We demand others not do what we do. There are words for that.

In the American police state that now surrounds us, there are no longer such things as innocence, due process, or justice, in the way we once knew them. We’re all potentially guilty, potential criminals, suspects waiting to be accused of a crime.

So, persuade yourself that you’re free, that you still live in a country that values freedom, and that it’s not too late to make America great again, but to anyone who has been paying attention to America’s decline over the past 50 years; it will be just another lie. Germans chose to believe the lie. As long as their creature comforts remained undiminished, and they weren’t being persecuted, starved, beaten, shot, bombed, jailed and turned into slave labor, life was good.

Democracy has been largely a façade used to lead you quietly into slavery. Beginning with the Patriot Act of 2001, ‘our government’ has gone mad passing an excess of legislation that has trashed the Constitution. As a result, even many Third World countries now enjoy greater freedom than can be found in America. The bought and paid for Congress through the Patriot Act and laws added to the National Defense Appropriation Acts of recent years have gutted the Bill of Rights. It is now lawful to arrest, torture and hold American citizens without trial and without a legal defense. Our government can legally kill you…let that sink in.

We’re told Russia and China are a threat to ‘our interests’ abroad; not America’s security itself, by challenging the post-WW2 international order; created by and for America, granting them military, sociopolitical, and financial unipolar hegemony over the planet. The American Empire is successor to colonial Europe. Russia, China, and Iran are called ‘threats’ to the Empire, not because they seek to harm Americans here at home, but simply for attempting to secure their own neighborhood spheres of influence from systematic and overt American subversion, influence, and encirclement. This means a continuation of the destructive global warfare seen under all presidents since JFK.

Our word games dance around fine lines as if describing a different thing, like for example, when I was growing up, if you wanted to be polite, African descendants in America were called colored. Now days to do so is considered impolite at best, but call them people of color and all is forgiven. Show me the difference. We count angels dancing on pinheads failing to learn the lessons we demand others learn.

The Russia card this intellectual and moral bankruptcy on display: an attempt to blame the deep and abiding problems of our country on a foreign power. The constant effort to attribute Trump to foreign subtleties is devoted to avoiding the reality that American policy and culture is what gave rise to him. A funny thing about blaming Putin for non-existent meddling is it forgets to remember Netanyahu’s congressional speech and what it would do for elections.

Major media, the prime-cut purveyors of fake news, launched the war on ‘fake news’ after they were left with egg on their faces in the wake of the presidential election. They had to find scapegoats. They had to explain their failure to predict the winner. They had to explain why they overtly supported the hildabeest throughout the campaign. They had to do something, anything, in order to deflect blame and derision. So the Russia-Trump-WikiLeaks-fake news narrative was launched out of the crypts of the Washington Post, New York Times, and other big-time echo chambers.

The verbal opposition are always attacked, ignored or both thereby intensifying and sharpening their stand. You can’t ever successfully govern without including the world of the opposition. The result is always some sort of conflict and never peace. This produces self-reinforcing layers of opposition with friendly compromise nowhere to be seen. You can see politicians and corporate leaders creating this daily, out in the open. One side pushes for more control and the other side responds by upping the ante. Neither side seems interested in stopping. Neither side is the least bit interested in compromise.

Our political system is unable to create a situation where these two hostile cultures can live together, which means we’re headed toward large-scale violence on our own ground and probable failure of the American state.

‘Our’ propaganda isn’t designed to be credible; it’s designed to bludgeon people into submission through relentless repetition and fear of social rejection…and it’s working perfectly. The ‘Russia Hacked the Election’ tale came from a series of stories that were either completely fabricated or based on ‘anonymous intelligence sources’ that could provide no evidence ‘for reasons of security’.

Craig Dudley

  1. “Since the end of World War II, there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world. The United States launched 201 overseas military operations between the end of World War II and 2001, and since then, others, including Afghanistan and Iraq ….” American Public Health Assn. Vol. 104, Issue 6 (June 2014).

4 thoughts on “Perspective in a world gone mad

  1. How many people really believe in this quote though…
    Our political system is unable to create a situation where these two hostile cultures can live together, which means we’re headed toward large-scale violence on our own ground and probable failure of the American state.
    If people really believed that quote they would be doing everything in their power to be in a place where they would have the best chance of surviving…That’s why I think people are still to comfortable and really don’t believe that could happen here… Sad That… People will hold on to their illusions right up until it kills them for the most part…


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