Guest Post: The War Conspiracy

This review has been sitting on my computer for a few weeks now, and given the rather encouraging response to the last post I decided to publish it. Take from it what you will, though I generally respect people who take the time to footnote their work and provide facts to back up an assertion. Some of it may be ‘old news,’ but it bears reading for the sole fact that the current generation of sociopaths cut their political and military teeth during that era…Tom Ridge, John McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore, Colin Powell, George W. Bush, Will Westmoreland, Henry Kissinger ect. We all know what to expect if a naval ship sinks under dubious circumstances.



Jesse and I were communicating about a book I’ve been reading and he suggested a ‘book review’ because of its contents. The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War was written by Peter Dale Scott in 1972 and was revised in 2008. It could easily have been titled ‘The Road to 9/11.’

warconThe book is filled with one detail after another of the sort that would cause ‘our free press’ to freeze if they were required to review it. Those ‘company’ writers would have no choice but to call the whole book a ‘conspiracy theory’. The term, conspiracy theory, was created by the CIA as a tool to counter the truth escaping about their murder of JFK. At the time this book was written Vietnam was a primary concern of most thinking humans in the world and this book shows why it was and should have been. I won’t go into many of the details as it would become a question of where to start and stop but in short, if you ever believed the Oswald killed JFK ‘theory’ you’ll have fresh evidence herein to begin your investigations anew, even without seeing the Zapruder film.

The evidence in this book is backed up with so many footnotes that some pages are more footnote than copy. It mostly covers the Vietnam War and its surrounding victims. There are sorties into other adventures by America but its main focus is the war, how it began, where it could have been ended, and why it wasn’t. Vietnam could have easily been a large part of why JFK was murdered. He was standing in the way of ‘progress’ by the deep state. He clearly intended to leave Vietnam to its own solutions, and had made steps in that direction that LBJ countered a few days after the murder. Dallas was clearly ‘Seven days in May,’ the same movie JFK encouraged and believed plausivble, and could have been a blueprint for his murder.

Confusion and corruption were the reality of American government at the time though it was more carefully hidden than it is these days. This book indirectly explores the difference between those who believe that the ultimate security of a constitutional democracy lies in openness and those who look instead to authority. So far, those choosing central authority have been winning. Their tools are many of the calamities we’ve seen since JFK’s murder which they created and extending to 9/11 which was another inside job. The book shows what some of the mechanisms are and were.

Secretary of defense, McNamara was encouraging JFK to leave Vietnam though he was a ‘loyal team player’ and in the documentary ‘Fog of War’ went on record saying that the whole war was a mistake/crime, from the beginning. There was one LBJ oval office tape I remember hearing wherein LBJ is speaking with McNamara and says he doesn’t think Vietnam can be won, so who was pulling his strings? One answer could be, as covered in the book that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in some configuration was meeting in Hawaii days before JFK’s murder making plans to move one hundred and eighty degrees from orders he had given to leave Vietnam and escalate as they had been saying they wished to do. LBJ was on record soon after the murder saying he wasn’t going to be the one who was accused of losing Vietnam.

I will quote one paragraph found towards the end of the book; “I wish to summarize again the first striking similarity between 11/22/63 and of 9/11/01: the dubious detective work on those two days. Less than fifteen minutes after the president’s assassination, the height and weight of Kennedy’s alleged killer was posted. Before the last of the hijacked planes crashed on 9/11, the FBI told Richard Clarke that they had a list of the alleged hijackers.” This was before they found the passport of an alleged hijacker blocks from the towers in the street. Curious how such evidence defies the laws of physics coming thru the flames and survives; must have jumped from his pocket before detonation.

A great economic interest group in America, the Military/Industrial/ Congressional Complex, as President Eisenhower initially identified this political machine, lives on a gigantic yearly flow of funds from ‘our’ Government budget, and this flow depends on the perceived threat of an enemy for its existence. No ‘enemy’ would mean hundreds of billions of dollars a year for this vast interest group would disappear. This is why Trump’s initial proposal to establish better relations with Russia has been scrapped: the Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex has a vested interest in having Russia as an enemy.

There seem to be two threads constant throughout this book. The main one is that unseen forces control America headed by military interests and the second is that anywhere they go it seems heroin and other drugs become the main export. The book explores our national military obsessions showing how they own America and everyone in it because, in America, it’s more enjoyable to have fun than to investigate what’s being done in our name, and to us. I think that anyone who reads should get this book and make room to be educated.

-Craig Dudley


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