Don’t Panic

Among the critics of the Administration's legal measures is a counter-terrorism expert who helped establish the “rendition” program.

The black helicopters did not show up. I have not been renditioned for thought crimes. Rather, work and personal projects have taken precedence over beating the dead horse of the Syrian strikes and likely convincing exactly no one of the insanity currently residing in the White House. Say what you will about 3D chess and make a few more excuses for the megalomania of our foreign policy, but the policy positions voiced in the campaign are now being broken. First it was the ACA, now it is Syria. Another instance makes it a trend, and we will have to face the ugly reality that once again the evil of the office has either corrupted or simply revealed the holder for what he is. Par for the course, but some of you already knew that. Either way, my take on things won’t change it. More regular posting will resume when things settle down, until then take the nice weather as an opportunity to make strides in your own capabilities. Be worth more because you can do more, because you know more. Anfangen ist leicht, beharren eine Kunst.




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