The Flip Side of Liberty

A disunited people till the end of time, suspicious and distrustful of each other, [the Americans] will be divided and subdivided into little commonwealths… with no center of union and no common interest. -Josiah Tucker


Both statists and true political liberals alike chase a rather nebulous and incorrect concept of freedom. The latter seek freedom from consequences, whether economic, criminal or social, while the former allege to seek freedom of consequences, namely the ability to exert as much control over their individual lives as humanly possible. Read those last sentences again, because a fair number of you will skim and then waste your time in the comments section misconstruing what I stated. We hold the banner of freedom aloft as if it is a self-evident concept, an atomistic idea that presents a complete philosophical premise absent of any and all context. The word is mindlessly thrown around with the vigor of the asinine ‘USA, USA!’ chants started at modern day Coliseums by those there for the bread and circuses. Few care to consider the requirements for such freedom to exist and manifest itself into a stable society, and why so few examples exist of free societies. A telling example is Nassau and other pirate havens that existed ex lex during the heydey of the British Empire. While democratic in nature, these spontaneously created micronations, for lack of a better term, almost immediately developed a code of conduct, social norms, contract law and primitive corporate entities with the crew acting in a shareholder capacity. What resulted was a simpler, yet still British, social construct; in one of the few places that even Locke would have considered a geographical tabula rasa. Why would men at the bleeding edge of society, outcasts and criminals, seek to recreate the very thing that actively sought to kill or imprison them? Because whether they acknowledged it or not, culture breeds a code of conduct and whether by a ruler or choice, a functioning society always has limits to behavior.

200_sWe approach the concept of freedom in the US as a sixteen year old would a new car, disregarding the inherent cost in favor of blinding naïveté. The dynamic of the various comment sections largely frequented by the hard right ‘freedomista’ crowd comes to mind. Nearly all profess to believe in freedom of speech, yet few understand it and even fewer can actually exert agency absent groupthink or be productive in such an environment. Social, economic and political matters, far more nuanced and complex than a simple comment section, would be even more of a disaster and the concomitant rebuke by the general public would be resounding and final. Simply, even if it were possible through some miracle to instantly grant every person within the US the maximum amount of freedom in every area of their life, they would reject it. The responsibility required to maintain such a condition is simply beyond the current culture’s ability to maintain a functioning society. The result would quickly convince a majority of the public to demand a return to the ‘old days’ and a less free condition. In a sense, the true liberals end state is every bit as unobtainable as the statist’s. To put a finer point on it, at current course and trajectory, the patriot movement is simply unwilling to present an alternative and gaslight feasible courses of action because of simple selfishness. We are no different than the larger culture we are a part of, and it is because we choose to be so.

belligerent-5The ugly truth that is apparent, particularly within the patriot movement, is the fantasy that voluntary subrogation of freedom is not an essential element in a functioning society and all meaningful human relationships. We run around spouting kitschy slogans and pretend every person on the planet is an atomistic individual, and further more that they desire such an existence. A family of rugged individuals is not a family. My wife at a physical level is an individual with free will and the ability to do as she pleases. However, the substrate of our relationship is one of voluntary submission to achieve a goal, namely that of a healthy, Christian marriage with a single head of the family. Many since the poison of third-wave feminism infected the culture have tried the anarcho-capitalist approach to marriage, with each member of the family acting as their own little fiefdom and the main impetus for decisions being selfishness. The fruits of such a relationship can be pointed to in the children it has produced, the proliferation of anxiety, anti-depressant and other mood-altering medications and the psychological dynamic of children and adults being forced into emotionally damaging roles in the relationship. A generation incapable of visualizing normal relationships, lost and searching to plug the hole created in them by abandonment and surrender of traditional male role models and maternal archetypes. Most of us agree that those in a family do things they otherwise would not for the benefit of the larger entity. We go to work to feed our children, despite that in a capitalist approach they are net consumers and do not provide any valuable goods and services to the ‘corporation.’ I doubt very much that most men would pick Disney World as a vacation spot or choose to play princess absent the desire of their children. How many of you would part with your money for candles or throw pillows without a wife? To a great extent we all have the freedom to spend our money on ourselves and ignore everything but the most basic needs of our children. However, freedom is not a substitute for morality, nor is it an inherently moral condition. Every night millions of parents restrict their children’s movement to prevent them from being kidnapped or getting run over by cars while wondering about the neighborhood in the middle of the night. What few fail to address beyond the shallow ‘freedom to shoot whatever guns I want,’ is the question of whether it is prudent and moral to exercise that freedom at a given point.

The prerequisite for this freedom we all profess to want is a sense of responsibility to our family, community and culture. Self-control is required in the absence of external control. The Gordon Gecko version of freedom, with naked capitalism your only moral compass cannot be sustainable. ‘I am at war with all’ mentality prevents cooperation in even the most basic sense, and fails to harness the most powerful economic engine in the world, division of labor. Again, much of it is reduced to the distinction between permissible and moral. Most likely it is why there was such an emphasis in the 1770’s about a constitutional republic being possible only with a moral people. Perhaps one of the greatest economic and social benefits of Christendom is the distinct coloring faith gave to society. The Bible promotes a long-term, selfless view of the world and heavily emphasizes an individual’s fealty to not just his family but also the larger corporate body of his community. Humans are distinctly short-term in their goals and foresight, but the amelioration of much of this selfishness greatly contributed to the progress and advancement seen post-Reformation. Whether reactionary or not, the patriot movement has never emphasized building a common culture and cooperation as much as it has dissent and individualism…much to our detriment I may add. Many seem to take a perverse pride in being antagonistic as if it is ‘edgy’ and cool. Culture and codes of social conduct will always arise, whether codified by a ruler or not, and to ignore them is to be in a state of arrested development forever. The failure to grasp there is an expectation of self-rule and fealty to the larger community within the context of freedom is precisely why we have not progressed. We are selling freedom as license and not as a true alternative to the statist worldview.

The implication here is not that freedom is bad or that I am somehow a closet statist, though I doubt this will prevent those with reading comprehension difficulties from their ranting. Rather, it is an implication of our behavior. Like the statists, we would prefer to have our cake and eat it too. To go back to the first example, we laud the ability to say whatever we will, yet choose to spew caustic and ignorant things. We name call and write things better left to gas station bathroom stalls, while making petty attempts to drag down those few actually contributing substantive thought for no more discernible a reason than simple sport. Am I supposed to want this writ large? Why would anyone want that level of internecine cannibalism and pettiness in matters of life and death? If such an attitude cannot work with two, three or five people who live together, then pray tell, what does that look like in a community? The general trend I have seen in popular culture and within the patriot movement is the use of freedom as a conduit for excess. Perhaps the most striking example is freedom of expression to most in America now is no more than the freedom to shock, degrade and peddle obscenity in an attempt to conflate excess with art.

The far more uncomfortable and introspective question we should be asking ourselves is not whether we have the freedom to do one thing or another, but whether we should do that. Rather than wave the 1st Amendment around as a permission slip to be a liability and egomaniac, consider whether that is an appropriate course of action. The inability of us to work together in any meaningful way and an extremely large minority to even be civil with one another leaves us the option to rage impotently as our enemies dictate nearly every course of action while we preen and posture. Strangely enough if we put half the effort in positive cooperation or even a fraction of that venom a) directed at people who weren’t on our side and b) contributing rather than simply critiquing, we may have accomplished slightly more in the last decade than a group of college kids managed to in the six months since Trump became elected. The results speak for themselves. I write this, not out of an offended SJW point of view, but as a cold assessment. Keep wasting people’s time and bickering over asinine details and you will continue to bleed talent. The contributors know exactly what I’m talking about and I can guarantee have had moments they want to throw the computer at the wall and just walk away. I have no desire to limit anyone’s freedom because of philosophical and religious beliefs, but the vast, vast majority of people do not hold those views. If we cannot be accountable with what freedom we do have, then there will always be a market, and a desire, by others to have it controlled for us. Fling enough poop against the wall and the normal people leave, and at some point the neighbors will start complaining and not asking ‘How can I implement that in my own life, you’re such an inspiration!’ How are you using the freedom you have and does it encourage other’s to support the idea that people don’t need an overreaching government? The public will not be convinced by esoteric moral philosophizing about the rights of man, but by our actions. Go prove my pessimism wrong.



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  1. Thank you, thank you and thank you, for saying so very well what many feel and a very great many need to hear and to heed. Absolutely accurate and essential.

    There is one trenchant thought after another expressed throughout your essay, but this one states the very core of the matter:

    “Simply, even if it were possible through some miracle to instantly grant every person within the US the maximum amount of freedom in every area of their life, they would reject it. The {individual (ed.)} responsibility required to maintain such a condition is simply beyond the current culture’s {individual’s (ed.)} ability to maintain a functioning society.” (Please forgive the ed. additions. Jon.)

    No viable society of any significant duration has ever demonstrated such heights of individualism and personal responsibility, not just this one in which we find ourselves. Many, if not most, humans are simply incapable of the kind of self discipline, postponement of gratification, foresight, creative thinking and commitment to other than self interest which would be required, absent moral imperative or authority.


  2. Well Said Brother…You know my thoughts on the matter…Just hasn’t been enough pain and suffering for people to put aside pettiness and come together and work on a solution…

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  3. A country that is not composed of a moral and Christian people will have tyranny. The body of Christ thrives in tyranny. Jesus said go forth and preach the Gospel. Francis of Assissi said spread the Gospel and use words if you have to. We have done nothing with our First Amendment rights.


  4. I am not compelled by this argument. Those who agree with it are apparently already on board with it’s basic premises which is fine by me, if you wish to denigrate football fans (not my sport BTW) then that is certainly your right but your arguments fall apart for condemning the liberty of those in the stadium as a support for your assertion that your liberty is somehow superior to theirs and bestows upon you the gravitas to usurp God’s position of judgment. Enjoy your aneurism.


    1. The argument is circular. You end your comment by criticizing my liberty to criticize, thus doing precisely what I did in the article. The example of football was just that, an example not the premise. The fact a large percentage of the population follows a game of no lasting import to the detriment of their family, country and own personal development is worthy of denigration. The parable of the talents and nearly half of Proverbs comes to mind. Wishing harm or death on the author of this blog or commenters is the height of hypocrisy when getting offended about a simple example ‘usurping God’s position of judgment.’ This is your one and only warning to leave things like that unsaid or your right to comment will be rescinded permanently. I will not tolerate my site descending into name calling and threats.

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  5. Well said….Love the comment on comprehension skills, seems that some folks were absent that day when taught….

    I’ve always said: “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

    There is a time and place for everything….Sometimes is behooves one to simply be like water going around the boulder vs a sledge hammer trying to shatter it….That’s just me, at this point in my life……

    I think about this when i see individuals, usually younger men, going about tormenting LE w/out good cause, imo, or traipsing about with an AR/M4orgery/AK slung across their back or front side, sometimes kitted out too…For what i ask? What’s the goal?

    Ah, Henry they say, rights not exercised, are rights lost they opine….maybe so…

    Hmmm…I say, did the fact that firearms were restricted, or other laws illegally enforced prevent the original Revolutionary War Patriots or Michael Collins merry band of Twelve Apostles from defending themselves or exerting change, thru both political means, and the end of a barrel?

    No, they did not….

    Right now, there just isn’t enough pain or pleasure/motivators to move that pendulum, and until then, folks will continue to do what they inherently believe is in their best interests, at any given moment in time….That whole personal Overton Window thing at play…

    I for one, am focusing on my grid square, plodding along and selectively disengaging from people and activities that suck time, energy, spirit, and money….


  6. You put a lot of thought and heart into that JJ. My hats off to you. And if it is really a question your asking, All I can do is hold myself up as an example. If for no other reason, and Lord there are many reasons, it all begins with each of us, before it can begin with a lot of us.
    I’m just an ordinary guy, a working stiff, got no formal education, just the school of hard knocks, and I got my defects let me tell you, but one thing, this liberty movement has been a wonderful journey. I know we are nebulous, ten thousands ants on a soap box floating down the winding Potomac all trying to be heard at once.
    But I see great things are starting to happen. And a kind of plurality is beginning to coalesce, that this plurality is beginning to grok, it is a plurality. And that is the root of something very large. Larger than just ourselves. This journey is really an evolution, we really are not the founders people now, we are another drifter, and we have to find our own path.

    I live a life that I consider very fortunate, with great humility. I earned that humility the hard way. It took a long time to get there, and a long time to keep at it is what it takes. I have my property, my house, the resources inherent in working my land, my skills, my knowledge, and I have managed to build a off grid energy system, grow and raise a high percentage of my food, I now work out of a shop on my land. These I find are essential elements of my liberty lived large: self reliance, self determination where ever possible, individualism. No one else’s, because we all have to find our own path.
    As for the spiritual, it encompasses my private faith and providence, and an active constant search for others of the same essential philosophy. That it isn’t important I agree with, or others agree with me on culture, society. politics, community, but that a common bond of respect and dignity of freedom and self determination be held and nurtured, and through that common understanding in the form of mutual respect, irregardless of ones personal frame work, is what matters. I think that is called grace.
    So through creating basic, building fundamental and essential requirements, of practical “liberty”, self determination/sufficiency, i.e. my personal freedoms and liberty, I find I am an example, living functioning proof of the idea and practice of liberty for me, liberty for thee. Because foremost, when in my holistic umbrella of personal liberty, as lived daily, I am ultimately responsible for everything I do. NO.ONE.ELSE. That makes what is a highly dangerous thing this thing called liberty, but at the same time, it is creation of something continuously, the fruits of my labors are the manifest reward of due diligence to my responsibility.
    In doing so, and it may or may not be a matter of being fortunate to live in a place where my neighbors and friends are amenable to such concepts and deals, especially actions, where personal liberty is held in high regards, it may have somewhat to do with my reputation, my actions in my community, (I sure hope so), but since I have buckled down, have accomplished, and do the hard stuff, do the labor, produce tangible, you can touch and see the fruits of my efforts of obtaining personal liberty, I am an example that is viewed in a positive light, that I am respected, that it is known my dignity of my liberty is valuable, and respected as such and returned in kind.
    In the course of this, like minded people in my AO, me included, seem to naturally gravitate towards each other, and a kind of sub clan within the tribal community is evolving.
    It is so much more complicated, the nuances would require volumes to define, but it is this simply natural, very subtle, but very real thing that is happening. This “network” of people, for lack of a proper connotation is becoming a co-operative and complementary arrangement, that is born of individual liberty and individual responsibility, from mutuality in resources, knowledge, quid pro quo labor, advice, barter, and a kind of companionship, or fellowship that is deeply valued, and rarely openly acknowledge but in left handed ways. That those of us who have gravitated towards each other are concerned that we give a little bit more than we get, that it is both investment and interest.
    Like I said, it is difficult to define.
    The bottom line is this thing called liberty, it only is possible beginning with each of us. But it is liberty because when people begin to embrace it individually first, it becomes a zeitgeist.
    I think it really all comes down to that. It may not be possible any other way, and that is probably a good thing, and all what liberty really is.
    I hold myself up as example. It’s not rocket science. It is hard work. It is the grunt work, the perseverance, keeping the prize, what matters, in sight. Little by little, an individual evolution, and becomes transformative, it is a holistic thing, it is tricky, it can get away from you, you got to be committed, and focused. There are no panacea’s, no secret tricks, you can’t buy, taste it or touch it, till you begin with yourself, then it becomes all encompassing, and you begin to see how it incorporates everything you do.
    It un-complicates everything, there is serenity, and stoicism in it, things are broken down into their constituent pieces, but it is the sum of those pieces that make what this thing called liberty is.
    And one day you turn around, and find, you realize, gee, this is easy. Natural as breathing, and it becomes second nature. Maybe that is the “secret” to this freedom.
    You just got to do it, git er’ done, put the old nose to the grind stone. Because everything you do, create, to be as responsible and self determining as can be, it all adds up, it is money in the bank. There are no limits. And one day you turn around and realize, your richer, have more wealth than you can possibly imagine.



    What is a pro-choice Christian? Their message is, “I am personally opposed to abortion, however, a women should have the right to kill her unborn baby.” That is a self-contradiction. You can be against abortion or for abortion, but cannot have it both ways.

    Can you imagine a person stating, “I am personally opposed to slavery, however, slave owners should have the right to chose.” Who would be pro-choice concerning slavery?

    What about being pro-choice on theft? Can you be personally against theft, but support a person’s right to steal?

    There are absolutes. There is right and wrong. There is no middle ground when it comes to sin.



  8. Absolutely brilliant.
    Please tell me it was a fine single malt Scotch that started this deep thinking process.


    1. Not a scotch guy, with the exception of the odd JW Black Label. Blanton’s, Bookers and Bulleit Rye are my speed, and usually help smooth the writing process out. 🙂


  9. Thank you for saying far better than I could a thought I’ve for some time. When offering a constructive criticism or counter point in an effort to advance the conversation or to point out REAL obstacles I’ve been shouted down on many blogs. Strangely it’s never the blog author/owner, it’s always the close followers trying to maintain a group think, an odd thing for self-described freedom lovers. Some of them I had dearly enjoyed before becoming frustrated and walking away shaking my head. Some even had real potential to build a movement. Decentralized is one thing, fractured is another. Not sure where we are. All I ever wanted was to be free. It’s how I found Christ. But the situation makes me question if I’m even part of ‘we’.


    1. Yep. Disagreement breeds better ideas up to a point. However if one cannot work together with people they necessarily disagree with on certain issues then whatever the project or goals, it is a lost cause. The simple truth is that to a certain point, division of labor and cooperation will always beat fractured individuals. Doesn’t matter how right the cause is on a philosophical level or not. It’s to the point now where either we figure it out or get relegated as ‘could have beens’ and accept we lost without firing a shot.


  10. The spirit of cooperation. We cooperate, we submit to laws because we believe it is in our best interests to do so. Systems of forced cooperation fail. Systems of licentiousness fail as well.

    Ours is moving certainly, inexorably towards forced cooperation (it is such a system now, only getting worse), with legislated licentiousness thrown in as a backdrop. We yell at each other because we are frightened, frustrated, angry. I am old(er), and I have watched this, and tried to stop it, for many decades. The movement is constantly in the wrong direction. It can only lead to one outcome: destruction. It is already far too late. Decades too late. No one wanted to hear it, trust me. Almost no one wants to hear it now.

    Exhausted with the ever-escalating levels of force our fellow citizens are willing to direct at us, we stop believing it’s in our best interests to cooperate. We rage, frightened in the knowledge of exactly what that means. Will our children survive it? Will we? The anger is the final bursting of the bubble, the time when we can actually see the bars of the cage we live in. After that comes resolve, and a willingness to state the obvious.

    Everyone is at some different stage of this awakening, and everyone is on the internet. It makes for interesting reading.

    Your wife and children respect you; the state does not. It never will, it does not have that capacity; it never has and never will. You are not a partner, you are a servant. You serve your god voluntarily, but the state you increasingly serve against your will.

    We cooperate because we believe we have something to lose. These discussions are mostly cathartic, and perhaps it is not catharsis that we need. Perhaps we are holding on too tightly. Perhaps catharsis substitutes for action.


    1. Very well said.

      That’s as accurate an analysis as I’ve seen and reflects my own perspective of age.

      “Perhaps catharsis substitutes for action.”

      Doubtless, and it’s time for the latter.


  11. This article presents a very narrow viewpoint constricted so by the very method it lauds.

    You can’t truly understand anarchism until you accept that it doesn’t matter what society “would be like” without the state.

    That’s not the issue.

    The issue is that nobody has any right to chain me to their fears or satisfy their greed at my involuntary expense and anyone who thinks otherwise, even just a little tiny bit can just go f**k right off and there’s simply no kind way to put that.


    1. I do care about what society is like without the state. I don’t want to live in a country that sacrifices children to some fire god or eats the dead, for instance. People want to feel reasonably secure and be able to provide basic necessities for their family. Even better if there’s running water and AC. The 99% of people who do care if their neighbors are playing Vlad with dogs in the front yard will gladly band together and crush said rugged individuals if the ‘f**k you’ attitude persists. The entire massive point there is that the ‘go f**k right off’ attitude builds zero friends, zero cooperation or community, and if I’m not mistaken you need those to have a functioning civilization and not something resembling Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s this attitude people get that ‘I can crap in my front yard cuz freedumb and screw my neighbors that think it’s gross and unsanitary!’ that is counterproductive in the extreme. I agree with you politically, but I also recognize that to get there you need other people to believe it as well or be prepared to depopulate nearly the entire planet. We alienate everyone we meet and then wonder why we have zero progress on so many fronts. Nobody has a right to chain you to anything, I’m saying we should be man enough to do it ourselves. It appears the only vice left in America that all sides can agree on is self-control. The issue is not political or philosophical, it’s that we cannot be big enough people to put our differences aside to achieve a common goal, even if it’s as priceless as saving our culture. I don’t want people going to their unmarked graves smiling about how they had more ‘freedom cred’ than the next guy when the end result of the bickering is the same. It appears too many took this as a philosophical argument rather than an application of their philosophy. Good ideas applied poorly have much the same effect as bad ideas. We have good ideas but our application is even worse than the statists.

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    2. ‘Ghostsniper’, you do not understand anarchism. Neither you, nor the people claiming ‘anarcho-capitalism’.

      A social entity cannot be built based upon the individual- many, many thinkers, even the anarchists prior to Marx and his contemporaries very well understood the concept of social fact. You don’t. Self-labeled ‘Freedomistas’ definitely don’t. Not even close.

      Self ownership and individualist concepts are a different entity from that which is anarchism. You confuse the argument for classical liberalism versus collectivism with an argument for and against currently established social order. Neither concept negates the importance of community- even John Stuart Mill understood the limitation of individual liberty on the community at large. The egregious mistake is that anarchism does not seek liberation of the self; it is collective; it seeks erosion of current social cohesion for the integration of Marxist objectives.

      Therein lay the problem with the ‘freedomistas’ – the collective lot is simultaneously ignorant of both the questions and answers previously answered, neither progressing their cause nor adequately answering the questions posed by the counterargument.

      Negation of government authority is one thing, nullifying the necessity of community is quite another and inherently absurd. These points are why ‘freedomistas’ have gone absolutely nowhere and gain no traction among actual thinkers who ridicule you.

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      1. Well Said Brother…It is sad to see that they still wonder why their ideas haven’t caught on even after spending their whole lives trying to educate others on their beliefs…You think with as smart as they think they are they would of figured that out…It is an illusion they hold on to desperately because it defines their whole existence…If they didn’t have that they wouldn’t have anything…

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  12. “Simply, even if it were possible through some miracle to instantly grant every person within the US the maximum amount of freedom in every area of their life, they would reject it.”

    This is true. However that does not mean liberty is no good. It means it is sub-optimal for SOME people. That is not a valid excuse to deny it to everyone. Panarchy allows everyone to get what political structure he desires. Freedom for liberty-lovers, and the various forms of statism for those who want that.

    “We run around spouting kitschy slogans and pretend every person on the planet is an atomistic individual…”

    Straw man. Most libertarians who have though about it at all, conclude that a society of liberty would have even more collective action than we have now. It’s just that it would be voluntary collective action – just as in early America, as Tocqueville noted:
    “Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions, constantly form associations. They have not only commercial and manufacturing companies, in which all take part, but associations of a thousand other kinds – religious, moral, serious, futile, extensive, or restricted, enormous or diminutive. The Americans make associations to give entertainments, to found establishments for education, to build inns, to construct churches, to diffuse books, to send missionaries to the antipodes; and in this manner they found hospitals, prisons, and schools. If it be proposed to advance some truth, or to foster some feeling by the encouragement of a great example, they form a society. Wherever, at the head of some new undertaking, you see the government in France, or a man of rank in England, in the United States you will be sure to find an association. I met with several kinds of associations in America, of which I confess I had no previous notion; and I have often admired the extreme skill with which the inhabitants of the United States succeed in proposing a common object to the exertions of a great many men, and in getting them voluntarily to pursue it. I have since travelled over England, whence the Americans have taken some of their laws and many of their customs; and it seemed to me that the principle of association was by no means so constantly or so adroitly used in that country. The English often perform great things singly; whereas the Americans form associations for the smallest undertakings. It is evident that the former people consider association as a powerful means of action, but the latter seem to regard it as the only means they have of acting.”

    Yes, free people might at first abuse their freedom. But people are capable of learning, when they must face the consequences of their actions (the exact thing that the state expends great effort to prevent). Eventually they would form a VOLUNTARY culture that prospers, or they will perish if they don’t straighten out.

    “Perhaps the most striking example is freedom of expression to most in America now is no more than the freedom to shock, degrade and peddle obscenity…”

    That is a feature of the statist world, not a free one. One has only to read American history to see this. The degradation is part of the end of Empire.

    I don’t think the author even understands liberty or our own history. He is still submerged in the current culture, like the people who think that a free society will be like the current society, minus only the government. No. Remove the coercion and EVERYTHING changes.

    Take the boot off the neck of those who want to be free. Let them sink or swim on their own. Statists should stick to their own knitting.


    1. Hey buddy, wordpress threw you into the spam folder and I didn’t see it until now. Haha, promise you weren’t in comment purgatory. I think many read this and saw it as an articulation of support for greater statism. It wasn’t. The discussion was one of realpolitik and the fact that in order to get from A –> B we need to demonstrate our ability to do so. Acting out and far too many people in the liberty movement using it for petty, stupid things rather than voluntarily building something greater than themselves is what I was addressing. Like the last paragraph states, I don’t believe in limiting freedom for philosophical reasons, but I don’t pretend that position is a majority one and we can get anywhere by being douchebags. 🙂


  13. JJ, I have wrestled with the very issue you discuss and have come to the same conclusion, though not so eloquently. However, I must say that, speaking of the communities with which I am very familiar here in Western Oregon, my neighbors just aren’t ready for this level of thinking. If pressed, they revert to bumper stickerlike slogans that are dangerously naive and prefer to leave the discussion right there. Add that to their lack of civic responsibility, the lack of personal financial discipline (look at the national stats on indebtedness), the lack of preparedness for emergencies, the ignorance and disinterest in foreign affairs and a number of other critical factors, and you can understand that once I came to the conclusion you outlined, I have pulled in my horns and retreated to my own life and affairs, doing what I can for myself and letting the world flow by my front gate. Like Noah, I left the gangplank down as long as I felt prudent, then hauled it in. Joe and Sally Sixpack and their unruly offspring have made the unthinking, hedonistic choice and are going to endure the consequences.


    1. They will get to you eventually though Brother or your offspring…We can’t afford to hide out and let others determine what our future holds because they are giving it their all to make sure we are either slaves or dead so we need to be equally as dedicated to keeping our Liberty..If you don’t have anyone in your AO that you can build tribe or Community then move to somewhere where you can have that opportunity…My AO here in the Bitterroot MT is conducive to building that so it might be something to consider…


      1. I have been through the Bitterroot many times on my scouting ventures. Very nice area. I’m leaning toward northern ID for emplymoent reasons, and I know some solid people there. I’ve had little to no success getting people together where I live. No one here is listening.


  14. “We go to work to feed our children, despite that in a capitalist approach they are net consumers and do not provide any valuable goods and services to the ‘corporation.’ ”
    Not true. Children are “retirement plans”; two legged 401Ks, if you will. They change our adult diapers and feed us gruel in our enfeeblement. Less pessimistically, they provide us joy and satisfaction as they grow, learn, and do cute, adorable things. My model train set (if I had one) consumes money and space, but I like it so I allocate capital to it.
    i have always said communism works great in tiny groups: families = yes, tribe = kinda, clan = not so much, nation = no.


  15. An excellent article. The kind of stuff people need to be reading. I would recommend it, but so many people today would probably not make it past the first couple of paragraphs. Too much mental gymnastics required.

    You sound like the kind of fellow I’d like to have a cup of coffee with someday.


  16. I think this is one of your best posts-within the top 3 for sure.
    Seems way too many people have reading comprehension issues these days-and not just this post,or your posts in general-pretty much any post made by anyone on any of the patriot/prepper/liberty blogs.
    The patriot/liberty/prepper movements biggest problem is no one can agree on much of anything.
    Communities of like minded people are what it is going to take to even begin to get out of the current mess we find ourselves in.
    Anyone with a good idea gets slammed with all kinds of really stupid comments explaining why they are wrong,and their idea will never work-usually by those who have never posted an idea of their own,and who offer no solutions.
    You can’t get three people to agree on what freedom is supposed to mean,what rights we should all have.
    There are some people with some really good ideas,who have been trying to get people to take them seriously for years,to no avail.
    A society can never function if it is made up of those who only think of themselves,people have got to work together to achieve common goals.
    Most of the patriot community can’t even agree on common goals.

    I have thrown my computer against a wall because of the insane amount of arguing over sh*t that doesn’t matter at all in the long run,and people tearing each other down,pointing out everything wrong with their ideas or suggestions while no one offers any ideas about what is a good part of a guys idea,or suggestions on how to improve on the idea.

    Just as an example,I don’t live in a good area to be should there be any kind of long term collapse of society,prolonged issues due to a natural disaster,etc. ( approx 17 miles from Cleveland,Ohio)
    But-there are quite a lot of like minded people within a 10 minute drive of our house,and a dozen or so families within a 10 minute walk.
    If you do things in your community that others see as something positive,you meet like minded people. Just talking to your neighbors if you live in town/city does the same thing.
    That’s a start.

    Lineman who commented above about the Bitteroot valley in Montana has been offering to help people move there for at least 3 years that I know of,myself included.
    That is what the patriot community has to do-build communities,work together toward common goals.
    What I have seen over the past 20 years or so is the same old arguments over and over and over,and near zero progress on government taking over and interfering in every aspect of our lives,or stopping the advance of the police state.


    1. Well said Brother and I need to get something sent your way…We had our builder back out on us so we have been scrambling to find another one but I will get to it as soon as I am able… Thanks for your patience Brother…Also the construction business is booming right now in the Valley since the fire that burnt 16 homes last summer are needing rebuilt along with more people moving into the area so if your an electrician, plumber, framer, drywallers, finish carpenter, roofer

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If the dumb f*ck hadn’t hit my daughter’s car head on,I would be packing up my stuff about now to head out your way.
        She’s got at least one more surgery to go through,still can’t even walk on crutches,can only use a walker to take a couple steps to get in shower or from wheelchair to bed or toilet.
        Her Dr. told her she should be able to start using crutches sometime in May.
        He was going to let use crutches last month,but decided it was too much of a risk. Still looking at next March or so before she’ll be able to go back to work.
        I’ve got plenty of work around here for now,but would much rather be pounding nails out there.


        1. …I continue to pray for you, your daughter, and your family; gg2. I’ll (prayerfully) be in the B’root with our brother when you head that way. Hoping you still have my email address, I know Lineman does. Keep in touch and may He bring us all together soon. Be blessed and safe. – Grandpa

          Liked by 1 person

        2. …I continue to pray for you, your daughter, and your family; gg2. I’ll (prayerfully) be in the B’root with our brother when you head that way. Hoping you still have my email address, I know Lineman does. Keep in touch and may He bring us all together soon. Be blessed and safe. And JJ… concise and to the point, brother . Top marks.
          – Grandpa


  17. Also I have a few emails to guys that haven’t been responded to but my email has been acting funny so if your awaiting a response from me or have an email that I haven’t responded too send it again and let me know on here…


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