Deus ex MIC

Rights aren’t rights if someone can take them away. They’re privileges. That’s all we’ve ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges. And if you read the news even badly, you know that every year the list gets shorter and shorter. Sooner or later, the people in this country are gonna realize the government … doesn’t care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare or your safety… It’s interested in its own power. That’s the only thing. Keeping it and expanding it wherever possible. – George Carlin


‘Our’ government wants submission. They achieved the soft version, and now they are working toward the hard. You can’t have a constitutional republic if you allow government to act like a police state. You can’t claim to value freedom if you allow government to operate like a dictatorship. You can’t expect to have your rights respected if you allow government to treat anyone it choses with disrespect and ignore the rule of law. If you’re inclined to accept this because you believe you’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, whatever government crimes you accept for whatever reason, expect that these same practices can and will be used against you when the government sets its sights on you.

EThe entrenched bureaucracy running things are counting on ‘consumers’ who cannot think beyond next week. Those in charge are always building the long-term future and very few citizens can imagine or choose to ponder where they are heading. If you want to illegally take territory/control, you can invent a threat justifying the takeover. The bureaucrats count on your inability to grasp what’s going on and on your apathy when it comes to thinking about any future. If we ignore any Genocide, no matter who is involved, then we reap what we sow and it’s only a matter of time till we are next.

The militarized, unelected bureaucracy is running the vast majority of the government no matter who is ‘president’. This is the hidden government that has no respect for you, treating citizens like enemies through SWAT raids by militarized police, provoking division and conflict among ‘consumers’, making peaceful revolution impossible and attacking everyone who doesn’t submit. ‘Our’ government has caused an environment where violence has become inevitable. In the future planned by ‘our’ Pentagon, ‘we the people’ are enemies of the state.

Since 1945 America has squandered our financial and military resources in multiple, unending wars, unwinnable in any true sense of the word, as well as in trillion dollar trade debts and fiscal imbalances. ‘Our’ leaders have run amok provoking major global financial crises, destroying small mortgage holders, and creating massive unemployment followed by low-paid unstable jobs leading to collapse in living standards for the working and lower middle classes. Faced with systemic crises, the ruling regimes have responded by expanding Presidential powers in the form of presidential decrees. To cover-up the decades-long series of debacles, patriotic ‘whistle-blowers’ have been jailed and police-state style surveillance is everywhere.

Ever notice how our immigrants come in waves each time we start a new problem somewhere from Korea to NAFTA.

spending-by-countryThe American economy is fatally flawed because of its excessive dependence on military spending. Americans aren’t propping up NATO because of some strange gallantry, as the egocentric American view sells it. NATO is a crucial military platform for American involvement and geopolitical control. American military forces in the Middle East and Asia are vital for American power projection in those strategic regions. American hegemonic interests are totally reliant on its military network for its intrusion into the affairs of others.

The fatal problem for Americans is that with its ‘capitalist’ economy declining as a historic standard, not only from a cyclical downturn, America can’t maintain the gargantuan spend on its military as it’s done since 1945. The annual American military budget of $600 billion is equal to the combined spending of the next seven biggest national budgets, including China, Russia, Britain and France: perhaps half of the worlds military spending and that only counts the surface spending.

What the American agenda appears to be is: offload the cost of its crippling military-industrial complex to its ‘partners and allies’. If nations around the world can be browbeaten into spending more on military weapons, then America stands to gain from trillions-of-dollars-worth of purchases. America will get the rest of the world to bail out its chronically bankrupt, failing economy.

The last thing that’s needed is a new arms race the Empire is creating with Russia. Both sides need to focus on the needs of their own populations, not on ratcheting up tensions. America’s military spending isn’t just taking money out of vital services; it’s also exacerbating tensions and making the world a more dangerous place.

The Washington Post reports “The $52.6 billion ‘black budget’ for fiscal 2013, obtained by The Washington Post from former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, maps a bureaucratic and operational landscape that has never been subject to public scrutiny. Although the government has annually released its overall level of intelligence spending since 2007, it has not divulged how it uses the money or how it performs against the goals set by the president and Congress.” In addition, there was reported “a separate $23 billion devoted to intelligence programs that more directly support the U.S. military.” So, a grand total spent on ‘intelligence’ in that year was $75.6 billion. And, actually, none of it has “been subject to public scrutiny.” ‘Defense’ and ‘intelligence’ are the only portions of the federal budget that have never “been subject to public scrutiny”.

Every night on American television news programs, pundits, politicians, and retired generals perform their tricks, stating that the world at large had better cooperate with the Empire or else. This noise appeals to some ‘consumers’, but the rest of the world also sees this crap.

Americans are force fed propaganda and misinformation about virtually every foreign country and their own. What would you do if you discovered we’ve become what we have always said we oppose? We all lose when the powerful inflict violence, humiliation, and disrespect on others. Every time a SWAT no-knock team crashes through a door, that’s questionable violence. Every drone strike that kills innocent civilians is ultimately attacking you. Every roadside stop that ends with an unwarranted strip search will eventually include you. Every law that criminalizes the speech or activities of those whose views don’t fit with the ‘mainstream’ is government-sanctioned bullying. Politicians are only as effective, trustworthy and accountable as they are made to be and they’re only made to be so when ‘consumers’ stay informed and active in the government machinery. The Patriot Act didn’t make us safer but turned American citizens into suspects.

Government officials like to claim that everything they’re doing is for your security, to keep America safe in their war against terrorism. What they’re really achieving is weakening what made America. A lot of Americans today have a little idea why we have a First Amendment or a Bill of Rights. We’re being manipulated by government out of fear because most of us don’t know or understand our vastly reduced liberties, what it took to obtain them and how hard it will be to get them back. There’s an obvious double standard in the Empires actions and its opinions expressed about the actions of other countries.

Once government assumes power, unconstitutional or not, it doesn’t surrender it. The militarized police aren’t going to stand down. The NSA will continue to collect electronic files on everything you do. More and more Americans are going to face jail time for offenses that prior generations couldn’t imagine.

Foreign policy in the Empire has been in the grip of a Republican-Democrat consensus that argues that the Empire must maintain absolute military superiority over all real and potential rivals, forever. If you look at history from the perspective of the slaughtered and mutilated, it’s a different story.

– Craig Dudley




5 thoughts on “Deus ex MIC

  1. Let’s see we murder the unborn, glorify perversion, grant equality and status to people who want our heads on a pole, consume more narcotics than the rest of the world. Folks we are an evil people and the only way to govern evil is with an iron fist and that is where we are going. Like it or not.

    Howling will not change things only God can do that.


  2. ‘More and more Americans are going to face jail time for offenses that prior generations couldn’t imagine.’

    The ever increasing number of laws and ‘regulations’ enacted by .gov inc. serves as a means to control the citizens.
    The increasing number of convictions for ‘felonies’ creates a way for .gov inc. to take away the ‘rights’ of more and more citizens.
    The ‘prison industrial complex’ is every bit as dangerous to freedom as the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.
    More and more ‘crimes’ are being labeled as felonies,meaning more and more people lose their ‘rights’-including the right to keep and bear arms.
    Our police state form of government is disarming the citizens by creating ‘crimes’ that are ‘felonies’.
    Fall behind on child support payments in Ohio-go to prison for 6 months,become a ‘felon’ and have zero chance of getting a decent job so you can pay child support.

    Get in an argument with your wife or girlfriend that escalates to yelling at each other-get charged with ‘domestic violence’. The second time you get into such an argument-you are charged with ‘felony domestic violence’ and you lose a bunch of your ‘rights’ if convicted.
    Even a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction costs a person their second amendment right to keep and bear arms.
    The above example happened to me-my now ex-wife was screaming at me,threw a dinner plate at me,and the nosy ass neighbors called to police.
    Cops claimed they had to arrest one of us and their reasoning was since she was 5′ 4″ and I’m 6′ 1″ it was me who got arrested.
    The ex wife did not want to press charges. The state-in this case a city prosecutor with political ambitions-picked up the charges.
    When charged with domestic violence,the judge doesn’t know what happened they just assumed that I smacked the psycho bitch around.
    In the end,it cost me around $2500.00 for a lawyer,and a year and a half to get the absurd domestic violence charge dismissed.
    How many guys don’t have the cash for a lawyer and get screwed over by such nonsense?

    Go fishing and keep a fish that 1/4″ under the size limit,and get charged with all kinds of bullshit.
    I know a guy who had to fight for almost 5years to get his boat back because he had 2 fish that were an inch or less under the minimum size limit for bluefin tuna.
    Fish actually shrink a little after they are out of the water for any length of time,so these fish were legal when caught. I know the guy,knew him for 7 or 8 years when this happened,so I believed him from the start.
    These douchenozzles are the .gov inc. agency that enforces commercial fishing laws/regulations…

    Then we have civil asset forfeiture and cops competing to see who can seize the most cash from unsuspecting people driving on the interstate highway system. The cops even have a website that allows them to share info and tactics about seizing cash.
    Here’s a description/article about black asphalt…

    More about black asphalt and an associated program/site called desert snow…

    Of course none of us serfs can access either desert snow or black asphalt because we’re not badged .gov orcs.

    These are just a few examples of how we’re getting screwed by .gov inc. there’s a whole lot more.


  3. ^^^ Ditto that….

    I’m a major trout stalker and licensed guide in NC, (mainly for the discounts/freebies) go fly fishing quite often, and have to deal with NC/SC/TN/GA Game/Fish wardens often either by myself or w clients, and it is a crap shoot each encounter…I get some young, Tommy Tactical troop and its on….

    We do not keep fish, but have been spied on, tracked and trailed by these folks, and questioned at length, asked to have vehicles/coolers searched, all to no avail, but one day, i suspect i/we will be nailed for some innocuous law that is on the books, that we did not know, and BAM, felon at worst or a high dollar ticket and kit taken….

    This guy spells out how we commit on average 3 felonies a day and how the system is designed to feed and protect itself, at all cost, we are merely the chum/lube for the machine….

    Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent

    Remember our oaths in the service, to follow lawful orders, and disobey unlawful orders, just because we may be out of service, does not mean have forgotten that, as it applies to lawful/unlawful civilian laws….

    It’s important for folks to know the power of jury nullification too, if you are ever called for duty…

    btw….thanks JJ for the venue….


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