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The Price of Delegitimization

What’s in a name? that which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet…  – William Shakespeare

The internet has been rife with controversy and frantic keyboard banging, the most cogent and memorable being Zman’s post about the nature of the Neojacobins inside the beltway and on the coasts. Having been around more than my fair share of that class of people, I have a working knowledge of the very different Americas that exist within the same borders. The perception the media cultivates is one of competence and informed gravitas. Well dressed men posses secret knowledge and are 21st century Sophists, deciphering hidden meanings and teasing the future out of press releases, appointments, firings and now ice cream. The truth is, most are horrifically isolated. Much of America, including the liberty movement is the same way, but few have the bully pulpit of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. I went to school with many of the Neojacobins; you graduated from the right private school and went to the right college and then post-grad. The place you lived, restaurants you ate at, where you shopped for clothes and even the grocery stores you went to all reflected this isolation. Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Fresh Market don’t expose you to the ‘others,’ nor are you going to ever come in contact with someone who has a Massey Ferguson or Case in their barn getting fitted for a Brooks Brothers or a Michael Andrew’s Bespoke. People living in such a world have more in common with their peers shopping on Saville Row or in Avenue des Champs Elysées that their countrymen from Galax, VA or New Braunfels, TX. Within this resplendent isolation, they have not a clue how the hinterlands think, act or what defines them culturally. Only distain exists for such far off places, as if outside the major cities there exists a sub-human class that’s only use is to deliver and produce good for ‘the people who count.’

china+executionUp until the last decade or so, most people were content to bear the every increasing burden of taxation, regulation and censorship the Neojacobins had incrementally begun to impose on those outside their little worlds. The incompetence of Obama coupled with systemic problems beginning to manifest themselves in the national economy and social fabric of the country started to radiate outward from the cities and affect the more rural areas. The balance that had been struck thus far, namely ‘as long as I can feed my family and maintain a reasonable standard of living I’ll play along with your silly games’, was now turned on its head. The Neojacobins didn’t even know that traditional America was being crushed and stripped of their wealth by their policies, and they didn’t bother to ask. Nobody who matters lives there anyway. The Trump backlash was a slap in the face to most, utterly unexpected because they simply don’t even acknowledge that a world exists outside of their gated communities, the suburban soccer moms and Whole Foods customers have no clue that they just destroyed the entire coal industry or put people out of work as they hurry to Pilates. Given that ignorance, Trump was a political asteroid impact, the most unlikely and devastating thing many of them had ever seen as he crashed into their world. The anger from them is one of class, the upending of their perceived social status by someone so beneath them as to not even warrant an opinion. It is difficult to put this concept into words if you have not experienced those social circles, the level of outrage would be akin to a janitor walking into an Exxon Mobile board meeting and overruling the entire table of executives.

The anger is palpable within the Beltway and it’s coastal fiefdoms, which is understandable. The idea that someone who shakes parmesan from a can contravened the wishes of those who can taste the difference between serrano and iberico Jamón is simply unacceptable. Maxine Waters, Nacy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer and Al Green, are so far removed from traditional America as to be alien life forms. Outside of the 6 -7 major media/political centers in the US, the rest of the population simply do not factor into the equation until election time returns. Virtually no one in these locations are privy to the conversations going on in mills, churches, bars and barbecues all throughout the country and the level of hatred that has been engendered. I was speaking with a rather well-informed friend recently and his estimation of the undercurrent of rage was even higher than my own. The media and bureaucrats continue to play games of intrigue, woefully ignorant that the sole bulwark against a very ugly chapter in American history has been motive. The Trump presidency confirms that motive now exists. Rather than recognize the election for what it is, the Neojacobins have doubled down and attempted to browbeat the rest of the country. Still ignorant there exists a separate culture and nation outside the DC fiefdoms, they flail about looking for bogeymen, conjuring up Russians and people like Richard Spencer and ignoring the tens of millions who willingly voted for Trump.

IMG_1842The drum beat by Keith Olbermann and his ilk for the last six months has been an attempt to invalidate the election results. The view from the media centers and the beltway is that there is a groundswell of support from the Brooks Brother’s suits and Whole Foods people and that encompasses their view of America in toto. They will do what they will and the rubes in the hinterlands be damned. Most of you understand the frustration and anger of the Trump supporters, particularly the Millennials who voted for him. What gets overlooked in this paradigm is much the same thing as the Neojacobins fail to understand. Both sides feel as if their way of life, country and values are under attack. Both sides are correct. War is about the only way to describe this political and social environment as two competing ideologies that are utterly incompatible are being advanced.

The unspoken assumption within the DC fiefdoms is that rural America cannot be allowed to rule the country. We are too naive, too close-minded, too backward, too intolerant…we are retrograde savages with no place in their 21st century world. The truth may be a different matter, but the meme persists and has for decades. The election didn’t work because of a weak candidate, the economy and a charismatic dark horse Republican. The Hamilton electors gambit did not work, but the hobbling and bureaucratic coup by Obama appointees and now disloyal Republicans from Never-Trumper Johnny DeStefano. Turning Trump into a lame-duck president does not make the anger that elected him go away, it merely intensifies it. Conversely, if Trump succeeds with his agenda it also intensifies the anger of the Neojacobins. The zero-sum nature of this conflict must be understood and there seems increasing evidence that traditional America has finally grasped that point. What remains to be seen is when and who will cross the Rubicon first.

The motive for the forcible removal and…resolution…of the Neojacobins within the United States now exists. As does the converse. A very real hatred exists on both sides with one side buying arms at an astonishing rate and the other openly calling for an impeachment and the stripping of voting rights from their greatest enemy. This is not a facile emotion based on external features, but an utter abhorrence of who that person is at their very core. Existence has become an act of war to those inside the Beltway. Zman is correct in his characterization of the left and establishment right, more accurately described as communist revolutionaries at this point. The last vestige of legitimacy resides in the ballot box. I would like nothing better than the Neojacobins to take that away from the public through an impeachment, showing the true nature of their ideology. It is time we say what the situation has become. If you are a traditional American, a Christian, or don’t recognize the deity of government then you are excess humanity to the Neojacobins and have no right to life. The communists have never given quarter so why expect it now? I am confident many inside the Beltway and the large coastal cities understand the price of delegitimization and are willing to pay that price to usher in their ideology. What remains to be seen is whether traditional America is as well. Time to grow up and learn to hate.

Jesse James


Guest Post: The Five Sided Fun House

It would seem that the carrot and stick approach has been applied to Trump. The recent strike in Syria and the increasing interest in foreign intervention at the cheerleading of the usual neocon and socialist suspects. Obamacare has a new paintjob, but still unsustainable, there is no wall, we are doing the Clinton dance overseas with cruise missiles and no tax breaks in sight. The fact we are in a uniparty oligarchy of grifters has never been more clear. Make sure to tell your friends. And buy more ammo…this summer promises to be a fun one. 


On Jan. 17, 1961, President Eisenhower warned America about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex. He warned, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”

It’s been over 50 years since that warning and, apparently, no one listened and since then it’s gotten more enormous and out of control. On 9/10/01, Rumsfeld announced the defense department was missing $2.3 trillion. The amount was so unbelievably large that no one even responded to the news. It didn’t matter though because a day later the accounting department of the Pentagon blew up, on September 11th, 2001, and no one mentioned it ever again.

550-billion-pentagon-budget-cartoon.jpgThe Pentagon has never been audited, and now Trump is adding another $52B to the more than $500B the Pentagon already receives. Trump offered a budget that asks for $52B more, even though just last December, a Washington Post investigation discovered the Pentagon had a secret report which showed $125B in wasted funds. By law, the Pentagon is supposed to have a regular audit; however, it never seems to actually take place. As a result, around $10 trillion in taxpayer money has not been found since 1996: completely unaccounted for, gone missing or wasted by the ‘Defense’ Department, even though that is the opposite of what it does.

This year, despite the fact that both the Democratic and Republican platforms demanded an audit, it still hasn’t happened. Congress has actually more than doubled the Pentagon’s budget without even hinting about an audit. In fact, the Pentagon has removed itself from the possibility of having one conducted for over 20 years by telling the Government Accountability Office that an audit is just too expensive. Nonetheless, the GAO has regularly documented financial mismanagement. When Chuck Hagel was SecDef he was quoted as saying that the Pentagon’s non-compliance was “unacceptable”…right before he was fired. When congress does go after waste, they go after domestic agencies and community organizations, but they never investigate the Pentagon.

pentagon-money-missingThe American military pays organizations like the NFL to do “salute the troops” advertising and spends millions more on other advertising trying to make Americans believe that ‘our’ Department of Offense is helping them. They’re not…they are robbing the entire country blind. If Americans want to “Make America Great Again” the first thing they should do is follow the constitution and get rid of the standing army. America would be the wealthiest place in the world today, not the most indebted government in history, if not for the five sided fun house in Mordor.

Millions of innocents wouldn’t die in their wars, dozens of military members wouldn’t commit suicide every day and Earth would be more peaceful and prosperous. America is a rogue state/empire led by neocolonial looting liars. The history is uncontested for anyone who cares to investigate and here are some reasons:

People around the world view America as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country. The data confirm this conclusion: Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. America started 201 of them. American just sent a bill to Cambodia for the bombs we dropped on them during our war there.

These American attacks have killed about 30 million and counting; 90% of these deaths are civilians.  The total deaths caused by ‘our’ rogue empire for resource control, natural and human, since 1945, are more than all total wars and violence in all recorded Earth history, and then we badger others for doing what we do.

Our rulers have been war mongers for a long time; The Mexican-American War, Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War, Russian Civil War, World War I, The Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and now possible war with Iran, Russia and China. We look at our ‘defense’ budget, expensive systems and throw around crap about America having the greatest military in the world. How then have we been outdone by malnourished, undereducated men with antiquated and improvised weapons while spending trillions of dollars and the lives of thousands of servicemen and uncountable civilians? The Empire has created more chaos in the world than anyone else and yet persists in describing itself as the ‘Leader of the Free World’, whatever that means these days, and the planet’s greatest democracy.

The Empire has, in recent years, bombed Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. None of them is safer, less armed, more democratic, more peaceful, more prosperous, or less of a threat to others: Quite the contrary. “Defeating” ISIS by bombing people will fuel more suffering and violence, just as ‘defeating’ the government of Saddam Hussein fueled ISIS. Imagine a woman in Iraq without permission to go outside without a male guardian. Now picture that woman’s roof collapsing on her and her children with a thunderous crash and a cloud of dust. Is she better off? Do those who love her appreciate her ‘liberation’? Would the video be allowed on ‘our free press’ if we hadn’t shared it on social media as many times as we do a police video?

And now Trump, who ran on a platform of staying out of the affairs of other countries, has violated the law of the world let alone our remaining constitution by attacking Syria again for ‘trumped’ up fictions. I just can’t wait to see what absurdities we see next.


– Craig Dudley




Stop talking and start doing.


Just as a general announcement; I’ll be doing a brief class at Brock’s PATCON on 3 JUN 17.

More specifically, I’m going to be teaching beginner communications by license-free means. Together we’ll explore rigging a CB for off-grid use including building an antenna, making the most of the ubiquitous Baofeng, and demonstrating what a grid-down HF station should look like. In doing so, you’ll learn what you can do now with little experience and what you’ll be able to do later as you gain knowledge.

This is aimed at creating a proper networking solution for Neighborhood Protection Teams- a concept that you need to be working on now. If for nothing else, come out for the catered BBQ.

Local, Local, Local.

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The Best Laid Plans

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agleyRobert Burns

UPDATE 5/15/17 1924 EDT: New variant of virus has emerged, the fix discovered by registering the domain has been bypassed. Estimated infection rate is roughly 3,600 computers/hour. Symantec and Kaspersky Labs appear to think that it is connected to PRNK. More details here.

The most recent and rather eye-opening news this weekend was the cyber attack by an unknown entity on the majority of the developed world. From ZeroHedge “questions are mounting why code created by the NSA. has i) fallen in the wrong hands and ii) is being used to hold the world hostage. As the NYT notes, the ability of the cyberattack to spread so quickly was partly because of its high level of sophistication.” The laundry list of disabled organizations includes Nissan plants, the UK’s NHS, Deutsche Bahn, Telefonica (Spain telecom giant), FedEx, Renault, and the Russian Interior Ministry. The virus has currently affected about 9M computers in ~200 countries. More competent people than myself in the subject have noted its origin is likely the stolen NSA cyber weapons. The inability and incompetence of both the NSA and CIA to keep their information secure further illustrates why both philosophical and Machiavellian reasons exist to drastically reform the agencies.

3q4fznCurrently about 90% of funding for the federal cyber budget goes to ‘offensive’ operations, or figuring out ways to compromise, destroy or manipulate electronics. The converse is that 10% of the funding, and presumably the commensurate manpower, goes to defending from such attacks. Current operating guidelines indicate the agencies were aware of vulnerabilities, such as flaws in Cisco equipment, and failed to inform the company about its vulnerabilities to exploit it for offensive capabilities. The attitude and actions of both agencies have demonstrated a dangerous naiveté toward other state-level cyberwarfare capabilities and non-state actors. The result is precisely what we have seen this weekend, the intersection of gross incompetence with an all-to-familiar disregard for the taxpayers they work for.

The obvious philosophical arguments aside, this latest development provides an in-your-face example of why these agencies are making the world and America an increasingly dangerous place rather than safer. The recent theft of the NSA’s suite of cyber weapons illustrates their continued inability to keep information secure. Many forgot about the Chinese hack of the OPM’s Form 86s that revealed 14M people’s personal information, contacts and personal history going back a decade or more of everyone with a TS security clearance. Going back more than a decade now the NSA and CIA have left a trail of leaks, all of which have left the taxpayers and private sector as collateral damage. My own family members were impacted by the OPM hack and the public was asked to nod understandingly and simply forget it ever happened. For $1.5B and virtually limitless power over our data and personal information, the results have been…less than satisfactory.

The human experimentation done in places like Holmsburg Prison by the US government, Dow Chemical, and Johnson & Johnson on unwitting prisoners for things like dioxin and chemical torture compounds should disabuse the readers of any notions that compartmentalized and bureaucratic government agencies should be granted any great amount of trust. The primary function seems to be creating weapons and then unwittingly using them on the native population or allowing them to be used in such a manner. Such is the case here, using our tax dollars to not only fail to do their primary responsibility, protect the electronic infrastructure in the US, but also display a stunning level of incompetence in allowing the very weapons they intended to use on dissident citizens and enemies of the US to be co-opted for use by 21st century pirates. Given the last decade, it is a wonder they allow either agency to have computers or sharp objects in the building. Let us not forget the same people not only got caught lying about meta-data collection, but also siphon off ungodly amounts of money to fund their giant data storage facilities. I fear it is too much to ask that my overlords at least be semi-competent when they demand I submit myself to their electronic voyeurism.

1349880413656_321156The current ransomware attack was halted before it reached catastrophic levels by a stroke of luck, and nothing more. A basement-dwelling nerd who was on vacation managed to stumble onto a solution before the US was largely affected. The fragility of our private sector was on full display, whether it be the transportation, medical, financial and media industry. The imbalance of funding and continued insistence on the weaponization and domestic spying of the NSA and CIA, to the detriment of our domestic security, do not bode well for our ability to defend against state and private actors. The mantra of ‘if you don’t hold it and can’t defend it you don’t own it’ bears true. Whether through D.C’s incompetence, malfeasance or another party, this will not end here. The proof of concept has already happened and the return on the investment is immense. Even if you were to pay an individual millions, the damage caused to infrastructure, the economy and potential loss of life far outweigh conventional munitions.

While I’m sure there may be one or two of you who might be devastated if this site was no longer available, or the internet at large for that matter, a smart man will take this warning for what it is. Can your loved ones get to you without access to telecommunications? Does your wife know your PACE comms plan? Do you have any rally points set up and a way to find each other in the event you cannot communicate with each other? Do you have cash on hand in the event you cannot access digital funds? DO YOU HAVE A MAP IN YOUR VEHICLES? A simple way to approach it, assuming your house is in order, is to put a FRAGPLAN or extremely simplified OPORD into an envelope and keep it in the glove box. OPORD’s are excellent ways to flesh out the 5 W’s and organize information in a readily understandable and easily referenced manner. Your wife/kids/you should be able to open it, understand where you need to be, what time you need to be there by and what the other people will do if you aren’t there by then. People panic, people forget and verbal instructions are highly suspect when a person is under a large amount of stress. Write. It. Down. You’re not Jason Bourne and if you are concerned about opsec then come up with a number to easily remember that modifies the time/address written down to the correct one. For instance, use the first or last number on the license plate of the vehicle and it is added to every number written on the document.

Part of being resilient is making your family resilient. The cost for rejecting government interference is personal responsibility for you and your family’s welfare. I guarantee if this ransomware had taken down Verizon, Sprint or AT&T rather than Telefonica, there would be guys in III% hats and ‘muh gunz’ bumper stickers scrambling to find their families and begging the very government they profess to be so independent of for help. Don’t be that guy. If the internet went dark tomorrow I would miss out on the cornucopia of stupid that is YouTube and some news sites. Life would go on in JJLand. Cell phones and the internet are nice, but realize they are niceties and increasingly fragile.  None of what has been discussed is hi-speed ninja operator skills, it really boils down to simple planning and some foresight. It might cost you $20 in maps and a few sheets of paper, so there is absolutely no excuse not to have done this. The industry term is low risk-high yield investment. In other words, it costs you next to nothing and the potential reward is astronomical, much like the hacking that prompted this article. Don’t talk about being independent, be independent.

Jesse James

Guest Post: America v. America™

The regular readers are capable of making this distinction on their own, as I generally have a degree of respect for those who frequent this site, but for the skimmers I add: actus rea =/= mens rea. Great Americans died defending the interests of some very bad people in the last half century. We will all answer for what we have done in this life, the good, the bad and the grey areas that only He can divine the answers to. This is not an imprecation of who went, but rather an imprecation of why we did. The larger point is crucial here, D.C. is not America, it is America™. Half the battle is knowing, the other half is living like you know.


A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers.  – Aldous Huxley

4975150_f1024Tyrants don’t always come to power in a shower of violence. Often, they sweet-talk their way to absolute power, buoyed along by a wave of populist demand for someone to save the country from economic, military and political crises. Today’s politics are presented as the irrelevant left/right and red/blue model. The real issue is truth/lies, good/evil, right/wrong. You’ll never hear the names of those with true power in ‘reputable’ publications but relegated to 21st century samizdat. Gary Webb was unavailable for comment. The permanent government wants to do things its way and won’t put up with even a president telling it to do different things.

Your ‘riot’ is someone else’s ‘rebellion’. Protesting isn’t an act of freedom; it’s an appeal to authority.  You aren’t fighting for your rights; you’re slaves begging for longer chains.

Some Americans have educated themselves but that isn’t understood by those who have made their way through the bureaucracy of standard education. Educating yourself escapes the mind control process of public ‘education’. The way to destroy any nation is to confuse and divide, and the ‘public education’ has in many ways accomplished that very thing.

For over a century the ruling elite has backed and promoted both sides to every major war it manufactures, just as it has selected, backed and promoted every ‘official’ candidate who ends up president; no president over the last half century has clearly acted in the best interests of Americans except one who was executed in 11/63. We’re living in an oligarchy where a handful of power brokers control the masses because they own and control virtually all the ‘elected representatives’ who function for their owners rather than for their voters’. It’s been operating this way in America for a very long time.

People are confusing their own empathy for others with some overblown idea about group-identity. They are not the same. People are becoming afraid of their own unique existence: it’s a social fear. A new social contract is being imposed on ‘consumers’. Either you get in line, or you have no rights: it’s a totalitarian idea coming in through the back door. America isn’t a limited government under the best constitution constructed, but a devolved rogue state empire, chief among ‘developed’ and ‘former colonial’ powers killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions.

In reaction to Trump speaking about America’s history of violence ‘our free press’ are suggesting Trump will start targeting journalists for death as we’re told happens in Russia. We’re told since 2000, there have been suspicious deaths of journalists in Russia who came out against the government there. The opposition fear Trumps dislike of the media will escalate; “Trump has made no secret about going after journalists and his distaste for any news that doesn’t agree with him here. Do you find that this is a dangerous path he is heading down?”

Speaking of “suspicious deaths,” Michael Hasting’s death was awfully suspicious. Same goes for Gary Webb, LaVoy Finicum, the Kennedy brothers, Branch Davidians, Weavers, James Traficant, Andrew Breitbart and thousands more successfully covered up. Why do they attacked those who questioned their deaths as ‘conspiracy theorists’, but now they regularly suggest ‘suspicious deaths’ in Russia are actually assassinations carried out by Putin? Trump’s comments were pointing out that America has a history of murder.

The machinery, which maintains consent, ignorance and ideological conformity with the fictitious Business Ideology of the Empire operates in the open but isn’t noticed. George Carlin said they call it the “American Dream” because you have to be asleep to believe it.

‘Consumers’ equate America with ‘our’ government because in their minds, the federal government and the country are the same thing. For them, any criticism of government is criticism of America, or, to be more precise, criticism of ‘our’ government, for them, constitutes ‘blaming America’. The federal government and the country are two separate and distinct entities, reflected by the Bill of Rights, which expressly protects the country from the federal government. If you don’t acknowledge America’s crimes, of which there are many, you confirm America’s blame and have no starting place for actual change.

Defending America often involves publicizing, criticizing, condemning, and opposing wrongdoing by ‘our’ government.The federal government, and specifically the national-security establishment part of the federal government, has become their daddy, mommy, provider, protector, and their god so they get so worked up whenever anyone, including the president, dares to suggest that their federal parent/god has been wrong in any way. Children don’t like anyone criticizing their parents and religious types don’t like people questioning their gods.

FollowTheMoney-Bank-Pyramid.jpgWhen true believers speak about ’our’ government, and specifically about the Pentagon, the troops, and CIA, they talk in terms of ‘mistakes’. It’s always the Russians or the Chinese, the Iranians, etc. who are intentional criminals. When ‘our’ government does something wrong, it’s just a ‘mistake’, like pushing the wrong button on the soda machine, so the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi children during the 1990s are an ‘innocent mistake’. Those killings were intentional. These people refer to the invasion of Iraq as a ‘mistake’. What type of mistake are they saying that it was? Was it a mistake because it’s turned out to be such a disaster for all concerned, or are they saying that it was a mistake because Bush, the Pentagon, and the CIA allegedly innocently thought there were WMDs in Iraq? If concern about WMDs had been a genuine mistake, wouldn’t they have apologized and gone home?

True believers tripped over themselves to thank the troops for their service in Iraq/Afghanistan, without bothering to notice that their ‘service’ consisted of intentionally killing people who were opposing the unlawful invasion and war of aggression against their country as you would do here.

The national-security state way of life has destroyed ‘consumers’ consciences: their sense of right and wrong. It has made them morally blind, unable to recognize the wrongdoing of ‘our’ government and, in fact, made them ever-eager to come to the defense of their federal god whenever it organizes any new crime. The Corporatocracy remains at the top of the power pyramid because it can always afford to buy as much democracy as it needs for the state to protect its power and profits. You are what you do.

Government power corrupts any person or group that comes in contact with it. Every group thinks that if only they were in possession of government that they would do things differently. This is delusion as few are benevolent enough to handle this responsibility. We keep the trappings of democracy, including seemingly free elections, while ‘our’ leaders control the election process, the media and the scope of permissible debate.

What sick person votes for any evil even if it’s the lesser?

‘Our free press’ is official propaganda owned and operated by our owners and is doing their assigned job in steering public perceptions. Media diversity is illusion as six corporations own ninety percent of ‘our free press’. Show me any ‘librul’ corporations.

The TV talking head is quite satisfied to obtain all his information from ‘reputable sources’. This mainly means government and corporate spokespeople. Not a problem. Every other source, for the talking head is murky and unreliable. He doesn’t have to worry his pretty little head about whether his sources are trustworthy. He calculates it this way: if government and corporations are releasing information, it means there is news to report.

It’s heartwarming that The New York Times and The Washington Post are troubled that President Trump is loosely throwing around accusations of fake news. It’s nice that some ‘consumers’ now realize that truth does not reliably come from the mouth of every senior government official or from every official report. Yet, it was only recently when the Post and Times were eagerly promoting plans for silencing or blacklisting independent news sites that didn’t toe the line on what ‘our’ government and its allies were claiming was true.

Polls go opposite government actions so often you can’t count. Freedom? Elections? Defense? These adventures are being pursued ostensibly ‘to make the world safe for democracy’. However, whenever the Empire takes over a foreign country, it puts in place a puppet government which isn’t the textbook definition of democracy. ‘Our’ government never misses an opportunity to portray the Russians as evil aggressors; a designation more suited to America. Repeatedly Russia has tried to tone down the level of aggression, while the Empire has been conducting a shoving match with the Russians, goading them into conflicts.

Enter the Russians. Given their history of interfering, and getting all those millions of voters in ‘red’ states to vote for Trump, and, given their propensity to favor anti-gay, anti-feminist, and reactionary religious views, it should come as no surprise that they had a hand in pushing him into power. It had to be them because things are so wonderful here and the hildabeest was such a wonderful candidate so there’s no other explanation for Trump winning.


– Craig Dudley

Agumentum ad Hominem a Fortiori

NCS dropping some wisdom…


The concept of the cult of personality has always been a fascinating one to me. Whether it’s Jim Jones convincing followers to drink the Communist cool aid or your favorite firearms instructor convincing you this next course is gonna make you that badass you’ve always wanted to be because this time, of course, as opposed to the last one, will finally do it; the art of salesmanship in mass movement is an interesting one. Every so-called movement has these people; in good cases you’ll always remember them as HEROES! and in bad, like Jim Jones above. But in all cases that cult prevents critical thought, sound judgement, and normally any reason whatsoever. Like moths to the flame, and rats to the piper, you may not know what you’re running towards.

I remember Heaven’s Gate. The question everyone had, or has, when the topic came up was How in the…

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Guest Post: My Lying Eyes

Presented without much comment, other than read the headlines. The war drums are beating, the ACA marches on under a new paint job and we have an omnibus including $1.3B for border security…in Egypt. Paul Ryan did however manage to secure funding for such important American interests such as aid to Libya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. I have a trillion problems with the omnibus bill and this time the Red Team is responsible for every single one. If this is conservatism, why do I want any of this conserved?


The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power because they control the minds of the masses. – Malcolm X

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media. – Noam Chomsky

Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves. – Eric Hoffer

paul-ryan-a-picture-the-cuck-of-congress-cant-believe-15303750The purpose of history in America isn’t to inform as much as to entertain or reassure so our rulers can continue with their agenda for their profit and our ruin.

We justified our intervention in Vietnam saying that it was crucial to our national security. We’re now saying that we’re using our power for whatever we happen to want, or against whatever at the moment we do not like. That kind of moral arrogance, playing God, has destroyed any chance we have at being the good people we tell ourselves we are. You are what you do, and not what you say you are, or want to be.

Trump vows to “Make America Great Again” with greatness measured in; jobs, income, profits, stock prices, and trade balances. Nothing that Trump has said or done since taking office suggests that he possesses the capacity or even the inclination to act in a unifying idea of our common good. He has embraced the establishment’s fondness for using our power for whatever we happen at the moment to want, or against whatever at the moment we don’t like. Our rulers celebrated yesterday as they made some minor adjustments to an already horrible health care plan that will cause more to die, and this from those who claim to be pro-life. They revealed their actual goals which are more money for them and more pain and suffering for us.

saudiarabia_100616gettyFBI director Comey said yesterday: “it is fair to say that Russia is still involved in American politics.” He also said Russia is “the greatest threat [to the US] of any nation on earth, given their intention and their capability.” No proof has been presented about any of these over-the-top claims about Russia trying to hack the American elections. I won’t bother to list the hundreds of times we have acted to show America/the Empire, is really the greatest threat to the planet, nor the interference of our ex-President in the French election. It’s not the citizens of this country who wish to be that threat, but they believe the crap that’s sold daily by our rulers is ‘our free press’. Another easy example is Saudi Arabia’s election to the women’s rights commission, which America certainly didn’t oppose. We’re sold garbage daily, and we consume it and speak about it as though it were true.

The greatest threat to what remains of our republic is the two-party system. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the same government administration remains. You can’t learn anything if you already believe you know all you need to know.

America has strong opinions about things they really know little about. That grows daily because our neighbors don’t research anything beyond finding things they like to hear and have decided they believe, without any real regard for reality. The history we’re taught is half-truths at best, and nightly, our ‘free press’ sells similar lies which a large part of America accepts as reality. We’re ruled by sociopaths and grifters because they tell us what we want to hear, and usually for their own profit. One easy example is the wealth of ‘our’ politicians in comparison to their paycheck, but the great unwashed keep cheering whatever new lie they present to us in our ‘free press,’ largely owned and operated by the CIA since Operation Paperclip. We’re on our way to hell without a handbasket being driven by our stupid grasp of what we wish, or suspect is truth. In reality it is lies sold to us for the profit of a few.

Craig Dudley

May: Books you should be reading

There are far worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.

Ray Bradbury

Ideas must be challenged. Those who do not question their ideas cannot properly defend them, nor can they progress intellectually. Read things you disagree with. You may learn something, and if nothing else understand why you believe what you do. The truth is always defensible and an ignorant mind is a vulnerable mind. Most of the suggestions made here are done so with the assumption that the intended audience is moderately well-read and looking to expand their intellectual grasp. I’m not interested in yet another list of books that should have been read in high school or even college. Consider this a resource for those who have put in the time and work to actually become well-read. Leave the ignorance to the communists.


Letters from a Stoic: Epistulae Morales AD Lucilium – Seneca

“You may be banished to the end of the earth, and yet in whatever outlandish corner of the world you may find yourself stationed, you will find that place, whatever it may be like, a hospitable home. Where you arrive does not matter so much as what sort of person you are when you arrive there.” Essential reading for those looking for the exit sign on the emotional, irrational internet culture now writ large in politics and society. Eminently applicable ideas in your day-to-day life and provides a solid explanation of Stoic philosophy.

The Principles of Morals and Legislation – Jeremy Bentham

    Essential to understanding the libertarian wünderkind John Stuart Mill, Bentham was the godfather of utilitarianism. Most of the ancaps you meet will be quite dismayed to learn the roots of their movement lie in the same cesspool that Hegel, Marx and dear Uncle Joe of (((Russian))) Revolutionary fame drank so deeply from. First principles matter, those without an anchor become quickly adrift in the sea of morality. Humanism will always be a cultural death sentence.

The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time – Karl Polanyi

     Those with a working knowledge of Smith, Hayek and Keynes will do well to read Polanyi. He recognizes economics as having an X factor, that of a social aspect. I admire Hayek immensely, but both he and Smith too often veer into esoteric themes that fail to account for the social effects of economic policy. A contemporary of Hayek, Polanyi published his work during the same time as Road to Serfdom. It’s worth noting that this work came out soon after the conclusion of WWII, as capitalism began to untether itself in America.

The Singularity Is Near – Ray Kurzweil

    This is one of the most disturbing books I have ever read. The money and talent assembled behind the idea of transhumanism should give pause to the scoffs of conspiracy theories and far-fetched idea. The last two decades have seen enormous strides in AI, robotics and other technological advances. It is worth having a working knowledge of what many of the tech-giants believe to understand the goals they seek. If nothing else this will convince you that these are not the people you want directing the next economic revolution.

Suggestions from people I respect:

[SFC Steven M Barry USA RET ] Liberalism is a Sin – Dr. Don Felix Sarda Y Salvany

     “What would the Great Apostle of the nations say if today he saw Catholics decorating themselves with the title of Liberal, that term stands in such a violent and open antithesis to All that is Catholic? It is not merely a question of words, of what words represent. It is a question of truth and salvation. No, you cannot to be a Liberal Catholic; incompatible’s cannot be reconciled.” Dr. Don Felix Sarda y Salvany was a priest and author, born in 1844 near Barcelona. Over the course of forty years, he discussed all the current issues of his time with the understanding of the Catholic faith, as director of the Revista periodical. His potent work entitled Liberalism Is a Sin succeeds in exposing, in very clear terms, the intrinsic evil of liberalism and Catholic liberalism.

[NCscout] The Devil’s Guard – George R. Elford

    The story of a former German Waffen-SS officer’s string of near-constant combat that begins on World War II’s eastern front and continues into the book’s focus—the First Indochina War, as an officer in the French Foreign Legion. The book is presented by the author as nonfiction but that label is contested. An interesting look into the fate and lives of the Fatherland’s ronin post-1945.


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You can’t conquer a free man;the most you can do is kill him.

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Culture and The Sovereign

Some of you are undoubtedly familiar with John Austin, particularly if you took any classes on political or legal philosophy in college or post-graduate classes. For those who are less familiar with him, he is regarded as really the founder of legal positivism, though much of his theory was modified and ‘modernized’ by H.L.A. Hart in the 1950’s. Little is discussed in most academia about Austin and Hart, but these are perhaps the two most influential legal theorists to current US jurisprudence today. The utilitarian school of jurisprudence they developed has largely dominated law schools for the last three or four decades in the majority of the country. Austin represented a seismic shift away from the 18th century jurisprudence of Blackstone and other legal philosophers by rejecting the practical idea of natural law theory. He was contemporaries with Jeremy Betham, John Stuart Mill and his father, and Thomas Carlyle. Those familiar with Carlyle, particularly his Heroes, in my opinion will find him echoed in Yockey. Like Carlyle, Austin was influenced by the German school of philosophy, yet another victim to the fusion of Roman imperialism and Hegelian monistic thought. Austin really represented the legal application of utilitarianism, with minor differences. Bentham and others developed a philosophical framework which Austin subsequently developed a jurisprudential approach to. While not entirely misguided, his analytical approach and desire for internal consistency of codified law is admirable, his positivism approach to law leaves much to be desired.  Bentham in particular seems to be the closest ideologically to Austin, the moral compass of both being the ‘greatest good for the greatest number’ principle. Couched within this context is Austin’s  most recognized principle, that of the sovereign. Below is included a relevant definition of sovereign in the context of what we now call command theory.

If a determinate human superior not in a habit of obedience to a like superior receives habitual obedience from the bulk of a given society, that determinate superior is sovereign in that society…” John Austin, Lectures on JurisprudenceLecture VI p. 226


Austin has a flawed view of what law should strive to be, but he is correct about the actual implementation of it. The reality of whether a law is just or not does not change whether it is enforced by the sovereign. His purpose and implementation of the law is wrong, but the realpolitik aspect of his theory is correct. While discussing Austin and Bentham with a friend, a thought occurred to me that a vast majority of the US population has cultural as well as political sovereigns. The political sovereigns are quite evident to all, whether using Austin’s definition or Mao’s. Generally, the people who will send men with guns to come kill or imprison you if you don’t do what they say. Austin’s definition of habitual obedience without obedience to another can also be applied in a cultural sense. While soft power, there is little doubt that the Fourth Estate exerts sovereignty over a large percentage of the population. Similarly, the entertainment industry and the supporting industry exert massive cultural control. In Austin’s sense of the word, many of these are sovereigns and nearly all can be classified in Hart’s more broad definition of a sovereign by proxy.

Andrew Breitbart famously stated that ‘politics is downstream of culture.’ The homosexual meme created in the 90s was given an enormous megaphone by the cultural sovereigns and bore fruit. The most over the top estimate of homosexuals in the US is 8% by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, and the more accurate estimate is around 3%. That fraction of the US population did not manage to organically turn our view of it as an acceptable lifestyle from 38% in 1992 to 51% in 2002. Gallup did a poll in which American’s overestimated the homosexual population by a factor of nearly seven. Such a feat did not happen without massive inundation by popular media, sitcoms, movies, news media and advertisements ranging from beer ads, to Pepsi to phone companies. The point here is that a minority opinion was changed into a majority through propaganda in a decade. We are seeing an identical process repeated with transgender people, who comprise an even smaller fraction of the US at an estimated .3-.6%. Regardless of your stance on the issue, it illustrates the influence of the cultural sovereigns.


Those failing basic comprehension will be saying ‘I don’t believe none o dat propaganda, ain’t no tellin me what to do!’ Using Austin’s rubric of habitual obedience by the bulk of society, they are exactly that…sovereigns. The operative word here is bulk of society. The venom directed at the alt-right by the cultural sovereigns can be contributed to the cultural regicide they are engaged in. The power that the word racist exerted over Baby Boomers and Gen Xers has diminished considerably. The ‘fake news’ meme has directly attacked any credibility and relevance to current events the media once had. The gravitas of Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw lying to our faces with somber expressions and expensive suits has become the equivalent of a muzzleloader in the cultural arms race. It’s worth noting that just as the next generation of warfare has favored smaller, pseudo-independent guerrillas, so has the cultural war. For those of you who remember the influence of SNL in the 70’s, consider that 4chan and /pol with no budget have driven the modern political discourse far more than an iconic show on a major multi-billion dollar network.

The culture war has continued to rage, Berkley and Auburn the opening skirmishes of what may very well turn into a hot conflict. The legacy media has taken serious body blows in the last year, but continues to command obedience from a significant minority, possibly a majority of the population. We need to have the situational awareness to understand even conservatives still remain hooked to their respective sovereign, notably Fox News. We must not make the mistake of projecting our mindset onto others, and realize many still consider information emanating from the TV to still be somewhat trustworthy. The entertainment industry is faring considerably better than the legacy news media, and continues to inundate the willing with messages directly contravening reality and freedom. Conservatives may never turn on MSNBC or read HuffPo, but have no problem taking their child to Zootopia, a movie with blatantly communist subtext. The sovereign states that we must subject ourselves to this sports program or that movie or this music to be relevant and belong. Our obedience to that is what grants them the status of sovereign, and the majority of the time we go so far as to pay for a hostile entity to come into our home and exert their influence.

Knowledge of the problem is half the battle, one many of us have been cognizant of for many years. The other half of the battle is actually committing cultural regicide. Mockery, skepticism and satire are powerful weapons and one needs only to look at the Shia LaBeouf ‘He will not divide us’ debacle to see how effective it is. We all have coworkers, family and friends who may very well be allies and totally ignorant to the fact that the battle is not simply a political one. In our interactions we need to be actively seeking to undermine, discredit and ridicule the cultural sovereigns. The power they exert is consensual in nature and can be mollified far easier than the state’s hard power. Additionally, we cannot simply leave a cultural power vacuum. It does no good to destroy without a plan to replace what has been destroyed. Yet another reason why developing a viable community and counter-culture is important. Save the negativity and biting commentary for those actually destroying the country and our people. The outcome of this cultural war will likely determine whether freedom and those willing to defend it to the fullest measure have a base of popular support. Political and physical retribution will come, and now is an excellent time to degrade your enemies ability to demonize and marginalize you. Every one of us enjoys the ability to communicate with more people than our ancestors every had. Let’s make the best of it and dethrone every last one of the kings of culture.


Jesse James