Guest Post: My Lying Eyes

Presented without much comment, other than read the headlines. The war drums are beating, the ACA marches on under a new paint job and we have an omnibus including $1.3B for border security…in Egypt. Paul Ryan did however manage to secure funding for such important American interests such as aid to Libya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. I have a trillion problems with the omnibus bill and this time the Red Team is responsible for every single one. If this is conservatism, why do I want any of this conserved?


The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power because they control the minds of the masses. – Malcolm X

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media. – Noam Chomsky

Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves. – Eric Hoffer

paul-ryan-a-picture-the-cuck-of-congress-cant-believe-15303750The purpose of history in America isn’t to inform as much as to entertain or reassure so our rulers can continue with their agenda for their profit and our ruin.

We justified our intervention in Vietnam saying that it was crucial to our national security. We’re now saying that we’re using our power for whatever we happen to want, or against whatever at the moment we do not like. That kind of moral arrogance, playing God, has destroyed any chance we have at being the good people we tell ourselves we are. You are what you do, and not what you say you are, or want to be.

Trump vows to “Make America Great Again” with greatness measured in; jobs, income, profits, stock prices, and trade balances. Nothing that Trump has said or done since taking office suggests that he possesses the capacity or even the inclination to act in a unifying idea of our common good. He has embraced the establishment’s fondness for using our power for whatever we happen at the moment to want, or against whatever at the moment we don’t like. Our rulers celebrated yesterday as they made some minor adjustments to an already horrible health care plan that will cause more to die, and this from those who claim to be pro-life. They revealed their actual goals which are more money for them and more pain and suffering for us.

saudiarabia_100616gettyFBI director Comey said yesterday: “it is fair to say that Russia is still involved in American politics.” He also said Russia is “the greatest threat [to the US] of any nation on earth, given their intention and their capability.” No proof has been presented about any of these over-the-top claims about Russia trying to hack the American elections. I won’t bother to list the hundreds of times we have acted to show America/the Empire, is really the greatest threat to the planet, nor the interference of our ex-President in the French election. It’s not the citizens of this country who wish to be that threat, but they believe the crap that’s sold daily by our rulers is ‘our free press’. Another easy example is Saudi Arabia’s election to the women’s rights commission, which America certainly didn’t oppose. We’re sold garbage daily, and we consume it and speak about it as though it were true.

The greatest threat to what remains of our republic is the two-party system. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the same government administration remains. You can’t learn anything if you already believe you know all you need to know.

America has strong opinions about things they really know little about. That grows daily because our neighbors don’t research anything beyond finding things they like to hear and have decided they believe, without any real regard for reality. The history we’re taught is half-truths at best, and nightly, our ‘free press’ sells similar lies which a large part of America accepts as reality. We’re ruled by sociopaths and grifters because they tell us what we want to hear, and usually for their own profit. One easy example is the wealth of ‘our’ politicians in comparison to their paycheck, but the great unwashed keep cheering whatever new lie they present to us in our ‘free press,’ largely owned and operated by the CIA since Operation Paperclip. We’re on our way to hell without a handbasket being driven by our stupid grasp of what we wish, or suspect is truth. In reality it is lies sold to us for the profit of a few.

Craig Dudley


8 thoughts on “Guest Post: My Lying Eyes

  1. If the senate would change their rules for all legislative matters to a simple majority 51%,there would be an immediate result. Each senator would have to stand for or against a piece of legislation,they would be held accountable,wether voting for or against.

    That would be in effect term limitation; careerists don’t want to be accountable for anything,they blame the courts,the opposition party,the bureaucracy but never themselves.

    Without pressure for 51% we will never know… a real accountable senate would be.


  2. My personal preference would be to re-instate ancient Aztec rituals.
    Choose a ‘King’ for a year, give him everything he asks for, absolute power, let him do whatever he wants for the year, and then ritually cut his heart out and display his head for all to see.
    There is a limit to how much damage (or good) anyone can do in a year, see Trump’s 100 days for details.
    They are given the choice of being loved or hated after their term.
    Either way we are rid of them.
    Alternatively use the Mussolini model. All politicians are voted in for 8 year term and then hung from lamp-posts (preferably upside down) until the body parts start dropping off.
    Only Martyrs will become politicians and all politicians will become Martyrs.
    The biggest problem with today’s crop, is that they do not believe that they ‘will meet their maker’, or that Karma will bring retribution.
    They believe in the Judean belief that the maximum term in Gahanna is 12 months.
    Our friends of a certain religion aren’t scared of the afterlife and thus have no difficulty with unethical and immoral behaviour in this one.
    Sad, very sad.

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  3. Jesse–this piece merely echoes what I see as well.

    I had “Great Expectations” when The Donald eased into power. You kno, the old “hope springs eternal” deal. No more.

    Now–I’ve asked my better half to break us out the barf-bags for the continuation of this bumpy ride we are on and have subjected ourselves to.

    Final curtain call: “Brace for Impact!”

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  4. “The Boxer”
    I am just a poor boy
    Though my story’s seldom told
    I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocketful of mumbles
    Such are promises
    All lies and jest
    Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest, thanks Paul.

    Science of Politics is actually the art of dealing with human excrement. I mean that in a nice way, of course meaning the disposal of human waste. I suppose you could call it the excretion mill, where things not wanted are disposed of both liquids and solids in the most sanitary way known to modern man and yes you girls too, to be inclusive. Government has the corner on that market because there is money to be made on human waste products. Some time ago, a friend (I think) pointed out as we drove down the concrete ribbon the square lake alongside the road. Without seeing it, because I was driving and concentrating on the bob and weave of other drivers on the highway to hell and of course to sell, we were salesmen off to do battle with beastly buyers, need I say customers, to purchase our wares, but I digress. Then I saw the square lake and knew it for what it was the poop plant, the waste water facility alongside the road. Treatment in other terms of things not wanted, however profitable them might be. A thing of government controls and regulation, need I mention billing and fees and fines and things that the iron fist of government has a grip on.
    Yet the gender inclusiveness collective social structure demands and I might add un-inquisitive disregard the rest. Which are governments control issues not to be questioned, the thing them have a grip on. Clean water and air and turning waste in a non-biohazard, but of course to prevent disease and promote sanitary condition to the liking of Lewis Mumford, generational autobiography, the concrete cloverleaf, ribbons o interstate highways and byways, clean air and water and of waste disposal, just to name a few…
    In my little town, for which I am no longer a part of, yet return for a reason I don’t know why or perhaps to know it for the last time. The streets are torn up for the usual reason of the construction season and of course preparation for the tourist reason, to spruce it up a bit with new pipes and wire with new sidewalks and not so much skinny new road with limited parking, shall we say main street. Sinclair Lewis would be proud of Gopher Prairie redone square. Too, the inclusiveness of the unnoticed collection of inhabitants, but soon to be the new Red Square, of concrete intersection of their collective disregard for Central Ave extending all the way down to Lake Wo Be Gone Trail, which used to be the railroad tracks now paved over with asphalt, need I say black? Yes, Red concrete is the intersection of Main and Central shall be, it was agreed upon evidently? Get a grip, it is governments finest hour, in my little town, or once was, or has been thought free not thought.
    And the school the biggest business in town and I suppose the most profitable, even bigger than the local distiller that make alcohol for human consumption. The public school, not so much for indoctrination of the less educated, but continuation of the community and of course their collectiveness, complete with Red Square and lake. I am leaving, I am leaving, but the fighter still remains. Lie La Lie, may God Help US.
    Just to name a few of the iron fisted grips, I gripe that I do know the town has no visible means of life support, meaning anything other than the few stores employ a few and of course farming and the tourist trade, so no real employment other than the school, local government and perhaps the old folks home it is my little town, or once was. Oh, and I suppose it now has a comprehensive plan as well as local planning and zoning with a volunteer fire department with new trucks. So, I have a question. How does a small town with no visible means of life support afford all the new improvements?
    Part of the reason is this, state agencies. The words are universal and can be for any little town you might imagine, not necessarily from the Great Mistake and could be anywhere in the US, all lies and jest, and of course a pocket full of mumbles, I guess. 164-b. State aid to rural areas: agency reports. 1. Legislative intent. The legislature hereby finds, declares and determines that:
    (a) enhanced access to financial and technical assistance available from state agencies is of great significance to rural communities;
    (b) grants and other forms of state assistance are not always easily attainable by rural areas with the greatest need;
    Lie La lie, into the meat of the subject, for which has nothing to do with any sort of government control issue, or even iron fisted grips, or perhaps it does? (please insert an appropriate amount legal eze to define the collective and issue further, or just blah, blah, plan, comprehensively speaking legal jargon to the following:).
    “State agency” shall mean the following: office for the aging, department of agriculture and markets, office of alcoholism and substance abuse services, department of economic development, department of education, department of environmental conservation, environmental facilities corporation, department of health, division of housing and community renewal, job development authority, office of mental health, office of parks, recreation and historic preservation, department of social services, department of state, department of transportation, urban development corporation, and the division for youth;
    There you have it, matching fun with funds mortgaging the future and redistribution or somebody’s wealth at its finest, perhaps the state? Cool electively voted for. Yet proudly etched in stone on the base of the new lamp post is a date of 1857 my little town was established. Gopher Prairie it is not but close by it is.
    I was there in 1957 and a few year later, leaving in 1971 of about on thousand people. As I recall my little town had during that time six gas station that were full service and I worked at one, two grocery stores, a Rexall Drug store, two hardware stores, a barber, a ladies dress shop, two dentists, a doctor, two pool halls, several 3.2 beer joints, 24 or so resort around the lake with cabins and boats and motors for rent (my first job for 65 cents an hour that didn’t last very long), numerous farms, a farm implement dealer, a dozen or so churches with several denominations, no mosques, the Empress Theater (our version of the last picture show for one thin dime on a Saturday afternoon, several cafes and a manufacturing facility that I never know what they manufactured, a bowling alley, TV shop, a five and dime, a couple of department stores, an insurance agent or two, a lumber yard, a railway depot, a creamery and produce, a black smith and several auto body shops a bank and newspaper and the public school of about 300 or so, if we could only save on child, or at least teach them to read of which I was a part and kinda sort of pick up on the whole word reading and writing thing, with a little phonics thrown in, not to mention, OK I will science, math history, current events and world affair in the weekly reader, arts and crafty things in shop class, social studies, music, home economics for the girls, physical education and of course sports everything except hockey. There were also a couple of cops with no degree in criminal apprehension, I think mostly enforced common sense laws and on occasion take the town drunks home, instead of arresting them. But that was then. Now I am pretty sure they have a comprehensive plan, instead of all that. But they do have a red square and a square lake that is maybe round.
    And then a recent purchase for my social security, a stylish and ever popular basic black rifle, not because I needed it but because I wanted it for my social insecurities of golden years, AR tenish celebrates the three O eight with flash hider slash suppressor adaptor ready for optics. Thanks to our man from uncle NIC, a hold, three days I wait for the permission to purchase for which I paid the price of an extra three hundred bucks tax, evidently so my rights shall not be infringed upon. I got permission to be taxed and obviously to insure my mental stability, or perhaps to conscience of the right and wrongs of it only uncle NIC knows I suppose. The idea that I should purchase anything to be tax added is of course for the Red Square and off course the square lakes and public schools, ribbons of roads and those that make the collection of the taxes and fees and fines and of course penalties, all legal and everything, and if not then you cannot do that? But the question I have is, what say did I get or even any benefit for a RED square, to attract those of like mind with which I may disagree and why not green or even pink, yet Red square tell the story nobody wants to hear, here. Such are promises all lies and jest. Lie La lie. Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest, I suppose?

    Anything that disrupts the way things are, meaning entitlements, public education, local, city and state governments will be met with resistance, hand wringing and of course public discourse. Even if I were to suspect that there is a plan, countermeasure, is there a will to carry it out? I don’t think so. It appears that most are willing to wait and see what happens, probably to their determent. But I don’t think it has to be that way even if the rabble rousers of civil disobedience continue as they have to be met with little resistance even from the cops. That says it allowed as long as too many things don’t get broken. It is sanctioned by government itself in a perverse way of our so-called freedoms, the right to assemble and too some limited extent freedom of speech.
    However, it is opposed to those very freedoms by the reason for the protest in the first place. Their causes are many and none speak to the Liberty as in the original meaning in our US Constitution. In other words, they have abuse the Constitution and Rule of Law which is the very thing that protects them. What to do? The real answer is simple. Unfortunately, no will to carry it out, mostly for fear of, what if. My opinion on that is, we have already seen the what if’s and result to slow progression and accumulation of criminal act not called criminal against the consent of the governed and dismissed due to plausible deniability. In reality, to admit that there is even a problem is to admit guilt by a lot more than just a few, in other words, we have an entire government in CYA mode. Proof enough is those that protest too much, in the media, Universities, bad actor in movies, small screens and the even the Democrats leadership. The problem stated is this and reason why there is no political solution, local, state or Fed.
    The newly elected POTUS has very little power to do much with resistance from his own party, as well as the left. Fact of the matter is it is not his party. So, in the mean time you can expect a Red Square in every little town in America. (Think school bond issues here, that mortgagee the future generations) There is nothing to stop it as long as the credit still flows and proof is of course infrastructure public education and energy concerns and cattle barn of big box stores business joined at the hip for cash flow. Even Trump cannot grow the economy enough to overcome the debt of the nation. Yet, there is a way. Not the way you may think, because there will not be fighting in the street, but protest may continue for a while. It is even possible that business as usual goes on with little disruption outside of certain areas. Let the protesters protest. Give the media something to talk about. Don’t disrupt the Universities; let them do what they do. Few will know anything has happened.
    Well, that’s a, what if, too. What if there is a will to do so and then what? That is the more difficult part, but doable, that will take a little time and perhaps more resistance until the facts are known. Then it becomes easier. The law and lawmakers are what got us to where we are at, let’s call that middle management, no law or lawmakers will or have the political will to expose or even undo what they have done to any real degree. With a little inspiration, it could be a feeding frenzy on public TV of who rats out whom.
    So, in my, or I should say once was my little town, I AM leaving, I AM leaving, but the fighters memories still remain, Lie La lie, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
    Or if, on joyful wing cleaving the sky,
    Sun, moon, and stars forgot, upward I fly,
    Still all my song shall be,
    Nearer, my God, to thee;
    Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!
    Formally from the Great Mistake of Minnesota. Where shall I go? I think I know it is not where there is a Red Square.


  5. I see everything in your dialogue but a solution. These people are not going to change anything. They have it all why would they.Term limits and “if they had our insurance” is not reality. Nothing will change until humty dumpty falls off the wall.

    Then all will be local

    PS Jesse the patch is awesome!


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