The Price of Delegitimization

What’s in a name? that which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet…  – William Shakespeare

The internet has been rife with controversy and frantic keyboard banging, the most cogent and memorable being Zman’s post about the nature of the Neojacobins inside the beltway and on the coasts. Having been around more than my fair share of that class of people, I have a working knowledge of the very different Americas that exist within the same borders. The perception the media cultivates is one of competence and informed gravitas. Well dressed men posses secret knowledge and are 21st century Sophists, deciphering hidden meanings and teasing the future out of press releases, appointments, firings and now ice cream. The truth is, most are horrifically isolated. Much of America, including the liberty movement is the same way, but few have the bully pulpit of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. I went to school with many of the Neojacobins; you graduated from the right private school and went to the right college and then post-grad. The place you lived, restaurants you ate at, where you shopped for clothes and even the grocery stores you went to all reflected this isolation. Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Fresh Market don’t expose you to the ‘others,’ nor are you going to ever come in contact with someone who has a Massey Ferguson or Case in their barn getting fitted for a Brooks Brothers or a Michael Andrew’s Bespoke. People living in such a world have more in common with their peers shopping on Saville Row or in Avenue des Champs Elysées that their countrymen from Galax, VA or New Braunfels, TX. Within this resplendent isolation, they have not a clue how the hinterlands think, act or what defines them culturally. Only distain exists for such far off places, as if outside the major cities there exists a sub-human class that’s only use is to deliver and produce good for ‘the people who count.’

china+executionUp until the last decade or so, most people were content to bear the every increasing burden of taxation, regulation and censorship the Neojacobins had incrementally begun to impose on those outside their little worlds. The incompetence of Obama coupled with systemic problems beginning to manifest themselves in the national economy and social fabric of the country started to radiate outward from the cities and affect the more rural areas. The balance that had been struck thus far, namely ‘as long as I can feed my family and maintain a reasonable standard of living I’ll play along with your silly games’, was now turned on its head. The Neojacobins didn’t even know that traditional America was being crushed and stripped of their wealth by their policies, and they didn’t bother to ask. Nobody who matters lives there anyway. The Trump backlash was a slap in the face to most, utterly unexpected because they simply don’t even acknowledge that a world exists outside of their gated communities, the suburban soccer moms and Whole Foods customers have no clue that they just destroyed the entire coal industry or put people out of work as they hurry to Pilates. Given that ignorance, Trump was a political asteroid impact, the most unlikely and devastating thing many of them had ever seen as he crashed into their world. The anger from them is one of class, the upending of their perceived social status by someone so beneath them as to not even warrant an opinion. It is difficult to put this concept into words if you have not experienced those social circles, the level of outrage would be akin to a janitor walking into an Exxon Mobile board meeting and overruling the entire table of executives.

The anger is palpable within the Beltway and it’s coastal fiefdoms, which is understandable. The idea that someone who shakes parmesan from a can contravened the wishes of those who can taste the difference between serrano and iberico Jamón is simply unacceptable. Maxine Waters, Nacy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer and Al Green, are so far removed from traditional America as to be alien life forms. Outside of the 6 -7 major media/political centers in the US, the rest of the population simply do not factor into the equation until election time returns. Virtually no one in these locations are privy to the conversations going on in mills, churches, bars and barbecues all throughout the country and the level of hatred that has been engendered. I was speaking with a rather well-informed friend recently and his estimation of the undercurrent of rage was even higher than my own. The media and bureaucrats continue to play games of intrigue, woefully ignorant that the sole bulwark against a very ugly chapter in American history has been motive. The Trump presidency confirms that motive now exists. Rather than recognize the election for what it is, the Neojacobins have doubled down and attempted to browbeat the rest of the country. Still ignorant there exists a separate culture and nation outside the DC fiefdoms, they flail about looking for bogeymen, conjuring up Russians and people like Richard Spencer and ignoring the tens of millions who willingly voted for Trump.

IMG_1842The drum beat by Keith Olbermann and his ilk for the last six months has been an attempt to invalidate the election results. The view from the media centers and the beltway is that there is a groundswell of support from the Brooks Brother’s suits and Whole Foods people and that encompasses their view of America in toto. They will do what they will and the rubes in the hinterlands be damned. Most of you understand the frustration and anger of the Trump supporters, particularly the Millennials who voted for him. What gets overlooked in this paradigm is much the same thing as the Neojacobins fail to understand. Both sides feel as if their way of life, country and values are under attack. Both sides are correct. War is about the only way to describe this political and social environment as two competing ideologies that are utterly incompatible are being advanced.

The unspoken assumption within the DC fiefdoms is that rural America cannot be allowed to rule the country. We are too naive, too close-minded, too backward, too intolerant…we are retrograde savages with no place in their 21st century world. The truth may be a different matter, but the meme persists and has for decades. The election didn’t work because of a weak candidate, the economy and a charismatic dark horse Republican. The Hamilton electors gambit did not work, but the hobbling and bureaucratic coup by Obama appointees and now disloyal Republicans from Never-Trumper Johnny DeStefano. Turning Trump into a lame-duck president does not make the anger that elected him go away, it merely intensifies it. Conversely, if Trump succeeds with his agenda it also intensifies the anger of the Neojacobins. The zero-sum nature of this conflict must be understood and there seems increasing evidence that traditional America has finally grasped that point. What remains to be seen is when and who will cross the Rubicon first.

The motive for the forcible removal and…resolution…of the Neojacobins within the United States now exists. As does the converse. A very real hatred exists on both sides with one side buying arms at an astonishing rate and the other openly calling for an impeachment and the stripping of voting rights from their greatest enemy. This is not a facile emotion based on external features, but an utter abhorrence of who that person is at their very core. Existence has become an act of war to those inside the Beltway. Zman is correct in his characterization of the left and establishment right, more accurately described as communist revolutionaries at this point. The last vestige of legitimacy resides in the ballot box. I would like nothing better than the Neojacobins to take that away from the public through an impeachment, showing the true nature of their ideology. It is time we say what the situation has become. If you are a traditional American, a Christian, or don’t recognize the deity of government then you are excess humanity to the Neojacobins and have no right to life. The communists have never given quarter so why expect it now? I am confident many inside the Beltway and the large coastal cities understand the price of delegitimization and are willing to pay that price to usher in their ideology. What remains to be seen is whether traditional America is as well. Time to grow up and learn to hate.

Jesse James


38 thoughts on “The Price of Delegitimization

  1. “but an utter abhorrence of who that person is at their very core. ” That is the core of the problem.
    It has turned from disdain to abhorrence.
    “The feeling of revulsion; disgusted loathing.”
    It is no longer dislike or even hatred, dislike and hatred can still allow you to view the other as human.
    The revulsion is visceral, ‘draining the swamp’.
    ‘Mar 20, 2017 – Fortunately, the Secret Service swamp creature detail quickly investigated the threat and referred the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office’, this is now the way that a government department views fellow citizens.
    It is because we have absolutely no way of communicating. None.
    Half the nation wants to have a discussion, use the brain and reason. These are people whose livelihoods depend on using their brain. Fixing engines, running machines, solving problems. They use words to understand how and why to do things. They see the ‘flakes’ as silly bubble-headed children, who really ought to grow up.
    The other half live by emotions. They communicate with ‘Emojis’ funny little faces, they cannot explain why they feel the way they do. They just do. They rely entirely on memorising simple concepts, slogans and never question the meaning. When confronted with a ‘new’ thought, they literally go insane. Their world has been overturned, they cannot conceive of a world where they are expected to come up with something new or different. All their reward systems rely on how well they repeat what has been told to them. To them people who operate from reason, lack human qualities, they are sub-human. They lack the ‘feelings’ that justify the inner sense of worth and they loath them.
    The main difference between the two groups and it is crucial, is that the ‘deplorables’, just want the ‘flakes’ to go away. The ‘flakes’ want the ‘deplorables’ dead.
    Neither group is going to change and they can no longer co-exist.
    It has to be resolved at some point.

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    1. Yea but that will only be a speed bump to them unless you have numbers of you all pursuing the same goal… Take a look at SA or the war Selco survived and you will see numbers on your side will do more for your survival than all the beans, bullets, and bandaids you have stocked away which is why I advocate for a Liberty Community…


    2. Surviving is not winning. Winning involves taking the offense – as Patton said, “I don’t want to hear anyone tell me that “we are holding our position – the only thing we need to be holding is the ENEMY! You got to hold them by the nose and kick the in the ass”. Waiting for the “enemy” to make the first move is a recipe for disaster. When the time comes, and it is coming soon – I won’t “wait” to see what these communists, using their hooded “antifa” thugs, their BLM ghetto rats, illegal brown tick people and Mooslim zealots will do to try and bring down this nation and/or my local community. I will begin a series of offensive operations designed to make them look weak as well as degenerate savages at the same time so as to give hope to my fellow White, Christian, Veteran patriots out there to join me.

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      1. Sorry Brother the enemy has been making moves for a long time and all I hear is crickets, complaining, or criticism from Freefor…If we can’t even get people to build tribe/community right now how do you think we will get people to fight together effectively when that time comes… Do you know that’s the battle cry of Freefor “You just wait and see what happens if you do this” instead of getting up off the couch and doing something right now…


        1. You first.

          Oh, wait, you mean you expected someone else to start the ball, and then you’ll pitch in to help…?

          Okay, thanks, noted. Mr. Pot, meet the Kettle family.

          The societal breakdown you’re looking towards is best understood as making popcorn: a few early pops here and there, but when the temperature gets hot enough, all the corn pops, and no one has to co-ordinate any of the kernels to get that to happen. It just does. It’s a physics thing.

          The lesson is, things ain’t hot enough yet.
          Simmer down; it’ll pop when it’s time.

          If you don’t see people forming tribes and groups, it’s because they don’t see the need. Yet.
          Not everyone lives on the hill, and not everyone keeps watch down the road.
          If you’re one of the farther-seeing ones, or farther-travelling ones, and you’ve passed on the message that a dust cloud is heading your way, that’s it, your work to the community so far is done.
          No one’s stopping you from taking advantage of the information yourself, in the lull between seeing the dust, and seeing the horde that’s creating it riding into sight.
          ROWYBSs, and make prudent preparations.

          It’ll be awhile yet.
          But if they are headed this way, it will become apparent to everyone in due course.

          As to who ends up kneeling in front of a ditch, I wouldn’t bet the farm on things going like the “neo-Jacobins” imagine. Even just looking at how their plans have turned out so far, their predictive powers leave a lot to be desired.


          1. I am doing Brother and I’m not asking anyone to do anything I haven’t done…I am building Community and helping others by spending time, effort, and money to get them squared away…You have your way of getting the masses to wake up and I am helping them once they do…


  2. The red state rural people provide food and energy to the neojacobins.
    Let there be war. We’ll see what EBT cards can buy when they have empty shelves and the power has been off for 2 weeks, the cell towers and internet has failed, and their welfare clients are burning their cities like #BLM has already done. The antifa and inner city don’t have “victory gardens”.
    Without the grid, I’ll have to eat more steak as there is a lot of beef around here. And farms for veggies and such.

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    1. Army of one, X 3 million. We cannot be stopped. Hatred firmly established, empathy long gone. Grid, transport, food, and let’s not forget the distribution pipelines and tank farms for petroleum finished products and Natty, all flow from and / or through Trump country. Easily disrupted and absolutely indefensible. The vulnerabilities of my enemies are visible everywhere I look.

      Shut it all off and the cities burn in a few weeks. The denizens of the housing projects are force multipliers for us.

      Remember the NYPD standdown after the two cops were shot in their patrol car a few years ago? The cities cannot be controlled. When they start burning all the experts, lobbyists, bankers and bureaucrats will flee into our territory, then the picture above takes on new meaning. No mercy. We win.

      Nothing in this post should be construed as to advocate violence. I am postulating possible outcomes based on historic and contemporaneous observations, nothing more.


    2. The problem is that the Blue States are were most of the money is located, and there are no shortage of places around the world willing to sell them such items (at least in the short-term). If this means price jump for such basic items, so be it, those in charge can afford it and they don’t care about those who can’t (besides that is what the assistance programs are for). That being said my thoughts are that if hostilities did break out there would be an instant but short-term shortage until foreign supply lines could be expanded. Then they would experience a slow, but steady decline in available supplies combined with increasing cost as the global market corrected itself. If we are lucky, in a few years it would have the desired effect. If we are unlucky, then the global market will be able to absorb the increased demand, and they’ll get use to paying much more for food and fuel.


      1. Lately I’ve been considering the impact of a “hot” American CW2 on the world economy. Yes, the blue states have most of the money, but a great deal of it is not cash. If the FUSA citizens start shooting each other, states start seceding, etc I would expect the stock markets all over the world will start going negative in a big way, eroding the value of the blue states “money” supply. As other countries economy experience downturns due to CW2 there will be less of their resources available to bail out the US blue states. Perhaps the best hope for the blue states will be foreign (UN) military intervention to put down the “red rebellion”, which would likely cause even more hate and discontent between the red and the blue.
        Red states would do well to increase their wealth holdings in vehicles other than the stock market.


        1. Yes. The valuation paradigm would change drastically, kind of the old diamonds v. water in the desert example. The utility of things becomes the primary reflection of worth not scarcity. Nobody cares about your Swarovski chandelier, they care about ammo, food or transportation ect. Good thought. 🙂


          1. I have always maintained a couple of things:

            1. The guys who want you to buy gold or silver ‘because it is real money when the SHTF’ are just carnival barkers working the marks. Real valuable metals will come in fractional sizes = .22, .45, 9mm, .30-06, etc.
            2. What has the best utilitarian value? What is the one thing that there is not more being made of? Land. Land = a place and a place to be able to grow food and husband animals.
            3. CWII will not be skirmish lines, nor moving battles like WWII, nor anything ever seen before. Imagine “Hama Rules” on steroids. It will have elements of Beirut, Benghazi, Mogadishu, rural Afghanistan, Aleppo, Sarajevo, Stalingrad and be brutal beyond imagining. The divisions will allow no quarter, for any.


    3. I hate to burst your bubble and those who liked your post but I think reality is going to be a little bit different than you think… I could tell you why and show you examples but I think it would fall on deaf ears so I won’t waste my breath…You ever lived or worked amongst them I highly doubt it or you wouldn’t have that mindset at all…Let me tell you if keep that mindset you have right now and don’t try to expand your knowledge and then be acting on that knowledge you will be cooked and eaten before you know it along with your family…Wake Up People…


  3. Possible/probable civil war, impossible debt now and embedded into future generations, negative legal citizen reproduction rates + illegal immigrant flooding and reproducing–>demographic chaos; just to name a few lethal poisons permeating our land. What combination will do us in and when? Some future for the “winners”.


  4. I was just thinking pretty much the same thing as you postulated in this article while reading through my morning brain starters. There are two distinct realities in this country. Each side viewing the other as closed minded and no one breaching the gap. Having largely grown up in the suburbs of Rome on the Potomac, I know exactly how those modern aristocratic wannabes think and operate. Thankfully my duties have moved me around the globe these last 19 years. The time is indeed coming for a rubicon moment. The communists still have their useful idiots who will do violence at great sacrifice because of the absolute certainty of their moral righteousness against us untermensch. Those in the mid country have small groups but too many lone rangers. Hopefully whatever the catalyst is, it will bring people together to regain our once noble country.


    1. Those in the mid country have small groups but too many lone rangers. Hopefully whatever the catalyst is, it will bring people together to regain our once noble country.

      The thing is why can’t we do this before the catalyst happens…Are we not smart or capable enough…If the commies or mindless drones know enough to realize numbers matter then why can’t we get it through our heads to build tribe/communities…


      1. Long time since I’ve spoken to you via comments. I agree that we need to do this but look at the crap that went down with the III % out west. That’s why. Personalities get in the way. Too many think of themselves as leaders while those who could/should lead do not want such responsibility. Also, no one can seem to form a consensus of what the end game is. The commies have only one end game. Power. We do not and therefore have multitudes who view the end game differently. Until we have a near consensus, we will be separate groups fighting a common enemy.


        1. Hey Brother yea it’s been awhile hope your doing well…Listen we really don’t even need to think about a leader until we get to know each other on a personal level…What I’m advocating doesn’t require someone to be a leader or a follower…It’s about building a Community of like-minded individuals that believe in Liberty along with being prepared for whatever cometh…I’ve picked a spot after 10 years of living all over and doing a lot of research that I feel would be a great place to have a Liberty Community…I have stated before and have done it that I will put people up that want to check the area out for themselves, I will help them find work and a place to live to the best of my ability, and will try and help them move if they are within range of my travels…Just get my email from JJ and we will go from there…Take Care…


      2. Part, much, some, of the reasons there is no “community” is the willingness/duty/reasoning to narrowly define who is fit for your/their community. Skinheads? Alt-Right? White-Nationalists? Christians? Jews? Mormons? LGBT? Constitutionalists? Confederates? Who?

        More and more I see those that wish for community have so narrowly defined it that it is only themselves. Believe as I believe or your not welcome.


        1. Well maybe you have been looking in the wrong places for Community…I know you have contacted me otherwise you would of known thats not what I promote…


      3. “Tribe.” How can there be tribe without clans? How can there be clans without extended families? How can there be extended families without patriarchy? How can clans become tribes without a chief? Indeed, how can there be families at all with divorce, contraception and infanticide and a “working ‘mother'”? And as far as community goes, can you think of a people less prone to coalesce into community than Americans?

        When the word “tribe” is used by Liberty Folks all that is meant is “My Gang.”



        1. You really need to stop divining my next posts. It starts at the family unit. That is the pebble, from it emanates politics, culture and economics. Religion may be the hand that threw it, but the pebble is the atomic family.


  5. Refraining from commenting for a couple of days post-promulgation is indeed interesting.

    Those actually concerned (and not resigned to reflect mouth-breathing of the Left) would do well to study Agnew and his sociological theories of “Strain”. Of course that would take work and discipline. Why do that when one can simply take a shitposter at its word.

    Second, of skimming the themes I’ve observed in response, the recurring request of a ‘leader’ for some movement stands out. Trust cannot be built from a keyboard. Memes are reflective of groupthink and accomplish nothing alone. Individuals cannot network with those they do not have actual common bond; words are not equivalent to deeds.

    And commenting on a blog and calling its commentariat a ‘movement’ is about as worthless as desert dust. It is merely an indicator- nothing more, nothing less.


  6. there are two structures of a tribe that create the possibilities of some success. one is the top down, military/corporate brand that uses orders to make things happen. the other is consensus where the group arrives at a goal together. the thing you forget is that when there are those who won’t go along that leaves you with lesser success and greater internal strife and the goals are forgotten. you won’t know about all of this until the failure presents.


    1. Yea so why not find out the failures and faults now when life isn’t on the line…Why wait until it all falls apart and you have to band together with those you don’t know and can’t trust but you have to out of necessity…


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