So you want a counter-culture?

Traditions, rituals and ceremonies take centuries to build, and can be lost in an instant. Be careful of your inheritance. – Unknown

The nuclear family must be destroyed…whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process. – Linda Gordon

Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage. – Sheila Cronin

“Tribe.” How can there be tribe without clans? How can there be clans without extended families? How can there be extended families without patriarchy? How can clans become tribes without a chief? Indeed, how can there be families at all with divorce, contraception and infanticide and a ‘working ‘mother’? And as far as community goes, can you think of a people less prone to coalesce into community than Americans? – SFC Steven M Barry USA RET


Inevitably when I or others will write an article pointing out the latest example of degeneracy or graft within our culture, someone will demand a solution. While I understand the sentiment, it is neither my responsibility to do your thinking for you, nor do I have the time to do so. My time and effort are directed at starting the conversation and highlighting the problem, so that you may consider it and develop an educated opinion and response to it. The solutions that many are looking for lie close to home, and necessarily include relevant factors in your life that are unique to yourself and your family. Given that fact, the following is indeed just that…a solution. I don’t have all the answers and this isn’t the end of the discussion, but it’s certainly a start. You may not approve, you may not like it, and it certainly is not politically correct. Consider this your trigger warning.

main-qimg-16ad56230d254d7e2ed6cedf206c93e8-cThe current culture in the US is one of a carrion bird, feeding on the remains of that created by better men. Those who rail against implicit whiteness and conjure specters of klansmen at the mere mention of dairy products enjoy the fruits of those they hate whenever they adjust the thermostat and enjoy the luxury of vehicular or air travel. What is lacking from this lifestyle and worldview is sustainability. In the business world the difference between profit and loss is often wafer thin, and asinine things such as which of the dozens of new genders you are or whether someone is ‘man-spreading’ at a desk is the last thing people who value a paycheck consider. I’ve lost count of how many interviews I have done with people emotionally and psychologically unfit to deal with the authority and structure of a business. Their parents utterly failed to equip them to succeed even in the most nominal way in the world. Added to this is the drastic decrease in the workforce of jobs that produce tangible goods and colleges becoming little more than a conduit for service industry workers. It is worth noting that the vast majority of service industry and retail jobs simply cannot generate the kind of revenue required to sustain a family, even on both incomes. Some is directly attributable to the tax burden associated with every employee a business hires and the rest is the low skill required to perform such tasks.  The economic opportunity for large or even medium sized families is simply not there for many in larger cities who refuse to consider a trade or see it as beneath their station in life. Modern American culture has significantly degraded the economic viability of the family.

While part of the consideration for the declining birth rate, the economics of the family are not the only means by which it is being destroyed. Inculcated from birth to treat men as disposable at best and a dangerous threat at worst, rather than a potential mate, an entire generation of women has been stripped of their maternal instinct. If results are any indication, the goal of third-wave feminism has been to turn women into angrier and more neurotic versions of men. Equal parts unbearable to be around and unemployable, they drift from one meaningless relationship to another, celebrating their ‘liberation’ while collecting cats to fill the void. It is tragic to watch these deeply conflicted human beings emotionally and psychologically contort themselves in an effort to deny the attributes encoded within them at a genetic level. Men on the other hand have either rejected the traditional male archetypes present within their lives, or as the children of dysfunctional families have elected to parrot that behavior in their own life. A significant portion of the alt-right has been the worthy, though utterly preventable, search of millennials to rediscover what it means to be a man. We are told that traditional male characteristics are to be avoided at all costs and as feminists try to become the new men, men have taken to becoming the new women. In a self-flaggelating homage to the god of ‘progress’ both sexes have turned themselves into an androgynous mass of humanity, neither fit to fulfill the role needed of them in a functional marriage. Modern American culture has nearly destroyed the emotional and psychological viability of the family.

david-face-760x985The family is the most basic unit of interpersonal relationships, and thus my focus on modern culture’s destruction of it. A counter-culture porting over 80% of the existing culture is not countering anything. The conservative movement did this with no success for the last several decades. Rather than conserving anything, they were happy to play the political resistance movement to the statists while the cultural of traditional America disappeared. A counter-culture is NOT a political disagreement, but a repudiation of the prevailing political, economic and social norms of the day and the concomitant value system. If you are unwilling to reject the anti-Christian and anti-Western influence on a personal level, then why would I ever believe that you would on a corporate level. Those unwilling to take the mantle of leadership on and implement traditional values in their own lives are simply play acting. The most obvious one and the most infrequently applied within the liberty movement and the gamut of conservatives is the structure of the household. A lot of men say a lot of things about ‘conservative’ values, yet it flies out the door at home. It must be truly difficult to implement a worldview when your personal and corporate ones are diametrically opposed in practice, if not in theory.

Patriarchy is now a dirty word, yet let us consider the alternatives. Patriarchy has created stable populations for over 5,000 years and is a direct contributor to the modern age we enjoy. Matriarchy or some confusing mishmash of household anarchy has given rise to what civilization exactly? This article conveniently lists six ‘modern’ societies that are matriarchal, and like Camille Paglia so eloquently stated they are living in the equivalent of grass huts. I certainly haven’t seen the Mosuo flag on the moon, and if they managed to erect the Notre-Dame de Paris there tomorrow it would only be 628 years too late. Patriarchy admits there is a moral component to the rearing of children and the roles each gender has. The organization of the family according to the Biblical hierarchy sees procreation as morally good and virtuous. Modern culture cannot even maintain a positive birth rate and will result in the extinction of its adherents. Contrary to the modern thirst for independence from everything and everyone, patriarchy is the recognition that dependence is a necessity and reality of life. We are dependent as children to our parents and as spouses on the roles of the other. As head of the family, the man recognizes his dependence on God for direction and guidance. Patriarchy represents a symbolic relationship at the family level, while modern society seeks to set all at war with all. Men and women are at war with their own nature, at war with each other and thanks to Margaret Sanger at war with their children and the natural reproductive cycle. The sheer destructiveness of this lifestyle is demonstrated by the fact that within two generations the West is no longer culturally, economically and biologically sustainable at it’s current course. Sadly, the results of a system in rebellion to natural law speak for themselves.

The counter culture I speak of is not a return but a rebirth of the West. It may never happen at a national level, but it can happen at a personal and local level. The rejection of the modern value system is a prerequisite of that. The differences I have with modern culture are that of first principles. I suspect my views are an anathema to many and offensive to even more. However, that is what is necessary to develop an actual counter-culture. The creation of culture is manifest in the home and is transmitted outside of that home by the father. The reason the institution of patriarchy is an anathema to statists (who seek to replace it) and feminists (who seek to eliminate it) is the very nature of that role. The defense of the family and by extension those proximate to such demand not an introverted view of the world, that of the maternal nurturer, but an extroverted view of the world, that of a watchman, a shepherd. Destroy that, and you create a culture unable to defend its weakest and most vulnerable from outside harm. I would argue you have created a culture unable to defend itself at all. Contrary to those blaming the women with bullhorns and signs for Roe v. Wade, it was a failure of us, western men, to lead and defend our families at a corporate level. We allowed the usurpation of our role in society and in the family. Destroy the nexus of moral and objective authority, and you destroy what relies on that, culture and ultimately civilization. The counter-culture starts at home and cannot rise to a corporate level if it is based on the same first principles that have taken us to the amoral, hedonistic society we currently have.

Some may find this topic unpalatable and those who do not subscribe to a Biblical worldview may not accept the Bible as a valid source of first principles. Without a detailed and lengthy discussion of theology and philosophy, I think a reasonable man can find a significant amount of empirical evidence supporting these assertions. Call it natural law or whatever terminology du jour you would like, but the structure looks much the same. To the women who read me, know that this is not a call to mistreatment of you. Rather it is a call to the roles we are genetically, emotionally and psychologically designed to fill and a return to sanity. It is abuse to use a screwdriver like a hammer, and I refuse to force the person I love most in this world to suffer that abuse because I am unwilling to be the hammer she needs and God calls me to be. Those curious about how oppressive and horrifying a life such as this is are more than welcome to contact me and you can ask the redhead yourself.

Jesse James


25 thoughts on “So you want a counter-culture?

  1. Accurate description of what has occurred on our watch. There does not appear any active resistance to all that is taking place in front of us. What church or politician has a platform to denounce or oppose what has and is taking place. It seems the choice is to drop out of any institution that promotes the counter culture and or punishes any who won’t subscribe or submit to the current events.
    Dropping out is is not submission,it is not participating even by silence with how too many churches,business,academia and government are acting and how they wreak their will on those who speak out in opposition. They won’t promote you,will burden you with a backbreaking workload with little or no support,flaunt their perverse behavior as if normal,in school grades will suffer,and some churches allow behavior that is not church like,the government fosters and creates the same culture.
    So dropping out at least removes you from that daily attack on not conforming.
    This cannot be sustained without a breakdown in civility which is why we see outbreaks of anarchy funded by soros and largely supported and encouraged by those in government who call themselves progressives.
    The search then becomes for the drop outs,to find like minded souls,hopefully knowing a trade to become self sufficient or finding what has become a rare find a business that can operate without becoming one of them.
    This is the reason there is a continuing effort to register/outlaw individual ownership of firearms so as to make those of us uncompliant easier to control by using methods associated to communists..political arrests and trials,slave labor/gulags at least but many will simply be taken for slaughter.
    Individuals cannot be tolerated especially principled individuals.
    What will history record How will the Men of the West act!

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    1. What will history record How will the Men of the West act!
      It all depends on who is writing that history or if anyone is even worried about the writing of history…I was talking about this with a Brother yesterday and we were talking about the dark ages and the monks withdrawing from Society and where they withdrew too…Also what they lived in to be able to preserve what they valued…We talked about the environment today and that it seemed that we are headed in that direction and the need to be preserving what we can in the time allowed to us…

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  2. As a religious man and grandfather I wonder what I would advise a young, secular man my grandson’s age – assuming he successfully pulled his head out of the polluted cultural mainstream.

    I certainly wouldn’t advise him to marry 90 percent of the young wymyn in his academic/social/work circles.

    Unless you are personally religious and dating within a traditional faith community, you are signing away your life and economic future by marrying a Modern Grrrl.

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  3. JJ,
    You ARE The Man!
    Oh… if only I could live in a society of such men, and women?
    Probably why my TV only plays black and white “Andy Griffith Show” re-runs?


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  4. traditional values today consist of homeschooling your children. all four of my kids have been home. non are college bound because they don’t want the debt. I am fine with that. however they can work on there cars, properly clean a rifle / pistol. plant gardens. do community service. they each think as critical thinkers. and were taught the Lord is a relationship. we as a family are not the norm. but we are blessed.
    all stemming from myself and my wife whom were raised traditional public school academics.

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    1. Sir, It’s still possible for an enterprising young man or woman to work their way through a state school. Certainly one can make 12 to 15k a year and go to college. I, like Mr. James above, have interviewed dozens of young people. If one of them said to me; “I worked my way through college.” Two words would have instantly left my lips; “You’re hired.” Even If not qualified, I would rather train a person like this than any other. Friendly suggestion.

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      1. To attend college merely for the piece of paper that one is granted upon completion is not only absurd, but shows lack of critical thinking skills. In my humble and correct opinion, college is a grand waste of time and money unless one is training to be a “professional”.

        When a partnership of lawyers decides EVERYONE in the office from the senior partner through the mailroom clerk and the receptionist requires a degree, said degree becomes worthless.

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  5. The foundations of western civilization itself were torn asunder long before anyone reading this was born.

    Darwin undid the origin of the human species.
    Freud’s twisted psyche undid the underpinings of human nature.
    Hegel and Nietszche unraveled morality and theology.
    Marx unraveled property, labor, and capitalism.
    Dewey sundered education.
    Their collective nonsense spawned Progressivism, manifest on this side of the pond by having accomplished the perennial enslavement of the people to the state under the Sixteenth Amendment, destroyed the original balance between the people and the states and subjected a republic to the worst excesses of democracy in the form of the Seventeenth Amendment, and handed the franchise to those most manifestly unsuited to exercise it – ever – under the Nineteenth Amendment. (Only the inevitable excesses of human nature itself, and the residue of men whose faculties were recoverable undid the fever-swamp nannyism of the Eighteenth Amendment, and even then it took societal collapse of the Great Depression and thirteen years’ failure in practice to rescind it, yet only after it gave birth to organized crime within our shores at levels heretofore unimagined, and stands to date as the only misstep in the grand slam of Progressivism in destroying the original nation.)
    Had not the door on polyglot immigration been firmly slammed from 1924-1965, the outcome of both the Depression and the Second World War would likely have been vastly different.

    All of that took place before most anyone alive now was born, but like the fires in the WTC on 9/11, the death sentence was inevitable once the first blows were struck. The interim was merely pathos.

    What has happened recently is merely the foundational cracks from the turn of the last century spiderwebbing through the culture inexorably, vomited forth from the same Progressivism of the original efforts, and leading to such societally corrosive innovations as abortion, divorce, and barrenness on demand, while leaving men on the never-ending financial hook – solely – for any forays into wedlock or progeny production against their own interests. That, along with the recent undermining of the composition of such union with the cultural norming of mental illness and perversion as mainstream, has irrevocably destroyed any utility of the institution of marriage and the viability of the family unit, exactly as intended, going forward from the recent past all the way to the scene of the impending impact crater of civilization.
    Like a man going broke, or the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the final result will be slow and little-noted, then calamitously sudden and final.

    As everything necessary to oppose or undo that end lies outside the power of common people to stay, nothing can be accomplished until everything and everyone currently in power is utterly torn down and destroyed.
    As to laying blame, there’s no one under the age of 65 currently who had any sort of merest say in the smallest part of that, and the vast bulk of the destruction was well accomplished over a century ago. Thoughts or mental reservations to the contrary are the mental and moral equivalent of holding one’s breath to stop the rising ocean tide, and roughly of the same effect, however laudable the motivation to wish it otherwise. Pretending one can try to live otherwise, in any community subject to the laws of the land, is the exact equivalent of jumping out of an airplane, and hoping the pack on one’s back contains a functioning and well-packed parachute, rather than a moth-eaten bundle of tattered rags.
    As the current divorce and childbirth rates demonstrate all too precisely and reliably.

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    1. Let’s also take into consideration the unchecked immigration of 1881 through 1924 when both “Parties” imported as many “voters” as possible. These immigrants had no sense of Common Law, considered the President a king ruling over Congress, did not recognize property rights, free enterprise and most were Catholics.

      They were the “dregs” of Europe and staffed most of the criminal syndicates during Prohibition. These Hyphenated (Foreign country) minus American are also controlling the political parties.

      When I get my own piece of dirt here in Texas you will be welcome anytime.


  6. Amen. Long live the traditional family: men doing manly things like providing for and protecting their wives and children, and women doing womanly things like having children and teaching them. Very proud of my stay-at-home wife. I would work three jobs if needed to keep her secure in her role.

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  7. Sir, you have correctly identified the problem and the solution. I would add that if somebody doesn’t know how to be a patriarchal man then find some and befriend them. Read the book of Proverbs and the New Testament cover to cover. It’s all in there. By doing these two things a man will see examples and study original source material. Sadly I have not lived my own life like this at all but, you find out when you find out. I’m excited to see a resurgence of hard right and biblical patriarchal living and am praying that it’s making a comeback. Remember; what is pleasing to God is pleasing to men. I never liked that stupid saying; “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Let’s try; “If God ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Fixed it for ya.

    Excellent posting, thanks.

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  8. Going through some favorite quotes, I found this:

    “We want our voice to be heard against all of the counterfeit and alternative lifestyles that try to replace the family organization that God Himself established. We also want our voice to be heard in sustaining the joy and fulfillment that traditional families bring. We must continue to project that voice throughout the world in declaring why marriage and family are so important, why marriage and family really do matter, and why they always will.” ~L. Tom Perry


  9. “Destroy the nexus of moral and objective authority, and you destroy what relies on that, culture and ultimately civilization.”

    Who was it that rebelled against the “nexus of moral and objective authority?” That rebellion can be traced back to (hold your breath…) 1517. So here we are in the logical consequences of Protestantism — the organized protest against moral and objective authority.



  10. “How can there be extended families without patriarchy?”
    There are still some matriarchal societies, one example is the Mosuo ethnic group in the south of China, as you wrote (the ‘Mosuo flag’). We wrote about it, it’s illuminating and we link to an interesting documentary
    have a good day!


  11. “The family is the most basic unit of interpersonal relationships, ”

    And the speed with which two sodomites playing house became mandated as a familty: less than a decade, is astonishing.


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