Friends and Allies

It is essential to keep in mind that in a teleological theory the good is defined independently from the right. This means two things. First, the theory accounts for our considered judgments as to which things are good (our judgments of value) as a separate class of judgments intuitively distinguishable by common sense, and then proposes the hypothesis that the right is maximizing the good as already specified. Second, the theory enables one to judge the goodness of things without referring to what is right. – John Rawls (A Theory of Justice)

The striking feature of the utilitarian view of justice is that it does not matter, except indirectly, how this sum of satisfactions is distributed among individuals any more than it matters, except indirectly, how one man distributes his satisfactions over time. – John Rawls (A Theory of Justice)

If you missed the PATCON this past weekend, I highly recommend you attend the next one. No crowd is without their idiots, but if you can look past the incessant stream of insipid one-liners of a couple, the vast majority are there to learn and make contacts. One of the things discussed was improving attendance and specifically among those not eligible for AARP memberships. Doing so requires us to collectively reach out to the Millennials and Gen Xers in a way that they are receptive to and understand. Conflicts often make strange bedfellows, consider the relationships between the Greek city-states in the Greco-Persian War as one example. The Greeks learned the difference between friends and allies the hard way. The way forward, if you want to be relevant at all, is to learn this lesson and accept it. Alexander Kerensky is famous for his line of ‘no enemies to the left.’ Others on the right have said much the same thing, there are no enemies to the right. What we have done has gotten us the results we have now, if you want something other than that, then we need to change what is giving us these results. We are all aware what the definition of insanity is.

Screen-Shot-2017-02-02-at-8.55.13-PMSoccer moms, the neoJacobins and the blue-haired genderfluid college students are all united under the religion of the state. While they may all have varying tactics and platforms, the goal is the same. The destruction of Western culture and the subsumption of every aspect of humanity under the government. Any step in that direction, by whatever means, no matter how small is acceptable. An essential aspect of statism, and communism in particular is the amoral component to it. The only virtue of communism is increasing state control. If accomplishing that requires you to shoot people kneeling in a shallow ditch or starve an entire nation of men, women and children, then it is a moral act. If history is any indication there is no act of depravity that someone, somewhere will not do to usher in this ‘utopia’ of theirs. Much of this goes back to Bentham, Hegel and the utilitarian school of thought. The ‘greater good’ fractures any moral compass of the believer, replacing it with permission to do any act which ‘benefits’ the ‘whole.’ What the greater good is, what benefit means, and what the whole is cannot be defined except on an individual level. As Satanist Aleister Crowley put, ‘do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ Utilitarianism is exactly that. You define the greater good, you define what benefits the whole. Whatever you do within that context is moral, whether it is pedophilia, genocide or torture. Those concepts matter, because you are living in that world right now and the consequences of those philosophies. Philosophies may not be the sword that cuts your head off, but it directs the hand that holds the sword. At times we need to be reminded of exactly the nature of the evil we face, and what the consequences of failure are. You will get no quarter.

The concept of an ally is in one the words that we derive it from, ligare. You may recognize it as the root word of ligament and possibly religion, though there is debate on that. Simply put, it means to bind together. It implies the two things are not homogenous in nature, nor would they be naturally together absent an external force. The right is far more heterogeneous than the left is, both philosophically and socially. The structure is one of the free market of ideas, with intense competition and conflict. The left is far less interested in internal feuds, and their internal hierarchy is much more of a Soviet nature. Conservatives are far more interested in fighting Trump than the neoJacobins itching to turn Kathy Griffin’s photo op into reality. Rather than focus on the defeat of the existential enemy, we fight those who would be our allies. It has translated into one defeat after another, ‘conservatives’ have not conserved gun rights, traditional marriage, sane fiscal policy, borders, education, or a semblance of the free market. The venom and backstabbing has been reserved for the electorate and the few who were willing to attempt to conserve anything. We are more focused on the pro-Con/pro-King/pro-anarchy debate than preventing or winning a Yugo-style war or the North American genocide. We pretend this is not the case, or have a degree of cognitive dissonance that would make Hillary blush.

P1040178.jpgThe patriot/liberty movement is purported to be made up of adults and people who ‘get it.’ If that is indeed the case then perhaps acting like the modern equivalent of the Scottish nobles at Irvine is not the way to approach things. Put your big boy pants on and realize that anyone who despises and wants to eliminate the people who seek the death of your culture is a potential ally. Some of the opinions given by people in this movement are the height of naiveté or woefully ignorant of the philosophical and historical precedent surrounding them. I could spend hours being a boor and fighting with people, many of whom would be far better served reading the source material referenced by the authors. I don’t because I hate those seeking to destroy me and my country enough to put aside personal slights. I don’t care what you want to have in your little AO, whether it is a king or an ancap wet dream. The preceding condition we can all agree on is that the statists have to be gone before any of this can occur. Nothing else matters if that condition is not met. I fear if this internecine fighting continues we will be still arguing about how much better anarchy is than the Constitution as a statist blows your brains out. Congratulations, your ego killed your family, your culture and your country.

A friend is someone that is significantly higher on the relationship scale and it would seem many in the liberty movement conflate the two. I’m not asking us to agree on everything; I’m not asking you to kiss them and buy them dinner. However, if you cannot work with someone based on the simple statement that communism and it’s child socialism needs to be removed from the continent as a requirement of our continued existence then you are irrelevant at best. What kind of person would put their ego over their family? Those who survived Holdomore, or the Bolshevik Revolution, the killing fields of Khmer Rouge or the Armenian genocide would assure you that I am not speaking hyperbolically. Smart people who see the wheels coming off our society are looking for answers and allies. Don’t further reinforce the ignorant old white man that hates everyone meme. We will need every single person who isn’t on board with putting you in the ground, so stop requiring them to fit to your impossibly narrow definition of bosom buddies.

The alt-right are our natural allies and have the youth that the liberty movement desperately needs. Traditional conservatives are aging out, the average age of someone who reads National Review is 66 and the majority of the liberty movement is easily 55-60. In a decade the term irrelevant will be optimistic if the younger generation is not incorporated into it. Age will kill us all as surely as a communist will and your ideology dies with you if it is not transmitted to the younger generation. Contrast that with the alt-right being 25-30 and far more adept at driving the political and social conversation in the US than any of us have been. It was not the liberty movement that started the ‘sick Hillary’ story, nor did they influence the election like the alt-right has. You may not agree with the neo-reactionary, reactionary or identitarians of the movement. Again I drag you back to the idea that the political disagreements be put on hold until the existential conflict is over. A sea change has occurred and 2017 is not 2015, a new player has arrived on the block and new methods of communication and propaganda exist. The younger alt-right can benefit from the experience, expertise and knowledge that many of you have, if you can simply put aside your ego and distain. Familiarize yourself with /pol, Voat, Gab and who the players are on Twitter. Go to a few Proud Boys meetings. You may be surprised and learn something, and be able to share something with them. I don’t need friends, I need allies and so do you. Be willing to do what is necessary to stop the threat, and working with someone you don’t like is only the beginning of how far I’m willing to go. Love enough to do what is necessary, with who is necessary…or make your peace with the consequences of ideological purity and embrace the darkness enveloping this country.

Jesse James


24 thoughts on “Friends and Allies

  1. Well said and I agree on a lot of your points, but you have it completely backwards. Instead of trying to absorb the younger alt-right into the older liberty movement (which will be in a nursing home in a few years, then dead shortly thereafter), the liberty movement needs to drop it’s ego and put 100% support into the alt-right. Young people are out in the streets, old people are on their keyboards and whispering at the counters of the local gun stores. Young people have to deal with “diversity” in a way that the boomer generation couldn’t even dream of (thanks, you dicks). This is not about the destruction of our country, but of our identity. 19 year old Marines take beaches, not 55 year old out of shape accountants. Don’t expect us to “join” the failed (again and again) “liberty movement”, when you can’t talk about race (like England can’t talk about Muslims). We don’t need you. You need us. We are the future, and the boomercucks have left us quite the mess to deal with. Just like you said in the article, drop the tired old one-liners and “but muh constitution says…” bullshit. Listen, you might learn something. See you at the next torch lighting. I’m pretty sure they have wheelchair ramps…


    1. I think perhaps I didn’t communicate it explicitly and you assumed it was a call for one subsuming the other. I’m 30 so I fall far outside the range of the liberty movement, but I do agree with your point. The flip side of that is the more serious in our movement have decades of military experience in actual combat and insurgencies. Whether one absorbs the other or they remain separate groups, a marriage of sorts needs to happen. You are spot on.


        1. Not so. As stated, the enemy of my enemy is a potential ally. Huge functional difference, as one screens friends differently than allies.


  2. I agree fervently that anyone applying a purity test for membership on the liberty movement is both a fool and a grossly negative influence.

    Like for example people who post articles titled “first thing we do, let’s kill all the libertarians”.


  3. The 16 points of the altright. Omninationalism.

    The Alt Right is of the political right in both the American and the European sense of the term. Socialists are not Alt Right. Progressives are not Alt Right. Liberals are not Alt Right. Communists, Marxists, Marxians, cultural Marxists, and neocons are not Alt Right.
    The Alt Right is an ALTERNATIVE to the mainstream conservative movement in the USA that is nominally encapsulated by Russel Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles, but in reality has devolved towards progressivism. It is also an alternative to libertarianism.
    The Alt Right is not a defensive attitude and rejects the concept of noble and principled defeat. It is a forward-thinking philosophy of offense, in every sense of that term. The Alt Right believes in victory through persistence and remaining in harmony with science, reality, cultural tradition, and the lessons of history.
    The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy.
    The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.
    The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.
    The Alt Right is anti-equalitarian. It rejects the idea of equality for the same reason it rejects the ideas of unicorns and leprechauns, noting that human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.
    The Alt Right is scientodific. It presumptively accepts the current conclusions of the scientific method (scientody), while understanding a) these conclusions are liable to future revision, b) that scientistry is susceptible to corruption, and c) that the so-called scientific consensus is not based on scientody, but democracy, and is therefore intrinsically unscientific.
    The Alt Right believes identity > culture > politics.
    The Alt Right is opposed to the rule or domination of any native ethnic group by another, particularly in the sovereign homelands of the dominated peoples. The Alt Right is opposed to any non-native ethnic group obtaining excessive influence in any society through nepotism, tribalism, or any other means.
    The Alt Right understands that diversity + proximity = war.
    The Alt Right doesn’t care what you think of it.
    The Alt Right rejects international free trade and the free movement of peoples that free trade requires. The benefits of intranational free trade is not evidence for the benefits of international free trade.
    The Alt Right believes we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.
    The Alt Right does not believe in the general supremacy of any race, nation, people, or sub-species. Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and possesses the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.
    The Alt Right is a philosophy that values peace among the various nations of the world and opposes wars to impose the values of one nation upon another as well as efforts to exterminate individual nations through war, genocide, immigration, or genetic assimilation.

    You may call me a racist bigot now. I could use a good laugh.


  4. Reposted on MMM and spot on…

    Having been with Brock at the first PATCON and only missing the last couple due to ability to drive the distance we have the attendance ebb and flow. In the past we have seen more families and a participation from a younger crowd. At the earlier PATCONs many of the speakers offered up many reasons for a total collapse and we would not make it to the next PATCON six months away and yet 7 or 8 PATCONs later Brock is still carrying on.

    We all need to do what we can to increase the numbers of those who understand Liberty especially in the younger generation. If not then I am afraid we follow the path outlined in T S Elliot’s Hollow Men:

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.


    1. I suspect in many places the power struggle will not be nearly as bad among the survivors for several reasons. The most obvious is the psychological barrier of starting another war after an existential one. If you survive an event that kills 50M+ people (possibly more), the last thing you want to do after that is start a conflict over generally minor differences. I suspect the horror of what had happened would put things in perspective in a huge way. The other part is that both diversity and proximity have drastically been reduced, making it much easier for a community to become something very close to an ancap society in some places. It’s sheer conjecture, but I think it is based on some reasonable guesses.


      1. Heh… You had better define win because I think best case scenario is survive and you will be damn lucky to among those who do, Then the best you can hope for locally is to rebuild. I agree that after the big correction many things like diversity and tolerance will be irrelevant. Winning or losing can won’t mean much at that point. So it goes…

        On another note if I am not mistaken the cider at Lowes is about the best around.


  5. You can find me, @ProGunFred, spewing pro liberty, pro rugged individualist, and pro preparedness at the Alt-Right on Gab.ia

    I’m finding allies, lot’s and lot’s of them. The Alt-Right wants to learn weapons, tactics, and techniques for fighting and survival. They want to know our culture and people’s history and relish in tales of ancient wars and battles. They are adept at dominating a cyber space and are moving swiftly into dominating and demolishing enemies in meat space. They soak it up like sponges. Yes, they are young and contentious and guess what, they bight back hard. I don’t take it personally I just keep relaying the truth of almighty God and whatever info you guys provide from mostly liberty movement blogs and postings. They ARE PAYING ATTENTION and learning. They say so. Many have met each other and are willing to travel to engage with potential allies. They are young and full of piss and vinegar which many us older men could use. Many are coming to the realization that we ain’t voting our way out of this, a critical understanding.


  6. The mediocre machinations of my mind found this post highly agreeable, hang together, or be hanged together. Families are like this, are there not persons in your family you love but disagree with? Short of something cataclysmicaly cathartic you would still claim and defend them hoping for a change of ethos at some point in the loved ones life, or did we lose heart? So, now he who … Will be my brother! Right? It’s the man, woman, or child next to you. I recently enjoyed a Podcast, it’s like a radio talk show for you Geezer’s, it is called “The Dangerous History Podcast”. The Proffessor’s subject was a book written in the late last century making predictions about the actions of the middle aged Boomers. The book was titled: The Fourth Turning. The SJWs, and the Alt Right do fit this prediction, they are the transition of the prophet, warrior Hero. The question is, who’s hero will they be? I believe that depends on time. While the Boomers murdered a good number of my generation before live birth, they imposed a heavy toll on my future offspring as well. Forcing them to either have their brains sucked out mechanically, figuratively through lowest common denominator school programs like common core, or if they are free in their minds only to be enslaved by the tremendous debt raised to fund the the former. In addition the resources gobbled up by the most privileged generation continue to mount. Professionally, I see a lot of Boomers, you embraced the benefits of freedom and the rewards provided by The Greatest Generation and squandered it on yourselves. Now you all die alone from obesity, heart disease, pharmacide in front of your television watching CNN, or the latest installment of The Peoples Court. All of you afraid to die because you have not lived and that one precious commodity you want more of is the one thing you were unwilling to give. I was a latch key kid. No one gave me any time. Mine was “a lost generation” written off. In The Fourth Turning, the authors make the prediction that in their twilight years the most selfish generation will age gracefully, becoming more sagelike and passing their knowledge onto the more youthful generation, guiding the Hero generation, overcoming the Boomer stigma of self indulgence. So do you want the Hero generation shaped by Soros’ money, or do you wanna do the hard thing, buckle to buckle, drenched in mental sweat and blood earning, yes, earning the right to speak into the lives of the abandoned children of my generation, and the place next to the most nurtured generation? You had your cake, and now you want your legacy. The Greatest Generation celebrated in their youth. You may be celebrated in your final years it depends on you. The greatest thing you can do is spend time with the young, and yours is running out. Instead of wasting it by trying to medicate death away, spend it and become that sage like guide, redeeming the years the locust have eaten and making the memory of your years a tradition of toast and excellence, sung in the halls of warriors who will teach their children to hallow the aged. -A Freeman


  7. It is interesting that you mention “the incessant stream of insipid one-liners of a couple.” I didn’t notice this at all Saturday, but it might be because I was more focused on the speakers and just ignored it.

    Regardless, what you said then, and write now, is critically important. The liberty movement is mostly geezers, and the alt-right is its natural, youthful, and numerous ally. And, as Concerned American said, you younger guys have a larger temporal stake in the future.


  8. Hell I am 66 and I have not read National Review in over a decade. They are part of the problem, not the solution.


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