Trump: The Way Forward

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

– W. B. Yeats

With the recent developments in the current plot to depose Trump, the president must now take a different tack to see the end of his term. The incestuous relationship between Robert Mueller and James Comey precludes the possibility of the former having any untainted findings or decisions. The legacy media has now morphed itself into some demented Fifth Column super-PAC that produces assassination porn and is in no small part responsible for the recent attempt on GOP Congressmen. I find it difficult to believe that they would be any sort of bulwark against purely political findings by Mueller. The tattered remains of the political norm inside the Beltway were shredded when Comey admitted to leaking faux ‘memos’ to the press in order to push for a special counsel, and a Maddow acolyte took Loretta Lynch’s words to heart and tried to kill ‘conservatives.’ The majority of the public has finally been introduced to the true nature of Washington politics, the law is what you can get away with and the truth is only what you can prove. The naive moral equivalency argument and the laughable assertion that the office or process must be respected or in any way preserved under the current climate must be shelved by the Trump administration if it is to survive.

Damigo-imageThe argument among constitutionalists and the perennial ‘never-Trump’ wing of the Grand Old Cuck party is that somehow by a unilateral show of force by the executive branch the office and delicate balance of the respective branches will be upset. The argument given relies on the condition that an out of control Trump would set in motion a series of events that would be significantly worse than our current situation. I fail to see how the threat of a derailed government is worth consideration if we are already there. The entire fetid organization is  a case study on dysfunction, the political violence, Congress in rebellion, a politicized judiciary and the state coffers empty in the majority of the populated regions of the US. The prisoner’s dilemma the cucks and communists are attempting to convince the public of doesn’t hold water. Why should anyone participate in this farce if the consequences for not doing so are no worse than continuing to support a fiction only slightly less believable than Bigfoot. Trump should act as things are, he is the de facto leader of a one faction in a cold civil war. Rather than continuing to participate in the theater of the Beltway, both he and the remnant of traditional Americans would be better served if he wielded every ounce of his power against ‘the resistance.’ If the Democratic Party seeks to be the Boxcar Party™ and truly be a government in exile, then the Trump administration should treat them as the seditious clear and present danger they are.

The communist revolutionaries and weepy-eyed RINOs can keep the ‘dignity of the office’ and the ‘balance of power,’ because the efficacy of both thus far has been negligible. The respect for a system or method of political selection and governance only functions when both sides are willing to participate and accept the outcome of the process as valid. The ‘conservatives’ should have long ago taken this tack when it became clear the government represented a marriage of corporate lobbying and professional grifters rather than anything written on a piece of paper 226 years ago. Were Trump to wildly exceed the limits Obama was able to push the Executive Branch, it would be just another hole in the Titanic. Fundamentally it would change nothing, except to more effectively deal with the government in exile currently sabotaging his presidency. The union of states is still involuntary, SCOTUS still legislates from the bench and Congress still steals from you. The Executive Branch will become tyrannical, and as Lincoln so aptly illustrated, the power of a president in a time of civil unrest can be immense.

belbaltlag_detailNeither the Boxcar Party™ nor the RINOs have acted in anything resembling good faith, but have insisted the political discourse move from the ballot box to the bullet box. The rate of change within the Trump administration and our own lives must approach the same rate at which it is happening in America if the Executive Branch is to remain a functioning organ of government. Rather than resist this new role of utterly partisan behavior, we should acknowledge that the Republic is dead and move on. If it is possible to use a temporary ally in the Executive Branch as a club to inflict damage on those who would kill me and mine, then I absolutely will take that calculated gamble. The alternative is a successful coup and premature return to the entire federal government viewing me as a tax slave at best, and sub-human the more likely possibility.

Far too few people are willing to acknowledge their own countrymen are quite eager and very open about their desire to kill and murder over political ideology. Despite the insistence that the magic dirt between our shores somehow insulates our baser political instincts, democide and regicide have been a staple of human existence throughout recorded history. We have been gifted a multitude of tweets and audio showing the intentions of the ‘resistance’ and their glee at one of their own trying his hand at starting the revolution. Both the Trump administration and you must pick a side. Beck and the GOP may sit on opposite sides of the proverbial field from those in the patriot movement uncomfortable with nationalism, populism, monarchy, ancaps or constitutionalists. However, both are irrelevant because both are spectators. Neither willing to admit that silence in the face of evil is evil itself. I refuse to passively wait for my turn in a shallow ditch. The way forward for Trump is to actively support anyone and anything that reduces the ability of the enemy to act, influence and finance their war, popularity and politics be damned. The way forward for our movement is much the same. Show up to rallies, get active with the younger people in the movement and if you’re too crippled to do that then fund those who can. Yeah you might get uncomfortable around some of the people, you might get hurt, you might even get shot by some psychotic Bernie supporter. What kind of men have we become if that is a sufficient reason to hoard a few more insipid days of mediocrity at the cost of your character and your country? Show up and influence things at a local and state level, there are no enemies to the right in this fight.


– Jesse James


19 thoughts on “Trump: The Way Forward

  1. Nodding in agreement.

    This government hasn’t functioned as a servant of the people for a long time. It ignores it’s own rules, exists for it’s own purposes and it’s own pleasure, and behaves as though it I’d afraid of us. Everything has been moving in the wrong direction for as long as I have been closely following (25+ years) even in good economic times.

    This was to be the final crisis which was to enable the final consolidation of power. Hillary’s election would have sealed it. Obama’s lesson from FDR was “never let a good crisis go to waste”, FDR having done all he could to worsen and lengthen GD One. The pain is intentional and has a purpose.

    We must not fight among ourselves, we have enemies aplenty. Trump is perhaps a respite, but we have to stop playing defense.


  2. Well done.

    One must first win before any theories about good government can be applied.

    The so-called “freedom movement” has not yet proven itself to be capable of standing in any sort of mass, let alone of winning against the Reds.

    Unite or die.

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    1. If rudimentary Sociology can be any sort of teacher, cultural hegemony will be achieved in its own time, but a platform which recognizes such cohesion must be allowed to take form. It appears to be happening. The answer that provides the best answer to the largest majority wins, whatever that may be. Nationalism, especially of the regional variety, will enjoy a tidal wave of support. While fears of breakdown are always fun to pontificate, the answer of what comes next is more important.


  3. “Far too few people are willing to acknowledge their own countrymen are quite eager and very open about their desire to kill and murder over political ideology.”
    Far to many seem to be taking the race bait that is provided. How many seem to be willing to exterminate groups based on color?
    Not many seem capable of seeing the individuals. This also effects pack mentality. Up until it comes down to pack on pack should we not divide and conquer the individuals who know right from wrong.


    1. for seventy years i’ve been carrying the legacy i was taught in many ways that although stereotypes are based upon reality, they don’t measure the full group. i’ve seen the tide go both ways on this and can easily provide several examples; natives vs ‘colonists’ in our history where each side had their cause based on where they stood, but we were the invaders. slaves vs the country and we still see that playing out. in nyc african descendants wear suits, speak english and make big bucks, while in the big easy they attack and brutalize tourists who support their town. israel vs palestine where the invader, same as here historically, blames the natives for resistance. every one of these examples and many more that could be given all rotate based upon the prejudice of the individual who looks at them, and reality then becomes a red headed step child. evidently we, as a species, are incapable of rising beyond the bait and investigating reality w/o prejudice. as my cpa friend says: follow the money.


        1. one absolute is that this country has been operating as a criminal enterprise, in favor of those behind the scenes for so many long years that its hard to count, and has been enabled by blind supporters who only focus on the foreign enemies in their oath, and forget the domestic ones.


  4. Not wanting to be a wet blanket, but what if this anti-Trump nonsense is theater? i.e., OUR GUY needs to take “extra-presidential powers” to suppress the quiet coup. And once these “extra-presidential powers” are taken, what if they are laid down on all of us ‘dirt people’ too? I have read many, many times over the last many months how ‘big government’ is too powerful, encroaching on our rights; the War of Northern Aggression; etc, etc, etc. But if “our guy” is under attack, well, do whatever you need to, ignore the constitutional constraints, that’s OK.
    Not that I don’t want that games to begin while I can still play-if they are really going to begin; but I am just a little wary of believing anything/everything I read.
    But, I confess, I have never had an original idea in my life; I cannot imagine how I would write a Constitution and Bill of Rights better than the one(s) we have. But I don’t believe giving the POTUS Carte-Blanche is a good idea. Sorry JJ.


  5. History can be the best teacher:

    The War Conspiracy: JFK,9/11, and the deep politics of war
    By: Peter Dale Scott

    American Coup,How a terrified government is destroying the Constitution

    By: William M Arkin


  6. You’ve been duped. Trump is a globalist, an elitist, and a neo-con. He is other than a conservative. He banged the Alt Right drum for votes. Bannon is in it for the long haul–he is the visionary. He wants to battle the globalists. Trump served as the useful idiot to open up the door to legitimize the Alt Right. Bannon took his first salvo at Trump. Some “ally”.

    Sure, Bannon will go on the rampage against Trump’s enemies…but not for Trump’s sake. He wants to burn the whole thing down, and will expose Trump as who he is, a huckster who sold his nation out. And, of course, a number of the “intellectuals” on the Alt Right couldn’t care less whether Trump follows through with his promises–he served as the catalyst for their movement.

    “If it is possible to use a temporary ally in the Executive Branch as a club to inflict damage on those who would kill me and mine, then I absolutely will take that calculated gamble.”

    Assuming that you are a target, and assuming that individuals are on board with the presidency using his cudgel against those who put him into office.


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